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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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- [Skysong] Corrected Rooted Sequence effect durations.
- [Skysong] Lion's Roar II should now affect Party Members properly.
- [Ceros] Adjusted list of effects Wandering Dragon affects.
- [Ceros] Salvage Rivarly visual buff effect icons correction.
- [Sylia] Corrected Non-Empty tome to work only on once per Abstain usage. (Another attempt).
- Contrary Opinions skill description corrected.
- [Modo] Secluded Spring II and Ennetitude Melody now stacks.
- [Modo] Spiritual Charm corrections regarding chance to remove skysong HP shield.
- [Modo] Corrected Sky Seeker Chroma toxin damage to match description better(2x more dmg per tick).
- Can no longer use teleport related items in LMS map.
- Can no longer use any skill as flag holder in Iron BG.
- Corrected visual dmg to avoid show 'Miss' when damge was reduced to 0.
- Fixed potential isse that caused Team instances boss kill rank o desync between same group.
- Selecting fashions in wardrobe should now trigger certain achievements that need to wear items.
- Fixed time limited Young Lin Xuxing Transform Gem having bugged stats. (Only for new stones).
- Fixed issue with Lunar Jasper quest not giving updated amount sometimes.
- Added regular Felkin/Dagos/Fuwa Protectors to SOC to allow achievement to be completed.


- Celestial Monkey Portent will now clear Soultrap effect also.
- [Modo] Fixed duration and damage of Chroma Sky Seeker.
- [Modo] Corrected translation of Sea of Blood tome.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir will now remove once shield is exhausted.
- [Gevrin] Withered Lotus damage won't ignore Invincibility anymore.
- Visual Damage will no longer show Miss if it was nullified by shields or other effects.
- Iron BG will now grant Iron Soul for each mob kill (ranking).
- Iron BG flag holder will now have cleared Swiftness (Forta) buff as well.
- Iron BG flag holder will dismount if mounted.
- Iron BG flag holder extra lock for skill usage added to prevent delay exploit.
- Restored proper NPC set to Seat of Infernal Toil map.
- Immortal Record system rewards boosted to match previous months.
- New drop event launched.


- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain immunity to debuffs of certain skill types.
- [Lupin] Fixed River Dweller III Falling Lustre effect influence.
- Reverted Reflect effect immunity against reflected status change.
- Corrected Dawn Harvest Bundle prices on few items.
- Dawn Charm now stacks to 30.000.
- Another lock to prevent skill usage as Iron BG flag holder.
- Attempt to fix Instance Ranking Top 1-3 annoucement for certain cisrumstances.
- Red Cloud Jade added as very rare drop for Cheetah Elite and Demigod Bear Elite.
- Elite Soldier Pack rewards boosted (x5).


- Iron BG fixes:
* Fixed unable to use skill if died as flag holder.
* Fixed flag pickup, skill usage exploit.
* Fixed players could keep 'picking up' their own flag when its on initial position.
* Returning own flag will no longer fill bag with 'flag item'.
* Restored ability for Flag Holder to use extra skills.
* Fixed bug that caused flags to be duplicated.
- Special Vigor Stock (Make-Up) added to Webshop.
- Ultimate Fealty Box: Blood of Reborn replaced to Pri. Fatecharm Fragments x1-2.
- Gem Pack now costs 200 Sunny Jade at Jade Exchange Maiden.
- Alliance Market items boosted.


v343 (Imperial Lineage Expansion):

- New class : Imperia !
* Weapon: Dao Sword.
* Unique system: Wind Wrath.
* New Map: Guan Mountain - Imperia faction base.

- Wardrobe system additions:
* Masks
* Avatar Frames (preview only)
* Transfor Gems (preview only)
* Pets (preview and Pet Soul like Transform option).

