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Title: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am
I will post all changes on website and game in this thread.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 29, 2018, 02:05:03 pm
- Incrased vote/hourly rates event support added.
- Tweaked webshop. No more refreshing after changing the tabs.
- Portal Charms are now discounted.
- Added Other->Pet Aid category to webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 30, 2018, 05:02:47 pm
- English Quiz Question added.
- PvE realms will be trully PvE now.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Added item descriptions for sould binding Serenity Jades,Star Charms and Bronze Sigils.

- Small Webshop lifting.
- Added Wedding Packs.
- Removed Ascension Pack.
- Added Silver Sigil.
- Added Gold Sigil.
- Added Jade Sigil.
- Added Dragon Sigil.
- Aded Talisman of Craft.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 01, 2018, 12:03:54 am
- gtop100 voting cooldown changed to 24h and reward doubled.
- Added Honor Gems to webshop.
- Talisman of Craft price reduced to 30GJ.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 01, 2018, 10:11:31 pm
Update 10-11:
- Minor interface fixes and translations.
- Missing sound and gfx files added.
- Removed 'Meditation' to prevent reported exploit.
- Star Soul system translated and fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 02, 2018, 08:08:42 pm
- Added Account logs.
- Added ING online status.
- Added referral anti-abuse system.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 03, 2018, 07:22:34 pm
- Bonus Jaden shop rebalanced.
- Platina Sigil changed to Drake Sigil as main Coronation reward.
- Anima Pots cost reduced and stack increased to 9999.
- Golden Letters are now bound.
- Bronze Sigils removed from Jaden Marketplace.
- Binding Sigils exchange added to Enchanters.
- LV135 BG gear courage cost reduced by half.
- Chu-Han gear Gold Brick Cost reduced by half.
- Realm 2 and 9 opened.
- Fealty System now fixed.
- Quest Rewards boosted:
Sky Dweller - Added 50 x Ice Orb of Vastness ; 10 x Honor Gems
Sky Lotus - Added 75 x Ice Orb's ; 15 x HG
Valuable Pills - Added 50 x Ice Orb's ; 10 x HG
The Donation - Added 50 x Ice Orb's ; 10 x HG
Treasure - Added 50 x Ice Orb's ; 10 x HG
Alliance Career - Added 50 x Ice Orb's ; 10 x HG
Nura's gift (Shura) - Added 5 x Celebeans
Veteran of war - Added 1 x Bronze Sigil (bound)
Deity in the wind - Added 200 x Affinity beads
Surfing Deity - Added 500 x Affinity beads ; 50 x Chroma beads
Alliance Duty (
Quiz Bowl - Added Ice Orbs
Sugar Rush - Added 15 x Arcane Coins ; 200 Affinity beads
Dispel the curse (Shura) - added 10 x HG; 100% chance to get Mysterious Chest
The Baleful - Added 3 x Soul Inverter
Jade Event - Increased rewards
Treasure Hunting (Billows) - Added Celesphere Sand Lvl 1
Yasho Seal - Added 100 x Chroma Beads
Crisis - Added 500 x Ice Orbs;increased Taichi Pill reward 50->500
Taichi Pills - Added 500 x Ice Orbs

- Fixed Soul Inverter price.
- Added Makeover Box.
- Added more smileys and increased their cost sice they are permanent.
- Honor Gems removed.
- Advanced Sigils removed (you can use Enchanter exchange instead).
- Changed pots to Anima ones and cost reduced.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 05, 2018, 04:39:35 pm
- Recover option restored to 'Actions'.
- 3 new realms launched.
- Viles fixed (inluding psychea and kytos unlimited quests).
- Translation fixes and compatibility.
- Shura Dispel the Curse will give Mystic Stamp instead of Trasure Chest now.
- Jaden spending rewards adjusted.
- Honor Gems that were added as quest rewards in last update will be now bound.

- Jaki Stone price reduced 3000->1000.
- Evolution Jade added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 10, 2018, 02:02:25 am
- Remember session option added.
- 'Confirm email' form field added in register page to prevent mistakes.
- Reminder regarding full-courier issue added to webshop page.
- Server time and ticking timers added.
- Minor security featured in webshop.
- Royal Ascension Pack added (this pack is time limited - you have to claim it before ascension is launched! requires 150 lvl - once per character)
- Sage's Compass and Expedition Pack added to webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 10, 2018, 04:14:35 pm
- Team BFS weekly rewards nerfed as a precaution of reported exploit(will be restored if false alarm).
- Daily BFS pack boosted as compensation for above + description fixed.
- Attempted to make Blazing Vouchers unlimited/day.
- Royal Order lotto added to marketplace.
- Serenity Jades removed from marketplace.
- Star Soul gain rate increased x5.
- Kirin Sigil in Bonus Jaden Shop changed to Dragon Sigil and price reduced to 1k.
- Reduced CD for Crafting special treasures (beads,merits,gold bars etc)
- One realm disabled to check if random disconnect issue persists.
- Another attempt to fix viles.
- HP/SP Bootles 5 sec cooldown added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 12, 2018, 04:28:37 pm
- Rift Gate tooltips fixed.
- Added 5 sec CD on most batteries.
- Royal Order lotto fixed.
- Soul Inverter price fixed at marketplace.
- Celebean price lowered at marketplace.
- Minor interface fixes.

- Portal Scroll added.
- Goat Year exchanges added to webshop!
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 14, 2018, 02:32:32 pm
- Fuwa mandatory Fezzan NPC fixed.
- Human starter NPC Elder Tang fixed.
- Affinity map province names translated.
- BFS box fixed.
- Minor interface fixes and Quick Buy option restored.
- Mystic Tome visual bugs fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 15, 2018, 01:47:02 pm
- Hourly GJ rate permanently increased 30->50 / hour.
- Puppet protector cost reduced.
- Gold Vip Pack added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 16, 2018, 01:37:22 am
- Vip system introduced(ING VIP will be disabled).
- Webshop reorganized.
- HP/SP Batts added.
- VIP rewards added.
- Vip medals are also avilable for free-to-play players as a reward for activity.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 16, 2018, 05:40:27 pm
- Crystal Rift reward boosted.
- Exquisite Vigor Potion stack increased 99->9999.
- Server Drop rate increaed from x3 to x5.
- Charge rewards needed amounts of jadens fixed.
- Blessing of the dragon Quest reward changed.
- Archaia Order quests rewards boosted.
- Lucifuge Knight, Etherflame Totem, Jadecalf Adept,Scarlet Thunderlash level increased to 160.
- Chroma Scroll·Lucifuge Knight quest reward boosted.
- Affinity Lands order quest reward boosted.
- Yuan Crystal LV8 added to Jaden marketplace.
- New lotto with Death Wand added to marketplace.
- Roayal Ivory Set added to marketplace.
- New masks added do marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 18, 2018, 03:34:42 pm
- Affinity (best) mobs drop tweaked. They will also drop Honor Gems.
- IC (best) mobs drop tweaked. More chroma and Skytouch Jade.
- Genesis Sancturay interfaces and desctiption fixed.
- Royal Ivory Boots in marketplace fixed.
- Royal Lotto removed from marketplace.
- Hide-and-Seek fixed and daily pack rewards boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 20, 2018, 04:53:28 pm
- Honor Gems drop in Affinity Maps nerfed (boosted Affinity Bead drop instead).
- MTH (best) mobs level boosted to 160.
- Hide-and-Seek daily box rewards boosted(again).
- Anan and Velonus fashion sets added to marketplace and webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 23, 2018, 03:58:06 pm
- Inferna Orders rewards boosted.
- Sly Dragon defeat quest will now give 10 Ancient Coins instead 2 Dragon Muscles.
- Beast Lord instance batteries now have no cd and 10x more HP/SP amount inside.
- Batts cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
- MTH (best) mobs drop boosted.
- Anima Pots added to Marketplace.
- Blessing Bag removed from marketplace.
- Two new lottos added to marketplace.
- Game rules updated (website).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 25, 2018, 03:30:25 pm
- Warsoul Order added to webshop.
- Celebean price discounted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 26, 2018, 05:24:55 pm
- PvP ranking system added.
- PvP Event system added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 27, 2018, 04:03:17 pm
- [Attempt] Affinity Map sleepless and orders quests max lvl boosted to 160.
- Hydran Honor ranking fixed.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Dragon Sigil disabled from Jd-mart.
- Marketplace lottos changed.
- Several new masks added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 02, 2018, 11:24:58 am
- Team BSF rewards rebalanced.
- Beast Lord Instance drop boosted.
- Empress Lunara will now have chance to drop Dragon Sigils instead of Kirin Sigils.
- Major translation fixes (quests).
- Minor interface fixes.
- Daily quests reward rebalanced.
* Surfing Diety and Diety of the Wind now gives Heaven Dragon Seal for participation.
* Honor Gem rewards mostly changed to Ancient Coins.
* Viles: chances for faction herald fixed and rewards boosted.
- Clouded Sunstream and Genesis Sanctuary should now work.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 03, 2018, 04:41:13 pm
- Elysium spawn limiters enabled.
- HnS box rewards boosted (again).
- Tiger Set is now wearable by all factions (certain ones use diffrent model).
- Tiger Set added to webshop and marketplace.
- Soul Inverters discouted at webshop.
- 18 hall event map fixed.
- Marketplace lottos switched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 10, 2018, 03:26:06 pm
- CP Lady Linaska chance increased 5->25%.
- Marketplace Lottos switched.
- Skill Fashions (Anan, Velonus, Tiger ) are now bound upon pack open.
- Celebeans will now drop in MTH (best mobs).
- Sunny Jade and Welkin Red Jade will now drop in Mortal Trail.
- Sly Dragon defeat reward boosted(25x Ancient Coins + 25x Soul Inverter).
- VIP rewards rebalanced(last tier). Special Vip rewards removed.
- Treasures in the Wild (Treasure Charm) reward boosted.
- Free to activate Sovereign mission reward boosted.
- Ultimate Fealty Pack reward boosted.
- Combat Souls (affinity weekend event) will drop much more Dragon Muscles.
- Dragoncourt Note rewards boosted.
- Unending Chains event reward boosted. (+7 Sigil for 1st place, +6 sigil for 2nd, +5 sigil for 3rd).
- Corrupted Forges quest reward boosted.
- Alliance Base quests boosted. (Homeland LV3 will now give +8 sigil, LV2 - +7 sigil, LV1 +6 sigil).
- Ancient Lands quest reward boosted (5x).
- Torment Tower boxes reward boosted. (Final box gives Welkin Green Jade).
- Another quest translation and fixes.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 12, 2018, 03:03:03 pm
- Coronation Tributes removed from GJ shop. (exploitable).
- Bilu event fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 16, 2018, 03:20:00 pm
- Players can now send messages to theirs unactive referrals and persuade them to come back and play. (once a week per player).
- More complex Activity Rewards system added. Account->Rewards.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 17, 2018, 03:05:08 pm
- Lunara bug fix attempt (reset range decreased 70->35).
- Lunara Kirin Sigil drop restored(instead of Dragon Sigil).
- Marketplace lotto switched (just one this time).
- Faction Changers added to marketplace. (Lastest faction change will be twice as much expensive). May need to use Revision Charm if you will change races to restore Acension Skills.
WARNING: Changing faction from human/athan into etherkin will cause Ascension Skills removal. Its known bug that will be dealt in the future. Be warned!
- Bilu event will now give permanent mount.
- Bilu Gift quest fixed.
- Goat Tokens reqiired for Dragon Sigil reduced 9999->3333.
- Online rewards boosted.
- Corrupted Forges quest rewards fixed. It will now also give random elemental bead.
- Dread Labirynth can now be opened by just one player.
- Added Kirin Sigil Shard -> Kirin Sigil exchange at Jude (Sunstream).
- Septajade Soul amount from Clash of Seven boosted x5.
- Garro mobs will now have drop. (including Heaven Dragon Seals)
- JD-Mart Dragon Sigil restored.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 24, 2018, 03:06:29 pm
- Bilu's gift fixed(hopefully) and best reward moved to last quest in chain.
- Tanis Ka's Charms price halved.
- Puppet Protectors price greatly reduced.
- Renaming items removed from GJ shop.
- Crimson Ceremony Fashion Pack added to GJ shop.
- Tiger fashion price reduced.
- Anan (Sincere), Bilu, Bilu's Love,Glory Velonus Fashion packs added.
- Serenity Jade added to marketlace.
- Anima potions replaced to Celestial potions at marketplace.
- Celestial potions added to GJ shop.
- Marketplace lottos switched.
- Pet EXP items(Kylin Orbs etc) now give 5x more EXP.
- Garro mobs Heaven Dragon Seal chance boosted x5.
- Sunny Jade drop in Mortal Trail boosted x5.
- Sunstrider/Inferna mobs Wonderland stones drop boosted x5.
- Exploration reward boosted (only last tier/star).
- Secret exchange added to Shady Dealer.
- Dragon Mountain Gates are now open.
- Daily Divination rewards now match its description.
- Automated PvP Event system upgraded.
* There will be daily pvp event since now.
* Ingame message reminders added.
* PvP events now have grades of rewards. Grade is randomized while initiating the event. During weekends grade is boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 31, 2018, 03:04:19 pm
- Goat Year Token will no longer drop.
- Harmony Rune drop event has been initiated.
- New lotto, mounts, skyblades and pets added to marketplace.
- Can now use Astrolabe/Portal Charms in Garro Island and Dragon Mountain.
- Corrupted Forges will now give 5x more Elemental Beads.
- Inferna last and Mortal Trail mobs Wonderland Stone drop boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 01, 2018, 12:19:05 am
- Harmony Rune Exchange added to webshop.
- Soulcard items price reduced at webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 04, 2018, 10:40:38 pm
- Weekend 2x GJ bonus has been extended and includes Fridays now!
- Players can now use up to 3 accounts online at the same time. NOTE: This is experimental change! It may be reversed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 07, 2018, 03:52:48 pm
- Celestial potions price reduced in GJs.
- Astrolabe added to GJs.
- Treasure Bowl do GJs.
- Few Sprite Items added to GJs.
- Lower Yuan Crystal Lv6 in GJS price reduced.
- Pearl of Vigor added to GJ shop.

- Treasure Bowl added to marketplace.
- Marketplace Soul card related items prices adjusted to GJs.
- New lotto and fashions (non skill) added to marketplace.
- Applied final translation fixes for Quests.
- Lower Tier Spiritseal quest prizes boosted.
- Alliance Base quests will now give 5x more resources.
- Sly Dragon Rewards boosted.
- Expertise coupon added to Shady Dealer exchange(2000Wls).
- Crafting Merit Incense and Elemental Beads boosted.
- Star Soul rate boosted twice (10x base rate now).
- Star souls exchange reworked.
- Garro mobs will now drop Wonderland Stones.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 13, 2018, 04:57:46 pm
- PvP Event System has been reworked.
* Time of event is now randomized between 16,17,18,21,22 (50% for 18:00).
* PS - Participation score added to event tables along with received rewards.
* PS is equal to kills*3+deaths*1.
* Reworked Participation rewards. They now depends on Participation score.
* Increased chances for higher class Events.
* Reintroduced sub-event for other timezones (8 hours after main event).
* Added chance to exclude certain classe from an event. For now theres a chance to exclude Mages and Jadeons.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 14, 2018, 03:32:38 pm
- Donate to a friend's account option added.
- Account Stash added.
- Account rewards will now be transffered to Account Stash and from there to desired character.
- Pre-asc leveling is now easier.
- Garro mobs drop boosted.
- Bronze Sigils added to jaden marketplace.
- New lottos added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 21, 2018, 03:35:05 pm
- Iron Vindication replaced to Exoneration in pvp event rewards.
- Iron Vindication price reduced.
- Marketplace lottos switched.
- Rabbit Zodiac Fashion added to GJ and jaden shop.
- Free Beginner Pack added to webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 28, 2018, 08:13:25 pm
- Warsoul Order in GJ shop now requires lvl 135 instead 150.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 01, 2018, 04:05:19 pm
- Anan stylish price fixed.
- Elder Tang, Sovereign Herald, Fazzan npcs fixed.
- Mortal Trail mobs drop fixed.
- Interface fixes.
- Blazing Voucher/Champions Vouncher and Elemental Painting will be granted daily again.
- New Archaia Feat/Exploit/Fighting Confidence Quests boosted.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Viles fixed.
- Joakue NPC is now in Sunstream (450 305)
- Junkyard Dog picture fixed at marketplace.
- Spiritesal item descriptions fixed.
- Attempted to fix Clouded Milky Way and Royal Pen.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 02, 2018, 05:53:05 pm
- Astral Dew and Windy Gem added to webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 03, 2018, 01:44:27 am
New game rule added: 17 # `Items accidentally dropped because of lack of Puppet Protectors during PvP EVENTS should be returned to their former owners.`
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 05, 2018, 03:07:35 pm
- Defensive Seal mistranlation fixed (CritShield->CritNull).
- Spiritseals (Blue,Purple and Orange) adjusted.
- Rabbit Zodiac Fashion re-added to marketplace.
- Dragon Zodiac fashion added.
- Voida Herald fixed.
- Lanti forced to appear in Divine Realm.
- Ancient Dark Banner fixed.
- Attempt to fix Lunara exploit.
- Added Prayer Beads+Buddha Relics exchange to Splendid Sovereign Necklace LV1 at Supermacy Envoy.
- New Bilu Event added. This will be permanent One! ATTENTION! Teleport to Bilu NPC via quest is broken atm. Will be fixed next patch. Will have to use Portl Scroll after using that.
- Royal Pen First Win Pack boosted.
- Garro Mobs will now Drop Ancient Coins instead Dragon Muscles.
- Priviledged VIP jaden rewards adjusted.
- Missing Psychea and Seira diamond type gears added to Kui Tun -> Shura Gauntlet Exchange.
- Corrupted Forges fixed.
- Ultimate Fealty Box rewards changed.
- Chance for Kirin Sigil from Crystal Rift Box greatly increased.
- Website layout reworked (still in progress).
- New milestone rewards.
- New GJ lotto.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 18, 2018, 08:21:33 pm
- Royal Pen (should be) fully translated now.
- Primal Iceheart drop boosted x3.
- Added exchange at Jade Exchange Girl to trade useless Bonus Jaden Coupon to Dragon Sigils.
- Celestial City Star Soul will now have greater chance to give 'Wills'.
- Elysium Astral Tales (7 Stars) rewards boosted.
- NPC talk spam in Sunstream calmed a bit.
- Serenity Jades will now stack to 500.
- Heaven's Dew,Immortal Nectar,Omniscient Nourishment Pill,Rectified Meditation Gel,Ether Revelation Pill and Stylish Fashions added to GJ shop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 19, 2018, 03:32:05 pm
- Marketplace fixes and newskyblade and skill fashion added.
- Archaia Order quests rewards boosted x5.
- Bonus Jaden exchange fixed.
- Stylish fashions will be now bound upon pack open.
- Clan Summons voucher will be given daily (after week cooldown).
- LV135 faction esper parts added to Shura Gauntlet instance exchange.
- 5 Gold Leafs added to Beginner Pack.
- Spiritseal (Gold) will now give 5.000 Ice Orbs.
- Drake Sigil cost at Priviledge Vip reduced to 200j.
- There is another 4 mob spot in Garro Island now.
- Sunstream Chat flood reduced once again.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 23, 2018, 03:19:53 pm
- Rapid Essence crafting disabled. Extended Elder of Arcaness servants exchanges instead.
- Irob Draco is now properly added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 26, 2018, 03:15:32 pm
- It should be allowed now to use more up to 12 letters in nickname.
- Warsoul Order added to marketplace.
- EXP re-added to Garro Mobs.
- Clouded Milky Way bosses HP reduced by 33%.
- 3 more Archaia quests Nimbus Chest rewards boosted.
- Essence exchange cost adjusted to match Rapid cost ones.
- Can now exchange PvE <-> PvP Pisces via exchange also.
- New exchange added to Jude.
- Elemental Beads now stacks to 500.
- Violetgold Fragments added to:
* Fealty Packs
* Top 3 Quiz Rewards
* Garro and Mortal Trail mobs as very-rare drop.
* Sly Dragon Defeat (5)
* Ultimate Torment Chest 156+ (5)
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 02, 2018, 03:09:03 pm
- Xmas bear mount added to marketplace.
- Mysti Tome reforgers added to marketplace.
- Rename items are a lot more expensive now.
- Fatecharm fragments will now drop in Garro Island.
- Fine Seal Fragment lotto added to marketplace.
- Goat zodiac fashion set added to marketplace.
- Violetgold Fragments exchange adjusted and Fine/Common Seal orbs added.
- New drop event added!
- Emerald Lady instance rates boosted.
- Wheel of Chi description fixed in Marketplace.
- Unending chains Floor names translated.
- Attempt to fix Sunstream Chat bug.

- New drop event exchanges added to GJ shop.
- Snake and Goat Zodiac fashions added to GJ shop.
- 2 new GJ lottos added.
- 2 new milestone rewards added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 09, 2018, 03:10:09 pm
- Six Subtetles pack description fixed.
- 'Slighly increased movement speed' item stat will now show exact value.
- It is now possible to visit Old Sunstream via New Sunstream Skylord npc!
- Auto-Sell Crafting option restored.
- Attempt to fix Lupin's Scion armor bug.
- Jade Exchange Girl Jaki Stone problem fixed. Bugged ones can be exchanged to working ones at same exchange.
- It is now possible to use Soul Ash to create top-tier soulcards.
- Goat Fashion Skill name translated.
- Abyss Jade Essence can now be exchanged for Kirin Sigil at Jude.
- Treasure Raider restored.
- Garro Island Fairy spawns are all 4 mob now.
- Garro Mobs have now better Wind Whisper drop rate.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 16, 2018, 03:28:53 pm
- Drake Sigil Shard item is now available.
- Scion Lupin Armor issue fixed(again).
- Some precautions were made to make Celestial war event more balanced.
- Its now possible to switch Capricorn and Aquarius PvE <-> PvP essence.
- Violetgold to Ancient blood seals, charms and jades exchange added at Jude.
- Weekly Sanctuary Jadenscroll replaced to Zuolo Plains Contract.
- Puppet Protectors now stack to 9.999.
- Jade Scroll 10 WLS  cost reducted 2.000->500.
- Kirin Sigil Shard WLS  cost reducted 2.000->1.000.
- Essence rock added to WLS exchange for 500 WLS.
- Chance for better level skill from tome books increased.
- Increased reforge limit per book 10->25.
- Some Garro island slepless quests are automatic now.
- Lord Sage Garron will now exchange Taichi Pill Packs to Star Soul.
- Shimmerjade Dew (CS7 batt) cooldown applied (3sec).
- Shura last mobs level boosted to 160.
- Top Tier Supreme Cards Soul Ash cost reduced 5000->4000.
- Violetgold Fragments added as a reward for Elemental Temple.
- Violetgold Fragments added as a reward for Champion's Voucher.
- Priviledge vip daily packs reward boosted.
- Tbfs weekly buffs nerfed.
- Some interface fixes and adjustments.
- Overlooked Garro Fairy spawns boosted to 4 mobs.

- Violetgold Fragments replaced to Drake Sigil Shard as Mythical PvP grade event top reward.
- Refferal reward boosted 3000->5000 GJ.
- Modo is now counted as 'Main AoEr' regading Pvp events.
- Warsoul order price reduced 5000->2000GJ.
- 'New' tab added to Green Jade shop.
- Lvl 5 Tome Reforgers added to GJ webshop.
- Newly added Account Stash items will have name in tooltip.
- Can now split items in Account Stash into half.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 23, 2018, 03:05:43 pm
Version 65:
- Life Nectar fixed at marketplace.
- Wind Whisper drop in Garro Island nerfed.
- Bronze Sigil price reduced at marketplace.
- Nura's Gift quest reward boosted.
- Vanti now cost 4.000 Soul Ash.
- New Event added: "Mooncake baking"! Event will last till the then of this month. (R15 Sunstream in the Pond besides Harmony Scroll - use skyblade).
- Bronze Sigil price reduced at webshop.
- Treasure Bowl price reduced at webshop.
- Amount of Heaven Dragon Seals reduced as a participation reward for PvP events.
- Serenity Jade replaced to Soul Inverters as a reward for PvP events.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 30, 2018, 03:29:39 pm
Game v66:
- Beast Lord instance description fixed.
- Fixed missing model for certain classes.
- Moon Cake will appear in Sunstream till midnight. Be quick and speak to him if u managed to get Perfect Mooncake.
- Spring Rice Glue Ball should be now sellable to npc.
- Sunstream NPC spam disabled.
- Chance for Dragon Sigls from exploration boosted.
- Revised and added missing buffs descriptions.

- Dragom Zodiac fashion is now available in webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 07, 2018, 03:06:53 pm
- 2 new lottos added to marketplace.
- New pots added to marketplace (soon in GJ webshop): HP 20000/5000/5000/5000 SP: 10000/2500/2500/2500.
- Items description bug fixed at NPC sales/exchanges.
- Golden Token rewards adjusted at marketplace.
- Golden Token shop rebalanced.
- Elder of Arcancess servants has now Gold Leaf sale available.
- Cinematics after char creation are now translated to English.
- Saint Warrior Chest, Anan's Wish and Velonus' Fury added to Beginner Pack.
- Indomitable Power II reward at TBfS fixed.
- Carefree Fashion is now wearable by Seira(with Anan model) and it's desctiption is fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 12, 2018, 10:11:55 pm
- Vip system reworked. It has now dedicated subpage and changed daily rewards.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 14, 2018, 03:47:35 pm
Game v68:
- Royal Pen initial quests will now give 3 Violetgold Fragments.
- Violetgold Fragments are now available for Dream Journal Page's (Understream)
- Mystic Jade Slip and Sacred Aux Ware are now available in Shura Gauntlet Exchange.
- Bilu quest will now have a chance for Esper Cards.
- Vip batts should be now bottle-able.
- Serenity Jades now stack up to 9999.
- Crafting is now twice as fast.
- BL6/EL finish quest will now give more Lv6 accesory upgrade items and allso Violetgold Fragments.
- Emerald Lady Bosses drop boosted.
- Golden Tokens shop Spiritual Covenant price adjusted.
- VIP Vigor batt missing 6 sec cooldown added.
- Chi Beasts name translated.

- New HP/SP pots added to webshop.
- Older pots price reduced.
- New hourly rewards added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 21, 2018, 03:08:44 pm
- ING Christmas event prepared. It will be fired later today.
- Dram Journal Page -> Violetgold Fragment exchange fixed.
- Can now exchange Violetgold Fragments for Chi Enhancers.
- Rectified Meditation Gel cooldown reduced (10->6 sec).
- Royal Pen reward exchange adjusted.
- Royal Pen First Victory Pack will now also give 5 Violetgold Fragments.
- Old Sunstream fixed on R10.
- Athan starting cinematic fixed and will no longer cause crash for new players.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 26, 2018, 02:43:30 am
v71 (client only):
- Attempt to fix Clouded Milky Way Team feature.
- Fixed `You were killed by...` message.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 28, 2018, 03:28:09 pm
- Empyrean Mandate reward bosted.
- Attempt to fix Milky Way drop roll crash.
- Forge Orbs should be now npc-able.
- New Year Events prepared. (Will be fired during the weekend).
- Fire Blossom set parts fixed at marketplace.
- Skyblade Aid items price halved at marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 03, 2019, 07:51:31 pm
- Players can now see theirs monthly vote counter below Vote Ranking.
- Deleted characters will no longer appear on website.
- New subsection 'Characters' added to 'Account' section.
* For now there are two options: `Reset Priviledge Vip Rewards status` and `Reset Sign-in rewards status`.
* Each option has 60 days cooldown.
* Remember to log off your characters before using these options!

