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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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- VG Fragment Comp. Pack now useable for Ceros.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Minor ui fixes.
- Predatory Hornets now available at auto-route location in Jadeon.
- [Hydran] Meteor Shower III <Ocean> patsy duration corrected.
- Bugged 'Save Duo Yi' quest now auto-completes once '[Guide] Floral Sea' quest is finished.
- Added missing title exchange to Wang Jukai.
- Soul Inverter Pack (100) in Alliance Shop price reduced to 100 Cash Coupons.
- Ice Orb of Vastness Pack (1000) and Chroma Bead Pack (2000) opening time reduced.
- White Salamander NPC appeared in Sunstream. Players can claim special chain reward quest there.
- Added some usage for Astrum Jade at Reborn Exchange(Jude).
- PvP Box I : New Soulcards amount fixed to 2 and Cultivation Alum (Bound) amount raised to 5.


- [Ceros] Dragon missles now correctly damaging targets with Disregard buff.
- Adjusted some Marketplace icons and descriptions.
- Fixed one of Star Soul Warrior spots to be 4 mob.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Corrected Card Inventory sort option to support new cards better.
- Moon Talismans added to Crystal Rift Completion Prize.
- [Website] EXP rate sponsor cost greatly reduced.
- [Website] Secret Order lottery added.
- [Website] Vote rewards boosted.
- Astrum Jade cost halved at recently added exchange (Jude).
- Referral Box I rewards modified.
- PvE Event launched.



- Massive skill changes:

- 64 bit client now available.
* It will be used by default. In case of any problem use 32 bit client (elementclient32.exe in client folder).

- Mystic Gear
* Mystic Armor piece added
* Practice type can be exchanged for Mythical Soil at the Mystic Master in Sunstream
* Illustrious type can be gained from a Illustrious Armor Box, which can be gained from Thunder Phoenix, Disorderly and Primordial Monkey Wu the Berserker type bosses, and the new Elysium World bosses
* Players can also exchange "Illustrious Light" for an Armor Box at the Mystic Master in Sunstream, which is also gained from the previously mentioned bosses and FS H1 and H2 instances.
* Praised type can be gained from a Praised Armor Box, which can be exchanged at the Mystic Master for "Praised Light"
* These 2 items drop from the Thunder Phoenix, Insane type Bosses, and the new elysium bosses.
* Can also perform Spirit Extraction at Mystic Master for Armor piece.

- New mystic stat added to Illustrious and Praised mystic gear
* When a gear piece is successfully enhanced to +11, +13, and +15 it'll unlock a mystic stat. The stats and their value are randomly given and have a color grade: White < Green < Purple < Gold < Red
* The highest valued mystic stat (Red) is titled "Ultimate". These mystic stats can be changed at the Mystic Master in Sunstream with players able to either confirm or trash the results of reforging the stats.
* Players will need a "Cold Flame Stone" to reforge these stats and can be gained from the Mystic Master for Astrum Jades and Mythical Soil, and other means.
* For older maxed mystic weaps, removing and re-embeding spirit stone on mystic gear will roll initial new mystic stats.

- New Consolidated Spirit Stone added that can be embedded into the mystic gear pieces
* There's also an "evolved" grade spirit stone that can be gained from the Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate

- Mystic Gear Exchange Changes
* Removed the Practice Mystic Weapon and Inherited type Spirit Stone exchange from the Mystic Master in Sunstream and replaced them with the following: Practice Blade Pouch (bound), Illustrous Blade Pouch (bound), Praised Blade Pouch (bound), Practice Art Box (bound), Illustrous Art Box (bound), Praised Art Box (bound), Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate, Cold Flame Stone (bound), and Basic Spirit Stones.

- Fatecharms
* Added new Eternal Fatecharms for lv170 players to embed into the respective stat slots
* Newly added "Primordial Fatecharms" that can be embedded into the respective stat slots when the level requirements are met
* Newly added "Synthesis" function that players can use to combine Eternal Fatecharms to make the new Primordial type

- Diligence Points
* Asc 160+ players are able to gain Diligence points after successfully getting 5S rankings in Team instances.
* Asc 170 players can get it from Ultimate Fealty Pack,  "Help of Tao" or certain Southern Province Order quests.
* These points can be traded at the Jade Exchange Maiden for Eternal and the new "Primordial" Fatecharms.