- JD-Mart Rework
* All winning bid items will be stored in the Auction tab (Treasure Court) in the Marketplace UI.
* There are 16 slots for winning bids, after the 17th winning bid and no items were claimed, then the 1st slot item will be replaced, then 2nd, 3rd, etc.
(Lowest Unique Bid)
* JD-Mart auction (unique bid) renamed to Order of Man Auction.
* Announcement begins at 19:30 every Monday and Tuesday and the bidding can begin at 20:00
* The total amount of bids for the server was raised to 30,000, but the total amount of total character bids was reduced to 300
(Order of Heaven auction)
* Highest Jaden bid wins
* Announcement begins at 19:30 every Wednesday and Thursday and the bidding can begin at 20:00
* The base price for a bid is 1 jaden. Players must deposit 200 jaden to be able to bid. Each bid must be higher than the current highest bid of the server.
* Once the auction is over, the deposits will be returned immediately to the players who didn't win.
* If the winning bid is less than 200 jaden, the winning bid will be taken out from the deposit and then the remainder will be returned to the winning player.
* If the winning bid is over 200 jaden, the winning player will have to make up the difference between the deposit and winning bid within a week, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded.
(Order of Earth auction)
* Everyone bid one time, winner choosen randomly.
* Announcement begins at 19:30, austion starts at 20:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
* Players can purchase Fireword Coupon from the Marketplace during the Auction period and donate them. Each player can only donate once.
* When the Ghost Fire Pool reaches 100%, one player will be randomly selected from the donors to get the win.
* If the fire doesn't reach 100% by the end of the auction period, all donors' fireword vouchers will be returned.

- Instance Damage Counter system reworked.

- Team Instances are now fully cross-server side.
* Double drop/exp will no longer affect team instances.

- Shura Gauntlet (Heroic Difficulty)
* Players can open this version by clicking on the "Heroic Difficulty" button in the instance window of Shura Gauntlet to open up this version (no item required to open)
* After killing the Yin-yang Priest, Cocoon Queen, Faction Trial Agents, and Lord Earthforce bosses, players will get a corresponding reward quest every week (like ET6 aka Heroic Difficulty).

- Elemental Temple (Heroic Difficulty)
* A new challenging version of ET has been opened. Players can click on the open "Heroic Difficulty" button in the instance window of Elemental Temple to open up this version (no item is required to open).
* Rewards in this instance include Perception Rune, transform gems, and new cyntec seals: Thunder Messenger Seal, Thunder General Seal, and Thunder Emperor Seal.
* Instance is a relatively high difficulty which has a set amount of resurrections (15) to the return point in the instance (faction ressurection skills don't count towards this) for the whole party
* After killing each boss, players will get a corresponding reward quest from the Zhang Renyuan NPC every week that resets every Monday at 0:00. Can take only once a week* Elemental Temple (Heroic Difficulty).
- The ressurection limit to Elemental Temple changed to be the same as Heroic difficulty of ET.

- Plot Instance - Heartless Sea (low level instance)
* The plot Instance "Heartless Sea" opens up. The Forsaken Abyss, Heartless Sea, Blooddrop Cave, and Cave of Fangs are represented in their classic appearance.
* Players can look forward to return together with Shaw Danon, Anan and Bilu to explore the mysteries of the Jade Dynasty world.

- Adjusted the Overlord of Chaos boss
* Increased its base stats and level
* BOSS is now immune to Freeze and Entangled effects
* BOSS drops changed to Illustrious Light, Illustrious Essence, Perception Rune, Praised Light, Praised Essence, Illustrious Blade Pouch, and Illustrious Armor Box.
* Boss will no longer drop the Core of Chaos item.

- Adjusted the Citadel Savage boss
* Increase its base stats and level
* BOSS is now immune to Freeze and Entangled effects
* Boss now has chance to drop Illustrious Light, Illustrious Essence, Praised Light, Praised Essence, Illustrious Blade Pouch, and Illustrious Armor Box.
* Boss will no longer drop the Golden Sutra item.

- Spirit of the Wind event now available.
* This event is similar to Xiao Kai and bases on same system.