We couldn't simply create new Sign-in rewards without reseting them on each characters, that is why this option has been added.
New Sign-in rewards will be added tommorow! Please reset them on your characters by using this option.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 04, 2019, 03:01:31 pm
- New drop event: Rainglass Branch is now available.
- New daily Sign-in rewards are now available. You may need to reset status of those via new Character option.
- Platina Sigil is now back as 6 month coronation reward.
- Secret Kirin Scale and Skyspirit Jade Soul icons fixed.
- Skyspirit Jade Soul mising exchange restored to Kui Gon.
- Fire Blossom Hair(F) name fixed.
- New "Lazybone's Room" instance is now available!
- All garro mobs have now 4 mob spawns.
- New item: Cloudstorm Jade will be available as Fort Cloudstorm reward. This item works like Serenity Jade but also increases chance for succesfull refinery by 5%!
- Fort Cloudstorm has been revamped:
* Invicible towers deals 10x more damage.
* Attempted to fix Tower/Gate exploit regarding burns and other special effects.
* Attackers have now access to modified quest (original one: which will be available for them after destroying a tower during the siege. This quest now gives: 2.000 Taichi Pills, 50% chance for Drake Sigil Shard, 25% chance for Cloudstorm Jade.
* Thunder Rino mount (reward for marshal that occupies Fort Cloudstorm) has his speed increased 7->9 m/s.
* Daily quest for whole alliance that occupies Fort Cloudstorm added. Rewards are: 1.000 Taichi Pills, 25% chance for Drake Sigil Shard, 25% chance for Cloudstorm Jade.
* Zephyrblade, Aeonblade and Regenesis swords have now 100x more HP.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 11, 2019, 03:36:09 pm
- Seat of Chaos Protrctor Mobs boosted to prevent spawn killing at Affinity War events.
- Fort Cloudstorm quest (for occupants) requires now just 100 mobs, but chance for Drake Sigil Shard and Cloudstorm Jade is reduced to 5%.
- Fate Gears fixed for Vim, Jadeon, Lupin and Skysong factions (by Waspman).
- Special Vigor Stock will have now 60 sec cooldown same as other vigor batts.
- Royal Violet Elixir (Bound) will now have 3 second cooldown.
- Spirit Dust and Spirit Dust Packs will be now bound.
- Can now exchange top tier essences to pvp/pve ones at Award Manager.
- Common Seal Orb, Ancient Coin now stacks to 30000.
- Jadefog Stone, Bluemoon Stone, Bronze Sigil, Dragonsoul Charm, Mystic Charm now stacks to 9999.
- Celestial Tower 51+ floor daily rewards boosted.
- Regular Soultower 71+ floor daily rewards boosted.
- Fire Blossom (F) fashion icons fixed at marketplace.
- Goldion Fashion set added to marketplace.
- Eldest Matchmaker quick teleport fixed.
- Mystic Tome quest rewards boosted: 25/5 Treasure Bowl and Silver/Gold Sigil.
- Minor item description fixes (by Waspman).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 18, 2019, 03:02:13 pm
- Beast Lord instance can now be done twice a day. (Still shared with Emerald Lady, allways do EL first!).
- Old sunstream portal scroll issue fixed.
- Goldion Giftbox is now tradeable + item description extended.
- Exploration (final) rewards boosted.
- Appempt to fix Fate gear issue with Mage femal Boots.
- Celebeans, Soul Inverter and Socket Lock price reduced in both GJ shop ad marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 25, 2019, 03:13:17 pm
- Ally Base Market:
* Taichi Pill Pack replaced with Pack of Ice Orbs of Vastness (50).
* Chroma Beads changed from 1 to 50 (A Pack of Chroma Beads).
* Soul Inverter changed to Soul Inverter Pack (100).
* Yuan Crystal LV5 changed to LV7.
* Wonderland Stone Pack (Alli.) replaced with Wonderland Stone Pack (500)
- All Fate Weapons checked and should now work as intended.
- All Fate Gears checked and should now work as intended.
- Item Stack sizes:
- ALL Bronze Sigil 99 > 9999
- Refinery Talisman 999 > 9999
- Talisman of Craft 999 > 9999
- Espora Stone 999 > 9999
- Holyfire Stone 999 > 9999
- Dragonsoul Charm 999 > 9999
- Mystic Charm 999 > 9999
- Jadefall Crystal 999 > 9999
- Darkcore Charm 999 > 9999
- Ink Soul Essence 999 > 9999
- Common Seal Orb 9999 > 30000
- Ancient Coin 9999 > 30000
- Treasure Bowls 9999 > 30000
- Ice Orb of Vastness Pack 1 > 9999 and added to Shady Dealer for 30,000 Ice Orbs.
- Affinity Bead (Tradeable) 9999 > 30000
- Affinity Bead (Bound) 9999 - 30000
- Chroma Bead  (Tradeable) 9999 > 30000
- Chroma Bead (Bound) 9999 > 30000
- Anima Health Orb 9999 > 30000
- Anima Spirit Orb 9999 > 30000
- Life Essence 9999 > 30000
- Spirit Essence 9999 > 30000
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 26, 2019, 03:06:59 pm
- Ally Base Market
* Affinity Bead Pack price reduced from 25 CC to 10 CC.
* Chroma Bead Pack price increased from 1 CC to 3 CC.
* Soul Inverter Stack price increased from 100 CC to 500 CC.
* Wonderland Stone Pack (500) price reduced from 500 CC to 200 CC.
- Soul Tower
* Rank 61 to 69 Soulstone Ticket changed to Soul Inverter (Bound) x 5
* Rank 71 to 79 Soulstone Ticket changed to Soul Inverter (Bound) x 10
- Gear
Fate Gear;
* All Fate Weapons checked and should now work as intended.
* All Fate Gears checked and should now work as intended.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 28, 2019, 03:47:34 pm
- Nicknames longer than 8 letters are no longer supported due to technical issues and engine limitations.
* All characters with nickname longer than 8 letters have to change their names! Please contact me on discord so you will get free Identity Crisis to do so.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 01, 2019, 03:17:24 pm
- Anima potions are now bound.
- Exquisite Vigor Potion stack increased 9999->30000.
- It is now possible to exchange Coldmoon Essence quest Bronze Sigils to higher level ones.
- Arriving Blessing (BL Kevren quest) is now available twice a day.
- Crafting Emeralds and Rubys stack increased 999->9999.
- Exoneration now stacks up to 99.
- Soul Inverter price in Marketplace->Promo tab fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 08, 2019, 03:01:03 pm
- Life and Spirit Essence potions require Lv160 from now on.
- Soulstone Tickets now properly changed to Soul Interters in Soul Tower Daily rewards.
- Title: Ultimate Adventurer translated.
- Drake Sigil Shard <-> Viloletgold Fragment exchange rate reduced 500->200.
- Secret Phoenix Feather <-> Viloletgold Fragment exchange rate reduced 2000->500.
- Fate's Blood  <-> Viloletgold Fragment exchange added (750).
- Kevren's Arrival Blessing double reward in one run fix attempt.
- Romance quests will now give 5x more Romance (reputation).
- Mortal Trail mobs will now drop Ice Orb of Vasteness.
- Clouded Milky Way Chests reward boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 15, 2019, 03:06:48 pm

- All Exchange items from Shady Dealer have now been moved to Jude

Jude Changes:
- Soul Inverter's Added to the VF exchange 8:1 Ratio
- Fine Seal Orbs amount boosted 1 > 2
- Common Seal Orbs price lowered 10 > 5
- Bodhi Seed Added for 2000 VF
- Fate's Blood Added for 500 VF
- Heaven Charm price lowered 250 > 100
- Drake Sigil Shard price lowered 500 > 250
- Ancient Blood Seal price lowered 50 > 25
- Expertise Coupon price lowered 2000 > 1750
- Spirit★ price lowered 2000 > 1500 + 100 bank notes
- Dragon Sigil added for 4000 WLS
- Trinket Evolution Ticket★ price lowered 2000 > 1000 + 50 bank notes
- Zodiac Energy price lowered 2000 > 1500
- Spiritual Covenant added for WLS exchange

Kui Gon Changes:
- Greensack Jadebook lv6 Added for 4500 SC + 50 Bank Notes
- Whitesilk Taobook lv6 Added for 4500 SC + 50 Bank Notes
- Redplume Skilltome lv6 Added for 4500 SC + 50 Bank Notes
- Darkguard Oldscroll lv 6 Added for 4500 SC + 50 Bank Notes

Instance Changes:
- EL 7/8/9 Mobs will now drop the new Divine Soul Ash Currency

Boss Changes:
- Empress Lunara will now have a chance to drop Drake Sigils instead of Kirin Sigils.

New Currency:
- Divine Soul Ash has been implemented to help players get the soul card espers.

Prices and ways to gain these will be changed over the next couple of patches
- A pack of Chroma Beads from Alliance Market renamed to Chroma Bead Pack (50) and can now be exchanged at the Shady Dealer for 50 beads per pack and now stacks to 30000
- Lazybone instance time-limit increased.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 22, 2019, 03:25:25 pm
- Arcane Seal(*11) price fixed at Marketplace.
- Elysium's gatherable resources pick-up time reduced.
- Velvet Painting Chroma/Affinity Beads exchange restored.
- Dream Journal -> Violetgold Fragment exchange rate increased.
- Drake Shard costs now 250->200 Violetgold Fragments.
- Flower Bride removed from Old Sunstream to prevent chat spam.
- Ice orb of Vastness drop at Mortal Trail adjusted.
- Emerald Lady drops reworked:
* Divine Soul Ash will now drop as coupon from bosses (100 Divine Soul Ash per Coupon at Shady Dealer).
* No more LV1 books. Spiritual Covenant Coupon will drop instead (exchangeable for 100 SC at Shady Dealer).
* EL9 bosses will now havea a chance to drop Primordial Jade!
- Divine Soul Ash -> Esper card rate set to 1500:1 at Jude exchange.
- Besiege (Alliance base) quest reward boosted:
* LV1: 2000x TP, 100 Fatecharm Fragments, 1x Kirin Sigil Shard, 100x Divine Soul Ash.
* LV2: 3000x TP, 200 Fatecharm Fragments, 3x Kirin Sigil Shard, 300x Divine Soul Ash.
* LV3: 4000x TP, 300x Fatecharm Fragments, 5x Kirin Sigil Shard, 500x Divine Soul Ash, 1x Drake Sigil Shard (50% chance)
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 01, 2019, 03:15:04 pm
- New Daily Sign-In rewards will be activated on 02.03.2018.
- New drop event is now available! Master Zazu (R15 Sunstream near Bilu) will have additional quests for you (till 30 April 2019)!
- Primordial Charm and Primordial Seal now available in EL9.
- Dragon Crown and Soul Absorb soulcards can now be craftable via Soul Ash.
- Supreme Esper Soulcard can now be crafted directly in Browse Soulcard interface. No need to use exchange anymore.
- Affinity Protectors at SOC accuracy boosted.
- Lazybone instance bosses HP reduced.
- Both VIP6 vigor batts are bottleable now. Vigor batts are now daily reward.
- Removed Special one-time VIP rewards from game and restored them to the website.
- Jade Chest of Salvation's Boost Orb replaced to Celesphere Sand LV3, Ice Orb of Vastness 10->100.
- [FIX] All Mystic Tome (quest) variants have their rewards boosted.
- [FIX] Besiege quest Fatecharm Fragments will be certain reward now.
- Several Star Soul Demon spots has been replaced into Star Soul Fairy spots in Garro Island.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 08, 2019, 12:24:38 pm
v93-97 Gevrin Patch!
- Gevrin class (some skills still need to be adjusted/fixed).
- New/updated maps (Sunstream/Jadeon/Skysong).
- New/updated plot quests for Sunstream/Jadeon/Skysong/Billows/Doom Bog.
- New astrolabe features (location labels and instant charging).
- Overall client stability increased.
- 'Search' option in bag.

- Bodhi Seed and few other items added to marketplace.
- 18 Halls Top 3 will receive additional 15/10/5 Violetgold Fragments and Kirin/Dragon/Jade Sigil.
- Veteran of War: Bronze Sigil->Dragon Sigil.
- Trial·Vile Spirits : 4x Violetgold Fragment and 100x Soul Ash added as a reward.
- Treasure Bowl is now bound.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 08, 2019, 10:10:03 pm
v99: Gevrin Hotfix.
- Lazybone Bag/ MTH voucher rewards fixed.
- Skysong map issues fixed.
- Few missing npcs added.
- Essences exchange restored.
- Gevrin Charm lotto should now work.
- Yasho Core alliance quest will give correct amount of Coupons now.
- Few minor issues fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 09, 2019, 05:49:52 pm
v100: Gevrin hotfix 2.
- Lazybone bag rewards fixed(again).
- Soul Snather feat quest now give correct amount of Feat/Exploit.
- Added workaround for card reading bug.
* All Golden Branches will be automaticly converted to (Locked) version.
* Daily quest will unlock 11 of them.
* Abusing daily limit bug in any other way will still be bannable.
- Cipher Crystal quest fixed.
- Bilu quest Piety restored.
- Spring Rice Glue Ball should now be npc-able again.
- Divine Realm and The Billows exploration Celestial Deceree amount fixed.
- Alliance Market prices adjusted/fixed.
- Jade Lotus location fixed.
- Tiger Demon is now available in Billows.
- Gevrin charm lotteries are now functional.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 10, 2019, 04:12:17 pm
- Gevrin Charms Lotteries fixed(finally).
- Fixed Capture Spectra alliance quest rewards.
- ○Weapon Exchange Coupon LV148 fixed.
- Marigold location corrected in Jadeon.
- Attempt to fix Three Tailed Fox position at new Dark Drake cave.
- Missing npcs added to Billows.
- Hu Yani, Hu Yin and Jeh the Mercifull positions fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 11, 2019, 03:08:47 pm
- Moontop Hollow map now fixed.
- Daily Golden Branch of Wishes unlocking quest fixed.
- Clouded MilkyWay is now available as regular instance and reworked a bit:
* Damage Counter added.
* Instance will still be available 3 times per day.
* Double drop server events will now apply for this instance.
* Best drops are now 'personal' (like BL/EL).
* Weekly boxes added as random reward from Treasure Chests (after killing the boss).
* Bosses have their original HP now.
* All players will receive HP/SP batteries with 0 cd(just on first daily run).
* This instance will now be available without time restriction(24h).
* Last boss will have small chance to drop Drake Sigils.

- Mystic tome reforge option has been temporarly disabled due to bug we encountered: double/triple stats and almost certain skill chance. To ensure balance we are forced to take action.
* Reforge option will be disabled intill we find workaround or fix for this bug.
* We will also edit all existing books according to rules below.
* Book identification works properly so it will still be posible to use and indentify new books.

MT rules:
- Books with double stats will be edited to have only one occurence of each stat.
- All non-honor books with reforge count >0 from characters created after Dance of Gevrin patch(including all characters ascended to Gevrin) was released will have their skills removed. Skill reforgers will be refunded in amount equal to book reforge count.
* This process will occur automaticly via script that we will prepare within next few days.
We are trully sorry for this inconvinience :(
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 13, 2019, 05:38:16 pm
- Holy Lotus and Orison istances now working.
- Strange Events quest now gives 1500 feat.
- Bronze Sigil price reduced at Marketplace(0,5j).
- Kirin Sigil added to Marketplace (50j).
- Golden Branches of Wishes daily ulocking quest fixed (again).
- Attempt to fix Wongzo Melon from new level-up rewards.
- Pisces two star exchange fixed.
- Spirit Seal (Purple) reward fixed.
- Attempt to fix Zuolo Plains.
* This map will be now available only on Realm 13 via quest at Realmlord Larn NPC. Quest will be available between 21:00-22:00 each Wednesday and Saturday. This quest requires Zuolo Contract.

Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 15, 2019, 03:08:49 pm
- Faction Changes are now working properly.
- Blazing Voucher is now daily (have to wait a week for current cooldown to expire).
- Enter Zuolo Plain quest is now available all the time. Use it between 21:00-22:00 Wed/Sat - only then mobs will(should) be available.
- Spirit Seal (Blue) reward fixed.
- LV7 accessories Set names translated.
- Attempt to fix Sandy Traces quest problem.
- New PvP event : Party PvP in Zuolo Plains wil be available each Wednesday and Saturda at 21:00.
* Party PvP allows to form party without any restrictions and kill any other players.
- Gevrins will now have access to additional skills and boosted stats in CP.
- Mystic Tome Reforge workaround now working:
* This option has been transfered temporarly to website (Account Stash->Tome Reforge).
* To start this process you have to transfer Mystic Tome books and reforgers from game to website. It is possible via storing those items in Stash and using new option in Account->Characters.
* Note that above option will only consider books with reforge_count < 25 and at least 4 stats.
* After reforge process is done, you can simply send back book from Account Stash to the game.
- Heaven Dragon Scroll -> Heaven Dragon Seal exchanged added to Shady Dealer.
- New mounts and skyblades added to marketplace.
- Gevrin esper gem added to GJ shop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 20, 2019, 04:28:29 pm
- Another Zuolo Plains fix attempt.
- Minor Alliance Market price ajdustments.
- Marketplace missing images of mounts, pets and skyblades added.
- Charge rewards tab interface fixes.
- Minor item description fixes.
- Gervin charm lottery will no longer give Elder of Arcannes charms parts.
- Attempt to fix problem with pet souls.
- New Pet Souls added to marketplace.
- Chroma Bead Pack and Fatecharm Fragment Pack added to marketplace.
- Bugged Banquin Wilds Manager NPC removed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 22, 2019, 03:01:32 pm
- MiuMiu, Wolfgand and Blossom Princess Pet Souls were removed from marketplace since they are not working correctly. If you bought one of them you may ask for refund.
- Hellfire Inferno Soul added to marketplace.
- LV6 reforgers price reduced at marketplace 5 -> 4j and they will now give Golden Tokens also.
- Fatecharm Fragments Pack price reduced at marketplace 5->3j.
- Chroma Bead Pack and Fatecharm Fragments Pack will no longer have a chance to give Spring Rice Glue Balls.
- Mobs in Garro Island will give EXP for sprites again.
- Meditation Lamp Pack rewards fixed.
- Jade Chest of Salvation will now give upgradeable Celesphere Sand (Lotus).
- New fashion sets are now available at Marketplace.
- New Pets added to marketplace.
- Exquisite Statue has been placed above Cave of Ancient Tales entrance in Southern Border.
- Exploration will now give 1.000 Spiritual Covenants instead 300.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 27, 2019, 04:10:37 pm
- Celestial Prince/ss bound problem fixed.
- Gear type change stones added to marketplace(Aid->Respec).
* For this moment those can not be used directly in-game. Conversion will take place on website instead.
* Place both source item and gear type change stone of desired kind in Stash in game.
* Log off.
* Wait till your status appears as offline on website.
* Use Characters->[select character]->Perform Gear type conversion.
* Log back to the game.
* Change includes both regular and fate gears.
* Place just one gem and gear item in stash. Only first occurence of gem and gear will be considered on perform.
- Coronation towers (both loyalist and rebel) HP increased.
- Following skill fixes were applied:
* Fixed an invincibility bug with Incense Mage's Dragonfire skill. Dragon now inherits caster's damage reduction.
* Fixed Psychea's Substitution skill not having the correct cooldown
- Coronation sigil description fixed. This is tradeable sigil.
- Exquisite Statue spawn fixed (Southern Border near cave entrance).
- Roaming Monk location fixed (again).
- Three Tailed Fox location fixed at Dark Drake Cave.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 29, 2019, 03:48:33 pm
- Void Armor (Milky Way) will now have slightly better drop and chance to drop Cyntec Seal Nine-Song Source upgrade items.
- All Milky Way bosses has their HP boosted.
- Milky Way requires now just 6 players to open.
- Warfare Charger Pack added to marketplace.
- Gevrin Charm lotteries should no longer give wrong fragments.
- New item `Reforge Scroll` added to marketplace (Aid->Respec). This item allows to clear reforge count from Mystic Tomes (won't work on Honor grade books).
* Is is now possible to fetch mystic tomes with reforge count = 25 from game to website.
- Wonderland Stone Ticket -> Wonderland Stone exchange added at Shady Dealer.
- Mising Lupin weapon added to Weapon Exchange Coupon LV148.
- Homeland (alliance base) quest rewards boosted.
- CP reward for killing Lady Linaska reworked (chance for Reforge Scrolls and LV6 Refogers).
- CP reward for killing Sly Dragon boosted.
- Ice Orb of Vasteness boosted at Mortal Trail.
- Priviledge VIP daily boxes rewards fixed.
- Priviledge VIP 200j reward changed.
- Spiritseals Ice Orbs reward boosted.
- Soul Ash added to Mythic,  Epic, and Legendary grade pvp events.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 05, 2019, 03:19:50 pm
- Skill fix attempt: Fixed problem with Forta's Reality Termination 3 <Earth> skill's Blaze of Janos (Change Yin to Yang) effect not going into effect.
- Ice Orb of Vasteness drop at Mortal Trail boosted once again.
- Banquin wilds manager should be now hidden properly.
- Ecstasy Hair♀ price fixed at marketplace.
- Wonderland Mystery Box added to marketplace.
- Rumor says that new mysterious NPC appeared in one of dungeons. First one to find him and share his location in World Chat will get Drake Sigil. (send screnshot with proff to CompeR via discord DM).
* This npc has Event Token exchange. You will receive Event Tokens via events organized by our Event Organizer GM.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 12, 2019, 03:03:32 pm
- Marketplace changes:
* Skill Fashion packs price reduced : 30->20 j.
* HP/SP/Vigor Remedy price halved.
* Faction Changes price raised at Marketplace.
* Gear Changes added to marketplace. Their cost varies on faction popularity. It works similar to Gear Type changers (have to use stash and option on website) and is automatic.
* Dark Shadow Mask and Peacock Fashion added to marketplace.
* Wyvern Blood price reduced 2.5->1.5j.
* Esper faction gems price reduced 5->2.5j.
* Flame of Nirvana price reduced 0.30->0.15j.
* Socket Lock price reduced 2.5->1.5j.

- Green Jade Shop price adjustments:
* Blood Well,Heaven's Dew,Adam's Ale,Immortal Nectar price halved.
* Yuan Crystal LV6 200->150.
* Bronze Sigil 200->175.
* Arcane Wool 500->400.
* Kifan Wood 400->300.
* LV5 reforgers 1000->750.
* Chi Enhancer 75->50.
* Soul Inverter 10->8.
* Perfect Tawen Gem 1500->1250.
* Wyvern Blood 250->200.
* Socket Lock 1000->400.
- It is now possible to exchange LV5 reforgers to LV6 ones at Kui Gon.

- Chu-Han gears original exchange restored.

- MTH rewards boosted:
* Siska quest `Gift for supporters` will now give 1 Kirin Sigil Shard and 5% chance for Drake Sigil Shard.
* A Champion's Reward - 200 Soul Ash added as a reward.
- ET5 rewards boosted:
* `Challenge Successful` will now give 2x Dragon Sigils, 2000x Ice orbs of Vasteness 1500x, Affinity Beads and 10 Soul Inverters.
* `Elemental Painting Treasure` rewards doubled.
- CP rewards boosted:
* `Sly Dragon Defeat` will now give 3 Kirin Sgili Shards too.
* `A Dark Future` will give Kirin Sigil instead 3 Kirin Sigil Shards.

**Part of future skill changes were applied as an attempt to balance most op classes**:
- Hydran:
* Patsy : Transform duration halved.
* Fluting Echoes 2 : The reduction to Seven Star Flash's CD was lowered to 60->30%
* Meteor Shower 3 (All Versions) : Cast range lowered to 12 yards.
- Seira:
* Spirit Passenger (All versions) : CD raised to 15 sec
* Night Mirror : The reflect increase effect no longer affects the chroma versions of Montem Dance. The reflect max duration to regular Montem Dance is now 4 sec.
* Shroud of the New Green 3 <Hero> : Min CD raised from 30 -> 45 sec.
* Shroud of the New Green (All Versions) : For every 10->5 points of Skill Evasion the amount of damage ignored will raise by 3->1%, but cannot exceed 80%.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 19, 2019, 02:55:37 pm
- Ancient Lands issue with Gevrins fixed.
- Zuolo boss fixed.
- Grade 10 provisions now stacks to 500.
- Fragrance Mask added to marketplace.
- Cascade Charm added to marketplace.
- Royal Violet Elixir from marketplace is no longer timed.
- Bank Notes has ben replaced to 1000x Orison Fragments at Reforge LV5->6 exchange at Kui Gon.
- Bank Notes has ben replaced to 2000x Orison Fragments at upgrade LV5->6 book at Kui Gon.
- Flower Bud and Candie will no longer spam New Sunstream.
- Beginner Pack from GJ Shop requires now just LV15 instead 50.
- [Attempt] Homeland quest mobs will spawn with greater amount.
- Rabbit event launched to celebrate the Easter. Meet Rabbit God in Sunstream near Harmony Scroll on R15.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 26, 2019, 02:32:52 pm
- Archaia npc/mobs location fixes.
- Flameagle Order LV10 will now give: 3x Violetgold Fragments , Spiritual Covenant x1000, Ice orb of Vasteness x1000.
- Rectified Meditation Gel now stacks up to 9999.
- Lower level ET runs will now give some sigils also.
- Violetgold Fragments added as ET reward.
- A Dark Future will now give 10x Violetgold Fragments and small chance for title `You're in My Heart` also.
- Ultimate Torment Chest will now give between 5-10 Violetgold Fragments.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 03, 2019, 01:10:19 pm
- New sign-in rewards. Available after 2:00 04.05.2019. Remember to reset Daily Sign in rewards on your character!
- New drop event `Etherborn Feathers`. Meet Dancing Envoy in Sunstream (near Harmony Scroll) for event quests.
- Priviledge VIP final reward changed Drake -> Diamomd Sigil.
- Universal Compendium now costs 100 Charge points instead 500.
- Clouded Milky Way and Beast Lord/EL batteries will now be granted on each run with restriction of 1h cooldown.
- Donation Pack, Kirin Sigil and Stylish skill fashions discounted temporarly at Marketplace.
- Map bug in Sunstream City (near Fort Siege Deputy) fixed.
- Attempt to fix map bugs in Song of Emerald Lady.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 10, 2019, 03:01:35 pm
- Sunstream map bugs another fix attempt.
- EL 2nd boss portal bug fixed.
- Music to My Ears rewards modified (those event quests will remain active till the end of current drop event).
- Minor item description fixes.
- Marketplace discounts changed to Yuan Crystals.
- Trader in-game annoucement will now list all available item names.
- Option to delete items directly at Website Stash added. (Use with care).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 17, 2019, 02:06:12 pm
- Whitesilk Taobook: Honor added to Ether Blessing Gift Pack(mistake fixed).
- Kirin Sigil(Locked) will now activate special task properly.
- Violetgold Fragment x5 added to First victory BFS box.
- Rectified Meditation Gel now stacks to 9999 in websshop.
- Spiritual Covenant now stacks to 30000.
- Spiritual Covenant Pack exchange added to Shady Dealer.
- BL/EL and Clouded Milky Way Batts giveout has been reworked.
* You will now receive batts with expiration time 6 minutes every 5 minutes as long as you are in instance.
- New BfS map is now available via Skylord Adra in Old/New Sunstream!
* All BfS fights will take place there from this point.
- Starfall Fashion Pack and Plume of Juno Pack♀ (only female version) added to marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Violet Joy fashion will be now properly `bind when equipped`.
- Server time synchronized.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 24, 2019, 03:05:30 pm
**Mid-Rate patch - Part I** v118
- Choma Beads and Ice Orb of Vasteness amount increased as participation pvp event rewards.
- New Trader items added:
* `Splendid Sovereign Necklace LV1`
* `Omned Seal Pack`
* `Rainfall Order`
* `Chroma Bead Pack x9999` x25
* `Fine Seal Orb` x1500
* `Divine Soul Ash` x5000
* `Royal Ivory Set`
* `Crystal Sigil`(ultra rare)
* `Platina Sigil`(super ultra rare).
- Forum Guide reward increased to 10.000 GJ.
- New Hall of Fame challenges added.
- Referral System Upgraded:
* Directly after registering with referral code player will receive `Referral Box I` (Taichi Pill Stock x50,Sovereign Order: Tier 2,Sovereign Order: Tier 3,Sovereign Order: Tier 4,Sovereign Order: Tier 5,Sovereign Order: Ascension) to account stash.
* After completing the referral requirement player will receive `Referral Box II` (Bronze Sigil x20,Silver Sigil x4,Gold Sigil x4,Jade Sigil x4,Dragon Sigil x4,Kirin Sigil x4,Common Seal Orb x1350,Fine Seal Orb x20,Sovereign Order: Tribulation 1,Sovereign Order: Tribulation 2,Sovereign Order: Tribulation 3)
* New packs exclusive for inviters added to GJ shop.
- Banker price cap increased to 15,000.
- New GJ and gold lottery added.
- Automatic weekly webshop discount system added.
- New GJ shop items added:
* Shadow Dragon Shear
* Ice Cocoon Silk
* Secrets of Gems
* Mysteries of Gems
* Budding Kindleaf
* Bowstring Grass
- Faction PvP masters table added (for future events organized by our event GM).
- Bank notes will no longer be bound after sending back from website to the game.
- BfS fights now requires at least 10 total score (sum of both teams) to be valid.