- Team instance changes
* Added new 5S rankings to Dream in the South and Shady Milky Way.

- Five Sins
* Reduced the difficulty
* Bosses in this instance will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness and can drop Mythical Soil
* The last Boss, Doubt, will now also drop Moon Talisman
* Raised the chance for the appearance of the hidden boss
* The Hidden Boss in T12 has a chance to drop the item Yin Yang Book
* Yin Yang Book item can be used to open H1 Five Sins instance
* Mobs in H1 Five Sins have bonus stats. Players have chance to gain Illustrious Light and Illustrious Essence item from drop and many more from instance completion quest.
* The hidden boss in H1 instance has the chance to drop a Star Gauge item that can be used to open H2 difficulty.
* The H2 Difficulty has harder bosses and mobs and rare items.
* The normal mobs in this difficulty can drop Astrum Jade and Mythical Soil.
* Bosses have a good chance to get mystic gear items.
* H2 final boss have a chance to drop Praised Light and Praised Essence.

- Instance ranking reset system implemented. Reset will also grant titles according to rank.
* Reset should occur shotly after expansion release.

- Beast Lord
* T6 Bosses will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness
* The last Boss, Beast Lord, will now also drop Mythical Soil

- Song of the Emerald Lady
* Grade 4 ~ 5 Mystic Tomes and Mystic Tome Reforging items will no longer drop in this instance and the chance for Grade 6 items dropping was raised
* Instance Bosses will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness and have a chance to drop Mythical Soil
* T9 bosses will now also drop Moon Talisman

- Biography quest system introduced.
* Find a way to trigger biography quests to gain extra rewards in Quest->Biography UI.
* Currently there 3 biography quest lines available: Sky Swordsman, Gao Longfei and Lin Xuxing.

- Alchemy system
* This system is purely for Asc 170 players and unlocks at the level cap.
* Players are able to gain different bottle capacities from the marketplace, shady dealer, and from completing certain quests
* The lv170 players are able to kill mobs in Southern Province that are lv166 or higher to accumulate EXP into the bottles gained from the methods above
* After the player has accumulated the max amount of EXP according to the bottle used, they'll be able to seal it to make a pill, then be able to exchange these to other players to use that are Asc 135 - 169 depending on the type of bottle used
* These pills cannot be used more than once every 24 hours by players
* The accumulation of EXP by lv170 players is not affected by EXP increases. It can however, be raised through a quest to get a "collected spirit record" item.

- Immortal Record reward system
* Players can increase Immortal Record level by completing missions and spending Jadens.
* Detailed info in [?] description.

- Clans
* Clan instance system logic and rewards now available.
* Clan Mansion is now only available for same clan members.
* Clan Glory challenge requirement for reaching 1 star is reduced to 3,500 mobs.
* When clan members form a full 6 member party and clear the following instances: Crimson Peaks, Jadeon Defense, Shura Gauntlet, Celestial Ruins (Easy and Hard), Holy Lotus (1st through 4th Prize), Elemental Temple (lv3 ~ 5), TT (150 - 155), TT (156 - 170), T5 to T12 + Astral Five Sins and Five Sins Heroic - they have a chance to gain a Family Challenge Redemption [75397] usable at Clan Coordinator.
* All Clan skills, excluding Shared Fortune, can now be used in Elysium.
* Added a new quest for players who do not like the color they received for their Clear Shadow Wings. They can receive another Clear Shadow Pack in exchange for the Clear Shadow Wings they do not want and 10 Tanis Ka's Charm at the Clan Coordinator in Sunstream.

- Soulstone
* Optimized the Boost function to soulstones and added an Auto-Boost function. Players can check one of the Preset Rules options; one to keep going until you get a net increase in stats and another when the 2 lowest stats increase in value.
* Players can then click on Boost to carry out the auto-boosts for the currenlty equipped soulstone.