- Coronation BG updated to new map with few new features. It may be further developed in future.
- Fixed Iron BG to leave quee after entering regular instance. (team instance were working fine pre-fix).
- Optimized the button for the First Victory Bundle in Iron BG so players can easily see if they won it that week.
- Fixed issue where players were getting stuck in Iron BG map.
- Fixed Iron BG to be able to re-enter BG after disconnect or force log.
- Iron BG logic quee logic adoped for Genesis and Royal Pen.
- Four Seasons Island (New PvP instance)
* Players lv90+ (asc 90+) can register to enter every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday through the PvP tab
* Each matchup will have 5 people. After entering everyone will transform into a "Ceros Knight"
* The one to successfully capture the  "Fourth Order Sword" will become the "Fourth Order Guardian" and will gain the island's precious treasure. The Knights can steal the treasure from the Guardians, while the Guardians are able to kill the Knights to protect the treasure.
* The match lasts 20 minutes. After the match ends, rewards are given out to the Knights who kept any treasures and the rest of the treasures will go to the Guardians. The treasure can contain various prizes, such as Moon Talisman and Orison Fragments.

- Can now Re-roll hidden attributes of a Badge, costs gold and reuquite Sigils.
- Added ★ upgrades to the Rainfall Trinket Combat & Defense (i.e Rainfall Trinket · Combat ★)
- Fixed issue where typing was interrupted and stopped by other functions /things and the ability to continue typing uninterrupted was ended.
- Fixed issue where some inherited esper skills did not display a casting animation
- The Sentinel and Absolute Rumor level limit changed to LV 105
- Cursed type mobs will no longer drop gold or items (dispel the curse quests)
- The server's current EXP, Gold, and Droprate will be displayed in the game interface
- Jade Exchange Maiden will have an unlimited exchange for Fine Seal Orbs and the item requirements for Special Health Stock and Special Spirit Stock were adjusted
- The Mystic Master in Sunstream has a new exchange method for Mystic Talisman
- Kui Gon in Sunstream has a new exchange method for Endless type Fate gear
- The Donate everything function from Alliance members will now consume merit incense bundles.
- Spicy Crab and Premium Spicy Crab were added rewards to Immortal Record. Players can consume to increase their SA and c.rate that can stack with other c.rate/SA effects
- Provisions will now sell for 0 gold. The amount of gold received from Sleepless quest in Westfall and Southern Province was increased
- Fixed invigorate function in instances where it attempted to pickup other player's Character specific bound items and caused the player's invigorating character to be unable to continue picking up items.
- Optimized invigoration where the bot would try to pick up items in the ROLL system in Team instances and players being unable to pick up other items.
- Changed all faction charms to be tradable, except dual charms.
- Fixed issue where players trading too far away from someone would cause their client to crash.
- Destus boss position changed from 356,-85 to 199, -112 in Elysium.
- Party Function
* Optimized the party function and added a "Invite all"
* Can send a party invite to up to 5 players within range of you at the center
- Optimized "Hide Others Damage" setting and hiding one's own white damage
- Mystery Shop items updated.
- Restored Anti bot system with lock to quick change realm while Anti Bot effect is in power.
- Soulset Skills were made 'Bonus Permanent skills' just to prevent them from dissapearing from skill shortcut bar.
* Skills still need soulstone with correct soulset to be casted.
- 2 more slots added to additional Vertical Shortcut bar (both pages).

(Territory Wars)

- Removed realm restrictions for Territory War
- Territory Wars Crafting
* Illustrious Light, Illustrious Essence, and Perception Rune have been added to territory crafting.
* Reduced the required amount of items needed to crafting Kirin Sigil Fragments.
* After the update, the territory crafting will also use items for crafting that are in the Token Bag.

(Skill Changes)


Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Firestone Will (Star Skill), Bloodstained Soul, Spiritual Charm, Spiritual Charm 2, Flesh Burn, Flesh Burn 2, Nimble Spirit, Nimble Spirit 2, Snake Bind, Snake Bind 2, Secluded Spring, Secluded Spring 2, Restrained Resentment



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Nameless Way (All Versions), Magnificient Spirit, Magnificient Spirit 2



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Heart Sutra and Immeasurable Truth

Rooted Sequence ~
CD reduced to 45 sec

Passage of Salvation ~
Six Cycles III <Hero> added to skills able to have their cooldown reset while Array is active

Bodhi's Protector 2 ~
Increases target's Defense equal to 11% of the caster's Max SP. Increases target's Critshield by 55%. The duration to these effects were changed to 20 sec

Honest Attendant ~
Raises the DEF increase effect to Bodhi's Protector by 10% (5% / level)