- Ultimate Torment Chest will give now Jade Box x2 instead Welkin Green Jade.
- Slightly increased the chance to get 5 stats on Mystic Tome books.
- 2000 Orison Fragments replaced to 500 Heaven Dragon Seals at LV6 Mystic Tome exchange.
- Orison Fragrments cost at Reforgers LV5->6 exchange reduced 1000->500.
- Coronation Pack will be given each 2 weeks to current sovereign and on each coronarion battle to marshals whose alliance attepts to clam coronation.
* This pack contains: 90.000 Chroma Beads and 33% chance for LV4 BFS necklaces.
- Vim,Skysong,Modo,Lupin and Jadeon faction and gear changers price halved at marketplace.
- Gold Exchange added to Stashkeep Tamsin.
- Primodial accessory materials drop doubled at EL9.
- God of Rain base extra drop boosted. Kirin Sigils replaced with Diamond Sigils. Very rare chance for Crystal Sigil drop added.
- Empress Lunara base extra drop boosted. Drake Sigils replaced with Diamond Sigils. Very rare chance for Crystal Sigil drop added.
- Three Shadows base extra drop boosted. Primordial accessory materials drop chance added.
- Auzuareas base extra drop boosted. Reforge Scroll and Dragon's Reign Ticket rare drop chance added.
- Ancient Coin added to marketplace.
- Old Sunstream no longer requires LV160 to enter.
- BFS map now requires LV160 to enter.
- Catch-up donation pack added to marketplace.
- Charms Skill extract chance boosted 10->25%!
- Celestial Tower LV60 daily reward changed: LV4->LV5 Mystic Tome.
- Soul Ash (+Wonderland Stone) -> Divine Soul Ash exchange added at Shady Dealer.
- Holy Lotus rewards boosted.
- Dragon's Dogma - Dragon Smash Esper medium added to Medium Exchange.
- Iron BG rewards reworked.
* HP/SP Batteries gained as a reward from Iron Battlegrounds has no cooldown! - (can only be used in Elysium)
- Attempt to fix song of Emerald Lady and Clouded Milky Way map rubberband issues.
- Dark Drake Cave teleport issues fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 31, 2019, 12:04:55 pm
- Faction Change items are now tradeable.
- Mystic Tome/Suos Avatar Trade exchange bug fixed.
- Fixed bug with Old Sunstream on R14.
- Hydran Gear Change scroll added to marketplace.
- Charm Parts now stack to 10->50.
- SoC Protectors boosted once again.
- Dragon's Touch fashion set added to marketplace.
- It is now possibe to switch top grade trinket types at Enchanter exchange.
- Chance for 4 stats on badges boosted (5->15%).
- Chroma Astral Tales bonus reward (Three Flowers) boosted.
- Chroma Astral Tales 6 and 7 Tags reward boosted.
- [Experimental change] Alliance War map will now give high HP/SP pool 0 cd batteries and temporarly +16 gears (every 10 minutes with 30 minutes expiration ).
- New PvP event map now available at Skylord Adra - Sunstream.
- HP/SP batteries price reduced at Webshop.
- Wongzo Melon added to GJ shop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 07, 2019, 03:14:54 pm
- Dragon Touch fashion set images added to marketplace.
- Alliance War bonus gears boosted +16-> +20. New gear set will be granted every 30 minutes instead 10 mins.
- God of Rain and Empress Lunara will drop tradeable Diamond Sigils since now.
- Servant of Orison Wish Box and Adept of Orison Wish Box rewards boosted.
- JD Dancing Youth should be available all day since now.
- Iron Battlegrounds now require 6-12 players.
- Kao Sonye NPC exchange no longer requires Iron Soul.
- Hexagon Charm Wood now stacks up to 9999.
- Divine Soul Ash exchange at Shady Dealer will now require 500 Wonderland Stones instead 1000.
- Few new rewards for hours in game added to website.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 14, 2019, 02:16:07 pm
- Monday's special automated PvP event changed from `Battlegrounds` to `Iron Battlegrounds`.
- Orison Adept Proof is now exchangeable to pack that gives 15x Kirin Sigil Shard, 5x Drake Sigil Shard and 1.000 Soul Ash (instead just 3x Kirin Sigil shard before).
* This pack is also available as rare reward in Elysium: Chroma Flower (0.03%), Chroma Pearl (0.55%), Skyfig Seedling (0.03%), Nuwa Shine (0.55%), Fuxi Shrine (0.03%), Sky Bamboo (0.03%), Elysium Star (0.55%)
- Fixed error at custom soulstone tooltip that was claiming 500.000 synergy is needed instead 400.000.
- Crystal Rift Completion Prize and Crystal Rift Consolation Prize rewards boosted.
- Coronation Bath prizes boosted(chance for Crystal Sigil).
- Hexagon Charm Wood and Divine Soul Ash Coupon added to Sunny Jade Exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 21, 2019, 02:18:41 pm
**28 June 2018 is the day of our server launch first anniversary. It has been a year already.
Thank you for all your support! We will continue to develop this best JD server ever!**

v123: **JDReborn 1st Birthday Celebration Patch**
- Cleansing: Star Soul Witch has now auto trigger.
- Affinity mobs orders rewards boosted a bit.
- Traveler's Parcel online rewards boosted.
- Coronation system triple exp and double drops will now lasts 12 hours instead just 1 hour.
- Problem with making Fate gear from Lupin Gaian weapon should be now solved.
- Not functional crafting materials removed from Clouded Milkyway chest rewards.
- Alliance Trial: Award Ceremony Pack reward boosted.
- Besiege and Homeland LV3 rewards boosted.
- [Attempt] characters that remains in Zuolo map should be automaticly kicked out once event is finished.
- Gevrins will now receive Crystal Rift completion reward boxes.
- Skyborne Soul, High Empress Soul, Empyric Plume Soul, One-legged Dragon Soul now stacks to 1 only and are auto activated to give 7 day gem.
- Inferna and Sunstrider Orders rewards boosted.
- New in-game hour milestone rewards added to website.
- New code for redeem will be mailed to all accounts during next few days.
- New time limited website lottery is now available. It requires event coin which will be credited to all accounts on 28.06.2018.
- Birthday event in game is now available.
- Other birthday events will be annouced later today. One for donators, one for PvP Masters and one f2p related.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 22, 2019, 02:55:34 pm
v124: Hotfix
- Birthday event fixed.
- Gevrin creation issue fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 28, 2019, 01:02:14 pm
- Ruby of Discord should be now fixed at Fort Cloudstorm.
- Zuolo map port-out quest fixed.
- Four new fashion sets added to marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Ancient Lands (Celestial City) Star Soul event rewards boosted. (Chance for Kirin/Drage Sigils, Ancient Blood,Primodial accessory materials).
- Milky Way bosses extra drop boosted. Last boss will now have a chance to drop Diamond Sigil instead Drake.
- Event coins will be granted to all accounts later today 18-24 server time. Players will receive max 3 coins depending on register time of the account. At least 10 months - 3 coins, 6 months - 2 coins else 1 coin.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 05, 2019, 12:29:12 pm
- Golden Snake fashion added to marketplace.
- Diamond, Crystal and Platina Sigil Shard exchanes added Jude.
- Iraji will not spam Sunstream chat anymore.
- Sign-In rewards will available again within next 24 hours.
- New drop event is now available!
- Ancient Coin added to webshop and marketplace.
- New server pve event will be launched (for server rates).
* Participation reward for this event are the same for up to 100 participants.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 12, 2019, 02:20:27 pm
- Website banker 80 jaden offer cap incrased to 9999.
- Diamond Sigil and Primordial accescory upgraders description corrected.
- New sigils fragments descriptions added.
- Emerald Lady battery replaced to Clouded Milky Way batteries (previous one was source of problem for certain players).
- Star Soul exp rate doubled.
- Golden Snake Shoes♀ fixed at marketplace.
- New Sol Sunna fashion pack set added to marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Jade Chains lottery added to marketplace.
- Universal Compendium added to Jude exchange.
- Fishing system (including Fishing Competition event) rewards boosted significantly.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 19, 2019, 12:36:28 pm
- Alliance War no longer grants +20 gears, the have been move to Crystal Rift.
- [Attempt] Alliance LV10 provision donation now require 500 instead 50.
- Dragon Astrolabe quest rewards boosted.
- Daily Divination quest rewards boosted.
- Nura's Gift [Event] quest rewards boosted a bit.
- Alliance Trial: Award Ceremony will no longer give Prayer Beads and Buddha Relics.
- Scallop (fishing) will now stack to 99.
- Added option to exchange affinity to chroma beads at Elder of Arcannes servants.
- Added 5 color variants Kirin Fashion to marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Exquisite Jade Plate (reward from Jade Chains lotto) now works correctly - Lottery with Diamond Sigils (4th,3rd prize), Crystal Sigil (2nd prize) and Platina Sigil (1st prize).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 26, 2019, 01:35:24 pm
- Banquin Wilds Manager should be now hidden properly.
- 128 Jaden Coupon is now exchangeable to Drake Sigil instead Dragon Sigil at Jade Exchange Girl.
- Rainfall Order issue from Moy Fish Fishinf Competition reward quest fixed.
- Can now exchange 20 x Linglong Jade to Buddha Relics/Prayer Beads at Jude (Mid tab).
- Ancient Blood upgrades changed to Primordials at Charge points exchange rewards.
- Cloud Dragon Soul Jade(Badge lotto) added to marketplace.
- Tyche Fashion Set added to marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Coldstar Jade Soul, Universe Jade Soul and Skyspirit Jade Soul stack size increased 19->999.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 02, 2019, 11:19:27 am
- New PvE Event launched.

Community voted to bring LV170 expansion skill changes that we were abe to apply.
This is first part: Etherkins.
Note that some skill changes coudn't be applied exacly as they should be but instead inoring them we created some workarounds to imitate original changes (similar like with Hydran Patsy change).

- Kirin Advent : CD reduced to 40 sec after transforming back from Kirin

- Clockwork: Cliffside Fountain : For the first 10 sec, the clockwork will gain a raja effect
- Mecha Mountain Demon : After avoiding lethal damage the caster will have his Skill Evasion increased by 500% for 5 sec
- Substitution : Also slows the target by 50% while in transform state.
- Clockwork: Earth Rift (Chroma Versions): Earth Rift gains same ability as Wordly Affairs clockwork to pull players.
- Psytek Postures: Fixed issue with 'lag' on form switch. [with exeption of Mecha: Scorpus].
- Mecha Torrent (Chroma Versions) : CD reduced to 35 sec and skill radius extended 5->8 yards.

- Meteor Shower III  <Sky>: The first hit has a 100% chance to remove 3 buffs from the target [just description fix - was working like that already].
- Hall of Sparrows 2: SP consumption per hit reduced to 1% [3% will still remain in skill description but it will be 1% in fact].
- Meteor Shower 3 (All Versions) : Cast range lowered to 12 yards and chance to reduce the target's Max HP to his current hp lowered 80->15% per hit.
- Aquatic Seal : Cooldown reduced from 12 to 8 sec and raised the number of targets affected from 6 to 10.

- Storm's Grace : Effect duration is raised to 15 sec and CD increased to 10 sec
- Che'kun Ricochet (Chroma Versions) : The skill hits with 10% higher c.rate and 50% higher c.bonus [just description fix - was working like that already]
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 09, 2019, 01:03:23 pm


- Unique faction requirement was lifted from bfs fights.
- Bfs fight Top killer will now receive extra 2 medals, 5 badges and 2 season points per fight.
- BFS fighr result score reworked. Season points now requires kills. Deaths no longer guarantee Season points.
* If you had at least one kill, 3 points are guaranted. 1 extra point if you had 2/4/6 kills (6 max).
* Win or loose no longer matters for Season points calculation.
* Still only 10 fights per day will be counted towards score.

- Rayan advanced skill `The Reckoning III` now properly translated to `Celestial Slay III`.
- Duels are no longer available in Sunstream City (to reduce lag).
- Heaven's Dev and Immortal Nectar icons at marketplace fixed.
- Nova Fashion (Black) set added to Marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Seira Gear/Faction change added to marketplace.

- Clean Air 2 : Area of effect is no longer linear, but uses the target as the center of a circular area. Stun strength was raised to equal the caster's Stun RES plus 9/skill_level.
- Star Tears : The stun strength to Clean Air 2 will raise from 10->34 per tome level.
- Eternity Lost : Shadow Travel has a 34% chance to clear the CD of Spurt
- The Deadly 3-2-1 : Spurt has a 34% chance to clear the CD of Shadow Travel.
- Cloud Boundary : Removes Paralyze debuff on cast.

- Blade Swinger : The fixed damage effect was raised to 200->300% of AP
- Penetrator 2 : Reduces Critnull by 20% and Critshield by 200%. Every 2 sec, the target's DEF is reduced by 800 points
- Slaughter 2: CD reduced to 45 sec.
- Amban Sacraf: Removes 3 debuffs from teammates. Balo Pre-Asc will remove 5.
- Dark Injury 2 : Make target take additional damage each time they are struck equal to 1600 points.

- Whisker Tiger (All) : Shortened the cast time of the tiger's skills
- Datura Flower 2 : Raised curse effect duration to 15 sec
- Dark Wolf: CD reduced to 30 seconds.
- Creek Turtle: The substitute buff was raised for summons to take 20% of damage taken
- Starlight Sting 2 : Skill will now remove 2 buffs from target
- Billow Break 2 : Full Charge SP cost lowered by 50%

- Shadow Dance Ultima (All) : For all skills that summon Ultima, the shadow will have an 10 sec raja effect
- Bloody Chop 2 : Cast time changed to 1 sec. HP consumption removed, CD reduced to 25 sec.

- Chain Skills : The Trigger Skills buff can no longer be removed from caster.
- Divine Pulse (Ekiner) : Immunity amount raised by 5 hits.
- Arcanum Soulshield 2 : CD reduced to 70 sec

- Song Blast of Disturbance 2 : Shortened the time for the aura to go into effect
- Celestial Minstrel : Reduces the CD to Spurt by 26 sec/rank
- Flowing Cloud : Speed duration increased by 8 seconds.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 16, 2019, 12:27:49 pm
- Song of the Emerald Lady can be done twice a day also. Synergy with Beast Lord still remains.
- Cloud Dragon Soul Jade discounted by 20% at marketplace.
- Reforge Scroll discounted by 20% at marketplace.
- Mistwrap Fashion Pack added to marketplace (Promo->Fashion).
- Warsoul Order costs now 3 jadens at marketplace.

- Rayan Ultima change reverted. It caused problems with AI. Ultima (all versions) received 20 more skill evasion instead.
- Another attempt to make Forta `Activate` buffs to be un-removeable.

- Modon Form 2 : Max SP bonus doubled
- Ghost of the Wronged 2 : CD reduced to 30->20 sec
- Demonic Posture 2 : Max HP bonus doubled
- Skyseeker (Chroma) : Toxin can not be removed.

- The Seven Disasters 2 : CD reduced to 120->24 sec

- Focused Hate : The Silence strength to Perpetual Loneliness is now 600->1000 points.
- Gather Spirit 2 : CD reduced to 120 sec
- Glacier Edge 2 : Widened the area of effect of this skill

- The Six Cycles 3 (All) : Random debuff duration increased 2->4 sec.
- Glowing Aura 2 : Tripled curse damage.

- Love's Glance : CD reduced by 50 sec.
- Farewells : Silence strength is now 600->1.000 points.
- Flying Petals 2 : CD reduced to 15 sec.
- Ancient Prayer 2 : CD reduced to 180->150 sec and reduces damage to the caster by 20->30%.

**Incense Mage**:
- Blaze of Janos 3 <Sky> : Raised burn damage.
- Lore Skills : All Lore skill CDs are now 30->27 sec
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 23, 2019, 02:19:57 pm
- Challenge requirements greatly lowered for current PvE event.
- Reforge Scroll and Cloud Dragon Soul Jade discount issue fixed at marketplace.
- MilkyWay bosses HP reduced to original values (in this game version, 30-50% less).
- Cascade Charm and Sky Cycle Codex added to GJ shop(Aid->Refinery).
- Tree of Wealth should have old model now.
- Dragoncave Essence, Fishing Certificate, Red Worm Bait, Rice Worm Bait, Earth Worm Bait, Preserved Bait stack size increased to 999.
- Seira Faction change issue fixed (Tier 4 instead Tier 5).
- Reborn Essence quest boosted a bit. 5% chance for Kirin Sigil.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 30, 2019, 01:06:17 pm
- Chroma Bead Case issue fixed.
- Guard Dorri and Tree of Wealth locations adjusted to avoid issues.
- Thumper Fashion Set Pack added to marketplace.
- All spawns in Inferna has 4 mobs now.
- Divine Soul Ash Coupon -> Divine Soul Ash exchange option added to Shady Dealer.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 06, 2019, 12:13:35 pm
- Simple Complication Fashion Coupon added to marketplace.
- Fixed issue in Sprite Invigorate interface where range labels were mismatched.
- New promo code will be sent in mailing campaign sometime during this weekend.
- Sign-in rewards are now available.
- 400j reward at Privilege VIP boosted to Crystal Sigil.
- New drop event: Pine Shadow launched!
* Please be aware that skill on best necklace from second pack is not functional for now ;/
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 13, 2019, 01:10:14 pm
- Added option at Skylord Adra to teleport back to new Sunstream.
- Fixed problem with claiming HP/SP batteries from new Battle Jadeon Memorial Pack.
- Omened Seal is now possible offer at Divine Trader.
- Divine trader monthly offers feature added.
- Wheel of Chi and Empyrean Contract price reduced at webshop.
- Winter Solstice fashion added to Marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 20, 2019, 12:08:36 pm
- Issue with Winter Solstice fashion sets should be fixed now.
- Sky Dark fashion set added to marketplace.
- Mounts should be now available during Emerald Lady instance.
- Reforge Scroll added to Jude exchange for Violetgold Fragments.
- Supreme Esper Cards removed from Jude exchange as they are craftable directly from card interface anyway.
- Added option to buy Dream Journal Pages for 2 Violetgold fragments at Kui Tun exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 27, 2019, 12:15:13 pm
- Lilium Fashion Pack added to marketplace.
- Sky Dark, Winter Solstice and Golden Snake pictures added at marketplace.
- NEW EVENT is now available. Find Festival Envoy Tinggle near Sunstream City(R15) borders to start your quest.
* This event will be available till the end of October.
- 5vs5 and 6vs6 BFS modes are now disabled.
- Another attempt to allow multi-ride in Song of Emerald Lady instance.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 04, 2019, 02:38:05 pm
- Lazybone instance has been disabled.
- Fort Cloudstorm instance is now available.
* Most mobs and bosses were boosted.
* Sword Regenesis drop customized(it also drops new item: Light of Reborn).
- Light of Reborn can be used to upgrade Empyrean Emblem! (Jude npc)
- It is now possible to decompose Jade Thunder God Necklaces at Supremacy Envoy.
- Archlord/Archlady fashion added to marketplace.
- Celestial Tower Lv60 daily reward boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 11, 2019, 02:03:09 pm
- Model problems with Archlord/Archlady fashion hairstyle and footwear should be now fixed.
- Light of Reborn will now drop propery from Sword Regenesis.
- Sword Regenesis HP boosted.
- Sigils shards will now have gold color while dropped on the ground.
- Emblem of Reborn dmg reduction nerfed a bit.
- New, defensive version of Emblems added to Jude.
* Blood of Reborn, usable to upgrade those is a reward for Fort Sieges (quest after 1st tower is destroyed - Reward to The Brave).
- Reward to The Brave will also give (certain) Diamond Sigil Shard.
- Light of Reborn and Blood of Reborn added as possible offers at Trader (epic grade).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 18, 2019, 01:05:44 pm
- Celestial Scroll added to Jude exchange (Mid tab).
- `Reward to The Brave` will now have a chance to give more Blood of Reborn.
- Kirin Sigils will now stack to 99->999.
- Sky Dweller [Event] will now give 250 Ice Orb of Vastness and 1 Violegold Fragment.
- Sky Lotus [Event] will now give 750 Ice Orb of Vastness and 2 Violegold Fragments.
- Peachflower fashion added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 25, 2019, 12:05:36 pm
- Peachflower fashion set replaced with [NEW] Aquarius fashion set.
- To celebrate Halloween, we unlocked one of old events `Celestial Mirror`! Visit `Bilu` to initiate it. This event will be available till the end of this month.
- Fort Cloudstorm - Sword Regenesis drops rebalanced.
- New Hour Rewards added to website.
- Due PvE Event, Ancestral Chest and Ascension Pack price at marketplace is temporarly set to 999j. This change will be reverted next patch.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 01, 2019, 12:36:59 pm
- Rectified Meditation Gel and Fatecharm Fragments now stacks to 30000.
- Level Ranges for automated pvp events wer modified to: `160 - Refinery +13 and higher`, `160 - Refinery +12 and lower` and `151-159`.
* Please obey refinery requirements and don't join lower range events or character may be banned.
* This change will take effect tomorrow.
- Banker price cap increased to 11.000G per jaden.
- Can now exchange Soul Ash to Soul Ash Pack (30000) at Shady Dealer.
- New: Eagle Fashion added to marketplace.
* Unfortunetly this fashion has only human model. Please be aware.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 01, 2019, 10:16:02 pm
- Fixed problem with Soul Ash Pack exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 08, 2019, 01:57:31 pm

- Calculations after BFS fights will now take 10 instead 5 minutes to solve problem where some kills are not registered correctly.
- Can not longer sign-in alt account to bfs while our other account has awaiting fight. It will be possible however when this fight enters `Calculation` status.
- Cloudstorm Casket (lottery from Fort PvE) rewards customized.
- Ascension Pack and Ancestral Chest prices restored to default at Marketplace.
- Reborn Order: Tribulation 6/7/8 added to marketplace: Aid->Respec. They allow to baypass chroma tier quests.
- Rumor says that certain mobs deep inside Dark Drake Cave may drop Soul Card system related items now. Potential drop:
* Ice Orb of Vastness
* Soul Ash
* Divine Soul Ash
* Violet Array Core Pack
* Golden Array Core Pack
(Drop rates may be adjusted later)
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 15, 2019, 12:24:55 pm
- Fixed `Wonderland Stone Pack (100)` description.
- `A Dark Future` quest (Lady Linaska reward at CP) will now give Drake Sigil and Crystal Sigil Shard.
- `Veteran of War` quest will now have 50% to give Blood of Reborn.
- Reward for being Sovereign for 6 terms changed to Mithril Sigil (+15).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 22, 2019, 12:59:42 pm
- Mithrill Sigil from coronation reward is now tradeable.
- New website lottery added!
- Ultimate Fealty Box will now have 25% chance to give Blood of Reborn aswell.
- PvE Event has been launched already!
* `Water Bucket` is bound and drops from `Imperial Citadel` and `Mortal Trail` mobs.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 29, 2019, 12:06:20 pm
- Cloud Tiger Pet Soul should now work correctly.
- Broken Ruby now stacks to 999->30000.
- Lotteries mobed to Promo->Lotteries at marketplace.
* 3 lotteries added to this category.
- New mount: Demon Lord added to marketplace.
- Catch-up Pack II added to marketplace.
- Clear Wind Pack added to marketplace Mount/Sky->Skyblade.
* This pack gives randomized color version od Clear Wind wings.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 06, 2019, 12:33:06 pm
- Fixed issue with Cloud Tiger pet caused by previous update.
- New drop event is now available!
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 13, 2019, 01:30:19 pm
- Christmas fashion pack added to marketplace.
- Drop event exchange modified:
* Drake Sigil now requires 9999 drop material.
* Diamond Sigil (x2) added for 6666 drop materials.
* Crystal Sigil added for 9999 drop materials.
- Christmas (ingame) event is now available!
* This event expires on 25 Dec at 18:00.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 20, 2019, 11:55:38 am
- Christmas Tree exchange fixed.
- Attempt to fix Deer subquest for Christmas event.
- Some tweaks for new players:
* Imbuing Talisman Coupon added to Webshop->Aid->Function.
* Anan's Trust (one time G18 pet for 3 days) added to webshop->Other->Event.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 27, 2019, 12:34:34 pm
- Sovereign quests rewards reworked:
* Sovereign Mission I (Free to activate): Taichi Pill x500, Sovereign Honor x25, Drake Sigil Shard x20, Violetgold Fragment x20
* Sovereign Mission II (100 Jaden to activate): Taichi Pill x1000, Sovereign Honor x50, Violetgold Fragment x30, Diamond Sigil Shard x15
* Sovereign Mission III (200 Jaden to activate): Taichi Pill x2000, Violetgold Fragment x40, Sovereign Honor x100, Crystal Sigil Shard x10, Light of Reborn x1, Blood of Reborn x1
* Sovereign Mission IV (500 Jaden to activate): Taichi Pill x5000, Violetgold Fragment x50, Sovereign Honor x250, Platina Sigil Shard x5, Light of Reborn x3, Blood of Reborn x3, very little chance for Mithril Sigil (Bound)!
- PvE event will launch shortly after maintenance (Drop from Garro mobs)
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 03, 2020, 01:09:38 pm
- PvP Events categories modified:
* `160 - Refinery +12 and lower` become `160 - Refinery +13 and lower`.
* `160 - Refinery +13 and higher` become `160 - Refinery +14 and higher`.
- New automated Last Man Standing PvP event will be initiated later today. Event will occur at Sunday, but players will have to `sign-up` their characters as poartticipants.
- New Year event is now available on R15.
* Meet Zodiac Sideclick to perform few special quests.
* This event will expire after next maintenance.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 10, 2020, 01:23:01 pm
- Alliance Power exchange quest will now accept 100 beads at once.
- Scruffen location hit added to Event Token description.
- Coronation Pack boosted:
* Rainfall Order x1-3 added.
* Pirate Plunder (tradeable) x2-3 added.
* Jade God Thunder necklace added.
- Revision Charm (Etherkin) aded to marketplace.
* This means admin involvement is no longer required after Faction Change to Etherkin. Use this item to obtain Ascension Skills instead.
- Ultimate Imbuing Talismans have been added.
* Their power is twice as strong as Perfect ones.
* Exchangeable at Jude for 3x Perfect Talisman and Ultimate Talisman Gem (3 types : Esper/Weapon/Armor).
* Weapon Talisman Gem is currently not available.
- Ultimate Talisman Gem (Esper and Armor) added to Marketplace (Material->Imbue).
- Ultimate Talisman Gem added as participation reward in LMS (random one of 2 per week).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 17, 2020, 02:20:10 pm
- Exploration top rewards boosted.
* Ultimate Gem - Esper added as (low) chance reward.
- Warfare Charger Pack, Tide Watcher and Catch-up Packs were madre tradeable.
- LMS map extra game adjustments were made:
* This map will only be available through quest which is available between 20:55-21:00 each Sunday.
* After teleport, players will spawn in safezone.
* Once death, players will be ported back to Sunstream City.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 24, 2020, 01:06:07 pm
- New PvP event launched!
- PvE event will now finish 15 mins after timer is up to allow all players to be calculated properly.
- Fealty boxes will now give Ancient Coins (5/10/15/20) instead Gold Pocketbooks.
- Faction Change - Rayan/Celan/Forta/Voida temporarly discounted at marketplace by 50%.
- Gear Change - Rayan/Celan/Forta/Voida temporarly discounted at marketplace by 25%.
- LMS script adjustments for better detections and rewards givout.
- Few missing item descriptions added.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 31, 2020, 12:07:17 pm
- Daily Sign-in will be available for February.
- Faction Change - Vim/Balo/Kytos temporary discounted at marketplace by 50%.
- Gear Change - Vim/Balo/Kytos temporary discounted at marketplace by 25%.
- Ultimate Talisman Gem - Weapon added to marketplace.
* Ultimate Weapon imbue talisman gives 12% (nerfed from 18%) anti reduction at +10.
- Missing Ultimate Anti-Felkin/Fuwa/Dagos talismans are now available at Jude.
- FACTION PVP MASTERS tournaments will initiate sometime during this weekend.
* Those will be LMS type events with only selected class allowed to sign in.
* Winner of such event will be assigned as his faction PvP Master and his name will show on main website.
* There will additional bonuses available for faction PvP masters also (but a bit later).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 07, 2020, 01:08:22 pm
- Daily Sign-in rewards boosted(only last days).
- Gold Exchange (Stashkeeper) prices rebalanced.
- Skill Accuracy removed from Stylish Fashion sets.
- New drop event is now available.
- Faction Change - Skysong/Jadeon/Psychea temporary discounted at marketplace by 50%.
- Gear Change - Skysong/Jadeon/Psychea temporary discounted at marketplace by 25%.
- Few skill description mistranslations fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 14, 2020, 01:20:02 pm
- Faction Change - Modo/Lupin/Mage temporary discounted at marketplace by 50%.
- Gear Change - Modo/Lupin/Mage temporary discounted at marketplace by 25%.
- "Skill Accuracy removed from Stylish Fashion sets" - change reverted - skill accuracy restored.
- Golden Grit and Cascade Charm now stacks to 9999.
- Valentine's Day event will be available on R15 till end of weekend.
- Exploration Vouchers reverted to x1 as they doesn't stack and that change didnt't work anyway.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 21, 2020, 01:23:13 pm
- PvE Event launched.
- Rebel coronation Pillars HP boosted.
- Preparations for HR network rewards feature.
- Golden Treasure website lottery rewards reworked.
- Website banker max offer price cap increased to 15.000.
- Faction Change - Arden/Hydran temporary discounted at marketplace by 50%.
- Gear Change - Arden/Hydran temporary discounted at marketplace by 25%.
- Ultimate Talisman Gems added to Event Exchange at Scruffen.
- Issue with quick teleport/auto-route in Jadeon fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 28, 2020, 12:44:22 pm
- Scruffen's Event Exchange heavily reworked. New items : Star Soul Order - Saint, Holy·Jade God Thunder, Miracle Jade, Title: Fighter for the world, Myth Accessory Material Pack, VG Fragment Comp. Pack 100, Wonderland Stone Pack 10000, Heaven Dragon Seal Pack 400, Soul Inverter Pack 500, Chi Enhancer Pack 500, Secret Phoenix Feather Pack, Secret Kirin Scale Pack, Anan's Wish Pack, Velonus' Fury Pack, Hexagon Charm Wood, Bodhi Seed, Affinity bead pack 5, Chroma Bead Pack.
- New website lottery : Bottomless Bag (costs 5k gold) added.
- Orison Fragment cost reduced by half at Kui Gon.
- Gold Exchange at Stashkeep Tamsin reworked.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 06, 2020, 11:36:14 am
- Miracle Jade, Jade God Necklacke and Wonderland Stone Pack removed from Event Exchange.
- Issues with packs from Event Exchange fixed.
- Bag/Pack type items open time greatly reduced.
- Jude NPC Exchange changes:
* Soul Inverter x8 > x12 Per Violetgold Fragment
* Chi Enhancer x2 > x4 Per Violetgold Fragment
* Common Seal orb x100 > x250 Per 5 Violetgold Fragments
* Fine Seal Orb x2 > x5 Per Violetgold Fragment
* Dragon Sigil Cost 4000WLS > 1500WLS
* Expertise Coupon Cost 1750 WLS > 1500 WLS
* Spirit ★ Cost 100 (1k) bank notes + 1500 HDS > 100(1k) Bank notes + 1250HDS
* Zodiac Energy Price Change 1500HDS > 1250HDS
* Spiritual Covenant Price change 2000WLS per 1000SC > 2000WLS per 3000SC
- Alliance War no-cd batts hp/sp greatly increaed.
- Hwan moved to one of earlier platforms (Sovereign Quest).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 12, 2020, 12:18:31 pm
- Chroma Beads and Platina Sigil default price reduced a bit at Divine Trader.
- Chroma Bead price reduced at Gold Echange (Stashkeep Tamsin)
- Dharma Jasper and Delicate Jasper Necklace LV1 added to Event Exchange at Scruffen.
- Ultimate Talisman Gems added to Iron Battleground reward exchange - Kao Sonye.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 20, 2020, 12:06:08 pm
- PvE Event launched!
- New Delicate Harmony fashion set pack added to marketplace
* It's just variation of Tannenbaum fashion so be aware.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 27, 2020, 01:42:15 pm
- Clan Skill EXP upgrade items added to Jude.
- Titles from recent donation/pve event best packs should now work properly.
- Fixed messed up fashion name translations regarding Celestial Prince set.
* Old Celestial Prince Set has been renamed to Eternal Glory fashion set.
* Actual Celestial Prince Set added to marketplace.
* Female version of Eternal Glory fashion set added to marketplace.
- New fashion sets added to marketplace: Ivory Demon and Emperors Envoy.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 03, 2020, 01:31:08 pm
- Sign-in calendar is now available again.
- New drop event available: Water of Spring.
- Ivory Demon Boots♂ should be now visible.
- New fashions added: Fae Bud Set ♀ and  Elf Sprout Set ♂.
- Alliance Fort Sieges will now grant more Blood of Reborn.
- Revision Charm (Etherkin) added to webshop.
- Can now exchange bound `Chroma Beads` to `Chroma Bead Case` at Shady Dealer.
- Chance for 5vs5 at BFS lowered.
- Two BFS fights won't happen on same realm ever again.
- Added and fixed BFS seasonal page info on website.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 10, 2020, 03:00:25 pm
- Bilu has been temporarly replaced with Velonus. Players can start first of our Easter events there.
- Second easter event will be launched later today.
- Regal Plated fashion set (male and female) added to marketplace.
- Few item descriptions corrected or adjusted (sigils mostly).
- 2x EXP/DROP/GOLD activated till 13.04.2020 23:59:59.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 17, 2020, 11:57:25 am
- Most of mounts have now 8.0 max speed. (Mystic Wolf have 8.5 max speed).
- Haven Dragon Seal Pack (200) added to Alliance Based Auction system.
- Monkey King Gem is now fixed.
- Broken Cloud Tiger Soul at Jade Exchange Maiden fixed.
- Attempt to fix Mindrot Meance quest from Easter event.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 24, 2020, 01:28:12 pm
- Auto pvp events will no longer have `No OP classes` or `No main AoErs` restrictions.
- Auto pvp event tiers are now: +14 and lower, +15 and higher.
- Bowstring Grass added to Scruffen.
- `Brought Back By The Cloud` title translated. Thanks to ~Galaeron.
- PvE event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 01, 2020, 12:39:02 pm
- Reborn Event Pack I : Sky Challenger Orb will now cost Water of Spring instead old Coin of Reborn.
- Dragonsoul Charm, Essential Dragon Orb, Skyspirit Jade Soul, Soul Inverter, Bank Note: 1000 Gold and Bank Note: 5000 Gold now stacks to 30.000.
- Another attempt to fix Mindrot Menace Soul quest.
- Solaris(Mount) added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 08, 2020, 01:39:21 pm
- Reminder: 3rd HR Round will start during this weekend! This bring us closer to live server release. I managed to fix most issues already. Fixed Gevrin gives completly diffrent experience awell. Stay tuned and forgive me less content updates for main server till we finally upgrade.
- Bodhi Seed is no longer tradeable.
- Carillon mount added to marketplace.
- Dragon Scout pet added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 15, 2020, 12:53:32 pm
- Ice Pegasus mount added to marketplace.
- MoMo Monkey pet added to marketplace.
- Players will get Vigor Battery also in Clouded Milky Way instance.
- Privilege VIP extra items boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 22, 2020, 02:30:51 pm
- Clouded Milky Way battery issue fixed.
- Few gfx titles fixed.
- Thunder Snake Mount added to marketplace.
- Thunder Snake Pet added to marketplace.
- Ivory Demon Boots issue fixed.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 29, 2020, 01:19:43 pm
- Minor NPC fixes in Old Sunstream.
- All-Star Champion GFX title translated.
- Shield Rhino (mount) added to marketplace.
- Rattlesnake (Pet) added to marketplace.
- Can now exchange Mindrot Menace Soul to Apocalypse Cow (Pet) at Shady Dealer.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 05, 2020, 12:42:42 pm
**Few next updates will just have simply changes due to upcoming migration to our new files.**
- Fixed exploit that allowed to count score for killing own clan/alliance members during Clan/Alliance wars (auto pvp events).
- Skyhoof Steed mount added to marketplace.
- Chibi-chan Pack (with Chibi-chan pet) added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 12, 2020, 12:55:51 pm
- New game rule added: `It is forbidden to intentionally feed other players(or own characters) with kills during automated PvP events.` Abusing it will lead permanent to PvP event ban.
- Another drop event is now available.
- Sign-in calendar rewards are now available again.
- Imperial Chariot (mount) added to marketplace.
- Torin Kul (Pet) added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 19, 2020, 12:58:07 pm
- Marketplace descriptions updated. Non-treadeable items should be now easier to identify.
- Ryuu (Mount) added to marketplace.
- Darkplume (Pet) added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 26, 2020, 01:14:45 pm
- Dancing Event is back on R15 to celebrate our 2nd birthday.
* Daily `Dancing Youth` (20:00-23:00) quest will give nice rewards!
* This event will expire next Tuesday.
- PvE Event launched.
- Chromatic Moa (mount) added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 30, 2020, 12:43:47 pm
- Daily Soulcard reading bug is now fixed and won't stuck at 11/12!
* All Locked Golden Branches of Wishes should be automaticaly converted to regular ones on character login.
- Mystic Tome Reforge is now available in-game again!
* Reforge Scroll will work in game also. Because of client limitation we had to increase reforge limit visualy to 26 while in real it is still 25 (Reforgers can't be used at maxed limit - workaround).
- Issue regarding invisible bosses in instances is fixed.
- Baypassing PvP settings on quick realm change shoudn't allow to PK on PvE realms anymore.
- Array bug for trade in safezone should be now fixed.
- TW fix attempt. (Have to be tested). 
- Zuolo is now fixed. Occurs on one realm only and original spawn system restored.
- Invisible white damage issue is now fixed!
- Friend request is now functional again.
- Sprite interface bug fixed.
- Clouded Milky Way is available through `Team Sign-Up` again.
* Weekly Boxes are back to their original system.
- Clouded Milky Way Team feature fixed for this version.
- Beast Lord and Song of Emerald Lady doesn't share daily limit anymore.
* Both are one time per day again.
- Issues regarding instances have been resolved. Understream will be back plus there will be few slots for other extra instances for future.
- In-game common BFS is now fully functional.
- Clash of Seven is back.
- Gevrin Honor and Sovereign ranking are now functional.
- Sprite owner name fixed and is now visible.