- World Bosses
* The legendary beasts, Destus and Morgon were added to Elysium.
* After this update, Empress Lunara, God of Rain, Auzureas and Three Shadows will no longer spawn.
* Morgon will spawn every Sunday at 20:00 on realm 6, while Destus will spawn every Friday at 20:30 on realm 1.
* Some of the EXP gained from killing the old world bosses were greatly increased, but they will no longer drop Orison Fragments or Orison Fragment Bundles
* Berserker version of old Bosses (39 in total) that can drop Orison Fragments and Mystic gear are now available in Elysium. Part of them will spawn every day at 21:00  and other part every 2 hours from 10:00 to 22:00.
* Boosted stats to Thunder Phoenix

- Iron BG
* Battleground timeframe removed, limit per day is now 2 times and match duration changed to 15 mins, win points requirement to 180.
* After the match is over, the system will hand out "Vanguard" coin items based off the players' scores, which can be exchanged for new reward items.
* Players can also receive a "Iron BG Win Pack" once a week.
* Added a "Assist" and "guard flag" point judgments.
* Added new Everflame Ring and Everfire Ring accessories to help players in their cultivation (adds a small amount of affinity res or anti-affinity depending on type).
* Added a bunch of new achievements for Iron BG system.

- Adjusted Master Point reward rules for doing instances(actually finishing quests) with disciples:
* All party members must be disciples of same master.
* If master leads the party, MP gain will be increased.
* Party size 3 of and 4 more grants a more MP.
* Amount of MP now varies depending on instance/quest.
* Additional MP sources: Veteran of War, Rebellion·Mortal Realm and more.

- Miscs:
* Mystic Tome quick swap implemented.
* New lottery type 'Fortune Firecracker 'added to Lucky Bag shop.
* Coronation structure now a lot more tanky.
* All masks can be worn by every faction now
* Raised the rewards to the "Rebellion·Heaven Realm" quest
* Added the Fire Orb of Vastness item to V7 and V8's VIP Exclusive shop that can be bought once a month
* Hydran and Seira can now wear the following fashions: Tiger Zodiac, Rabbit Zodiac, Dragon Zodiac, Snake Zodiac, and Crimson Ceremony
* Ceros can now wear the Snake Zodiac, Bridegroom Suit, Bride Suit, Royal Ivory Fashion, Cerulean Fashion, and the Eternal Glory Fashion
* Psychea, Hydran, and Seira can now wear the Bridegroom Suit, Bride Suit, and Royal Ivory Fashion
* Added Pig Chi to Credits exchange and players are able to upgrade the Dog Chi with a Zodiac Energy at the Divine Master.
* Added Pig Charm to Credits exchange and players are able to upgrade the Dog Charm with a Zodiac Energy at the Divine Master.
* Added new upgrade to the Sky Challenger Nirvana Orb necklace, Sky Challenger Indra Orb which can be upgraded with 2 Puti Hearts.
* Added a "GFX Optimization" option to system settings that can optimize the loading speed of visual effects.
* Can no longer 'Extract Additional Attributes' with Locked Charms at the Badge Master npc.
* Yearbook: Tomb-Sweeping Day will be located in Billows at 119,390.
* Spouse status partial fix for Elysium server. May need to relog more than once but Romance skills should be eventually usable on players spouse.
* Can now mark other player vends with icon and note.
* Celelstial Might Stone (cyntec upgrade) added to weekly TW reward quest at Territory Agent Evan.
* New drop event available.
* New daily-sign in event will be launched next day.
* Added finish quest for Xiao Kai event (probably for those who had LV3 Kai activied).
* Human Faction and Gear changes temporarly discounted by 25%.