Maxim of Protection ~
Changed effect: Bodhi's Protection 2's DEF and Critshield effect durations will be extended 3 sec (1 sec / level)

Beyond Heaven ~
The "Clean Mirror" effect now raises Defense equal to 15% of the caster's Max SP

Blessing of Prosperity ~
Added effect: While casting, the caster will gain a 20% damage reduction buff for 2 sec. This effect can trigger once every 60 sec. If the skysong dies while casting, the CD to this effect won't be cleared

Six Cycles III (All Versions) ~
The added damage was raised to 11, 13, 15 times Sleep RES based on rank. When striking non-player targets, the amount of added Sleep RES to damage will double.
The 4th strike's chance for the target to be unable to receive a raja effect was raised to 60%, 80%, 100% and duration changed to 4, 5, 6 sec based on rank

Demon Blast(and star version),Sukhavati Incantation,Heart Sutra ~
Added Purify effect that makes ongoing Black Fire Corrosion to reduce by portion of casters Max SP.



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Counter Tide, Frozen Irony, Demonic Betrayal, Desecrate, Infatuation, Wither Wood, Splitting Strike, Perpetual Loneliness, Spite 2, Vampire Bite Curse 2, Glacier Edge 2, Magma Blade 2, Gather Spirit 2, Djinn Fire 2, Steadfast Strike 2



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Forgotten Dream, Deep Water, Deep Water 2, Positive Reinforcement, Positive Reinforcement 2, Ancient Prayer, Ancient Prayer 2, Thicken Blood, Mist, Mist 2

Positive Reinforcement (Bright Moon, Sun Star Skill) ~
Added effect: When skill reaches rank 5, casting Haste, Mist, Ancient Prayer, or Ancient Prayer 3 (All Versions) will reduce the CD to Deep Water by 1 or 2 sec depending on type

River Dweller (T4 & M.tome) ~
Cast time reduced to 2 sec and optimized when damage from the 1st hit goes into effect

River Dweller 2 ~
Cast time reduced to 2 sec and optimized when damage from the 1st hit goes into effect
Each hit will attach 15% of current HP to damage and will deal extra damage equal to 100% of AP

Dimly Discernable 2 ~
Skill also reduces the CD to Full of Love by 20 sec

Memory's Standstill ~
15% of the difference between current and Max HP and Max SP to damage changed to 15% of Max HP and Max SP

Ancient Prayer 2 ~
Skill will also remove 3 negative effects from the caster. When the skill reaches rank 10, it will also remove Blaze of Janos and Palsy effects.
CD reduced to 120 sec

Frozen Memories (Chroma Versions) ~
Added effect: When Striking non-player targets, the 1st hit will reduce the target's Critnull by 35% for 10 sec



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Ancient Soul, Ancient Soul 3 (All Versions), Combat Spirit, Iron Guts, Ambition, Dragon's Light



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Lost Soul, Starlight Sting 2, Flame Stream



Tone of Frost ~
Added Purify effect that makes ongoing Black Fire Corrosion to reduce by portion of casters Max SP.



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Substitute, Empathy, Shadow Sacrifice (All Versions)

Nerve Pinch ~
Added effect: When using on non-player targets, the caster will enter into an Eternal Night effect. This effect raises the damage to Bloody Chop (T4 & Star Skill)

Bloody Chop ~

Added effect: When the caster is in an Eternal Night effect, when striking non-player targets, the extra damage will raise by 40%.
When striking non-player targets skill will attach 10% of current HP to the 1st hit's damage

Bloody Chop (Star Skill) ~

When striking non-player targets, each hit will attach 12%, 16%, 20% of current HP to damage depending on type (this is separate from the other 12% of current HP)
Added effect: When the caster is in an Eternal Night effect, when striking non-player targets, the 12% of current HP of extra damage will raise by 80%
Added effect: When striking non-player targets, the CD to this skill is reduced by 10 sec



Wave Dash ~
Skill range is now 15 yards around the caster. Target limit raised to 20. When striking non-player targets, the extra damage will raise by 30% of AP



Secret Talent ~
Added effect: Array will also raise the Defense of caster and teammates by 9%

Blast Eruption ~
Added effect: Array will also reduces targets' Attack Power by 9%