- **All future skill changes (except Seira's Shroud III and Spirit Passenger nerf) have been reverted**.
- All Gevrin skills and effects have been fixed to match our game version.
* Fuwa Gevrin is now fully functional.
- Gevrin Sprite skill are now functional.

- Fixed the problem where the HP recovery effect from Kytos' Timely Supply tome was not going into effect

- Removed placing a Lonesome effect on the caster from Modo's Ghostly Domain (Acheron) tome skill
- Fixed problem where Dagos Modo's Secluded Spring 2 skill was removing a Drunk buff from the caster
- Modo's Spiritual Charm's "Chi Blocker" effect will take into account any Skill Accuracy buffs the caster has when removing the full HP to a target's Life Shield (skysong effect)

- The time it takes for the damage to appear from Celan's Blow Petal's Drop (Chroma Versions) was shortened by 50%

- Fixed problem with Forta's Reality Termination 3 <Earth> skill's Blaze of Janos (Change Yin to Yang) effect not going into effect
- Adjusted Forta's Reality Termination 3 <Earth> skill: Now, the first hit of the skill will trigger the Blaze of Janos (Change Yin to Yang) effect
- Fixed Fuwa Forta's Judge of Life <Zen> not placing a slow effect on targets
- Fixed Fuwa Forta's Ancestral Spirit <Zen> skill's delayed raja effect receiving a Peak tome influence that extended the wait period

- Rayan's "Celestial Slay" skill gained from Crimson Peaks and other clan instances will no longer consume Health
- Fixed Fuwa Rayan's Hunt Raid 2 skill being unable to cause Incense Mage, Voida, Forta, Psychea, Kytos, Hydran, and Seira factions' movement speed skills to enter cooldown

- Fixed Skysong's Demonic Illusions tome not giving the proper effect to Lotus Pluck

- Fixed Psychea's Substitution skill not having the correct cooldown

- Fixed an invincibility bug with Incense Mage's Dragonfire skill

- Fixed problem with Voida's Dragon Breath skill's damage being low

- Fixed problem where Seira's Summer First tome was still going into effect even without players learning the tome
- Fixed problem with Seira's Flurry Furry skill having an abnormal range

- Fixed all skills with "clear target's speed increase effects" being unable to clear said effects
- Fixed problem with Dagos' Awakened Dream skill causing abnormal effects on mobs

- Exclusive character frame system is now functional.
- Gear Type Conversion is now available in-game only with it original rules.
- Ascended Class System is now functional.
- Level-UP rewards now works in game.
- New crafting system is now available: Book Collecting/Reading.
- Two new capturable pets added to Skysong and Jadeon map.
- Material Bag is now fully functional:
* Base 48 slots with option to exand till 256 with Weave Wool and Weave Megawool.
* Can only store Crafting Material item type.
* Sort option functional.
* Crafting Operation will consume materials directly from Material Bag.
- Quick store options for fashions/mounts/skyblades and materials are now functional.
- Sprites can be now summoned in Instances.
- Jadeon Defense instance will be functional (replaces MTH).
- JD Land system is now fully functional.
- Token Bag is now full functional.
* It allows to store certain type of items. You can't pull items back from it but they remain usable in quests/exchanges and systems that require them.
- Archaia, Inferna and Sunstrider clan challenges are now functional.
- All online clan members will receive special tokens daily upon reaching 5000 kills in challenge. Tokens are usable at Clan Coordinator NPC exchange.

- Kunlun river summon/mob stuck issue have been fixed.
- Overall object (including players) sight range were increased from 40 to 60 meters.
- Star Soul gain were rebalanced to optimize graphical effect.
* There will be now less green stars spawned afer Star Soul monster death.
* Star EXP value however should be similar to amount received before this change(x20 official rate).
* Boosted amount of bonus Star EXP from 25 to 250. (Chance for it is around 10% per kill - depending on mob).
- Website BfS map customized:
* Puppets are no longer needed in BfS Map. Death won't cause puppet loss or any other penalty.
* No more safe zone.
* No more teleport NPC. From now, only way to get out of this map is by using Portal Scroll.
* Player spawns in random location once entering this map and receives 10 seconds yellow raja buff which won't remove on  movement.
* Player can stay dead only up to 10 seconds, then he will be automatically resurrected.
* Once resurrected, player will spawn in random location and receive 15 seconds yellow raja which won't remove on movement.
* Players respawns with full HP/MP.
- LMS Map customization:
* Using Town Portal or resurrection(after death) teleports player to Sunstream.
* Puppets are no longer needed in LMS Map. Death won't cause puppet loss or any other penalty.
* Can't hurt/kill players before 21:00:00.
* Usage of Town Portal is prohibited before 21:30. (Town portal ports to Sunstream directly).
* Players that stays in Safe Zone after 21:00:00 will be automatically ported into the battlefield.

- Painting: Wing Flap, Painting: Sparrow Branch added to Promo->Featured.
- Mortal Forsaken Order added to Aid->Respec.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 02, 2020, 11:01:05 pm
**General fixes**:
- Interface fixes.
- Fixed Dragon Zodiac Shoes♂ for Hydrans caused invisible character bug.
- Sprites now gain EXP correctly.
- Instance re-enter feature is functional correctly again.
- Class system reseted for all characters. Should now work properly.
- Sprite stuck on teleport issue fix attempt.
- Reward Messanger should now spawn again at Beast Lord
- Sprite boosting will now give fealty once again.
- Character names with numbers should be now available again.
- Vile NPC spawn fixed, missing seira and human NPCs restored, Gevrin NPC won't be permanent any longer.
- Crystal Rift box delivery fixed for Seira and Gevrin.
- God of Rain drop corrected.
- EL9 will now drop Primordials again.
- Dark Drake Cave mobs will drop soul-card related items again (yet with lower chance).
- Card functions will now count for Fealty System again.
- Clouded Milky Way boss chest rewards modified.
- Rune Crafting Scroll daily limit disabled again.
- New Captureable Pets should now be catchable correctly.
- Fixed incorrect log message when switching badges too fast.

**Skill fixes**:
- Dragonrest Shoal fixed.
- Hereafter no longer causes death while duels.
- Spirit passenger nerf will stay valid. Added to patch notes.
- River Dweller II white damage corrected.
- Quadrash Arden now clears Eoquence Lord III cooldowns properly.
- Cloud Swiper III: Hero cooldown issue fixed.
- Celestial Slay <Arcane/Zen/bane> no longer consumes HP.
- Voida Dragon Breath fix attempt.
- Datura Flower orange damage fixed.
- Shadow Dance • Ultima <Zen> fixed and now should spawn extra clone at 20/20.
- Flash Reel invisibility issue fix attempt.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 04, 2020, 03:51:27 pm
**Re-applied missed skill fixes**:
- River Dweller II white damage corrected.
- Quadrash Arden now clears Eloquence Lord III cooldowns properly.
- Cloud Swiper III: Hero cooldown issue fixed.
- Celestial Slay <Arcane/Zen/bane> no longer consumes HP.
- Voida Dragon Breath fix attempt.
- Datura Flower orange damage fixed.
- Flash Reel invisibility issue fix attempt.```

**Skill fixes**:
```- Dragonrest Shoal will now work during Transfrom state as well.
- Blade Swinger T5 mob damage boost reversed till 170 patch.
- Dragon Retribution AP reduction fix attempt.
- Ancestral Spirit <Zen> raja trigger fix attempt.
- Cloud Dweller 3 (Hero) exclusive effect damage fixed.
- Fixed Shroud of New Green III damage reduction formula.
- Reality Termination III CritNull debuff stacking fixed.
- Fixed possible damage output issue related to Arrival of Greatness summon skills.```
**Other fixes**:
```- VIP unclaimable Violetgold Fragement issue fixed.
- Problem regarding induction codes being invalid should be now resolved.
- Fashion Bag limit increased to 252 again. Please DM me if you lost part of your fashions because of it.
- Telepatchy Gems won't be automaticaly transferred to Material Bag anymore using quick option.
- Vim HP/SP drop issue on relog fixed.
- Sprite stat being low issue fixed.
- Fixed Crystal Rift 1k point box prize delivery for Hydran.
- Esper Assimilation progress bar now faster.
- Attempt to fix critical error message on esper pickup settings change - sprite pickup system related.
- Party rotating drop mode fixed.
- Sprite stuck on teleport fix another attempt.
- Privilege VIP free bot and no exp drop on death functions fixed.
- Player damage on BG mobs fix attempt.```
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 05, 2020, 11:21:06 pm
General fixes:
```- Extra drop ratio reduced to x5->3 as it was way too generous due our drop multipler fix.
- Multi-ride is now available again in Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Jadeon Incident being daily fix attempt.
- Privilege VIP free bot and no exp penalty on death another fix attempt.
- VIP Exp buff fixed.
- Fixed Fashion Bag storing Essences and Charms via quick option.```
Skill fixes:
```- Dragon Breath[Voida] damage formula final fix.
- Fixed Storm's Grace not buffing selected target.
- Fixed Raja effect ending too quick due to count of hits.
- Fixed Sweep and Sweep II teleport issue.
- Attempt to fix Ocean skills type hiting same target twice sometimes.```
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 08, 2020, 02:03:15 pm
- Added new permanent NPC: `God of Fortune` which gives new daily currency added to Sunstream and Divine Realm.
* Will be customized later.
- Tutorial quest about new crafting system added to Craftsman Tamsin NPC.
- All missing Book collections for new crafting systems (excluding Yearbook set) are now available in game.
- Drops will now remain 2->3 minutes on the ground.
- Drop scripts optimized.
- Shared challenges at JD Land that weren't claimed before midnight will make affected sprites/pets enter Rest status automaticaly.
- Attempt to fix Celestial Tower daily reward issue.
- Iron Battlegrounds fealty gain fixed.
- Torment Tower reward npc fix attempt.
- Divine Soul Ash drop restored in Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Can no longer switch soulcards during combat.
- Speed buff re-added to Soul Tower.
- Can now deal damage to BG mobs correctly.
- Speed buff restored for Alliance War Audience.
- Corrected Gear Changes description about number of items converted - 10.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 10, 2020, 01:10:25 pm
- Fixed issue regading white damage not showing reduced amount.
- Fixed issue regading exp rate stacking.
- Drop/Drop Pickup script corrections.
- Fixed issue with Makeover Box for Ardens.
- Fixed Coronation System double drop duration.
- Attempt to fix Tonni's Wine of Charity exchange.

New features:
- North America link-server (located in Canada) is now available.
- Asia link-server (located in Singapore) is now available.
- JD-Land rewards boosted.
- New skill fashion: Monkey Zodiac Set is now available at marketplace (Promo->Skill).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 12, 2020, 01:00:38 pm
- Faction herald npcs spawn corrections.
- Team roll system fixed.
- Fixed possible problem regarding sprite drop pickup.
- Milky Way Team special skills now functional.
- New crafting system buff items now functional.
- Fixed possible issue regarding Mystic Tome upgrade and added extra error messages if out of gold or covenants.
- Added missing status reflection effect to Monkey Fashion skill.
- Fixed possible cause of Star Soul stats reset in certain circumstances.
- Zuolo Contract added to Enu - Finals Septajade exchange - Clash of Seven.
- Fixed issue regading Elysium PvP.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 14, 2020, 12:46:32 pm
- Fixed problem with companion cap at JD Land.
- Fixed party pickup issue related to summons and pets.
- Combat state timeout won't tick while having debuffs.
- Can't espace BfS map while combat state.
- Items should be now sorted correctly in bag (yet order changed a bit).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 17, 2020, 01:20:20 pm
- Fixed issue that could cause Star Soul to reset in rare circumstances.
- Pickup issue final fix.
- Token Bag items should be usable in Crafting now.
- Recent change `Combat state timeout won't tick while having debuffs.` is now valid only on BfS map.
- Empyreal Crystals changed into Wonder Bag at Jd Land.
- Vanti the Etherblade should now `move` faster to Pu Feng stage.
- Blaze Hawk HP boosted. Shade Beast, Bat Monster, Wood Spirit spawn amount boosted to 5->25.
- NEW ESPER: `Lupin Bell` is now available in marketplace: Promo->Special.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 21, 2020, 12:25:32 pm
- Attempt to fix Zolo Plains isue with transform gems. Gems auto exchange quests removed.
- Attempt to fix BfS combat state issue.
- Base RES of Lupin Bell esper fixed. Only valid for new espers. Owners of espers bought before this fix may request esper exchange for fixed one.
- Celestial Tower issues fix attempt.
- Soul Tower Handbook fixed.
- Jd Land companions should now enter Rest status after claiming challenge reward.
- Attempt to fix TW Celestial Army attacks.
- Attempt to fix PvP TW.
- Clash of Seven Finals pvp damage issue fixed.
- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven Finals rewards.
- Attempt to fix Alliance Base resource spawn issues.
- Attempt to fix char/clan/alliance deletion issues.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 24, 2020, 01:41:49 pm
- Zuolo Plains Gem issue final fix.
- BfS Map sight range parameter restored to default to as lag fix attempt.
- Seira `Night Mirror` nerf (partially) re-applied: no longer affects Montem Dance Chroma Versions.
- Drop ratio re-adjusted (mostly) to previous state.
- PvE Event launched.
- Death in Seat of Chaos will now port u at map spawn of players affinity instead to Sunstream and grants 5 seconds yellow raja.
- Players will now respawn in the air at Coronation map, which will give them some time to cast shields.
- Coronation Pillars stats rebalanced. Attackers now get more tanky towers while Loyalist Pillar HP lowered.
- Fort PvP rework:
* Tower quest `Reward to The Brave` no longer gives items. Reward is just 2.000 TP.
* All players with at least one death or kill will receive participation reward pack one the end of the siege.
* If defenders will successfully defend fort, all alliance players with at least one death or kill will receive extra reward pack with option to choose up to 5 items amongst 18.
* If attacker will successfully occupy fort, all attacker and assistant alliance players with at least one death or kill will receive extra reward pack with option to choose up to 6 items amongst 18.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 25, 2020, 01:33:10 pm
- Soultower Handbook disabled again as it causes character issues still.
- [Kytos]Last stand reported bug fix attempt.
- PvE Event drop fixed.
- Attempt to fix TW `Set capital` and `Stationed General` options.
- Sprite delete option fixed.
- Rainfall Order replaced to Reforge Scroll at Fort PvP reward boxes.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 31, 2020, 03:43:55 pm
- Sprite Pickup setting final fix.
- Balo `War Song` speed buff stacking with other skills corrected.
- Anan summoned by `White Shroud` have her attack skill fixed.
- Fixed bugs regarding `Outrageous Scale III` (all 4 versions).
- Fort PvP reworked again:
* Reward giveout fix attempt.
* Fort cloudstrorm will now reward any player with one kill or death with new currency: 1x Sacred Pvp Coin.
* Sacred Coins are exchangeable at Award Manager for PvP boxes.
* Suicide kills won't count for score any longer.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 07, 2020, 02:00:24 pm
- Steeling Bead, Fortifying Bead and Spiritie Bead drop boosted by x3.
- New drop event is now available.
- Sign-in calendar is now available again.
- Attempt to fix issues regarding `Mecha: Torrent` (all versions) seed damage calculation.
- Fixed `Durable fighter` Chroma attack range issue.
- Fixed problem with Mystic Tomes certain attributes not working correctly.
- Ruby Pagoda skill not reseting Moon in the Mirror III fixed.
- Auto-Bloodsmelt should now use Token Bag properly.
- Attempt to fix rare problem causing instance difficulty progress reset.
- Attempt to fix rare sprite related realm crash issue.
- Attempt to fix Celestial Tower related issue.
- BfS yellow raja will now work same as login yellow raja - will expire on move or attack.
- Attempt to fix Fort Instance Sword Regenesis lag around 30% hp.
- Zuolo Plain bosses will now drop high amount of Crystal and Platina Sigils shards.
- Clash of Seven will now grant Sacred PvP Coin.
- Splendid Sovereign Necklace LV1 price reduced at Gold Exchange.
- Zuolo Contract added to Gold Exchange. Costs 10 Bank Notes.
- Secret Phoenix Feather Violetgold price reduced to 5 at Jude.
- Regular BfS rewards boosted. Fate Blood, Team Heroes Pack VI and Platina Sigil added as final rewards.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 14, 2020, 11:47:26 am
- Deprecated `Dreamland Scroll` removed from marketplace.
- Lupin Bell Assimilate issues resolved.
- Mount/Skyblade Extension issue fixed.
- New server rule added: `It is forbidden to attack fort PvP using other alliances just to get participation reward. This system was designed for PvP purpose and any abuse will lead to consequences for whole alliance. `
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 21, 2020, 01:43:20 pm
- Territory War `Stationed general` option will no longer cause disconnect.
- Felkin Seat of Chaos spawn fixed.
- PvE Event launched.
- Attempt to fix instance realm crashes that occurs from time to time.
- Attempt to fix situation where Zuolo Bosses weren't spawniung at all.
- Holy Lotus chinese named reward npc translated.
- Holy Lotus reward npc floating drop issue fix attempt.
- Fort PvE drop corrected.
- Charge Order (Kytos) teleport issue fixed.
- Fixed possible issue with Array(aura) type skill not applying all effects sometimes.
- Client performance boost attempt.
- Regular (in-game) BfS should now be linked with website BfS round system regadring timeframes and players needed to initiate.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 28, 2020, 12:30:12 pm
- Fixed problem with Privilege Vip auto reset once all 3 jaden items are purchased.
- Alliance Trail boss spawn issues fix attempt.
- Vigor Battery added to Emerald Lady instance.
- Instance realm crash issue should now affect less instances.
- LV6 Mystic Tome books have now better chance for higher stat value.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 04, 2020, 01:45:15 pm
- Quests issues resolved (Jadeon Defense vouchers, PvP Fort Coins etc).
- Durable Figther range issue final fix.
- [Seira] Storm's Grace II fixed
- [Seira] Cloud Swiper III Hero (player target) white damage error fixed.
- [Seira] Chekun Ricochet (all versions) bounce ability fixed.
- Auto Bloodsmelt will now use LV105 esper as source instead LV75 one!
- [Attempt] Added 5 second yellow raja after resurrection in Fort PvP.
- [Attempt] Fort PvP structures should be now immune to more effects and prevent instant destroy.
- Territory War map bid issues fixed.
- Infinity alliance icon updated.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 11, 2020, 01:32:59 pm
- Fixed ■Scion·Flaming Lotus Boots♂ unable to embed into Icestar Fate.
- [Shura Gauntlet] Vagrant Robber spawn amount increased from 8 to 20 to prevent rare bug.
- [Attempt] [Fort PvP] Fixed issue with Sacred Coin Reward not delivering if map was left due crash or disconnect.
- [Fort PvP] Fixed white damage working against Fort PvP structures.
- [Attempt] [PvP TW] Fixed score tab and portal resurrect option.
- Vip system will now specify vip jadens and amount needed for next level directly in game.
- Marketplace changes:
* Velvet Painting 1j -> 0.25j.
* Soul Inverter 0.1j -> 0.03j
* Chi Enhancer 0.75j -> 0.50j
* Spiritseal (Gold) 1j -> 0.50j
* Golden Branch of Wishes 1j 0> 0.50j
* Astral Dew 1j -> 0.50j
* Reforge Stone, Socket Lock 1,5j -> 1j.
* Fatecharm Fragments Pack 3j->1j.
* Kirin Sigil 50j->10j.
* Bronze Sigil 0.5j->0.1j.
* Drake Sigil and Diamond Sigils added.
* Yuan Crystal LV8 deleted.
* Yuan Crystal LV9 55j->20j.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 12, 2020, 01:22:35 pm
- Fixed issues with white damage not working on certain mobs.
- [Attempt] Fixed issue entering PvP Fort Cloudstorm.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 18, 2020, 02:06:22 pm
- New JD-Mart possible items added.
- Battleground resurrect timers are now faster.
- Another attempt to fix PvP TW on-tower resurrect.
- Old PvE Event drop removed from Sunstrider/Inferna mobs.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 25, 2020, 01:20:36 pm
- [Attempt] Clash of Seven final reward giveout issue fixed.
- [Attempt] Another fix for Celestial Tower related issues.
- [Voida] Heavenly Survival and Heavenly Survival III: Hero spirit burn effect fix attempt.
- [Gevrin] Dark Straw death trigger and tome skill fix attempts.
- PvE Event launched. This time item should be bound to killer correctly.
- [Fort PvP] Ruby HP boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 01, 2020, 12:58:54 pm
v215: Harmony Expansion!
- 170 level cap (that will have to be unlocked via dedicated quests that whole server has to contribute).
- New areas and plot quests (also needs to be unlocked).
- New Astrum Gear.
- Heavy skill changes for every class. Listed here:
- Constellation system that provides even more advanced skills and also regular skill upgrades.
- Three new instances: Five Sins, Misty Milky Way and Dream in the South.
- New battleground LV161-170.
- New clan skills and Clan mansion instance that allows to upgrade them.
- New World BOSS: Maharaja. Drops Astrum scriptures and Stars for Constellation System.
- New Astral Tales.
- New Soul Tower (81 ~ 100) and Celestial Tower (61 ~ 80) floors.
- New possible JD-Mart items.
- New 161 ~ 165 and 166 ~ 170 classes added.
- New Level-UP rewards added for 164, 168, and 170
- Can now increase Mystic Tome Book reforge limit using special marketplace items.
- Can now perorm quick exchange of Bank Notes to/from Gold via Bag interface option.
- Can now Lock soulcards to prevent unintentional fusion or decomposition.
- +16 refinery now available
- Batteries doesn't have coolodown anymore.
- Fort PvP structures defense adjustments.
- Coronation missions boosted.
- Default server EXP rate is back to x5.
- New Drop Event is now available.
- Sign-In calendar will launch October 2.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 02, 2020, 02:55:53 pm
- Elysium restored.
- TW Bid issue fixed.
- Song of Emerald Lady Kevren and portals spawn fixed, battery replaced to working one.
- Heaven Rain Trinket Charge reward issue fixed.
- Ice Orb of Vastness 30k pack stack issue fixed.
- Fae Bud Female fashion issue fixed.
- Jade Box pack unable to open fix attempt.
- Fixed Duel damage issue in safezone.
- Anti bot debuff disabled due QoL and real crash issue.
- Divine Orders will now stack to 999.
- Gold Exchange fixed.
- Reforge Scroll fix attempt.
- Soulcard Decompose and Extractiom option fixed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 03, 2020, 01:06:58 pm
- Mercy Orders will now stack.
- Divine Soul Ash Pack name fixed.
- Gear Change descriptions corrected.
- Modon Form II desription fixed.
- Celeastial Tower 61-80 daily rewards boosted.
- Five Sins battery boosted.
- Fealty Packs boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 06, 2020, 05:37:28 pm
- Sky Challenger Nirvana Orb, Sky Challenger Enlightened Orb and Sky Challenger Disciple Orbs stats boosted sligtly.
- Lazybone Bag Taichi Pill pack issue fixed.
- Illustrious Earth Bundle Crystal Sigil exchange fixed.
- Might of Earth name corrected.
- Crimson Peaks and Fort Cloudstorm fixed fort LV160+.
- Earthen Jade now stacks to 30000.
- Delicious Zongzi is now sell-able.
- Deadly Precision skill name inconsistency fixed.
- Missing Kaihua npc added to westfall (Ask 'greedy' quest).
- Reborn Essence quest boosted.
- Added Common Seal Orb Pack x9999 exchange to Shady Dealer.
- Halcyon Red Golden Crystal, Bright Green Golden Crystal, Sapphire Blue Golden Crystal, Heart of Radiance, Light of Reborn, Sage's Compass, Expedition Pack, Celestial Scroll, Ancient Blood Charm, Ancient Blood Jade, Ancient Blood Seal, Primordial Charm, Primordial Jade, Primordial Seal stacks increased.
- Rapid Essence Craft issue fixed.
- Missing plot mob (Tanis Ka ) added to Southern Province.
- Attempt to fix Infinite BG daily enter times reset issue.
- [Fort PvP] Re-spawn raja will now work same as BfS map raja and lasts 15 sec.
- [Fort PvP] Another attempt to make ruby and defenders sword survive longer.
- Divine Law and Ephemeral Abyss recipes added as rare drop from Five Sins T12.
- Empress Lunara will now drop Seven Method Shards.
* Those shards can be used at Alliance Base Zhu Yen to exchange for order to summon NPC with weeky reward quest containng 5% levelup EXP pills for whole alliance.
- [Voida] Cloud Boundary not givig Ultimate Sense effect fixed.
- [Seira] Montem Dance possible reflect issue fix attempt.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 09, 2020, 02:44:48 pm
- All Celestial Tower related issues should be now resolved.
- Crystal Rift fixed for LV160+.
- Issues with duel should be now fixed.
- Skill Reflect effect general issue fixed for: Tone of Winter, Tone of Ancestor<Arcane>, Tone of Ancestor<Bane>, Tone of Ancestor<Zen>, Cloud Boundary, Unrestrained.
- [Kytos] Death's Volition Firmus effect fixed.
- Eldest Matchmaker chinese text fixed.
- Blazing Voucher fixed for LV160+.
- Attempt to make fair portal visible in Sunstream R15.
- Manman Elite will now drop correct Divine Order.
- Seven Method Shards will now drop from Disorderly Monkey Enli and Primordial Monkey Wu aswell.
- Attempt to fix Infinite BG towers not spawning correctly sometimes.
- Cleansing: Star Soul quests won't trigger automaticaly anymore.
- Vigor Battery added to Clouded Milky Way, Dream in the South and Five Sins instances.
- Fort PvP Towers and Gates boosted slightly.
- Bugged Westfall mob spawn relocated.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 16, 2020, 01:35:42 pm
- [Gevrin] Rain Listener <Arcane> fixed error in damage formula.
- [Modo] Fixed Sky Seeker's Punishmemnt effect.
- [Skysong] Fixed Glowing Aura II issues.