- Custom changes reversal process continuation:
* Nerfed HP/SP/AP/CritRate/CritNull/CritBon/CritShield values in Star Soul system by 30%.
* Ultimate Shieldruined Talisman nerfed 12->10%.
* Mystic Gear +16 upgrade has been disabled. +16 mystic weapons will now have same AP as their +15 version. Players with +16 mystic weapons will be able to downgrade it to +15 in future. This process will give them decent compendstion including Moon Talismans and other bonus items we will decide later about.
* Emblems of Reborn - AP/Def bonus nerfed.
* Emblems of Reborn★ serie Anti-Damage nerfed.


- Fixed Zuolo Plains bosses drop.
- Fixed Berserker Wartsworth and Berserker Yin-Yang Priest drops.
- Fixed Quest progress visual issue after player login.
* This fix may cause current counters of mobs in Sleepless and similar quests to be set to 0.
- Bloodcaller (Focused Hate esper) now checks if target is weakened properly.
- [Jadeon] Thunderblade<Chroma> added Spirit Surge visual notification (bonus damage was applied pre-fix already).
- [Vim] Cherub's Song not mentioned change applied. Its now Party Aoe buff (6 targets within 15 meters).
- [Celan] Tone of ancestor<Bane and Zen> skill descriptions corrected.
- [Modo] Third Life Crit bonus passive formula corrected.
- [Modo] Sea of Blood damage formula for Chroms Sky Seekers corrected.
- [Sylia] Fixed Sky Dusts Havoc stacking issue.
- Interface and translation fixes.
- Multi-ride mounts fixed.
- Corrected Cultivation Soulstone script to exclude Vigor stat properly.
- Corrected Fatecharm upgrade cost to match values client states for LV2.
- Elemental Temple open room fixed for all diffculties.
- Jade Flower Water cost adjusted at Shady Dealer.
- Reported mising NPCs added.
- Missing Heaven Dragon Scroll exchanged added to Rare Item Exchange II at Shady Dealer.
- Moon Tracker Kun will now lasts till next midnight properly.
- Morgon spawn information corrected: Spawns every Saturdsay in Elysium (-19,116) on R6.
- Bodhi Seed item revered to old ID. Jude NPC exchange reverted to exchange for proper Bodhi now.
- Attempt to solve random F rank notifications at Shady MW.
- Rebellion·Heaven Realm rewards restored.


- Previous Bloodcaller change reverted but fixed Weaken Res calculation for transform chance.
- [Sylia] Sky Dusts Havoc debuff fixed.
- Ultimate Fealty Box now openable.


- [Celan] Tone of Ancestor <Zen> and <Bane> final description fixes.
- Old Sunstream Fair portal fixed.
- Missing NPCs added.
- Bilu portal fixed in Sunstream.
- Chance for Dragon Smash Sword Soulcard added to Bilu's Missing You quest.
- No more Disgread buff at Spite(FS) on difficulties lower than H2.
- Minor translation fixes.
- H2 mobs damage reduction lowered.
- Athan factions faction and Gear changes also discounted by 25%.
- Universal Voucher will now be given one per day with 5x better reward at quest.
* For now Universal Voucher will be usable only in Holy Lotus instance. Rest of Trail instances will be unlocked next patch.
- Player level requirement for Genesis and Royal Pen lowered to 160+.
- Transform Gem·Ruilue can now use skills.
- Coldmoon Essence quest renamed to Essence of Reborn with rewards reworked a bit.
- Bonus FS boss on H1 can now drop Illustrious Essence and Light. H2 one additionaly have chance for Praised Essence and Light.
- Class award quests boosted for classes above LV160.