Nature's Blessing & Holy Polaris ~
Optimized skill descriptions. Added the skills' cast times and cooldowns to their descriptions

Ruse Flank ~
The attack power reduction effect changed to equal 30% of caster's AP and lasts for 18 sec

Ruse Lure ~
The attack power reduction effect changed to equal 7% of caster's AP and lasts for 18 sec

Spearhead ~
Defense reduction amount changed to equal 100% of the caster's AP

Tyranny III <Sky> ~
Added effect: Skill also increases Defense by 2000, 3000, 4000 for 12, 15, 18 sec depending on rank

Tyranny III <Ocean> ~
Skill damage reflection raised to equal 4.0 times received damage. The reflect duration is increased by 20%, 35%, 50% depending on rank

Tyranny III <Hero> ~
Hero effect changed: Raises all RES by 3%, 6%, 9% of Silence RES for 10, 12, 14 sec depending on rank

Outrageous Scale (Chroma Versions) ~
Added effect: 20% of Fury will affect Critstrike Damage if not under a Death's Volition effect

Dragon Fury ~
Raises Defense by 10% (5% / level)

Mass Termination and Tigerhowl ~
Tomes' increase effects changed to 4% (2% / level)



Mecha Fiery Land ~
Added effect: When striking non-player targets, the 1st hit has a 100% chance to reduce the target's Critnull by 35% for 10 sec



Fire Token ~
Shield effect replaced: Each hit will recover Health equal to current kill streak amount mulitiplied by 50

Emperor's Battlecry ~
Extra damage raised to equal 30% of AP plus 300. Each kill streak buff will attach 0.5% of Max HP (5% Max) to damage when striking mobs

Meteor Shower ~
Each kill streak buff will attach 0.8% of Max HP (8% Max) to damage when striking mobs.
Each hit has a 100% chance to reduce the target's Critshield by 30% for 5 sec

Meteor Shower (Chroma Versions) ~
Each kill streak buff will attach 1% of Max HP (10% Max) to damage when striking mobs.

Meteor Shower III <Hero> ~
Each kill streak buff will attach 1% of Max HP (10% Max) to damage when striking mobs.
Added effect: When striking mobs, each hit will have a 100% chance to reduce the target's Critshield by 60% for 15 sec

Piercing Bolt (T5 & Star Skill) ~
Added effect: After using skill(s), the caster will gain 10 Kill Streak buffs

Aquatic Seal ~
Chance to clear the skill's cooldown changed: When the caster has 10 or more Kill Streak buffs, the skill will have a 100% chance to clear its CD

Forested Mountains ~
Added effect: When skill reaches rank 6, the extra damage to each weapon will raise equal to 20% of AP

Zozphur ~
Tome effect changed: Raises Fire Token's Health recovery effect by 30% (10% / level)



Defense Increase Effects ~
This effect can now be stacked, except for the following:
- Charity's Salvation cannot stack with Bodhi's Protector
- Bodhi's Protector 2 cannot stack with Beyond Heaven
- Dragon Dance (Dragon Zodiac Fashion), Snake Flying (Solarplume & Netherjade Fashions), and Golden Rooster New Year's Greetings (Rooster Zodiac Fashion) cannot stack with each other
- Sentimental Fragrance, Mountain Blaster, and Vajra's Might cannot stack with each other
- Foja Blessing cannot stack with Foja Blessing <Zen>

- The Frost Blade for the Bloodbond system will now only deduct 1% of the user's HP instead of all but 1 point of their HP
- Fixed issue where Psychea were unable to move or use skills while in Transform Gem transformation after using their Mecha skills
- Fixed issue where Seira's Nether Blossom was still causing damage from target's allies after the cursed target dies
- Fixed issue with Arden's Devilbash Arrow * Firefly skill having the wrong knock back distance
- Fixed issue where movement speed effects were being removed from Dagos and Fuwa Hydrans after using skills such as Impervious
- Fixed issue with Balo's Durable Fighter (T5 & Chroma) skills not disarming targets
- Fixed issue with Seira's Might of the Wind 2 skill, the blessed target would still receive damage and negative effects
- Fixed issue where players placed into a control effect mid-air (jumping, etc), they could no longer be affected by negative effects