- Issue regarding `No flaws` plot quest should be now resolved.
- Maharaja boss spawn fixed. [Sunday 19:00-24:00 Westfall Void R14].
- Fixed bug with Astrum Gear not giving correct stat values.
- Fixed VIP rewards for 160+.
- VIP rewards reworked.
- Fixed and tested upcoming pve event bind-to-killer feature.
- Infinite BG timeframe to kill tower increased from 5 to 10min.
- Attempt to fix Vigor bats for certain instances.
- Sword Regenesis at Fort Instance level boosted to 180.
- Zunon NPC is now in correct location in Jadeon.
- Minor interface and translation fixed.
- Garro Sleepless restored as auto quests but they will be disabled after LV162.
- Dream Girl NPC added to Sunstream (Recreation Zone) with new daily event.
- Star Weave Vigor (and Lunar Jasper) can be now exchanged for Star Packs at God of Fortune.
- Lunar Jasper -> Astrum Jade exchange added at God of Fortune.
- Platina Sigil Shard added to Dream in the South last (and hidden one) weekly chest reward.
- [Website] New challenges for reaching LV170 as Human, Etherkin and Athan races added.
- Halloween theme for Sun and Moon textures ~by Galaeron.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 23, 2020, 02:18:56 pm
- [Voida] Attempt to fix Dark Despair skill.
- Fixed issue with Event exchange not being able to use Sunny Jades from Token Bag.
- Shortened Website BfS world chat messages to fix possible issue with messages not showing at all sometimes.
- Fixed Fortify Pet Gear option ghost item issue.
- Fixed our customization to respawn within SoC map after death.
- Old Sunstream modified.
- PvE Event launched.
- Warsoul Order exchange rate halved at Jude.
- Attempt to fix issues with last Five Sins boss.
- Attempt to resolve issues with vigor batteries at instances.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 30, 2020, 01:52:56 pm
- We now allow 4th account online for vending purpose. Character has to stay within Main Sunstream map.

- Fixed issues regarding damage and buffs in Clash of Seven.
- Fixed constellation system related realm crash issue.
- Fixed issue with Soul Card fusion consuming materials even when card inventory was full.
- Fixed Gear Type Conversion for Astrum Gears.
- [Modo] Fixed possible issue with Punishment effect damage calculation of Sky Seeker<Zen>.
- [Seira] Fixed Trembling Heart *Star skill Blunt effect probability when casters AP is higher than target.
- [Gevrin] Heavenly Posture tome effect should now stack with Wine of Charity buff.
- [Gevrin] Late Reflection *Star skill fixed hp/sp buff when no Cloud Shift during cast.
- [Forta] Arcanum Soulshield *Star skill will now remove Change Yin to Yang effect correctly.

- PvP Coin rewards slightly reworked.
- Exquisite Vigor Potion and Rectified Meditation Gel max stack corrected at webshop.
- Gift of Wealth reworked into Star Chest website lottery.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 06, 2020, 02:00:08 pm
- Fixed issue with Meteor Shower III skill description.
- Fixed Seira Word of the Wave tome skill description.
- Fixed Snake Bind II skill description.
- Fixed Deadly Precision skill cooldown/effect as rank increases and duration.
- Fixed Sky Seeker<Zen> Punshment buff duration which was affecting tick damage.
- Fixed Imprevious III bug allowing debuffs to pass through after Dragonrest Shoal usage (with Dragonrest Shoal II learned).
- Fixed Focused Freeze III <Earth> Critbonus buff duration calculation issue.
- Fixed Voida Evolution Combination instant cooldown effect.
- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven qualified name list issues (this change will work after Sunday's finals).
- Fixed bug regarding Star stats being too low in most cases.
- Added missing Taichi Pill Pack exchange to Lord Sage Garron.
- Alliance Base `Homeland` event rewards reworked.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 13, 2020, 01:30:31 pm
- [Modo] Poisonous Vermin tome slow effect fixed.
- [Gevrin] Blank Ink knockback issues should occur way less frequent now.
- [Psychea] Fixed Untouchable tome Mecha skill cooldown reduction effect.
- [Modo] Fixed Kangba Extinction<Zen> weaken immune not protecting against Bloodcaller transform.

- Custom buff system implemented. Players are now able to sponsor (Website->Account->Sponsor Server Boosts) PvE damage increase buffsd for Human race factions.
* There are 5 LVL of buff. Each LV boosts PvE damage by 10% so LV 5 boost PvE damage by 50%.

- Constellation system no longer allows to embed same main atrtibute type star types (White/Green/Blue) within same constellation.
- Celestial Agent mob lvl increased to 170.
- VIP Platinum Daily Pack : Spring Rice Glue Ball replaced to Astrum Jade x25.
- Socket Reforge UI translation restored.
- Divine Soul Ash Coupon name corrected.
- Fixed [Hydran] Lonestar charm/badge tome name display error.
- Astrum Jade Coupon, Star Pack now stacks to 9999.
- All Mystic Tome reforgers now stacks to 9999.
- All constellation system Stars now stacks to 9999.
- Fine Seal Orb, Chi Enhancer now stacks to 30000.
- All Sigil Shards now stacks to 9999.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 20, 2020, 01:38:56 pm
- Final fix for Star System realm crash issue.
- [Modo] Thwart Demon: Skysong fixed Sleep not ignoring resistance.
- [Jadeon] Blizzard of Thunder: Jadeon fixed Paralyze not ignoring resistance.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Flowerstream tome hp boost not being properly applied.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Aimless Endavour <Zen> Frosty effect inflict chance issue.
- [Gevrin] Wind Speed Palsy/Slow effect calculation corrected and description fixed (Palsy instead Paralyze).
- Corrected Bloodcaller skill description regarding Weaken effect.
- [Celan] Fixed Song: Blast of Disturbance depending on Weaken RES instead Paralyze RES.
- [Celan] Attempt to fix Musical Notes reset issue.
- Updated LMS website rules. Only Classic server requires to relog after death.
- Attempt to fix Peacock Suit (female) Appearance Inheritance issue.
- Fixed description of Scheme - Forta Tome skill.
- Spirit★ Recipe added as possible drop for final boss in Beast Lord T6 instance.
- JD Mini Pet NPC added to Sunstream (Recreation Zone).
- Westfall and Southern Province mobs will now drop Heaven Dragon Seals, Wonderland Stones and Violetgold Fragments.
- Star Weave Vigor now stacks to 30000.
- <DitS> End Rewards pack rewards boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 27, 2020, 02:11:44 pm
- [Experimental] Censor system disabled to for better cross-language support.
- Daily Sign-in Calendar updated and set up to start wt 1 December 2020.
- PvE Event launched with major rework attempt:
* Event item will now drop in customized solo instance.
* Instance has no entry daily limit and is available for LV15-170.
* Inside instance theres ONE spot with ONE mob (Mouse) spawn that drop event item.
* Instance expires after 6h so need to re-enter once it happens.
- [Attempt] Fort PvP Ruby of Discord will now have 10 minutes Invincibility after spawn.
- [Attempt] Successfull refine global message will now show for at least +14 instead +10.
- Soul Merger added to marketplace.
* Soul Merger allows to combine 5000 Soul Inverters into Superior Soul Inverter that increases Synergy by 50.000 instead 10.
- Blood Merger added to marketplace.
* Soul Merger allows to combine 31 Wyvern Bloods into Perfect Dragon Essence.
- [Website] Can now sponsor PvE buffs for Athans and Psychea and Kytos.
* New buffs will be activated for 6h after server restart.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 04, 2020, 02:23:29 pm
- [Celan] Fixed Soundblade Emperor I not considering Moon in the Mirror III Earth passive effect.
- [Celan] Fixed Blow: Journey Begins<Chroma versions> Crit Dmg formula from Ruun notes not working at all and adjusted Zian note effect being wrong depending on affinity.
- [Celan] Fixed Petals Drop<Chroma versions> Gian note base effect giving 1% bonus AP instead 3%.
- Coronation spawn changes reverted to default. Added 10 second invincible raja on respawn.
- Fort PvP attackers should now spawn in their base only.
- New drop event now available. Pack is now also integrated with `Reward` interface.
- Weekly first kill reward·Hidden rewards boosted.
- Perfect Talismans now stack to 999.
- Darkcore Charm now stack to 30000.
- Added missing item to Shady Dealer: Jade Flower Water.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 10, 2020, 11:48:29 pm
- [Kytos] Fixed bug that caused Chroma and Affinity Faction skills to reset after Jaki Stone usage.
- Fixed certain mobs and bosses being not immune to `Oppressed` effect.
- Fixed star system constellation upgrade allowing to consume stars at maxed constellation level.
- Spawn yellow raja we added to various pvp areas will now expire on move or attack.
- Spawn yellow raja added to Alliance War PvP.
- Attempt to fix Ruby of Discord invincible buff.
- Indomitable Power III re-added to Charge Rewards.
- Superior Soul Inverter descriptrion corrected.
- Tone of Winter skill description corrected.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 18, 2020, 02:29:53 pm
- [Gevrin] Ultimate Freeze and Rain Listener now affected with Southern Terrain tome if River Snow II is active.
- Team Roll system optimized. Players that doesn't click dice icon won't be considered anymore. Roll timeout changed from 60 to 30 seconds to actually match client side progress bar.
- Purple Star, Orange Star, Blue Star, Greensack Jadebook: Honor and Whitesilk Taobook: Honor added to Event Token exchange.
- Fixed Mount Training option bug reseting Echoless Stamen and Bowstring Grass effect from mount.
- Fixed all customized spawn yellow rajas.
- Zuolo Plains optimizations:
* Fixed spawn raja.
* 10 seconds afer entering Safezone transform item will drop automaticaly.
- Fort PvP Ruby defense and HP boosted greatly.
- Recipe: Divine Law and Recipe: Ephemeral Abyss is now  NPC sellable.
- Can no longer use Reforge Scroll on non skill glory grade Mstic Tomes.
- Mortal Trail mobs level increased to 170.
- Dotted Rat level increased to 170.
- Flame Jade Ring amount gained from instance quest reward increased from 2 to 10.
- Chi Enhancer and Elemental Beads now stacks to 30.000.
- Billows cave card stuff drop mobs level increased to 168.
- Christmas event launched (R15 only).
* Event expires 28.12.2020.
- Tranquil Ice Crystal added to marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 01, 2021, 02:15:07 pm
- New class: Sylia!
* Use powerfull elemental skills to destroy your foes and bless your allies buff and healing effects.

- Constellation System
* System will unlock once a player gets to lv161 now instead of wearing full Astrum set
* New "Royal Star" added that comes in 3 ranks, each with a set amount of experience (lv1 100, lv2 1200, lv3 3000). Absorbing these stars doesn't cost gold. Cannot embed in slots, they're used only to raise experience
* Added lock, sort, and batch identify functions to system
* Can now just use 1 click to put unlocked green and white stars into connect star and level function windows
* Can remove the stars in the connect star and level function windows by clicking on them
* New "milky way jade" item added to increase star bag, can upgrade to 252 slots, each use of item unlocks 6 slots
* Fixed issue with light on hand display disappearing after equipping orange or purple stars
* Added a one-click function to Royal Stars to quickly place the stars into the star link (slot unlock) and star upgrade interfaces to gain exp
* Adjusted the light in hand animation after having equipped orange or purple stars
* Removing embedded stars will no longer cost gold
* Constellation system's stat value display is 2 decimal /radix points
* The experience loss from absorbing stars with experience is reduced from 50% to 30%

- Skill changes:
Frozen Memories CD reduced to 5 sec
Frozen Memories (Chroma) : When hitting mobs, the last hit has a 100% chance to trigger a one time 3 hit combo effect. Damage to the combo effect is related to the caster's Attack Power and RES

Mohun Juma ~ All versions: `One Lethal Strike` effect can now stack

Kangba Extinction Attaches 50% of AP to damage when hitting mobs
Dance of Chaos Cooldown reduced to 3 sec
Hohun Urn Tome also attaches 30% of AP to damage when hitting mobs with Dance of Chaos

Incense Mage:
Nanwu Fire Optimized casting speed and attaches 50% of AP to damage when hitting mobs and randomly raises burn damage

Flamestream Changed to hit 4 times and attaches 100% of AP to damage when hitting mobs
Fire Spirit Tome also reduces Flamestream's CD by 3 sec

Ghost Cut When hitting non-player targets, the critnull reduction effect's duration will extend 5 sec
Ghost Cut 2 Changed to hit 2 times and reduces DEF by 15%, at most reducing DEF by 60%, for 8 sec
Steal Raid Changed to hit 2 times and skill will now hit those within 12 yards of a target

Damage Raise Added 36% AP as extra damage to Obstacle, Spearhead, Blood Blade, and Last Stand & 18% AP to Pathfinder, Sky's Doom, and Extermination

Constellation System Star Skills

* Fixed not being able to cancel (esc) casting the following star skills: Demon Blast (skysong), Lovesickness (lupin), Firestone Will (modo), Pyroessence (mage), and Fine Literature (pyschea)
* Adjusted the skill description to the following star skills: Divine Execution (jadeon) and Bloody Chop (rayan)
* Extended the duration to the critnull reduction effect of the star skill version of Piercing Bolt (hydran)
* Fixed invincibility effect from star skill version of Obscura (jadeon) conflicting with other invincibility effects
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Heart Sutra (skysong) triggering the Disregard effect and when skill reaches rank 5, the duration will be extended
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Spirit Sediment (arden) triggering the Contempt effect and when skill reaches rank 5, the duration will be extended
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Tiger Smash (balo) triggering the Disregard effect
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Trembling Heart (seira) triggering its Cycle Paralyze effect
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Piercing Bolt (hydran) triggering some of its effects
* Adjusted the chance to trigger some effects to the following star skills: Positive Reinforcement (lupin), Ghost Veil (rayan), Tone of Frost (celan), Drunk World (forta), Spring Healing (gevrin)

- New instance Shady Milky Way
* Only asc 160+, 6 to 12 players can enter
* The difficulty is harder than the other 2 versions of this instance
* Every recovery item in instance will have a 30 sec cooldown. Batts given in this instance can only be used in the instance. Players must work together to pass!
* Players can receive Omened Seals, Sigils and Mystic Weapon materials.

- Clan Mansion
* Can find the Cherry Blossom Order in the marketplace. With this order, can go to the Housekeeper in Clan Mansion to open up a quest to spawn the King of Beasts.
* After defeating the beast, can gain a  Cherry Blossom. When skills are lv6 or higher, can go to Clan Master to upgrade the skill with a certain amount of the Cherry Blossoms.

- New instance: Celestial Ruins
* Pre-Asc 90 - 150 & Asc 90 - 170 can open and enter
* Speed to Skyblade and Wings are greatly improved in instance and new special aerial combat skills were added (pop-up skills like CP)
* Rewards contain special Skyblade boosting seals and unique skyblades.

- Skyblade & Wings
* Significantly increase the speed to skyblades and wings
* No longer need full invigoration energy to fly
* Can use the Esper Assimilation function at Esper Mystic Shera to consume Star Chasing Sacred Seal to raise skyblades and flying mounts' Spirit Travel rank, which greatly increases the speed of skyblade and wings
* Can use the Esper Assimilation function at Esper Mystic Shera to consume Enter the CLoud Sacred Seal to add the Sky Travel·Light as a Cloud skill to a skyblade, which gives a Spurt ability to skyblades and wings
* Players are able to invigorate (use skills, etc) while flying in the Celestial Ruins instance

- Instance Rewards
( Five Sins (T10 ~ T12))
* All mystic tomes dropped from bosses will now only be grade 6. Bosses will no longer drop grade 5 mystic tomes
* New Perfect type of badge added. Bosses will no longer drop common Badge types
* Raised the chance for mobs to drop Spiritual Covenant Bundle
( Other )
* Get a Sun Bead item after completing Beast Lord (T5 ~ T6), Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 ~ T9), Five Sins (T10 ~ T12), Elemental Temple (Crisis Creator & Doom Forger), Shura Gauntlet, and Holy Lotus (1st Place)
* Get 10 Mythical Soil after completing the Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 ~ T9) and Five Sins (T10 ~ T12) instances
* Greatly increased the taichi pill reward in Shura Gauntlet
* Elemental Temple (Doom Forger) bosses will also drop Chroma Bead Pack (100)
* Beast Lord (T6) and Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 ~ T9) bosses will also drop Chroma Bead Pack (500)
* Beast Lord (T6) now has an increased drop rate of mystic tomes

- Battle for Supremacy
* The Hexagon Charm Wood reward exchange for Medals replaced with White Star
- Master & Disciple system reworked
* To further the existing master & disciple system. Masters will form a school with many disciples and disciples will no longer automatically finish their apprenticeship
* Increase expertise rewards. The points can now be used to exchange for various rewards
* Raised the rank to the Expertise Skills (rank 15)
* Added rewards to master & disciple. When a disciple gets to certain levels, both the master and disciple will gain a reward
* Masters will gain an EXP bonus the more disciples the master has. Can also gain Master Points from certain instances
* The original Master & Disciple relation will end after expansion. The old rewards will be merged into the new system

- Immortal Couples
* New "Confession" system implemented. Couples can through the Social /Couples /Heartfelt Confession systems exchange with each other peach blossoms, fireworks array, butterflies, firefly light, and colored lantern.
* These confession items will give different visual effects and romantic messages. They also increase the Romance value to the couples
* New "Marriage Anniversary". After a couple has been married for a certain number of days, they can receive an anniversary gift that will give titles, avatars, accessories, and other rewards
* New "Scorching Peach Blossoms and Firworks" quest at Eldest Matchmaker where couples can teamup to gain Romance and Confession items
* Eldest Matchmaker has an additional exchange, where players can exchange affection/romance for confession items and various rings
* Optimized the old romance skills and added 4 new romance skills
- New Romance Skills
* What is Love: transforms spouse
* Sword Washing: removes debuffs from spouses
* Unending Happiness: increases max hp
* Dying Without Regret: help spouse avoid fatal damage
- Optimized older skills:
* Wings of Devotion: Raised rank to 5, reduced cast time. At rank 5, CD is reduced. No longer enters CD if failed to teleport
* Loving Pair: Raised the recovery amount
* Renew the Romance: Raised the recovery amount after resurrecting

- Mystic Weapon system
( Gain Method )
* Practice weapons can be gained by exchanging an Mythical Soil item at Mystic Master Yang Kun.
* Mythical Soil item drops in Song of the Emerald Lady, Five Sins, and Shady Milky Way instance added in this expansion
* Illustrious weapons can be gained by exchanging a Illustrious Edge Bag item.
* The bag item drops from Bosses in the Elysium (Thunder Phoenix) and Dream in the South instances, and also from 2 Elysium Bosses: Primordial Monkey Wu and Empress Lunara
* Praised weapons can be gained as a drop from the Thunder Phoenix world BOSS.
(Refinement - Accumulate Spirit )
* Can only refine these weapons through the Accumulate Spirit function at Mystic Master Yang Kun in Sunstream using Blessing Talisman·Moon Talisman and ccumulate Spirit Talisman·Combat Talisman
* If a player fails at refining for this weapon, the rank will not drop nor will the weapon break. However, the item's Good Fortune stat will raise, making a successful refinement more easily attained. Each time one fails, that value will raise. Once the player is successful at refining, the good fortune stat will go back to zero
* Each time a player accumulates spirit on these weapons, the more good fortune points they'll get
( Fate Stat and Imbue)
* Mystic weapons can also have imbues and fate stats. Players are able to transfer imbues and fate stats from Astrum weapons into the Mystic weapons.
* The Mystic Master Yang Kun npc has "Fate Stat Transfer" and "Imbue Stat Transfer" options. After transferring fate stats, the source weapon will not be consumed and instead have its fate stats changed
* Players are also able to transfer imbues and fate stats from Mystic weapons into Astrum weapons.
( Consolidated Soul Spirit Stone )
* These stones can be embedded into Mystic weapons to increases its power at the Mystic Master Yang Kun npc
* These stones drop in Shady Milky Way and can also be exchanged from Mystic Master Yang Kun for Mythical Soil
(Spirit Extraction )
* Can use this function to extract the spirit from Endless and Astrum Weapons to gain Moon Virute Talisman. After using function on +14 or higher weapons it will also give Good Fortune Points
* Each character can only use this function once
* The weapon needs to be bound and refined +11 or higher
* The higher the refinement the more Moon Virtue Talismen are gained
* The weapon that has its spirit extracted will not disappear, all its stats will remain unchanged, and can use all the original functions with the weapon

- Gear Fate Stat and Imbue Stat Transfer
* Fate Stat Transfer Rules were changed: source gear will no longer be consumed after a transfer, will now have its fate stats randomly changed
* Imbue Stat Transfer: Players can transfer an imbue and its refinement level from source gear into target gear by using a Mysterious Origin Divine Crystal. Option is available at Mystic Master Yang Kun
* The mysterious origin divine crystal is dropped in Song of the Emerald Lady, Five Sins, and Clouded Milky Way * Pure or can be exchanged for Mythical Soil at Mystic Master Yang Kun. Also can purchase from marketplace
- Divine Master will have new option "Gear Evolution" to show a preview of the upgraded gear's stats (like ring upgrades at linqi)
* This function will automatically search the player's bag for yuan crystals and add them automatically. The upgrade preview will upgrade depending on the yuan crystals (upgraded gear's refinery)
* When there's enough of the materials needed to upgrade, players can click on "upgrade" to promote the gear piece
* Note: remember to have yuan crystal to save certain stats
* Players can choose to use the old system and have to use scriptures to upgrade that way

- Skylords will offer free teleports from starter towns up to Shura
- New World Boss: Thunder Phoenix will spawn in Elysium each Sunday at 21:15 on Realm 15. Boss will dissapear at midnigth. Can Drop Mithrill, Platina and Crystal Sigils, Illustrious Blade Pouch and Praised Blade Pouch.
- World Boss Empress Lunara, Primordial Monkey Wu bosses were strengthened
- New Sprite Gear type: Battle Flag implemented.
- Character login screen display no longer shows the character's esper in the animation
- Players carrying the Resurrection Pill can now use it in open maps to resurrect at their current location
* Added a quick purchase method for the Resurrection Pill. Those who aren't carrying the pill, can use this method to consume Jaden or Empyrean Bullion to purchase the Resurrection Pill
- Quiz Bowl event can no longer be opened in zuolo plains or elysium
- Optimized the time it takes to open Common Seal Orb Pack, Jade Chest of Salvation, and Precious Jade Pack
- Players can now customize the safety lock function to apply to certain things and not protect un-selected functions
* Players with Stash password will need to Unlock Safety Lock manually on each relog using Safety Lock interface -> Unlock function.
- Added a "Faction Esper Exchange" option to Jade Exchange Girl in Sunstream
- Shortened the time it takes to bloodbond gear
- Increased the number of slots to the Mount/Skyblade bag to 252
- Modified the logic behid transform gems and mounts
* A mounted player can use a transform gem to transform, their speed will be the same as being mounted and the player model will be that of the transform gem model
* A player in the transformed stat after using a transform gem will be able to use a mount and raise their speed to the same as being mounted, the player model will stay as the transform gem's model
* If the player is mounted while in a transformed state from a transform gem and cancels the transformation, they'll return to the player model of riding the mount
- Remote Courier feature now available in marketplace.
- Premium Stash is now available.
* This is an additional Stash type.
* Use new marketplace item: Premium Stash Expander to expand Premium Stash by 6 slots.
* Please use drag and drop method while putting items into Premium Stash since one click way not work correctly due client limitations.
- All mounts now have Max Speed 8.5.
* Network rewards Icefield Wolf has max speed 9.0.
* Fort holder mount - Thunder Rhino have now speed 12.0.
- New exchange added to Jude.
* Players can exchange old/unused donation/pve event seals for more usefull items.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 02, 2021, 05:50:07 pm
- [Sylia] Dimishing Ability Crit Bonus buff now stack properly with Sincerity and Golden Rooster fashion buffs.
- [Sylia] Light Flame and Meditate learn required level issue fixed.
- Fixed realm crash issue related to Sprite Creation system.
- Fixed realm crash issue related to bfs pvp.
- Spirit Extraction UI translated.
- Minor UI fixes.
- Blue Sea Order, Royal Star(LV1) item descriptions corrected.
- Master & Disciple system fixed.
* I had to clear relations once again to make it work properly for all players. Sorry for inconvinience.
- Various item names corrections.
- Fixed and boosted Shady Milky Way batteries.
- Attempt to fix Crystal Rift issues.
- Rift Gate names crrected.
- Sea Coral Lottery now usable.
- Moon Talisman marketplace price greatly reduced.
- Attempt to fix new Sky Dweller quest issues.
- Ultimate Fealty Pack chance for Blood of Reborn restored.
- Attempt to fix Sylia vile trail npc.
- Corrected Star stats not being able to roll max value.
- ○Weapon Exchange Coupon LV148 sylia weapon fixed.
- Part of new titles translated.
- Sylium Gem added to webshop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 08, 2021, 03:07:03 pm
- Website Vote best pack now requires 132 votes instead 140.
- Fixed Star Identify related realm crash issue.
- Token Bag logic optimized.
* Script will manage item stack best it can which will allow to store much more items inside.
- White damage dealt to mobs will be now visible only for direct attacker.
- [Gevrin] Ultimate Freeze defense dispel effect will now affect players only.
- [Sylia] Fixed Bequeath consuming 2 stacks sometimes to reset one elemental skill cooldown.
- [Sylia] Fixed Avert status not grating immune agaist Transform.
- [Sylia] Fixed Heavens Unite<Arcane> description mistranslation.
- [Sylia] Fixed Beginnings and Ends tome not working for Dead Tree Spirit.
- [Sylia] Fixed Overcome All tome not working for Dead Tree Spirit.
- [Sylia] Fixed Autumn Vista 3 <Hero> consuming too much Spiritual Breaths.
- [Sylia] Fixed New and Graceful required learn level issue.
- [Sylia] Attempt to fix Abstain effect not working well against mobs.
- [Sylia] Fixed general bug regading multi-hit skills consuming spriritual breaths per hit instead cast.
- [Modo] Can now use skyblade while Modon and Demonic Forms.
- Fixed Starlight skill's "Monster EXP" effect.
- Attempt to boost Fort PvP defender swords survivability.
- Milky Way instances descriptions corrected regarding shared cooldown.
- Shady Milky Way can be now done twice a day aswell.
- Fixed new Master&Disciple system EXP buff.
- Fixed general bug that was preventing certain summons to inherit their tome/influenced skills which allowed them to trigger special effects.
- Attempt to fix Confession items if couple plays on diffrent link servers.
- Fixed Couple Anniversary claim reward issue.
- CT LVL60 daily reward nerfed (Spiritual Covenant Coupons).
- Special VIP6 rewards corrected.
- Might of Earth item name restored.
- Falling Petal Jade added to Kui Tun Shura Gauntlet exchange.
* Disabled Diamond gears removed from exchange.
- Elysium marketplace is back to english translation.
- Corrected few Celestial Ruins instance issues.
- Golden Boy name no longer Chinese in Holy Lotus instance.
- Translated titles at Couple Anniversary box rewards.
- Heaven Path Bead exchange packs replaced to direct items. (White Star Pack -> White Star etc).
- Icarus Wings Pack addeed to Celestial Ruins exchange.
- Lucifuge Knight level boosted to 170.
- Fairyland Sunstream map id now available:
* Talk to Shizhu at Sunstream City Recreation Zone to enter.
* After entering, players can go to the Bulletin Board to take a daily quest.
* Chests with High Merit Tickets can be collected there.
* At 12:30 ~ 13:00 and 21:30 ~ 22:00 the Book of Songs event starts in Fairyland Sunstream on realm 15.
* During the Book of Songs event, there will be a lot of Fun Box'es spawned all across Fairyland Sunstream on realms 1 ~ 15.
* The Great Rat Merchant is to the left of Fardin in Fairyland Sunstream.
* The merchant sells 9 random items that are changed 2 times everyday at 12:20 and 21:20.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 15, 2021, 03:26:37 pm
- Fixed global issue regarding %exp gain stat from skills and other sources not working in certain circumstances.
- Gyrfalcon Spirit Skill Damage buff will now affect mobs only.
- [Sylia] Fixed Autumn Vista III <Hero> Spiritual Breath cost issue.
- [Hydran] Fixed Impervious III <Earth> exclusive effect issue.
- Intangible buff description linebreak fixed.
- New maps overview translations added.
- Fishing rewards in Sunstream restored to customized state.
- Scruffen has his glorious name restored.
- Fixed issue that prevented Master Points to actually reach exact daily limit value.
- Ultimate Fealty Box rewards boosted.
- Fixed issues related to Sprite Affection gain.
- Chenchao [Consigment sale] npc removed from Sunstream.
- Fixed Constellation and Star levelup when EXP exceeded certain amount.
- Fixed some Token Bag issuees.
- Sky Apex Chalice added to marketplace.
- Special VIP5 batteries are no longer timed.
- Wonderland Stone description estimated sale price info removed.
- Jadeon > Added Monkey Phantasm to the port location for the Acension quest and new romance mines
- Incense Valley > Added the new romance mines
- Heartrending Flower (Seal) [Bilu daily] will now exists just 3 hours.
- Fun Box'es Pet Soul items are no longer timed to 60 seconds.
- Corrected Fun Box duplicate spawn issue.
- Minor interface changes/fixes
- <DitS> End Rewards pack correct description restored.
- Shady Milky Way should now work same way as Clouded Milky Way ones (excluding cooldown).
- Wonder Medium added to Shura Gauntlet Exchange.
- Fixed respawn after death on Affinity Maps.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 22, 2021, 02:25:55 pm