- [Celan] Tone of Ancestor <Zen> and <Bane> another description fixes.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain with Chant of Wisdom tome effect formula corrected.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain with Silent Note tome effect fixed.
- [Kytos] Peerless Might <Bane> effect duration fixed.
- [Jadeon] Fixed possible issues with Rage of Tireseus.
- [Jadeon] Magnificent Spirit III <Hero> description corrected.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missle type skills should now work against Disregard buff.
- Attempt to fix issues regarding to Iron BG queuing and rejecting to join.
- Attempt to fix Souther Province plot quests not activating for some characters.
- Attempt to fix 'Heroes gather together' quest for certain characters.
- Missing resource for 2016 Quest-Jadeon 10-04 added.
- Missing NPC Bai Yanyang added.
- Moon Tracker Kun corrected properly this time to stay till midnight.
- Minor UI and gfx translations or corrections.
- Fixed issue with Star Soul system giving wrong Aff RES/Anti Res stats than stated.
- Supreme Spirit Orb quest fixed.
- Achievements that need Essence to be crafted will now also be counted when using Rapid Essence Crafting.
- Universal Voucher now useable in all valid instances.
- H2 Hidden Boss drop quality boosted.
- Drop event 'Happy New Year Gift Pack' limits boosted for most of items.


- [Forta] Corrected Vigor cost formula of Reality Termination(Chroma) of levels above 20.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Delicate Tune tome skill.
- [Ceros] Windstorm II damage formula reworked to mirror ZX values better.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm will no longer reflect white dmg.
- [Ceros] Celestial Decay effect behavior corrected to damage only when no removeble buffs left.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon no longer works on Patsy,Timid, Convulsion and Palsy effects.
- [Sylia] Wonderful Summit: Abstain duration corrected.
- [Sylia] Bequeath now clears elemental skill cooldown instantly.
- Clouded Sacred Seal now functional.
- Reported missing npcs/resources added.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Fixed some Kunlun And SB plot quest to auto trigger if lost.
- Drop event boxes are no longer able to be sold to npcs.
- PvE Event launched.


- [Sylia] Everlasting Expansion <Arcane> linear range corrected.
- Sky Travel (Preview) skill description corrected.
- Fixed Skysongs extra HP Bar and Frost Reservoir effects to show on characters that initiated those buffs outside visible range.
- Minor interface and translation fixes.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Attempt to fix Blue Star Box (bound) monthly limit.
- Can no longer use mounts as Iron BG flag carrier.
- Attempt to fix Iron BG flag transform state.
- Corrected some mistakes in Immortal Record mission descriptions.
- Fixed issues with certain Plot Quests.
- Chroma Bead Pack(x9999) added to PvP Box and PvP Box I.
- Lupin Bell Tome and Accessory added to Gold Exchange(Stashkeep Tamsin).
- Astrum Jade·Heroic Special open time shortened.
- Star Lord Gift Box rewards boosted.
- 50% chance for Blue Star added to Blazing Voucher.
- New Seals and Illustrious Gear Pack added as source in Donation Seal Exchange.


- [Kytos] Sky's Doom no longer causes Chaotic Curse effect.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon no longer works agaist Change Yin to Yang effect.
- [Sylia] Obscure Illusion effect trigger fixed for speed buff.
- TW fixes:
* Stationed General now functional.
* Stability, Capital and Generals now saves properly and won't reset on each server restart.
* Crafting system fixed.
* Attempt to fix checkpoint resurrect during TW battle.
* Attempt to fix Mercenary Contracts.
- Interface and translation fixes.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Fixed some Immortal Record triggers.
- Fixed some fashions in Marketplace(Goldion, Golden Snake).


- [Ceros] Lunar Bow esper effect Residual Frost calculation formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Attempt to fix Perceptive Rhythm reflecting white dmage from certain skills.
- [Vim] Fixed Dragonfury star skill to give Gather Spirit III <Hero> extra usage at LV5 only.
* Fixed second effect to actually reduce Maniac duration instead increasing it.
- [Modo] Nimble Spirit: Ghost effect corrected.
- [Celan] Song: Snow of Purity 2 crit buff refreshing issue fixed.
- [Sylia] Adjusted Elemental Skill casting timers.
- Fixed Clan Instance awards not reseting award state weekly.
* Change will be effective along with Monday's reset.
- Beast Lord Past quest now trash-able as an attemp to fix SB Plot quest issue.
- Soul Inverter (Bound) now stacks to 30.000.
- WEB LMS Participation rewards boosted.
- Dog Zodiac Fashion Pack, Bilu Advent and Shaw Danon Advent fashions added to webshop.
- All monster spawns in (regular) Southern Province are now 4 mobs.
- Soutthern Province(regular and Void) Order rewards boosted.
- Jade Box: Chance for Twilight Jade increased 1%->2.5%.
- Star Pack: Chance for Blue Star increased 10%->15%.
- Event Token exchange modified:
* Drake Sigil replaced to Platina Sigil.
* Fatecharm Sign (Violet) cost reduced to 30 tokens.
* Caskets IV-V removed.
* Wilds Accessory Material Pack added for 75 Tokens.
* Astrum Jade Pack (350) added for 35 Tokens.
* Orange and Purple Star cost greatly reduced.
* New Soulcards cost reduced to 25 Tokens.