- [Imperia] Fixed Flying Fire tome.
- [Imperia] Windblown Dust II now influences Gale Sweep properly.
- [Imperia] Fixed Fierce Flame upgrade level requirement condition.
- [Imperia] Freefall Flower star skill now affects Freefall Flower II properly.
- [Seira] Corrected Spirit Passenger fear chance calculation.
- [Lupin] Fixed Falling Lustre stacking.
- [Balo] Fixed Omenax Strike defense debuff for non-balo pre asc factions.
- Fixed Fusion Special Effect: Propaganda +2 to act according to description.
- Fixed Four Seasons so players cant attack each other.
* Also fixed player death logic, once using 'Town' option they will leave location properly.
- Fixed Wardrobe preview visual bug for certain fashion pieces with default color.
- Lowered Anti-bot palsy effect from 95% to 75% speed reduction to ease close range classes a bit.
- Zuolo Plains restored.
- Attempt to fix Shura Gauntlet portal after killing Trail Agents.
- Fixed new Transform Gems.
- Adjusted Immortal Record rewards for current month.
- Rainfall Order restored to Iron BG exchange.
- Black Flame Blade added to Marketplace.
- Grand Esper Fusion Manual now functional.
- Attempt to fix Iron BG entry limit bug while crashing during first enter.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Interface fixes and translations.
- EU link is now separate link server. This should help to diversity traffic.
- Sentinel chat channel will now also be visible on elysium server.


- White damage dealt to mobs will no longer show in chat damage log to avoid extreme lag for certain classes.
- Added some missing Demonic mob spots in Westwall and Southern Province Void.
- Added 10 new spots both for Reinforced Cheetahs and Demigod Bears in Southern Province.
- Another attempt to fix Shura Gauntlet portal issue.
- [Imperia] Fixed damage calculation formula in several skills.
- [Imperia] Fixed Destruction Cloud II extra effect to work on skill cast not each hit of Frosted Jade II.
- [Imperia] Fixed Frosted Jade 2 aoe target limit.
- [Imperia] Fixed Killing Intent <Chroma> learning conditions.
- [Imperia] Fixed Conjoined Suffering effective range while casting.
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain effect Health+Spirit battery consumption issue.
- Can now move Imperia's Wind Wrath UI bar.
- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven finals registration UI.
- Fixed mismatched website Balo and Arden PvE buffs.
- Restored quests for Factions Seals in Fort PvE instance.
- Can now perform trade in Westfall.
- Added missing NPC to Guan Mountain map.
- Removed depreciated Xiao Kai related npcs and resources from Sunstream map.
- Unknown Scholar's additional event for refreshing drinks now functonal.
- Blood of Reborn restored to Ultimate Fealty Pack.
- Power-Thirsty Dominator Seal added to Coin of Wealth exchange.
- Elemental Beads changed to Hexagon Charms at Corrupted Smith reward quest.
- Decade Exchange: Chi Enhancer now cost 50x JD Ticket - Decade.
- Imperia fashion weapon added to marketplace.
- Misty Aragonite Gem added to webshop.
- Black Steel Shavings added to Shura Gauntlet exchange.
- Heartless Sea can be accessed by all LV90+ characters.
- Merit Incense Bundles now cost 6 Sunny Jades at Jade Exchange 1.
- Minor translation and interface fixes.


- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven finals registration UI.
- Gear Evolution now require Yuan Crystall to be performed.
- [Ceros] Corrected Perceptive Rhytm behavior towards other reflect types.
- [Psychea] Mecha: Roc should now remove Debar Mon effect after out of Psytek Posture.
- [Celestial Ruins] Cloud·Turn the Tides will now reset Imperia skills properly.
- [Imperia] Corrected Sharpened Air Shield III skill behavior against player summons.
- Imperia will no longer get Wind Chase stacks in Four Seasons Island.
- Corrected Imperia Hall of Excellence rankings.
- Fixed issue with EL7-9 at Clan Instance tab.
- Can no longer apply Genesis after 23:15.
- Zuolo Exchange restored to General Lan.
- Attempt to diversify Cross Server instances to prevent character logouts and lockdownds.
- Corrected portal position in Southern Province and Reinforced Cheetah spawn.
- Cyclamen Fashion quest line now functional.
- Territory War scoreboard will now properly show score of players that left BG.
- Corrected Bilu portal bug.
- Added some missing NPCs.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Corrected Imperia Mystic Tome skill level chances.
- Corrected Auction System item roll for given auction type.
- Rainfall Order price increased at Kao Sonye and is now bound to character.
- Following PvP Activity rewards were integrated (and boosted) into respective first victory packs: Battle for Supremacy, Royal Pen, Genesis Sanctuary.