- In-game banker system is now functional with Bank Note support rework applied.
* Banker limits: 1000 jadens, 100k gold, 15000 Bank Notes (1k).
* Max Jaden price: 15.000 G.
* Bank notes have priority and are required for each transaction above 1k gold. If something costs 25400 G: 25 Bank Notes and 400G are required.   
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain effect allowing caster to be killed in certain circumstances.
- [Sylia] Heavens Unite Avert buff will now grant immune to Taunt and Burn as intended.
- Fixed global issue regarding several skills that grant various immunities (Heavens Unite, Ancient Soul for example) having its immune flags disabled after casting other skill that grants same immune yet lower duration.
- [Sylia] Bequeath shoudn't be consumed when target is under raja or invincibility anymore.
- Modon Form II skill description corrected.
- Fixed ascended Class reward notification.
- [Marketplece] Removed incorrect Unfolding Moon description.
- Attempt to fix random S ranks in Clouded Milky Way issues.
- Fixed party issue on BfS Map.
- PK settings are no longer respected in LmS map. LmS pvp should now work on all realms including PvE ones.
- New pets should be Tame-able.
- Minor translation fixes.
- He Linger NPC and Star Dust added to Fairy Sunstream.
- Trial·Vile Spirits for Sylia rewards boosted to match other classes.
- Shady Milky Way batteries fix another attempt.
- VIP5 will now be permanent (this time for sure).
- Celestial Ruins label fixed at fealty window.
- Fixed spawned npcs wrong name issue.
- Alliance War tab interface restored.
- Chenchao also removed from Divine Realm.
- Thunder Phoenix wont be draggable from his spot anymore (further than 70 meters).
- New Emerald Prince/Princess fashions added to marketplace.
- Pure Goldspin stack size increased to 9999.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 29, 2021, 03:02:43 pm
- [Lupin] Attempt to fix River Dweller III Earth cooldown lock issue.
- [Balo] Iron Guts spirit shield should now apply after target damage reductions are calculated.
- [Modo] Sanguine Fog star passive effect will now stack with Wine of Charity buff.
- Fixed HP drop issue on each relog for certain classes.
- Few server side anti realm crash fix attempts.
- Five Sins last boss shoudn't suicide anymore.
- Various NPC position fixes.
- Quest translations.
- Fixed Cipher Crystal exchange quest.
- PvE Event launched.
- <DitS> weekly boxes will now give more Platina Sigil Shards.
- Another attempt to make Ruby of Discord more tanky.
- Two website lotteries replaced.
- Elysium has been heavily reworked server side. Please report if any issues occurs there.
* All characters has been forced out Elysium if left inside before this update.
* JD-Mart and Quiz Bowl event is no longer available in elysium.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 05, 2021, 02:43:14 pm
- [Gevrin] Fixed potential issue with chance and duration of Sparse Constellation.
- Attempt to fix unkillable Redlotus Yasho mobs in Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Attempt to fix Elysium side auto PvP Events.
- Fixed issue with alliance name not showing on Alliance Base event system messages.
- Gyrfalcon Spirit buff modified once again:
* Human and Athan factions have original effect restored (+15% skill damage)
* Etherkins remains with nerfed effect (+15% non-player skill  damage)
- New drop event `Glazed Scroll` now available.
- Top Vote pack requires now just 125 votes.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 12, 2021, 01:04:31 pm
- [Gevrin] Sparse Constellation duration final fix applied.
- [Gevrin] Instagible effects can't be removed.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker no longer protects against non-player targets as it should from the beginning.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Wave Seeker bug protecting against debuffs if mixed with Silent Dew.
- [Gevrin] Elapsed Age and Sparse Constellation no longer resets Chroma Eruption and Fashion skill cooldowns.
- Fixed ingame BfS que issue after character relog.
- Attempt to fix Alliance War map spawn stuck issue.
- Attempt to fix Celestial Ruins last boss spawn issue.
- Final fix for Elysium side auto pvp events score not counting issue.
- Fixed general issue regarding login system and client limit where accounts could be banned after failed login attempt to account that is already online.
- Fixed server side bug that could cause very rare realm crashes.
- Battlegrounds will now give 5x more courage and Skyline Pearls.
- [Event] Dancing Event is up once again to celebrate Valentine's Day & Lunar New Year.
* Find Dancing Envoy on R15 to participate.
* Expires next Friday.
- Since we have Valentine's Day coming soon, Confession items (Butterflies, Firefly Light, Colored Lantern) at marketplace have been discounted by 20%.
- Couple Anniversary required days balanced.
- Purity Fashion Gift Box and Pyro Fashion Gift Box added to Marketplace.
- Recipe: Divine Law and Recipe: Ephemeral Abyss that drops from FS12 are no longer bound.
* This change doesn't unbind recipes that dropped before this change.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 19, 2021, 02:32:46 pm
- [Kytos] Ruse: Flank cooldown corrected.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker should now protect against white damage properly (respecting range).
- [Gevrin] Forset Trek II Skill Accuracy buff will now stack properly with Deadly Precision skill.
- Fixed few reported exploits.
- Attempt to fix in-game BfS issues.
- Fixed stash sort button labels.
- Corrected Bilu/Anan/Velonus avatar frames missing graphical effects.
- Fixed Celestial Ruins Cosmos Handle boss quest trigger (Easy difficulty only).
- Fixed Catch Pet function for LV160+ players.
- Attempt to fix rare bug that causes LMS player white name.
- Old donation event fashions have been added to Donation Seal Exchange.
- Heaven Dragon Scroll, Skyspirit Jade Soul and Boost Orb stack size increased.
- Scallop will now also give 50% chance to obtain Crystal Sigil Shard.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 26, 2021, 02:03:46 pm
- Fixed possible client crash issue regading 'normal' Bloodsmelt feature.
- Fixed possible client crash issue regading Esper Ascension, Inheritance and Fusion features.
- [Sylia] Fixed Bequeat not reseting elemental skills cooldowns when attacking certain turrets at BGs.
- [Celestial Ruins] Cosmos Handle boss difficulty corrected.
- Corrected Heart Sutra skill description regarding cooldown duration.
- PvE Event launched.
- TW weekly reward quest from Agent Evan greatly boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 05, 2021, 02:33:58 pm
- [Mage] Corrected Vastness tome description.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Rain Listener <Arcane> damage eeduction debuff.
- Corrected Fate Attribute Transfer option help info regarding Source and Target slots.
- Corrected Purity Fashion Pack description at marketplace. Male characters gets Assasin Fashion set, female Purity Fashion set.
- TW weekly rewards introduced in previous patch nerfed.
- Not functional `Spirit Lands` quest disabled.
- Sealed Astrum Box can be opened 3->15 timer per day.
- Fixed minor visual issue regarding Esper Fusion feature.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 12, 2021, 03:20:51 pm
- [Gevrin] Fixed Pine Winter giving 1%/rank crit null per Deep Coldness Rank instead static value.
- [Gevrin] Witherd Lotus should now properly ignore Wave Seeker and Silent Dew shields.
- [Jadeon] Corrected Righteous Forbearance tome description to be more clear.
- [Arden] Corrected Devilbash Arrow Sun description.
- Another attempt to fix last boss at Celestial Ruins instance doesn't spawn sometimes.
- Corrected Seira character creation text description.
- Left Hand of Spite BOSS at Five Sins instance MiM cooldown corrected.
- Sealed Astrum Box can be opened 15 times per day (this time for sure).
- Custom and Awakened Soul Stones will now respect reset rules regarding Synergy stat number and exclusion of Evasion and Accuracy.
- Attempt to fix TW Celestial Army attacks to remove province ownership properly when conquered.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 19, 2021, 03:00:15 pm
- [Lupin] Ripple tome description corrected.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Pine Winter giving 1%/rank crit null per Deep Coldness Rank instead static value. (This time for sure)
- Fixed Ten Heralds of Underworld, Netherlord and Death Call skills giving caster Skill Accuracy and decreasing target Skill Evasion way too much.
- Another attempt to fix TW province occupation change logic.
- Another attempt to solve Celestial Ruins last boss spawn issues.
- Attempt to fix Archaia minimap.
- Flame Jade Ring Pack added to marketplace.
- Fire Emperor/Empress fashion set added to marketplace.
- Elegant Noble fashion set added to marketplace.
- Violetgold Fragments added to Crystal Rift Completion Reward Boxes.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 26, 2021, 03:26:13 pm
- PvE Event launched.
* This time pve event instance is limited to 3 entries per day for 3h each.
- Alliance War pvp activite reward replaced to Zuolo Plains.
* Allance War should remain reward-free true PvP zone.
- Attempt to fix Shura Gauntlet·Inquisitor spawn issue after killing too fast.
- Attempt to unlock Elegant Noble Hair for female Seira.
- Huaxu Music Score item description corrected.
- Spirit★ Recipe required materials greatly reduced.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 02, 2021, 03:18:00 pm
- [Celan] Fixed general bug regarding musical notes. Most likely only notes from two first slots worked till now.
- [Sylia] Corrected Everlating Expansion (T5) level required for 5/5.
- [Sylia] Attempt to fix Bequeath status in Elysium.
- Better support for Russian language font added.
- Fixed minor bug at Couple Anniversary rewards preventing to claim box.
- New drop event `Wildfire Embers` is now available.
- Daily Sign-In rewards will be available from tomorrow.
- Gold Ingot crafting cooldown time reduced to 1h.
- Added Royal Stars exchange at Lord Sage Garron.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 09, 2021, 01:30:36 pm
- [Sylia] Corrected Boreas Manas II remove debuff chance.
- [Sylia] Enter the Profound: slightly reduced duration of raja/invincibility.
- [Hydran] Palsy no longer changes name of target player.
- Attempt to fix Gyrfalcon Spirit pvp buff for Humans and Athans.
- Attempt to fix Star Scale usage visual bug with one item left.
- Wildfire Embers now stacks to 30.000.
- Wildfire Embers can be now sold to NPC.
- Mithril Sigil purchase at Wildfire Gift Pack fixed.
- Dragon Bay treasure hunting quest rewards boosted.
- Iron Battleground exchange modified:
* Diamond Sigil replaced with Crystal Sigil.
* Ultimate Talisman Gems price reduced.
- White Star -> Royal Star LV1 added to Lord Sage Garron exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 16, 2021, 03:15:41 pm
- Fixed Gear Repair/Cancel Gear Demolish function visual issue preventing broken item to remove from bag properly.
- Celemiracle Scroll item description translated.
- Golden Snake fashion is now bind on equipped instead of direct binding.
- Golden Snake Shoes(F) icon fixed at marketplace.
- Deprecated Consigment Sale info removed from help index list.
- Astrum Gear Material Package added to Marketplace for 30j.
- Destiny II skill description corrected.
- Fixed mixed automatic pet mode settings labels.
- Minor ui fixes and translations.
- Cloud Chronicles (Gevrin LV135 Esper material) added to Shura Gauntlet exchange.
- Attempt to improve website online status detection script.
- Battle for Supremacy added to website PvP Activities.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 23, 2021, 03:18:23 pm
- PvE Event launched.
* Please be aware that website online/offline status detection were optimised not so far ago and it may take more time to update on website (10-15m usually).
- Jade Ticket·Decade exchange added to Jude.
* Jade Ticket·JD Decade drops from Orison Instance bosses(tradeable).
- Crystal Rift quest is now able to be completed at Astral King NPC.
- [Voida] Extreme Firmament(all) description corrected.
- Max regular gear refinery +17 unlocked.
- Max mystic gear refinery +16 unlocked.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 30, 2021, 01:22:41 pm
- Bronze Mirror Skyblade has been fixed.
* Players that claimed broken one from website will have fixed version re-sent later today.
- Tian Bolis soulcard set Damage Reduction visual issue corrected.
- Moon Talismans added to Sacerd PvP Coin chests.
- Added Golden Statue -> Curse/Mark Exchange Ticket exchange at Award Manager.
- Heaven Rain Trinket added to Event Token exchange.
- Automated PvP Event ranges changed to: refinery +14 and lower, refinery +15, refinery +16 and higher.
- Inferna and Kunlun servers now use main server client.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 07, 2021, 01:37:46 pm
- Fixed Lupin Bell esper missing Ascenion skill fusion effect.
* Fix works only for newly ascended espers.
- [Sylia] Boreas Manas (T1), Diminishing Ability and Induced Painting 3 <Sky> Crit Rate buffs no longer conflicts with each other.
- [Voida] Bright Brilliance sp diffrence damage fixed.
- [Voida] Heavenly Nature aura trigger fixed.
- [Rayan] Shadow Sacrifice III skill description max level corrected.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green III: Hero skill description corrected.
- Fairyland Sunstream Scallop quest Internal Heat skill fixed.
- Chi Bootle fusion effect Healing of Dreamland will now increase Max HP correctly.
- §Ocean Purification and similar recipes are now sell-able to NPC.
- Daily Sign-In rewards timer restarted.
- LMS refinery ranges changed to +15 and lower and +16 and higher (change valid from next week).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 14, 2021, 01:10:11 pm
- [Sylia] Boreas Manas (T1), Diminishing Ability and Induced Painting 3 <Sky> Crit Rate buffs no longer conflicts with each other.
- [Sylia] Fixed Dead Tree Flowers placing 3 Bequeath stacks instead 1 with Overcome all tome.
- [Voida] Another attempt to fix Heavently Nature aura damage calculation.
- [Kytos] Attempt to fix Last Stand crit trigger if target dies. This is global change and may apply for other skills that base on similar trigger effect.
- [Vim] Gather Spirit III Hero cooldown reset trigger fix attempt for shields, attack ignore or evade.
- Gyrfalcon Spirit skill damage buff should now stack with Skysong's Passage of Salvation.
- Fixed LMS sign-in not working for new level/refinery ranges.
- Outstanding Doctrine·M is now sell-able to NPC.
- Purple Sky Jade cost reduced from 50 to 30 at Event Exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 21, 2021, 01:13:12 pm
- Fixed Team Instance interface issue where parties that left team were still visible and prevented to re-join team.
- Fixed Team Instance Sign-In function room name bug.
- Team Instance room chat is now functional.
- Usage of Portal Scrolls is now disabled in most PvP based maps and instances.
- Fixed issue that prevented to damage summons at Clash of Seven.
- Fixed quee interface for Clash of Seven.
- Can no longer cause damage to other party member summons at website BfS map.
- Fixed Gevrin distance based shieds not working against damage from already dead targets.
- [Vim] Corrected Faith tome description regarding Withered Wood influence.
- Attempt to fix PvE TW attacks duplications on server restarts.
- Crimson Peaks now require 10->6 players to open.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 28, 2021, 01:28:31 pm
- [Sylia] Obscure Illusion <Zen>: fixed bleed duration formula.
- [Sylia] Fixed Dream  of Huaxu tomed with Harmonious and Happy, invincibility effect not triggering.
- [Seira] Fixed Charming Pollen 2 effect not going into effect in certain circumstances.
- [Forta] Demonic Fury no longer conflicts with stances.
- Fixed fusion effect: Enfeebled Spirit causing abnormal damage for bosses.
- Celebrated Star - Ruby Pagoda Esper will now reset Demonfire III cooldown.
- Fixed Clash of Seven leave quee button.
- Fixed Clash of Seven quee info not showing up instantly after sign-in.
- Attempt to fix Void/Ghost Armor spawn in all Milky Way instances if Void Soul Armor is killed to quick.
- [Attempt] Blessing type skills can no longer affect players of oposite party in website BfS map.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 04, 2021, 02:04:28 pm
- Can now open both Alliance Base Trails without cooldown.
- Fixed Whisker Tiger<Zen> skill description.
- Missing npc (Nura) added to Fairy Sunstream.
- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven score board inside instance.
- Seven Method Shards will now drop from God of Rain as well.
* This includes Alliance Base boss.
- New drop event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 11, 2021, 12:19:07 pm
- New EU link server added. Main link server will remain with higher ping due anti-ddos protection applied.
* As long there are no attacks, can use lowest ping link. Otherwise it's recommended to use main link server.
- [Forta] Corrected Spurt skill description regarding effect removal.
- [Forta] Earthen Will star skill effect no longer conflicts with Chroma Ancestral Spirit skills.
- [Sylia] Obscure Ilussion bleed effect should now be lifted after end of the duel.
- Fixed Arrival of Greatness summon caused abnormal crit null/shield debuff values.
- Fixed general bug causing heavy server CPU usage which could produce lags and potential realm crashes.
- Clash of Seven kills are now recorded properly regarding score.
- Attemp to fix TW scoreboard.
- Orison Fragment Pack now stacks to 9999.
- Dream in the South instance now requires 12->6 players to enter.
- God of Rain: Seven Method Shard adjusted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 18, 2021, 12:00:40 pm

- Fashion Wardrobe
* Players can click on WRD tab (bag, instance, quest, etc) or press U to open up the Fashion Wardrobe window.
* Players can add non-timed fashion(hair/body/boots/weapon) to wardrobe.
* Players can freely select which fashion pieces to wear in fashion wardrobe UI.
* Players can see how the fashions will look on their characters by clicking on the fashion in wardrobe
* Fashion stats and the character's outer appearance will be independent from each other. Players are able to freely select the stats they want to apply without affecting their appearance.
* Those with inherited fashions will have both fashions the pre and post inheritance fashions lighten up in their handbook
* Fashions that have been dyed will have them refunded according to help[?] description of the Wardrobe. Old dye system is now disabled.
- Wardrobe fashion dyeing
* You can open up the dye interface if the fashion has gardient helm, body, and shoe icons next to it.
* There's 13 different color systems and a light-dark bar.
* The Dying Color Palette is initially locked until the player unlocks it, until then it's just a preview. Players can unlock it with a Dye Key.
* Each coloring will require a varying amount of Natural Dyes.
* Players can fill up to 6 color schemes and change to them whenever they want. Players will have the ability to delete old saved color schemes to save new ones
* If a player used a time-limited dye, the color scheme will disappear after the time limit expires
* Players are able to be even more unique to themselves with segment dying, which they'll be able to do with the special fashions that provide more coloring options
* [CAUTION] Please dont use `Owned first` option in Wardrobe as Kytos character. It will cause client crash. This issue is not fixable in current version. Sorry for inconvinience.

- Wardrobe - Fashion Weapons
* Added a Fashion Weapon category to Wardrobe
* Fashion Weapons no longer have the attributes of weapons, so if a character is wearing a fashion weapon, but has no weapon equipt, they won't be able to cast skills that require a weapon
* Added new faction general fashion weapons that won't appear during combat
* Some general fashion weapons have amusement type skills, dancing etc 

- Wardrobe - Footprints
* Footprints are a cosmetic item that will display character footprints. It's usable by every faction and all of the effects can be previewed in the Wardrobe.
* Footprints are only displayed out of combat, once in combat, they'll disappear
* Players are able block seeing the footprint effects of their own character or other characters in the system settings.

- Star Soul System
* The Orb Forging, Fatecharm, and Star Soul systems were merged into a new Star Soul system
* This sytem is available for all characters now, pre-asc lv1 or higher
* The number of stats, to star soul system, were raised to 36 and the max value to these stats gradually raises as the character gains levels (asc 150, 160, 170)
* Level 170 unlocks highest cap.
* Each stat has a corresponding fatecharm slot. Asc 150 will open some slots, while Asc 170 will have every fatecharm slot unlocked.
* Players can embed all types of Fatecharms at once.
* Embedding or removing fatecharms is basically the same, though it requires star soul exp now to level up the fatecharm's rank
* A player's stats and fatecharms from the older systems pre-expansion will be transferred over into the new system
* A Multi-Star Box tab was added to exchange the orb forging, fatecharm, and star soul items into star soul exp
* The old Orb Forging and Star Soul system items were replaced with an equivalent amount of fatecharm fragments
* Can click on the ? to see the help description for this system

- VIP System
* The new vip system integrates the function of the old vip cards and Provilege VIP. Those who still have the cards can still use them until they expire
* The max VIP rank raised to lv8 that gives more functions the higher it goes from remote stash to instance resets and much more
* The daily vip rewards were changed
* New vip-exclusive mounts and fashions that will give powerful stat boosts
* New exclusive VIP store that offers great items, such as the Coiling Celestial Dew, which can be used for Asc 15 ~ 149 level chars to immediately raise the character's level to Asc 150.
* The Zodiac Lord Transform gems were changed: Grade was raised to 8, Gem Energy raised to 200, and Proficiency raised to 5. The transform gems already received before these changes will not receive these stat changes.

- Skills:
* Changes listed here (updated 15.06.2021):
* Optimized the display effect to Invincibility and Barrier effect icons

- Instance changes
* The following instances were changed into the "Trial" series of instances and had their names changed: Trial·Holy Lotus, Trial·Shura Gauntlet, Trial·Elemental Temple, Trial·Jadeon Defense, and Trial·Celestial Ruins
* Every Tuesday players will receive 5x "Universal Voucher", which can be exchanged in the trial series of instances. Players can only turn in 1 universal voucher per instance every day.
* Removed the Long Battle Tablet for Five Sins and moved its rewards to the end NPC
* Removed Huaxu Music Score for Dream in the South and moved its rewards to the weekly kill rewards
* End quest in Crimson Peaks now gives 500 Taichi Pills instead of 50
* Both versions of Torment Tower now only requires 2 characters to enter
* There's now a chance for a hidden stage to appear at the end of the Song of the Emerald Lady T9 - Snowball, Five Sins (T10 ~ T12) - Demon Sword, and all versions of Clouded Milky Way instances - Plump.
* Chen Hsin and Ruilue  now have a chance to drop transform gems in Dream in the South
* Players are now able to freely switch between Pet Fusion and Esperate in Soul Tower.
* Increased the number of times players can open the Star Scale Pack and Green Star Pack each week from the Battleground Vendor in Sunstream.

- Bosses:
* The Maharaja boss in void westfall can now drop Royal Star LV3
* Snowland Herald BOSS added to Southern Province Void. Spawns at 19:30 R15.
* Players are no longer able to set the party distribution to rotate while in Zuolo Plains.

- Faction Bases
* Each faction now have their own Faction Seat. Players with tier and at least LV15 will obtain `Base Portal` skill that allows to teleport there.
* This feature will be improved in future expansions.

- Xiao Kai Event
* Players can now summon Xiao Kai (every 12h) via icon under minimap to receive event quests.
* Quests give special items that can help to break the seal allowing to summon more advanced forms of Xiao Kai.
* Final stage will allow to access special Xiao Kai Shop.
* New achievements added that involve completing Xiao Kai event quests.

- Quests:
* Plot quests were reworked. New plot quests added for Westfall and Southern Province.
* The "Veteran of War" quest for Asc 161+ will only occur on Monday, the rewards are double the original amount for this level range
* The Elysium Astral Tales events were merged into one and occurs every Thursday at 7:30. The rewards from all of the original 4 were merged into this 1 event
* Astrum Jade Pack added to Kao Sonye's item exchange.
* Ascension quests changed for Athans and Etherkins. Both races need to perform special ascension quest line before final Ascension quest will be available at Taisung the Tao.

- Maps:
* Zephyr Island added as a new starting map for all factions.
* Demonics mobs added to Void Southern Province (Realm 15 only).
* All mobs in the pre-ascension maps (Sunstream to Shura) were made non-aggro.

- General:
* The Daily Rewards in the original VIP tab moved to the Leveling tab.
* Avatar frame no longer lags on change.
* Shortened the time it takes to open Mystic Tome Pack lv6.
* Added interface scaling options to Settings.
* Optimized the display of the Fealty interface.
* New items added to the Great Rat in Fairyland Sunstream. Server wide notifications added when rare item is rolled or/and bought.
* Players can no longer reforge mystic tomes that are locked.
* Exoneration and Iron Vindication changed to be unusable if the character is in a combat status or their Infamy amount is 0.
* Divine Fashion can now be worn by Hydran and Seira.
* Lithe Feathers from Celestial Ruins can now be placed into the Token Bag.
* Added a new Shortcut Transfer function to Token Bag that can be opened by clicking on the button at the bottom-left of the token bag window. This new interface will display the items in your bag that are able to be moved into the Token Bag, with the options to select items manually, all of them, or only those that are bound.
* Added new function to badges. Players are now able to remove embedded Spirit Square Jades from their Badges, which requires the consumption of a Night Crystal to use the function. Players can find this item available at the Jade Exchange Girl in Sunstream.
* Players can now gain Five Pillars of Heaven Gem from refining accessories that can be used to exchange for Divine level accessories at Wanyoo in Archaia.
* Sacred Aux Ware and Mystic Jade Slip exchange now available at the Jade Exchange Girl's Faction Esper Exchange option.
* Illustrious Blade Pouch and Praised Blade Pouch changed to a manual selection of the weapon now, please choose carefully.
* Added new types of Returning rewards depending on amount of days character were inactive.
* Novice rewards added.
* Removed Tier quests. Now when a character gets to the required level they will automatically be promoted to the next tier.
* Reduced the difficulty to the chroma Tribulation quests.
* When a character's created, they'll start off with the primary esper (trigram, etc) for their race.
* Added a "press ctrl to force attack" function to pk settings.
* Raised the chance for players to get rare soulcards while reading.
* The Doyel Shen soulcard had a new relation bonus added with the Velonus soulcard.
* Added Duo Yi and Xiao Kai soulcards.
* The Achievement system is now opened to characters pre-asc lv5 now instead of 61.
* Lil' Aid Tips and Gear Comparison will be automatically turned on for newly created characters, can turn it off in system settings.
* Skyblade button on esper's invigoration bar now has a 2 sec cooldown.
* Instant gear destroy function implemented. Can use it at Blacksmith Shatra.
* In-game BfS Party Register now functional. Party size can not exceed current BFS round player mode limit. 4 Players party won't be accepted for 3vs3 mode etc.
* Ivory Demon, Emperors Envoy, Elf Sprout, Fae Bud, Regal Plated fashions are now deprecated. Players can refund them for Golden Statues at Jude - Donation Seal Exchange.
* New novice pack added to webshop.

- Elysium server is now shared with Inferna and Kunlun servers. Players from Main server, Inferna and Kunlun can meet in Elysium, ingame BfS, Genesis Sanctuary and Royal Pen.

- LMS map changed and system reworked.
* PK settings should be now completely ignored and PVP should work on all realms including PvE.

- Genesis Sanctuary is now open.
* Open time: Friday, whole day.
* Players LV165+ can apply, 3 times per day.
* 18 vs 18.
* Cross server feature.