- [Forta] Fixed error that caused Reality Termination<Arcane> and <Zen> to exceed HP Reduction debuff stack limit above 10.
- [Modo] Fixed Miasmic Frenzy II and Incect Poison exploit.
- [Modo] Fixed Ghost effect untarget issue.
- [Gevrin] Corrected Focused Freeze 3 <Earth> critbonus buff stacking.
- Fixed general bug regarding skill calculations on selected target while using AOE type skills.
- Another fix attempt for Clan Instance awards not reseting award state weekly.
* Change will be effective along with Monday's reset.
- Fixed issues with Team Instance batteries.
- Final fix for Master Points daily limit reset issue.
- Reported missing NPCS added.
- Coiling Celestial Dew now instantly levels up asc chara to asc 160.
* Item is obtainable from VIP2 Exlusive shop: Early Bird gets the Worm Pack.
- Celestial Biographies book series now expires after 120 sec to save bag slots.
- PvE Event launched.


- [Modo] Miasmic Frenzy II and Insect Poison HP reduction effect corrected.
- [Balo] Fixed regular Iron Guts having slight chance for its Celestial Ruins version behaviour.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker won't protect against ongoing Damage Over Time if in protection range from debuff caster.
- Chaotic Curse buff description made more clear.
- Fixed white damage to actually (visually) show exact damage dealt after calculations from buffs/debuffs take place.
- Reported missing NPCs added.
- Iron BG: Flag carrier can no longer use Town Portal and teleport related items.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Corrected Mirror and Flower quests Celestial Biographies to have 120 sec expiry time as well.
- Immortal Record April rewards adjusted.


- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain abnormal battery consumption issue.
- Attempt to fix Brocade Box not obtainable.
- Fixed Immortal Record Soulcard Purify mission.
- Fixed Transform Gem bug that caused lowered stats after de-equiping.
- To celebrate upcoming Easter time, Easter Box was added to Essence of Reborn quest.
*  Easter Box can be exchanged at Shady Dealer for special titles and some other items.
* Event will expire in 2 weeks.
- Revised chances for Hidden Bosses in all instances to match 15%.
- Jade Ticket·Decade and Jade Ticket·JD Decade stack size increased to 30000.
- Purple Stars added to Southern Province Mercy Orders.


- [Celan] Tone of Winter reflect buff icon corrected.
- [Voida] Cloud Boundary reflect buff icon corrected.
- Vanti The Etherblade (Vanti plot transformation ) corrected to be AOE.
- [Soulstone] Soulset·Mirage skill descripion corrected.
- [Sylia] Added buff icon for targets under Superior Sound. This effect can now be removed from target.
- [Sylia] Corrected Non-Empty tome to work only on once per Abstain usage.
- Fixed visual amount of damage dealt issue introduced few patches back.
- Attempt to fix Fort PvP structures hp limits.
- Tomb of the Ten Warriors npc added to Doom Bog map.
- Krystal event mobs LV increased to 165 to allow Uncut Jade drop for high level players.
- Decade Exchange (at Jude) upgraded.
- Raccoon Gem from Easter pack can now use skills.
- Added new tab (III) to sigin Converstion exchange ad Shade Dealer for Soul Inverters.
- God of Fortune quest series Lunar Jasper reward doubled.
- Picking up Flag at Irong BG should now remove all speed boost buffs.
- PvE Event launched.