- Corrected Rabbit Hop buff duration.
- Goat Kick skill description corrected.
- [Voida] Fixed Heavenly Survival 3 Hero Celestial and Melting Essence tome influence.
- [Forta] Corrected Reality Termination III cast range.
- [Imperia] Inferno Corrosion should now respect white damage shields and immunities.
- [Imperia] Attempt to fix issues with Skycrack skill.
- [Imperia] Corrected Whirlwind tome influence for Winnow Step II.
- Corrected new Treasure Map system that could break after relog.
- Transform Gems should now automatically turn off while PvP unless on excluded map.
- Corrected some PVP BGS First Victory pack description issues.
- Attempt to prevent baypassing TW limit.
- Loosing all ressurections in ET should now end instance.
- Universal Law Gift Pack now stacks.
- Can no longer summon Spirit Wind event npc in LMS and BFS maps.
- Spirit Wind shop purchase limits boosted x5.
- Birthday Event launched. It will be active till July 1.
- PVE Event launched.


- Attempt to fix recent rare realm crash issue.
- Shuomo BG now functional.
* Rewards will be upgraded next week.
- [Psychea] Thunderous Peal will now affect Mecha: Torrent <Zen>.
- [Kytos] Ruse: Lure skill description corrected.
- [Kytos] Last Stand will now stack with Velonus Fury ap buff.
- [Kytos] Moon - Death's Volition transform immune duration formula corrected for ranks 1-4.
- [Kytos] Tyrany III name changed to Peerless Night III. Description corrected and duration formula corrected for <Sky> version.
- [Imperia] Corrected Overbearing Wind potential formula error.
- Birthday promo code titles translations applied.
- Missing Dundun and Liu Yuan NPCs added to Sunsteream (Reacreation Zone).
- Iron BG Exchange revised.
- Iron BG Victory Pack bonus chances boosted.


- Celestial Monkey Portent: Corrected description and behavior.
* It's now effective against Stun, Silence, Sleep, Paralyze, Freeze, Chained Soul, Patsy, Transform.
- [Kytos] Corrected Last Stand crit chance calculation.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain now stacks with Anan Wish properly.
- [Celan/Imperia]Tone of Winter now stacks with Azure Wind II.
- [Ceros] Fixed Fearless Frost damage reduction cap overflow exploit.
- [Ceros] Fixed Savage Rivalry exploit regarding buff stacking.
- [Hydran] Fixed Imprevious losing debuff immune after stacking with Jadesun effect.
- [Hydran] Fixed potential Aquatic Seal <Arcane> regarding cooldown reset.
- Fixed Realm of Torment not dealing dmg afer long knockbacks.
- Corrected amount of Royal Star(LV1) given by Universal Law Gift Pack.
- Gear Evolution now requires Yuan only if Gear has any refinery level.
- Attemp to fix TW ressurection point bug.
- Shuomo BG rewards adjusted.
- Veteran of War is now available from 3:00 to 21:00 every Monday.
- Empyrean Emblem added to Event Token exchange.
- Gevrin Faction and Gear change added to Marketplace.
- Ultimate Torment Chest now stackable.
- Fuxi Shrine Chroma Pack will now give 2000 Beads.
- Firewood Voucher auction now requires less participants.