- Royal Pen battleground is now open.
* Open time: no limit.
* Players LV165+ can apply, 3 times per day.
* 12vs12.
* Cross server feature.
* This is simplified version of original battleground. No faction selecting.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 18, 2021, 07:47:22 pm
- Fixed Star Soul resets visualy after changing realms.
- Fixed issue that prevented to combine Fatecharms.
- Fixed start character data, location and items to match patch notes.
- Replaced Peacock Suit♀ at marketplace to correct ID that allows to complete Wardrobe set.
- Added missing mob (Yayu Beas) to Dragon Mountain.
- Novice Online reward no longer conflicts with chat and other interface options.
- Fixed issue that could cause Star Soul points become negative.
- Fixed HP batts not workinng at all.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 21, 2021, 02:57:10 pm
- Royal Pen/Genesis Sanctuary matching script should now work properly.
- Xiao Kai summoning will now also grant item reqired to start daily quest.
- Corrected names of Celestial Prince and Eternal Glory fashion pieces to match wardrobe.
- Gear Evolution fixed.
- Fixed Chen Hsin Team roll drops.
- Plump and Demon Sword no longer drops tradeable sigils.
- Fixed Sownland Herald spawn at Southern Province Void.
- Fixed Novice Online rewards interupt chat if pending to claim.
- Fixed Homeland Portal skill.
- Fixed some skill description issues.
- Corrected Imperial Policy Chroma/Aff Bead amount.
- [Kytos] Attempt to fix Last Stand Swiftness effect if target was killed on first hit.
- Added missing Trap for Behemoth Spirit - Inferna plot quest.
- Corrected Four-leaf Clover Packs descriptions.
- Corrected Star Soul Affinity Anti RES,RES atrtibuttes.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 25, 2021, 03:18:08 pm
- Fixed (and added wardrobe fashion support) option "View Gear" at instance room interface.
- Fixed broken Transform Gems.
* May need to store in stash and take back to bag.
- Fixed issues related to bag sorting.
- Attempt to fix ingame BFS quee issues.
- Fixed Xiao Kai Advent not being summoned sometimes.
- Attempt to fix cross server kills and deaths toward website activities.
- Fixed issue where old Peacock Suit♀ coudn't be added to wardrobe.
- Jaden Book opening time shortened.
- Website Onre-time Vip rewards updated.
- Ingame VIP batteries no longer timed.
* Can be also bootled into Apothecary Jar.
- Chinese named Xiao Kai Event title translated.
- Universal Voucher now expires within 24h and Moon Talisman reward boosted to 50 per voucher.
- Universal Voucher replaced to Royal Star LV2 at Exploration system.
- Daily Sign-in reward calendar will start after next midnight.
- Celestial Ruins Hard mode final chest rewards boosted.
- PvE Event launched.
- Boosted limits at Xiao Kai shop by 5x.
- Fixed exclusive VIP shop.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 02, 2021, 02:24:42 pm
- [Mage] Fixed Fire Sly II damage issue.
- [Kytos] Another attempt to fix Last Stand buff trigger.
- Celestial Ruins[Hard] mode rewards boosted for both variants of last bosses.
- Fixed option to clear selected wardrobe attribute fashions.
- Adjusted Wardrobe attribute selection list.
- Fixed issue with certain fashiom sets in wardrobe not activating at attribute selection list.
- Fixed Goat Kick fashion skill influence over other fashion skills.
- Another attempt to fix Snowland Herald spawn in SP.
- Universal Vouchers exists time correctly set to 24h this time.
- Added missing trigger npc for quest `Filled with grief` in Westfall.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Shortened opening time for certain boxes.
- Kirin Sigil Shards replaced to Platina Sigil Shards at Sly Dragon Defeat quest reward.
- Jade Ticket·Decade x10 added as reward from Sly Dragon Defeat quest.
- VIP cards have their atk/def buff removed so its possible to use Indo buffs instead.
- Astrum Jade Pack (10)·M replaced to unlimited pack at Tao Danush Master Point exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 09, 2021, 01:07:40 pm
- Truth, Rumor, Sentinel and Oracle chat broadcast items added to marketplace.
- [Sylia] Abstain effect won't trigger invincibility if its already present as an effect of other skill usage.
- [Gevrin] Stopped Drizzle slow effect replaced to correct one.
- Fixed issue related to Fatecharm uprade logic.
- Fixed LMS map un-intentionally boosting stats.
- Xiao Kai event introduction quest now available.
- [CP] Sly Dragon Defeat rewards modified:
* Jade Ticket·Decade x10 -> Jade Ticket· JD x10
* Mystic Tome reforgers grade V->VI
- [CP] Kirin Herald rewards boosted.
- Pest King will now drop Adv. Orb Bead Coupons, boss HP boosted.
- [Website] changed logic of timed items stacking.
- [Inferna/Kunlun] Website banker now available.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 16, 2021, 12:42:51 pm
- Marketplace missing items re-added.
- Server side attempts to mitigate realm crash issues.
- Corrected Old Sunstream Skylord New sunstream return coords.
- Removed buffs from remaining VIP Cards(regarding one of previous patch change).
- Moon Talisman Pack x6 from old Huaxu score (old dits voucher) added to Weekly first kill reward·5 - last boss weekly box.
- Added 100 PvP Tokens as reward for LMS winner.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 23, 2021, 01:06:17 pm
- Fixed issue introduced in previous patch where Espers coudn't be equipped in certain circumstances.
- Attempt to fix TW pvp attack weird battle times.
- [Sylia] Mystic Tome skills (lvl) chances adjusted to match other classes.
- [Sylia] Dream of Huaxu effect will no longer trigger while Abstain is active.
- [Sylia] Heavens Unite no longer grants immunity against Gevrin's Drunkard Exterminator.
- Majesty, Decade and Morality Seals added to Donation Seal Exchange.
* Mithril Sigil now costs 1x Coin of Wealth.
- (Old) Fashion Dye removed from Lucky Bag exchange.
- Jade Ticket· JD added to all Trail instance Universal Vucher rewards.
- Fixed one of Universal Vouchers to exists for 24h also.
- Missing 'Lottery Box <Hydran>' added to Divine Realm.
- General translation upgrade.
* Most broken strings atr fixed.
* Squares no longer a problem.
* Fixed line breaks and color tags.
* Other more or less important fixes.
- Due change above, some items or quests may have new names now.
- Cascade Charm aded to PvP Token reward exchange at website.
- Jade Ticket· JD stack size increased to 9999.
- Chi Bootle added as possible reward from Esperate Mystery.
- Fate Powder added to Event Marketplace.
- Weekly first kill reward·Hidden (DitS) reward updated with 10 x Moon Talisman Pack.
- JD Reborn Database updated with future 4.9.0 expansion data to help with development process.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 30, 2021, 12:33:17 pm
- General server side upgrade to more modern environment version.
* While it should provide certain performance boost it may also cause unexpected realm or server crashes. For those I am sorry in advance. In most cases they should be only one-time problem. We have to survive this to make our future development progerss more smooth. Thanks for understanding.
- [Sylia] Attempt to fix Heavens Unite blocking more negative statues than it should.
- Fixed issue with special char names encoding on website.
- Translation upgrades.
- PvE Event launched.
- PvE Event instance modified:
* Each player have now 9 hours daily to spend in PvE instance.
* Instance timer will show available time.
* Once time is up, character will be automatically kicked out of instance. Attempts to rejoin will result instance kick also.
* On midnight, available time resets (should also update ongoing instance timer).
* No more hard instance daily limit.
* Skill usage is now blocked in instance to make it 100% fair for any class.
- Missing NPC added for certain plot quests.
- Genesis Sanctuary rewards boosted.
- Illustrious Blade Pouch (Bound) added to Donation Seal Exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 06, 2021, 02:28:34 pm
- Fixed issue with party EXP gain being way too low.
- Fixed 'Party member' issue with Sprite quest.
- Attempt to fix Multi-Ride issues.
- [Vim] Fixed Persistent buff removing itself after stacking limit reached.
- Minor translation upgrades.
- Alternative version of Peacock Suit♀ and 2016 Velonus fashion now addable to Wardrobe.
- Courage Wine disabled.
- National Reward (Senior) modified/boosted.
- [Website] PvP Activity rewards added for Royal Pen and Genesis Sanctuary.
- Dye Key Box (Gift) added to Scruffen Event Exchange.
- Spirit Dust Packs open time reduced.
- Sun Bead and Wintery Sweet Osmanthus stack size increased to 30.000.
- Treasure Hunt [Event] (135+) wuest restored at Sky Dweller.
- [Shady Milky Way] Weekly First: Sky! Moon Talisman amount boosted 2->500.
- Splendid Sovere. Necklace LV1 price reduced at Gold Exchange.
- 2017 Donation/PvE Event Packs titles translated.
- New drop event 'Dream Jade' now available.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 13, 2021, 11:41:27 am
- Fixed issue that allowed certain Star Types to have doubled Damage reduction attribute.
* Affected stars no longer give double effect.
- Attempt to fix badge refine issues.
- Fixed Vendor option bug with sell-to-vendor option.
- Fixed Lupin's Ripple tome description.
- Minor translation corrections.
- Weekly First: Sky! change fixed to give Moon Talismans instead Mystic Talismans.
- Attempted to limit TW Celestial Army attacks.
- Another attempt to fix BfS/RP/Genesis queue issues.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 20, 2021, 10:40:42 pm
- Added missing npc for Rayan Ascension quest mob re-summon.
- [Modo] Nimble Spirit shield damage limit calculation adjusted.
- [Balo] Tiger Smash (Star skills) corrected chance for Single Attack immune at LV5.
- [Lupin] Love's Glance (Star skill passive) attempt to fix Full of Love cooldown clear effect.
- [Sylia] Fixed Heavens Unite <Arcane> status reflect issue.
- Decade Gift Box: Overdynamic Casket VI now exchangeable.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 27, 2021, 12:30:58 pm
- Minor translation fixes.
- Corrected Gem Socket mistranslation regarding Appretince/Foundation socket types.
- PvE Event launched.
- Dream Jade stack size increased to 30000.
- Black Turtle Essence Orb stack size increased to 9999.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 03, 2021, 01:12:50 pm
- Fixed abnormal damage caused by Chaos debuff when stacked.
- Added missing skill for Sylia lineage quest with Mystic Person mob.
- Unlocked ability to upgrade an alliance to LV7.
- Attempt to make Dream of Huaxu imitated death count towards alliance war score.
- [Lupin] Fixed Love's Glance <Star> skill Full of Love cooldown clearance effect.
- [Modo] Forest of Laughter III <Hero> skill description corrected.
- [Sylia] Superior Sound skill rank client side visual effect implemented.
- Opening time for following boxes shortened: Servant of Orison Wish Box, Adept of Orison Wish Box, Orison Fragment Pack, Fine Seal Orb Pack, Common Seal Orb Pack.
- Attempt to make Fort PvP Ruby more tanky.
- Star Cycle Codex added to webshop.
- Fatecharm Sign (Violet) (allows to roll Master/Recovery eternal fatecharms) added to Scruffen.
- Destr
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 10, 2021, 12:38:52 pm
- [Balo] Blade Swinger Chroma: fixed and corrected translation of special effect.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Attempt to fix Elysium AT boss spawn.
- Moon Talisman, Kirin Sigil, Drake Sigil, Diamond Sigil, Rocketing Star Pack price reduced at marketplace.
- Special Meditation Orb Pack, Special Fine Seal Orb Pack, Special Star Soul Pack price reduced at marketplace.
- Star Pack added to website PvP coin exchange.
- Website faction PvE buff feature prices greatly reduced.
- Rocketing Star Pack now stacks to 9999.
* Website data also updated to support it.
- Ancient Blood Seal/Charm/Jade added as possible from from last BL6 BOSS.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 17, 2021, 01:16:12 pm
- [Lupin] Positive Reinforcement ap buff now stacks with Velonus Fury buff.
- [Hydran] Meteor Shower <Zen> mistranslation corrected.
- Assist detection system added to the game.
* We would like to hear feedback regarding this mechanics. If it will be positive, website pvp system will consider assists as well.
- Several Treasure Chest npcs added to Sunstream to allow quick access to the stash.
- [Website] Bottomless Bag lottery chances boosted.
- Universal Compendium exchange rate modified at Event Exchange.
- Marketplace Special Pack's now opens faster.
- Empyrean Emblem added to Donation Seal Exchange.
- Crystal Rift Box sigil rewards boosted.
- Dye Key Box marketplace price reduced.
- Little Sword Pack added to Master Point Exchange at Tao Danush.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 24, 2021, 01:30:20 pm
- Fixed general server crash issue that happened during recent week.
- Fixed Heartrending Flower EXP buff.
- Three new lotteries added to marketplace.
- BfS First Victory Pack boosted.
- Attempt to fix assist feature.
- PvE Event launched.
- All Westfall and Southern Province Order types now stack to 9999.
- Chi Enhancer added to PvP Token reward exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 01, 2021, 01:23:47 pm
- Missing npc (Baicheng's dream) added to Westfall.
- Fixed Sprite affection gain issue.
- Removed doubled Mr. Mundor from Old Sunstream.
- Ink Soul Essence and Mystic Talisman stack size increased to 30.000
- Dust Trace Pill will no longer work in Coronation bg.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 08, 2021, 11:30:06 am
- New Faction - Ceros
* New Map - Frozen Abyss (Ceros Faction Base)

- Soulstone
* New "Cultivation" function added to soulstones. Players can lock a stat(s) from being changed as you're resetting into new soulstone.
* This new function will not change the number of stats soulstone have and will be unusable if your Synergy is too low.
* Note: Resetting after locking stats will no longer generate Gen Accuracy, Gen Evasion, Defense, Defense %, Vigor, Chroma Power, and Damage Reduction (fixed amount, not %).
- To use this function, it will require a new item "Cultivation Golden Powder".
- The cultivation related items can be gained through Soul Tower, Celestial Tower, Battle for Supremacy and the Universal Voucher.

- Soul Cards
* Soulcards' max tier rank was raised to 70
* Players can unlock an "Ultimate" rank after getting a Supreme or Excellent (gold and purple) card's Advanced rank to 12
* Cards will get a new light effect after reaching the Ultimate rank.
* Raising this rank will raise the original Soul Card Transfer advanced rank stats and will unlock new stats; raises Adv Level+12 Stats values & gives new stats
* Some cards will activate an "Advanced Destiny" stat after unlocking the Ultimate stat and being paired with a corresponding Ult. soulcard; condition activates stat
* When certain character soulcards are paired up with a specific esper soulcard, it'll unlock a personal stat, i.e Anan + Firmus, when both soulcards reach Ultimate ranks.
* The new soulcards cannot be gained through Reading. Some can be gained through Soul Ash "fusion" or the "New Soulcards" item.
* Related Quests:
> Spiritseal (Gold) rewards changed
        > Veteran of War for Asc 161 rewards will include the new soulcard items
        > Players are able to learn about the Ultimate ranks at Cardshark Xing Yun in Sunstream
> New quests for the Ultimate ranks for soulcards: "Black Bamboo Essence" 135+, "Rebellion·Mortal Realm" Asc 160, "Rebellion·Heaven Realm" Asc 165.
        > These quests are available at Cardshark Xing Yun, though the Rebellion series of skills are only available from 12:00 ~ 24:00 

- Achievement System
* New Achievement rewards available to players that reach the achievement requirements.
* There is a new Achievement Store that players are able to exchange for various rewards through the achievements they gained.
* Players who already have high-end chi, essence, and accessories and missed the achievements for the lower tier for the respective gear can attain them through completing the "Snatch the immortal dreams" quest at Cardshark Xing Yun.
* New achievements added to trinket, chi, and essence sections. These achievements will cover the lower-level achievements

- Instance - Clearance Leaderboard
* Players are able to compete for fastest clearing time for certain instances. One can click on "Ranking" key in the Instance window to check the rankings.
* The leaderboard is for the following instances: Beast Lord T6, Song of the Emerald Lady, Five Sins, Clouded Milky Way, Dream in the South, and Shady Milky Way   

- Clans
* Passing Chief position to another character will no longer reduce the ranks to the clan's skills
* Newly added "clan notice" that the Chief can edit/post that will give out a notification to the clan's members

- Skill changes
Ghost of the Wronged ~
> Reduces target's DEF by 400 points plus 80% of caster's Max AP. CD reduced to 60 sec

Violent Breeze ~
> Attack range raised to 14.6 yards. Affects 25 targets and CD reduced to 3 sec

Forest of Laughter ~
> SP cost lowered to 615 and CD reduced to 2 sec, also adjusted the time it takes for the first hit to strike

Ghostly Domain (Acheron) ~
> Can be cast in any form

Death's Embrace ~
> The attack of all AoE above tier 3 is raised by 50% and all AoE above tier 3 will hit with 8% higher c.rate

Secluded Spring 2 ~
> The c.rate buff can be stacked with other c.rate raising buffs

Skyseeker (Chroma) ~
> Raised the chance for the Punishment effect to land (30% arcane & zen, 45% bane)

Exterminate ~
> 1st hit deals extra damage equal to 15% of Max HP and hits with 15% higher c.rate.
> 2nd hit deals extra damage equal to 15% of Max SP and hits with 150% higher c.bonus.
> 3rd hit deals extra damage equal to sum of the first 2 hits (15% Max HP & SP) and strikes with a 15% higher c.rate and 150% higher c.bonus
> 1st hit will Stun target for 2 sec. Stun strength equals the caster's Stun RES. CD 30 sec

Malignant Erosion ~
> Extended the duration of the Insect Poison effect's Max HP reduction, 5 sec

Snake Bind ~
> Extended the duration of the Snake Poison effect's Earthbind condition, 5 sec

Sanguine Fog ~
> Also raises Max HP equal to 45% of caster's Max AP


> Embodiment of Truth (Chroma) ~
The CD reduction effect duration to Seven Disasters is raised to 40 sec when at rank 20

SP Consumption Reduced ~
> Dragon's Retribution (1127 SP), Pure Essence (974 SP), and Thunderblade (1180 SP)


Karmic Cycle ~
>CD reduced to 160 sec

Spirit Matter ~
> Raised how much Attack Power will increase from tome

Divine Dance ~
> Raised chance for each hit to reduce DEF

Sea of Sorrow ~
> Range raised to 20 yards and damage was increased. Deals extra damage equal to 20% of Attack Power plus 135.
> CD reduced to 7.5 sec

SP Consumption Reduced ~
> Lotus Pluck (469 SP) and Sayings of Bodhi (483 SP)


Nameless Technique ~
> When hitting mobs, each hit will also deal damage equal to 260% of caster's current DEF

Nameless Technique (Chroma) ~
> When hitting mobs, each hit will also deal damage equal to 15% of caster's current SP

Glacier Edge ~
> SP Cost lowered to 66 SP. Damage raised: deals extra damage equal to 9% of Attack Power

Sacred Word ~
> Each rank in Infatuation will increase DEF by 400 points

Mohun Juma ~
> Extend the skill's group attack range


Determination ~
> The skill will no longer cause the caster to lose Health and Spirit

Forgotten Dream ~
> Striking non-player targets will raise the skill's chance to remove buffs by 20%

Incense Mage:

Fire Lord ~
>Extended duration to 40 sec

Flame Mountain ~
>At rank 9, skill will hit with an additional 20% of Attack Power

Spirit Consumption Reduced ~
> Nanwu Fire (1280 SP) and Fire Hell (330 SP)


Powerful Aid 3 (All) ~
> Raised the amount of HP attached to damage when hitting mobs with skill


Posture ~
> New skill "Lightning Fast" added. After opening, all charge skills will automaticallly fully charge by itself.
> This posture can coexist with the other posture skills. Can cast a charge skill again to stop its charging

Summons ~
> Lowered SP cost to the T1 ~ T4 summons. Now costs 2x char rank


Ghost Cut 2 ~
> When hitting mobs, each combo point will attach 10% of Attack Power to damage

Bloody Chop (Star Skill) ~
> When hitting non-player targets, each combo point will attach 30% of Attack Power to the 1st hit's damage

Nerve Pinch ~
> When hitting non-player targets, there's a 27% chance this skill will not enter into CD

Blood Blade ~
> No longer consumes Health


Blow Tercet of Bamboo ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 60% of Attack Power to damage

Blow Twilight Orchestra ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 100% of Attack Power to damage

Blow Mountain's Regret ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 150% of Attack Power to damage

Blow Journey Beginning ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 210% of Attack Power to damage

Song Snow of Purity ~
> If the caster is placed in a control effect, the Aura will not end


Wave Dash ~
> CD reduced to 1 sec

Devastate ~
> When hitting mobs, this skill will attach an additional 30% of Attack Power to damage


Lotus Blink ~
> Teleport 20 yards and recovers 30% of caster's HP

Lotus Flight ~
> For 15 sec after using skill, each attack from the caster will recover HP equal to 10% of damage dealt


Taunt ~
> Can taunt bosses in the Beast Lord, Song of Emerald Lady, Five Sins, Dream in the South, and Milky Way instances.
> After successfully taunting bosses, they will gain a taunt immunity for a set duration

Spell Eraser ~
> Tome will also reduce the CD to Spearhead by 4 sec

Sky's Doom ~
> No longer deals white damage. Hitting non-player targets will attach 9% of Max HP to damage

Versed Penetration ~
> Tome now will only reduce the CD to Sky's Doom by 4 sec


Earth Token ~
> Changed to AoE. Hits up to 8 targets within 10 yards of caster

Aquatic Seal ~
> Range raised from 5 yards around caster to 7 yards

Luna Gale
> Fixed inconsistency with description and actual distance traveled


Cloud Swiper ~
> Each hit will deal white damage equal to 4.8 times the sum of the caster's total RES


Heavens Unite ~
> Avert effect will also be immune to Floating, Cripple, and Palsy

Heeding Calligraphy ~
> Increases speed by 3.2 yards / sec. For each Spiritual Breath had there will be a 6% chance this skill will not enter cooldown

Obscure Illusion (Arcane & Bane) ~
> Required Spiritual Breath reduced. Arcane is now 2 and Bane 1

Unyielding Flower ~
> SP cost lowered to 30%

Pure Heart ~
> SP cost lowered to 40%

- General:
* The Yearbook·Dragon Boat Festival is available in the Billows map at coordinates -75, -160
* The Yearbook: Chinese Valentine Day crafting recipe is now available near the Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream.
* ★Chi of Nirvana★★★ can now be upgraded into the Deity Chi through the Deity Spirit Essence item
* Players are now only able to use mystic tome functions when they are Asc 135+
* Optimized the display effects to buff icons and increased the number of buffs characters have
* Removed the cap to Dagos, Fuwa, and Felkin RES and raised the cap to Anti-Dagos, Anti-Fuwa, and Anti-Felkin to 140%
* Jade Exchange Maiden, Jade Exchange Girl, Lil' Yan, and Pet Master Ellan have new exchange items
* Players can see all wearable fashions the Ceros faction can wear in the Wardrobe
* Adjusted the rewards for Elysium Astral Tales event for Asc 161+ players, 7 tags will give two Fire Orb of Vastenes.
* The safezone area around the skylord npc is no longer a safezone, players can pk in this area now.
* The quest to Spiritseal (Gold) can now only be done 7 times a week.
* Fixed issue where sprite skills were being displayed wrong after reaching rank 10
* Raised the max cap to Sprite's Divine Power to 83
* Special Health Stock and Special Spirit Stock were replaced with tradable versions at Jade Exchange Maiden in Sunstream
* Optimized information display on equipment: Now when viewing items, some info will be hidden, but can be viewed by pressing "Alt"
* Fixed issue where the Rayan's esper "Taen" had the wrong Silence strength after esper ascension
* Fixed issue where the Incense Mage's esper "Frost Stinger" could not trigger the freeze effect after esper ascension
* Fixed Lupin Bell esper fusion issue.
* Max character name length increased from 8 to 10 characters.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 11, 2021, 11:37:05 am
- Fixed instance UI Gear View option.
- Attempt to fix issue where Ceros was getting Ascension skill as pre-asc.
- Corrected slight skill description issues.
- Fixed Ceros unable to equip imbued gear.
- [Ceros] Fixed Sealed Waves damage logic.
- [Ceros] Fixed Snowy Mountains damage logic.
- Fixed Ascended Heartrending Flower skill EXP buff issue.
- Fixed Revision Charm issues.
- Fixed Crystal Rift completion pack for Ceros characters.
- Fixed Yuan Crystal at drop event exchange pack.
- Corrected instance rank annoucements for players that already have better ranks.
- Added Bestial Chi and White Day Charm to Jude - Reborn Exchange.
- UI corrections regarding disconnects.
- Ultimate Talismans nerf applied.
- Shady Milky Way previous version drop rates restored.
- Missing NPC (Shaw Danon) required for 'Small World' quest added to Billows.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 15, 2021, 01:31:27 pm
- Fixed Crystal Rift completion pack for Ceros characters.
- Attempt to fix issues with Chroma Tiers not restoring after fail/trash.
- [Vim] Mohun Juma (Chroma) aoe range boosted.
- [Jadeon] Nameless Way II mistranslation corrected.
- [Kytos] Last Stand swift buff logic gain corrected.
- [Seira] Corrected Che'kun Ricochet <Zen> Fear chance issue.
- [Seira] Fixed problems with Burning Smoke and Nighless Aqua.
- [Ceros] Battle Ready buff gain logic corrected to exclude duplicates.
- [Ceros] Fixed Sky Cloud tome effects.
- [Ceros] Savage Rivarly cast speed formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm reflect logic corrected.
- [Ceros] Claws of the Abyss damage formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Fixed Water Cluster sprut distance formula.
- [Ceros] Fixed Focused Charge damage bonus.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon will now reduce taunt status.
- Fixed Array Element(s) items. They spawn correct resource now.
- Fixed Voida Lineage quest (Funing).
- Spiritual Covenant Pack Fixed for Ceros.
- Activating fashion stats in Wardrobe will now make them count towards achivements (wear item x).
- Heartrending Flower exp buff fixed for partied players.
- Cyntec Bead reward quest cooldown decreased from 10 to 5 minutes.
- Beast Lord relocated to proper destination for Lady Linaska's Blood quest purpose.
- Mind Gift for LV160+ will now award with 5 Moon Talismans also.
- All Lucifuge Knight spawns in Imperial citadel are 4-mob now.
- Westfall and Southern Province mobs will now drop Ancient Coin.
- Increased chance to get HF Promo from Bilu quest.
- Affection Exchange - affection cost reduced.
- Perfect Dragon Essence Pack added to Dream Journal Exchange.
- Vastness Compensation Pack price reduced at Gold Exchange.
- Spiritseal(Variety) added to webshop.
- Rooster Zodiac fashion added to webshop.
- Ceros Website Account Stash lock time reduced to 01.11.2021.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 22, 2021, 12:46:40 pm
- Attempt to fix inifinity BG daily entry times not reseting properly in certain circumstances.
- [Ceros] Savage Rivalry Bitter fight effect will now convert into Bravery after reaching Dragon Power.
- [Celan] Fixed celan arrays so only regular Song of Purity won't break if silenced.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green no longer protects against Taunt.
- [Gevrin] Fixed issue with Deep Coldness II damage bonus calculation formula.
- Fixed Gear Upgrade option not consuming gear scripture in certain circumstances.
- Fixed Beafran portal at Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Corrected 'Human' skill tree link in Deikin skill interface.
- Fixed Crystal Rift Completion Prize for Ceros once again.
- Attempt to fix Hydran, Seira, Gevrin, Sylia and Ceros honor ranking titles.
- Profound Box rewards boosted.
- Platina, Crystal and Diamond Sigils will now stack to 9999.
- Kylin Orb now stacks to 30.000.
- Chroma Bead Pack (x50) and Chroma Bead Pack(250) open time reduced.
- [Understream] Couple stage will now award with 2 Dream Journal Pages, Platina Sigil and 10 Fire orb of Vastness.
- [Understream] Can no longer get Dream Journal Pages via Violetgold Fragments.
- [Understream] Ice Orb of Vastness Pack(30000) now tradeable for 4 Dream Journal Pages.
- Fire Orbs of Vastness added to Exploration rewards.
- Veteran of War(161+) now awards with 3x Blood of Reborn and more Fire Orbs of Vastness.
- Sovereign Mission III and Sovereign Mission IV rewards boosted.
- Thunder Phoenix Praised Blade Pounch (Bound) drop chance raised x3. This boss will also have chance to drop tradeable Praised Blade Pounch.
- Special Ice Orb Pack replaced to Ice Orb of Vastness Pack(30000) at marketplace.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on October 29, 2021, 03:47:56 pm
- [Ceros] Dragon Thread tome will now affect Stream of Dragons Chroma versions as well.
- [Gevrin] Fixed issue with Deep Coldness II damage bonus calculation formula (again).
- [Hydran] Corrected possibly error in leap distance formula of Luna Gala and Reflection of Light and Shadow.
* Till now, 2% ap per Cloud Shift stack was not counted at all.
- [Dagos] Attempt to fix Awakened Dream cycle silence effect.
- Corrected item description for New Soulcards and Soulcard Record.
- Added warning to webshop that Snake Zodiac fashion is not usable by Ceros.
- Perfect Dragon Essence Pack Dream Journal exchange rate reduced.
- Added way to downgrade Meditation Orb x3-5 to regular Meditation Orbs at God of Wealth exchange.
- Added way to edchange Green Stars for Royal Star LV1 at Lord Sage Garron exchange.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 05, 2021, 12:26:38 pm
- [Hydran] Corrected Patsy duration formula.
- [Ceros] Stream of Dragons<Zen> defense diffrence damage formula adjusted.
- [Ceros] Snowy Mountains aoe issues fix attempt.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm no longer removeable and is now immune to already reflected statuses.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green: corrected accumulated damage formula.
- PvP Coin boxes fixed for Ceros.
- Dragon and Phoenix Gift Box added to merketplace.
- Attempt to fix Mystic Gear upgrade +16 chat annoucement.
- Fixed issue wherre Ultimate Soulcard system Set bonuses weren't calculated properly.
- Zuolo Plain open time synced for Inferna/Kunlun severs.
- Corrected issues with automated PVP events regarding timezone change.
- Blacksmith Shatra is now also available near Stashkeep Tamsin in Sunstream City.
- Hidden Chest in Song of Emerald Lady instance rewards added: 3x Blue Star, 15x Fire Orb of Vastness.
- Dragon Mark esper now available via Esperate Mystery exchange.
- Royal Violet Elixir added to webshop.
- New server rule added:
* 25. It is forbidden to use client side speed increase commands.
* We noticed such command can benefit certain classes even if they only seem to work client side.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 12, 2021, 11:40:02 am
- Fixed Gevrin ascension quest. Bing Ling will be now weak to Ultimate Freeze skill (regular).
- Attempt to fix Ceros and Celan reflect status problems related to already reflected attacks/debuffs.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green shield fixed.
- [Seira] Dawn Break II description fixed.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Zen> defense buff type corrected.
- Attempt to fix general crash issue that occured in past week.
- Corrected soulcard base stat gain effect (hp/sp/ap) server side formula.
- Fast as Thunder mounts will now have lower item usage cooldown.
- Server Rule #20 changed to: It is forbidden to to exploit Zuolo Plains map in order to hide with Boss Transform Gem.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 19, 2021, 12:56:06 pm
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green shield another attempt to correct accumulated damage formula.
- [Modo] Fixed Modon Form II description.
- [Skysong] Corrected Fawin Wisdom III <Ocean> description.
- Fixed general wording issue in skill description file (RES instead ress in some words).
- Fixed Scorpus Ravenger pet variant(54662) not able to use pet soul items.
- Another attempt to solve soulcard ultimate relation bonuses in certain situations.
- Corrected Gear Change descriptions to clarify they work on Astrum and Mystic gears as well.
- Corrected Zuolo Plains timeframe for Inferna server.
- Fixed broken NPC message of Esper Mystic Shera.
- Fixed general server side issue related to ranking system athat could influence over other systems.
- Increased Fighting Confidence, Coin of Wealth stack sizes.
- Melting treasure chest rewards boosted (Five Sins).
- Cloudstorm Casket 1st prize modified.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on November 26, 2021, 01:24:00 pm
- [Modo/Ceros] Punishment effect will no longer be reduced by Wandering Dragon.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir<Zen> defence effect now stackable with Golden Rooster's New Year Greeting skill.
- Fixed general bug with soulcard system. Ultimate relations were applying even without primary card being ultimate till now.
- 'You're embarrassing me' gfx title translated.
- Might of Earth item label restored.
- Another attempt to sync Zuolo Plain bg for Inferna server.
- [Attempt] Fort PvP and Coronation structures/towers are now completly immune to any kind of buffs and debuffs.
- Missing NPC : Guard Shawn added to Doom Bog map.
- PvE Event launched.
- Rebellion Mortal Realm and Rebellion Heaven Realm quests are not available from 1:00 to 24:00.
- Spiritseal(variety) webshop price reduced.
- Mystic Master and Baye (Westfall teleport) added to Old Sunstream.
- Ultimate Fealty Pack:
* Now 100% chance for Blood of Reborn randomy x1 or x2.
* Added 25% chance for New Soulcards (lotto).
- To celebrate Black Friday, all webshop (common) items have 30% discount till next midnight.
* Promo code is also availavle with extra item pack: BFRIDAY2021 ->
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 03, 2021, 12:41:59 pm
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm no longer applies under Blaze of Janos debuff.
- [Experimental] Respawn and astrolabe port script modified to avoid client lag if target position is within same map.
- [Fort PvP] Fixed one of swords still not immune to debuffs.
- [Fort PvP] Defender Regenesis Sword hp and defense boosted.
- Missing mobs/npcs/resources added for quests:
* baby demon Ava
* Find the wound medicine
* Billows Quest 06-03
* 2016 Quest-Jadeon 01
* Honoring Fusoir
- New drop event (Breath of Reborn) initiated.
* Drop events will now have 3 month cycle instead 2 months like they used to.
- Fire Orb of Vastness Pack, New Soulcards and Profound Box Pack added to Event Token exchange.
- Fire Orb of Vastness added to Crystal Rift Completion box.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 10, 2021, 01:22:16 pm
- [Skysong] Fixed Glowing Aura II damage formula issue.
- [Balo] War Song II: Fixed crit chance buff stacking issue.
- Anan Esper fusion effect description corrected.
- Corrected Breath of Reborn Pack Fire Orb of Vastness requirement.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Violet Frost Gem transform can now use skills.
- Chance for hidden bosses in FS/EL/Milky/DitS doubled (5->10%).
- Audience no longer able to summon pets/summons/sprites in battle/war maps.
- Fixed issue that prevented human classes to get Tier 5 if Tier 1 quest was done while being LV150.
- [War Map] Spectator speed buff accelerated.
- Less lag port introduced to general script instead just respawn/astrolabe.
- Christmas Event launched (R15).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 17, 2021, 12:42:42 pm
- Attempt to fix Condemned Rebel aoe effect to act as skill instead normal attack.
- Previous change regarding teleportation reversed and changed to only apply lag-free port if target spawn/port position is within 60 meters range from current position.
- Corrected Christmas Event exchange reqiured wrong type of Celestial Twin Jade.
- 2016 Xmas Fash can now be upgraded at Jade Exchange Maiden via quest (regular NPC exchange won't work).
- Reported missing mobs/resources added.
- 'Contact GM' in-game button will now link to our discord server.
- Fixed Russian language client abnormal crash ammount and Star Soul interface.
- Coronation bg structures are now also immune to buffs/debuffs same as fort PvP ones.
- [BfS map] Changed spawn script to randomize positions further from center of the circle.
- Refinery requirement to sing-up for website BfS increased to +16.
- Xiao Kai and Duo Yi cards added as possible reward from Soulcard Record lotto.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on December 31, 2021, 02:15:35 pm
- Fixed Ceros affinity skills not removing correctly after class change.
- New Year Event Launched (R15).
* Event lasts till next maintenance (Friday).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 07, 2022, 02:05:07 pm
- [Ceros] Celestial Decay should now work properly against Wave Seeker.
- [Gevrin] Spring Healing (star skill) chance to ignore single target attacks corrected.
- [Lupin] Positive Reinforcement no longer stacks with Velonus' Fury.
- Soulcard Record issue fixed.
- Reported missing npcs/mobs added.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Old Sunstream Fair Portal now functional.
- Attempt to fix Cloudstorm Casket lotto issues.
- Attemp to solve Alliance Trail bosses weird knockback issues.
- New Soulcards and Cultivation Alum added to PvP Box and PvP Box I.
- Drop Event boxes are no longer sell-able to NPC.
- Added Tiamat Blood to Silver Dragon Jade exchange at Shade Dealer.
- Cultivation Powder added to DitS hidden weekly chest(76634).
- Added 'Sigil Conversion' exchange to Shady Dealer.
* This exchange can convert most similar sigils to one stack.
* ATTENTION: It can also convert tradeable sigils to their untradeable version. Be aware.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 14, 2022, 01:07:25 pm
- Fixed general bug regarding summon affinity RES/Anti Res stat inheritance formula.
- [Ceros] Fixed Frost Reservoir buff replacement.
- [Gevrin] Another correction to Spring Healing star passive effect chance.
- Reported missing NPCs added.
- Fixed Silver Dragon Jade.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Alliance Base Boss abilities: Knockack changed to Levitation.
- Allian. Trial: Award Ceremony - restored chance for necklaces.
- Fixed Material Bag sort option issues.
- Attempt to increase Thunder Phoenix BOSS hp to 3 bars.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 21, 2022, 01:41:53 pm
- VG Fragment Comp. Pack now useable for Ceros.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Minor ui fixes.
- Predatory Hornets now available at auto-route location in Jadeon.
- [Hydran] Meteor Shower III <Ocean> patsy duration corrected.
- Bugged 'Save Duo Yi' quest now auto-completes once '[Guide] Floral Sea' quest is finished.
- Added missing title exchange to Wang Jukai.
- Soul Inverter Pack (100) in Alliance Shop price reduced to 100 Cash Coupons.
- Ice Orb of Vastness Pack (1000) and Chroma Bead Pack (2000) opening time reduced.
- White Salamander NPC appeared in Sunstream. Players can claim special chain reward quest there.
- Added some usage for Astrum Jade at Reborn Exchange(Jude).
- PvP Box I : New Soulcards amount fixed to 2 and Cultivation Alum (Bound) amount raised to 5.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on January 28, 2022, 01:42:47 pm
- [Ceros] Dragon missles now correctly damaging targets with Disregard buff.
- Adjusted some Marketplace icons and descriptions.
- Fixed one of Star Soul Warrior spots to be 4 mob.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Corrected Card Inventory sort option to support new cards better.
- Moon Talismans added to Crystal Rift Completion Prize.
- [Website] EXP rate sponsor cost greatly reduced.
- [Website] Secret Order lottery added.
- [Website] Vote rewards boosted.
- Astrum Jade cost halved at recently added exchange (Jude).
- Referral Box I rewards modified.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 04, 2022, 11:47:50 am