- [Celan/Skysong] Tone of the Fountain and Bodhi's Protector defense buff now stacks.
- [Imperia] Corrected instant Inferno DMG not considering shields for Corrosion effect.
- After Duel finishes, all buffs and debuffs will be cleared from now.
- Anti AfK mechanics attempt implemented into Shuomo and Iron BG.
* After successfull tests, it will be implemented into rest pvp instances.
* Players that didn't perform enough actions during BG will be restricted from applying any other PVP instances for 24h.
* Shuomo is available every day for now.
- Iron BG weekly win pack now trully 'weekly'.
- Astral Marshal should now spawn from 3:30.
- Moonlit Night Painting and Event Tokens added to Shuomo BG reward exchange.
- Diligence Scroll (5 points) level requirement lowered to 160.
- Temporarly ddded Shuomo BG Website PvP rewards.
* Rewards will be valid for one week only.
- Tiamat Blood from Jaden Book is now available in Grand Esper Fusion Manual exchange yet with higher rate.
- Astrum Jade·Heroic Special now stacks 30.000.


- Fixed Gear Upgrade that allowed to upgrade Lumen to Astrum directly resulting bugged gear piece that clould crash client.
- Attempt to fix issue at H2 Doubt boss where player was unable to ressurect if killed by RoT effect.
- Iron BG:
* Infinite flag exploit fix attempt.
* Flag holder speed lowered by 1 y/s.
* Player that becomes flag holder instantly loses all buffs and debuffs.
- Imperia will no longer get Wind Chase stacks in Iron BG.
- Shuomo BG:
* Cerfificates from winning boxes should now remove direcly after gathering.
* Can no longer party other team members.
* Summons should now be attackable.
* Once receiving negative effect, chest pickup should interupt properly now.
* Instance available only on Saturday and Sunday from now.
* Shuomo BG website PvP rewards removed.
* Cold Flame Stone added to Shuomo BG reward exchange.
* Shuomo BG reward exchange booosted.
- Coronation system:
* Defender side structures are now immune to buffs and debuffs.
* Attacker Pillars boosted to match 75% hp of defender structures combined(tower+gate+claudron).
* Defender can now use portals to teleport outside/inside the gates. Attackers can't use them.
- [Mage] Awaken II now reduces BoJ III cooldown by correct value.
- [Imperia] Fixed Windblow Dust II description and behavior.
- [Hydran] Fixed Imprevious losing immune to certain debuffs after stacking with Celestial Majesty.
- Fixed Mystic Gear extra attributes giving slighly too much stats at Red grade.
- PvE Event launched.
- Southern Province Void Elite Bear and Cheetach can now drop Cold Flame Stone and their chance to drop Red Cloud Jade was doubled.
- Sacred PvP Coin added to Iron BG weekly pack.
- Orison Fragment Pack dropped by Berserker bosses in elysium now contain 30->60 Orison Fragments.


- [Imperia] Fixed Eternal Blaze II not triggering Wind Wrath combo.
- [Imperia] Another attempt to correct remaining Skycrack hitbox issues.
- [Imperia] Corrected Conjoined Suffering - Star Skill inferno trigger damage stacking issue.
- [Imperia] Corrected Fortunate Nature Max SP calculations against Kytos targets.
- [Arden] Changed Devilbash Arrow (Star) skill knockback type to same as Devilbash Arrow II one in attempt to fix rare bug it was inflicting.
- [Kytos] Fixed Shadow Bind II influence.
- [Kytos] Fixed Ruse: Lure II influence.
- [Skysong] Rooted Sequence/Bodhi's Protector II now stacks.
- [Gevrin] Corrected Spring Healing II skill description and behaviour.
- Corrected Flourish <Arborik> skill description.
- Fixed issue regarding material gathering being interrupted randomly.
- Berserker Tuff Kong drop fixed.
- New drop event launched.


- [Imperia] Corrected Conjoined Suffering issues introduced in previous patch.
- [Imperia] Another attempt for Fortunate Nature fix against Kytos.
- [Imperia] Wind Travel no longer protects agains Fear. Fixed immunity against Float.
- [Gevrin] Late Reflection Star/Chroma: Focus and HP buff no longer stacks.
- [Gevrin] Spring Healing no longer giving Disgread buff without star passibe enabled.
- [Lupin] Fixeed Lovesickness Star skill to work against Inferno Corrosion properly.
- Fixed Celestial Monkey Portent unable to cast while in certain debuff states.
- Flying Lantern Pack exchange balanced slighly.
- Added Mark Exchange Ticket <-> Curse Exchange Ticket option at Award Manager.