- Massive skill changes:

- 64 bit client now available.
* It will be used by default. In case of any problem use 32 bit client (elementclient32.exe in client folder).

- Mystic Gear
* Mystic Armor piece added
* Practice type can be exchanged for Mythical Soil at the Mystic Master in Sunstream
* Illustrious type can be gained from a Illustrious Armor Box, which can be gained from Thunder Phoenix, Disorderly and Primordial Monkey Wu the Berserker type bosses, and the new Elysium World bosses
* Players can also exchange "Illustrious Light" for an Armor Box at the Mystic Master in Sunstream, which is also gained from the previously mentioned bosses and FS H1 and H2 instances.
* Praised type can be gained from a Praised Armor Box, which can be exchanged at the Mystic Master for "Praised Light"
* These 2 items drop from the Thunder Phoenix, Insane type Bosses, and the new elysium bosses.
* Can also perform Spirit Extraction at Mystic Master for Armor piece.

- New mystic stat added to Illustrious and Praised mystic gear
* When a gear piece is successfully enhanced to +11, +13, and +15 it'll unlock a mystic stat. The stats and their value are randomly given and have a color grade: White < Green < Purple < Gold < Red
* The highest valued mystic stat (Red) is titled "Ultimate". These mystic stats can be changed at the Mystic Master in Sunstream with players able to either confirm or trash the results of reforging the stats.
* Players will need a "Cold Flame Stone" to reforge these stats and can be gained from the Mystic Master for Astrum Jades and Mythical Soil, and other means.
* For older maxed mystic weaps, removing and re-embeding spirit stone on mystic gear will roll initial new mystic stats.

- New Consolidated Spirit Stone added that can be embedded into the mystic gear pieces
* There's also an "evolved" grade spirit stone that can be gained from the Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate

- Mystic Gear Exchange Changes
* Removed the Practice Mystic Weapon and Inherited type Spirit Stone exchange from the Mystic Master in Sunstream and replaced them with the following: Practice Blade Pouch (bound), Illustrous Blade Pouch (bound), Praised Blade Pouch (bound), Practice Art Box (bound), Illustrous Art Box (bound), Praised Art Box (bound), Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate, Cold Flame Stone (bound), and Basic Spirit Stones.

- Fatecharms
* Added new Eternal Fatecharms for lv170 players to embed into the respective stat slots
* Newly added "Primordial Fatecharms" that can be embedded into the respective stat slots when the level requirements are met
* Newly added "Synthesis" function that players can use to combine Eternal Fatecharms to make the new Primordial type

- Diligence Points
* Asc 160+ players are able to gain Diligence points after successfully getting 5S rankings in Team instances.
* Asc 170 players can get it from Ultimate Fealty Pack,  "Help of Tao" or certain Southern Province Order quests.
* These points can be traded at the Jade Exchange Maiden for Eternal and the new "Primordial" Fatecharms.

- Team instance changes
* Added new 5S rankings to Dream in the South and Shady Milky Way.

- Five Sins
* Reduced the difficulty
* Bosses in this instance will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness and can drop Mythical Soil
* The last Boss, Doubt, will now also drop Moon Talisman
* Raised the chance for the appearance of the hidden boss
* The Hidden Boss in T12 has a chance to drop the item Yin Yang Book
* Yin Yang Book item can be used to open H1 Five Sins instance
* Mobs in H1 Five Sins have bonus stats. Players have chance to gain Illustrious Light and Illustrious Essence item from drop and many more from instance completion quest.
* The hidden boss in H1 instance has the chance to drop a Star Gauge item that can be used to open H2 difficulty.
* The H2 Difficulty has harder bosses and mobs and rare items.
* The normal mobs in this difficulty can drop Astrum Jade and Mythical Soil.
* Bosses have a good chance to get mystic gear items.
* H2 final boss have a chance to drop Praised Light and Praised Essence.

- Instance ranking reset system implemented. Reset will also grant titles according to rank.
* Reset should occur shotly after expansion release.

- Beast Lord
* T6 Bosses will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness
* The last Boss, Beast Lord, will now also drop Mythical Soil

- Song of the Emerald Lady
* Grade 4 ~ 5 Mystic Tomes and Mystic Tome Reforging items will no longer drop in this instance and the chance for Grade 6 items dropping was raised
* Instance Bosses will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness and have a chance to drop Mythical Soil
* T9 bosses will now also drop Moon Talisman

- Biography quest system introduced.
* Find a way to trigger biography quests to gain extra rewards in Quest->Biography UI.
* Currently there 3 biography quest lines available: Sky Swordsman, Gao Longfei and Lin Xuxing.

- Alchemy system
* This system is purely for Asc 170 players and unlocks at the level cap.
* Players are able to gain different bottle capacities from the marketplace, shady dealer, and from completing certain quests
* The lv170 players are able to kill mobs in Southern Province that are lv166 or higher to accumulate EXP into the bottles gained from the methods above
* After the player has accumulated the max amount of EXP according to the bottle used, they'll be able to seal it to make a pill, then be able to exchange these to other players to use that are Asc 135 - 169 depending on the type of bottle used
* These pills cannot be used more than once every 24 hours by players
* The accumulation of EXP by lv170 players is not affected by EXP increases. It can however, be raised through a quest to get a "collected spirit record" item.

- Immortal Record reward system
* Players can increase Immortal Record level by completing missions and spending Jadens.
* Detailed info in [?] description.

- Clans
* Clan instance system logic and rewards now available.
* Clan Mansion is now only available for same clan members.
* Clan Glory challenge requirement for reaching 1 star is reduced to 3,500 mobs.
* When clan members form a full 6 member party and clear the following instances: Crimson Peaks, Jadeon Defense, Shura Gauntlet, Celestial Ruins (Easy and Hard), Holy Lotus (1st through 4th Prize), Elemental Temple (lv3 ~ 5), TT (150 - 155), TT (156 - 170), T5 to T12 + Astral Five Sins and Five Sins Heroic - they have a chance to gain a Family Challenge Redemption [75397] usable at Clan Coordinator.
* All Clan skills, excluding Shared Fortune, can now be used in Elysium.
* Added a new quest for players who do not like the color they received for their Clear Shadow Wings. They can receive another Clear Shadow Pack in exchange for the Clear Shadow Wings they do not want and 10 Tanis Ka's Charm at the Clan Coordinator in Sunstream.

- Soulstone
* Optimized the Boost function to soulstones and added an Auto-Boost function. Players can check one of the Preset Rules options; one to keep going until you get a net increase in stats and another when the 2 lowest stats increase in value.
* Players can then click on Boost to carry out the auto-boosts for the currenlty equipped soulstone.

- World Bosses
* The legendary beasts, Destus and Morgon were added to Elysium.
* After this update, Empress Lunara, God of Rain, Auzureas and Three Shadows will no longer spawn.
* Morgon will spawn every Sunday at 20:00 on realm 6, while Destus will spawn every Friday at 20:30 on realm 1.
* Some of the EXP gained from killing the old world bosses were greatly increased, but they will no longer drop Orison Fragments or Orison Fragment Bundles
* Berserker version of old Bosses (39 in total) that can drop Orison Fragments and Mystic gear are now available in Elysium. Part of them will spawn every day at 21:00  and other part every 2 hours from 10:00 to 22:00.
* Boosted stats to Thunder Phoenix

- Iron BG
* Battleground timeframe removed, limit per day is now 2 times and match duration changed to 15 mins, win points requirement to 180.
* After the match is over, the system will hand out "Vanguard" coin items based off the players' scores, which can be exchanged for new reward items.
* Players can also receive a "Iron BG Win Pack" once a week.
* Added a "Assist" and "guard flag" point judgments.
* Added new Everflame Ring and Everfire Ring accessories to help players in their cultivation (adds a small amount of affinity res or anti-affinity depending on type).
* Added a bunch of new achievements for Iron BG system.

- Adjusted Master Point reward rules for doing instances(actually finishing quests) with disciples:
* All party members must be disciples of same master.
* If master leads the party, MP gain will be increased.
* Party size 3 of and 4 more grants a more MP.
* Amount of MP now varies depending on instance/quest.
* Additional MP sources: Veteran of War, Rebellion·Mortal Realm and more.

- Miscs:
* Mystic Tome quick swap implemented.
* New lottery type 'Fortune Firecracker 'added to Lucky Bag shop.
* Coronation structure now a lot more tanky.
* All masks can be worn by every faction now
* Raised the rewards to the "Rebellion·Heaven Realm" quest
* Added the Fire Orb of Vastness item to V7 and V8's VIP Exclusive shop that can be bought once a month
* Hydran and Seira can now wear the following fashions: Tiger Zodiac, Rabbit Zodiac, Dragon Zodiac, Snake Zodiac, and Crimson Ceremony
* Ceros can now wear the Snake Zodiac, Bridegroom Suit, Bride Suit, Royal Ivory Fashion, Cerulean Fashion, and the Eternal Glory Fashion
* Psychea, Hydran, and Seira can now wear the Bridegroom Suit, Bride Suit, and Royal Ivory Fashion
* Added Pig Chi to Credits exchange and players are able to upgrade the Dog Chi with a Zodiac Energy at the Divine Master.
* Added Pig Charm to Credits exchange and players are able to upgrade the Dog Charm with a Zodiac Energy at the Divine Master.
* Added new upgrade to the Sky Challenger Nirvana Orb necklace, Sky Challenger Indra Orb which can be upgraded with 2 Puti Hearts.
* Added a "GFX Optimization" option to system settings that can optimize the loading speed of visual effects.
* Can no longer 'Extract Additional Attributes' with Locked Charms at the Badge Master npc.
* Yearbook: Tomb-Sweeping Day will be located in Billows at 119,390.
* Spouse status partial fix for Elysium server. May need to relog more than once but Romance skills should be eventually usable on players spouse.
* Can now mark other player vends with icon and note.
* Celelstial Might Stone (cyntec upgrade) added to weekly TW reward quest at Territory Agent Evan.
* New drop event available.
* New daily-sign in event will be launched next day.
* Added finish quest for Xiao Kai event (probably for those who had LV3 Kai activied).
* Human Faction and Gear changes temporarly discounted by 25%.

- Custom changes reversal process continuation:
* Nerfed HP/SP/AP/CritRate/CritNull/CritBon/CritShield values in Star Soul system by 30%.
* Ultimate Shieldruined Talisman nerfed 12->10%.
* Mystic Gear +16 upgrade has been disabled. +16 mystic weapons will now have same AP as their +15 version. Players with +16 mystic weapons will be able to downgrade it to +15 in future. This process will give them decent compendstion including Moon Talismans and other bonus items we will decide later about.
* Emblems of Reborn - AP/Def bonus nerfed.
* Emblems of Reborn★ serie Anti-Damage nerfed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 08, 2022, 04:58:01 pm
- Fixed Zuolo Plains bosses drop.
- Fixed Berserker Wartsworth and Berserker Yin-Yang Priest drops.
- Fixed Quest progress visual issue after player login.
* This fix may cause current counters of mobs in Sleepless and similar quests to be set to 0.
- Bloodcaller (Focused Hate esper) now checks if target is weakened properly.
- [Jadeon] Thunderblade<Chroma> added Spirit Surge visual notification (bonus damage was applied pre-fix already).
- [Vim] Cherub's Song not mentioned change applied. Its now Party Aoe buff (6 targets within 15 meters).
- [Celan] Tone of ancestor<Bane and Zen> skill descriptions corrected.
- [Modo] Third Life Crit bonus passive formula corrected.
- [Modo] Sea of Blood damage formula for Chroms Sky Seekers corrected.
- [Sylia] Fixed Sky Dusts Havoc stacking issue.
- Interface and translation fixes.
- Multi-ride mounts fixed.
- Corrected Cultivation Soulstone script to exclude Vigor stat properly.
- Corrected Fatecharm upgrade cost to match values client states for LV2.
- Elemental Temple open room fixed for all diffculties.
- Jade Flower Water cost adjusted at Shady Dealer.
- Reported mising NPCs added.
- Missing Heaven Dragon Scroll exchanged added to Rare Item Exchange II at Shady Dealer.
- Moon Tracker Kun will now lasts till next midnight properly.
- Morgon spawn information corrected: Spawns every Saturdsay in Elysium (-19,116) on R6.
- Bodhi Seed item revered to old ID. Jude NPC exchange reverted to exchange for proper Bodhi now.
- Attempt to solve random F rank notifications at Shady MW.
- Rebellion·Heaven Realm rewards restored.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 08, 2022, 11:59:16 pm
- Previous Bloodcaller change reverted but fixed Weaken Res calculation for transform chance.
- [Sylia] Sky Dusts Havoc debuff fixed.
- Ultimate Fealty Box now openable.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 11, 2022, 01:30:51 pm
- [Celan] Tone of Ancestor <Zen> and <Bane> final description fixes.
- Old Sunstream Fair portal fixed.
- Missing NPCs added.
- Bilu portal fixed in Sunstream.
- Chance for Dragon Smash Sword Soulcard added to Bilu's Missing You quest.
- No more Disgread buff at Spite(FS) on difficulties lower than H2.
- Minor translation fixes.
- H2 mobs damage reduction lowered.
- Athan factions faction and Gear changes also discounted by 25%.
- Universal Voucher will now be given one per day with 5x better reward at quest.
* For now Universal Voucher will be usable only in Holy Lotus instance. Rest of Trail instances will be unlocked next patch.
- Player level requirement for Genesis and Royal Pen lowered to 160+.
- Transform Gem·Ruilue can now use skills.
- Coldmoon Essence quest renamed to Essence of Reborn with rewards reworked a bit.
- Bonus FS boss on H1 can now drop Illustrious Essence and Light. H2 one additionaly have chance for Praised Essence and Light.
- Class award quests boosted for classes above LV160.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 18, 2022, 01:32:29 pm
- [Celan] Tone of Ancestor <Zen> and <Bane> another description fixes.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain with Chant of Wisdom tome effect formula corrected.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain with Silent Note tome effect fixed.
- [Kytos] Peerless Might <Bane> effect duration fixed.
- [Jadeon] Fixed possible issues with Rage of Tireseus.
- [Jadeon] Magnificent Spirit III <Hero> description corrected.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missle type skills should now work against Disregard buff.
- Attempt to fix issues regarding to Iron BG queuing and rejecting to join.
- Attempt to fix Souther Province plot quests not activating for some characters.
- Attempt to fix 'Heroes gather together' quest for certain characters.
- Missing resource for 2016 Quest-Jadeon 10-04 added.
- Missing NPC Bai Yanyang added.
- Moon Tracker Kun corrected properly this time to stay till midnight.
- Minor UI and gfx translations or corrections.
- Fixed issue with Star Soul system giving wrong Aff RES/Anti Res stats than stated.
- Supreme Spirit Orb quest fixed.
- Achievements that need Essence to be crafted will now also be counted when using Rapid Essence Crafting.
- Universal Voucher now useable in all valid instances.
- H2 Hidden Boss drop quality boosted.
- Drop event 'Happy New Year Gift Pack' limits boosted for most of items.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on February 25, 2022, 02:40:08 pm
- [Forta] Corrected Vigor cost formula of Reality Termination(Chroma) of levels above 20.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Delicate Tune tome skill.
- [Ceros] Windstorm II damage formula reworked to mirror ZX values better.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm will no longer reflect white dmg.
- [Ceros] Celestial Decay effect behavior corrected to damage only when no removeble buffs left.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon no longer works on Patsy,Timid, Convulsion and Palsy effects.
- [Sylia] Wonderful Summit: Abstain duration corrected.
- [Sylia] Bequeath now clears elemental skill cooldown instantly.
- Clouded Sacred Seal now functional.
- Reported missing npcs/resources added.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Fixed some Kunlun And SB plot quest to auto trigger if lost.
- Drop event boxes are no longer able to be sold to npcs.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 04, 2022, 12:32:26 pm
- [Sylia] Everlasting Expansion <Arcane> linear range corrected.
- Sky Travel (Preview) skill description corrected.
- Fixed Skysongs extra HP Bar and Frost Reservoir effects to show on characters that initiated those buffs outside visible range.
- Minor interface and translation fixes.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Attempt to fix Blue Star Box (bound) monthly limit.
- Can no longer use mounts as Iron BG flag carrier.
- Attempt to fix Iron BG flag transform state.
- Corrected some mistakes in Immortal Record mission descriptions.
- Fixed issues with certain Plot Quests.
- Chroma Bead Pack(x9999) added to PvP Box and PvP Box I.
- Lupin Bell Tome and Accessory added to Gold Exchange(Stashkeep Tamsin).
- Astrum Jade·Heroic Special open time shortened.
- Star Lord Gift Box rewards boosted.
- 50% chance for Blue Star added to Blazing Voucher.
- New Seals and Illustrious Gear Pack added as source in Donation Seal Exchange.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 11, 2022, 01:28:43 pm
- [Kytos] Sky's Doom no longer causes Chaotic Curse effect.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon no longer works agaist Change Yin to Yang effect.
- [Sylia] Obscure Illusion effect trigger fixed for speed buff.
- TW fixes:
* Stationed General now functional.
* Stability, Capital and Generals now saves properly and won't reset on each server restart.
* Crafting system fixed.
* Attempt to fix checkpoint resurrect during TW battle.
* Attempt to fix Mercenary Contracts.
- Interface and translation fixes.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Fixed some Immortal Record triggers.
- Fixed some fashions in Marketplace(Goldion, Golden Snake).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 18, 2022, 01:49:30 pm
- [Ceros] Lunar Bow esper effect Residual Frost calculation formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Attempt to fix Perceptive Rhythm reflecting white dmage from certain skills.
- [Vim] Fixed Dragonfury star skill to give Gather Spirit III <Hero> extra usage at LV5 only.
* Fixed second effect to actually reduce Maniac duration instead increasing it.
- [Modo] Nimble Spirit: Ghost effect corrected.
- [Celan] Song: Snow of Purity 2 crit buff refreshing issue fixed.
- [Sylia] Adjusted Elemental Skill casting timers.
- Fixed Clan Instance awards not reseting award state weekly.
* Change will be effective along with Monday's reset.
- Beast Lord Past quest now trash-able as an attemp to fix SB Plot quest issue.
- Soul Inverter (Bound) now stacks to 30.000.
- WEB LMS Participation rewards boosted.
- Dog Zodiac Fashion Pack, Bilu Advent and Shaw Danon Advent fashions added to webshop.
- All monster spawns in (regular) Southern Province are now 4 mobs.
- Soutthern Province(regular and Void) Order rewards boosted.
- Jade Box: Chance for Twilight Jade increased 1%->2.5%.
- Star Pack: Chance for Blue Star increased 10%->15%.
- Event Token exchange modified:
* Drake Sigil replaced to Platina Sigil.
* Fatecharm Sign (Violet) cost reduced to 30 tokens.
* Caskets IV-V removed.
* Wilds Accessory Material Pack added for 75 Tokens.
* Astrum Jade Pack (350) added for 35 Tokens.
* Orange and Purple Star cost greatly reduced.
* New Soulcards cost reduced to 25 Tokens.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on March 25, 2022, 01:40:24 pm
- [Forta] Fixed error that caused Reality Termination<Arcane> and <Zen> to exceed HP Reduction debuff stack limit above 10.
- [Modo] Fixed Miasmic Frenzy II and Incect Poison exploit.
- [Modo] Fixed Ghost effect untarget issue.
- [Gevrin] Corrected Focused Freeze 3 <Earth> critbonus buff stacking.
- Fixed general bug regarding skill calculations on selected target while using AOE type skills.
- Another fix attempt for Clan Instance awards not reseting award state weekly.
* Change will be effective along with Monday's reset.
- Fixed issues with Team Instance batteries.
- Final fix for Master Points daily limit reset issue.
- Reported missing NPCS added.
- Coiling Celestial Dew now instantly levels up asc chara to asc 160.
* Item is obtainable from VIP2 Exlusive shop: Early Bird gets the Worm Pack.
- Celestial Biographies book series now expires after 120 sec to save bag slots.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 01, 2022, 01:23:44 pm
- [Modo] Miasmic Frenzy II and Insect Poison HP reduction effect corrected.
- [Balo] Fixed regular Iron Guts having slight chance for its Celestial Ruins version behaviour.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker won't protect against ongoing Damage Over Time if in protection range from debuff caster.
- Chaotic Curse buff description made more clear.
- Fixed white damage to actually (visually) show exact damage dealt after calculations from buffs/debuffs take place.
- Reported missing NPCs added.
- Iron BG: Flag carrier can no longer use Town Portal and teleport related items.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Corrected Mirror and Flower quests Celestial Biographies to have 120 sec expiry time as well.
- Immortal Record April rewards adjusted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 08, 2022, 12:50:17 pm
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain abnormal battery consumption issue.
- Attempt to fix Brocade Box not obtainable.
- Fixed Immortal Record Soulcard Purify mission.
- Fixed Transform Gem bug that caused lowered stats after de-equiping.
- To celebrate upcoming Easter time, Easter Box was added to Essence of Reborn quest.
*  Easter Box can be exchanged at Shady Dealer for special titles and some other items.
* Event will expire in 2 weeks.
- Revised chances for Hidden Bosses in all instances to match 15%.
- Jade Ticket·Decade and Jade Ticket·JD Decade stack size increased to 30000.
- Purple Stars added to Southern Province Mercy Orders.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 22, 2022, 12:28:07 pm
- [Celan] Tone of Winter reflect buff icon corrected.
- [Voida] Cloud Boundary reflect buff icon corrected.
- Vanti The Etherblade (Vanti plot transformation ) corrected to be AOE.
- [Soulstone] Soulset·Mirage skill descripion corrected.
- [Sylia] Added buff icon for targets under Superior Sound. This effect can now be removed from target.
- [Sylia] Corrected Non-Empty tome to work only on once per Abstain usage.
- Fixed visual amount of damage dealt issue introduced few patches back.
- Attempt to fix Fort PvP structures hp limits.
- Tomb of the Ten Warriors npc added to Doom Bog map.
- Krystal event mobs LV increased to 165 to allow Uncut Jade drop for high level players.
- Decade Exchange (at Jude) upgraded.
- Raccoon Gem from Easter pack can now use skills.
- Added new tab (III) to sigin Converstion exchange ad Shade Dealer for Soul Inverters.
- God of Fortune quest series Lunar Jasper reward doubled.
- Picking up Flag at Irong BG should now remove all speed boost buffs.
- PvE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on April 29, 2022, 12:32:38 pm
- [Skysong] Corrected Rooted Sequence effect durations.
- [Skysong] Lion's Roar II should now affect Party Members properly.
- [Ceros] Adjusted list of effects Wandering Dragon affects.
- [Ceros] Salvage Rivarly visual buff effect icons correction.
- [Sylia] Corrected Non-Empty tome to work only on once per Abstain usage. (Another attempt).
- Contrary Opinions skill description corrected.
- [Modo] Secluded Spring II and Ennetitude Melody now stacks.
- [Modo] Spiritual Charm corrections regarding chance to remove skysong HP shield.
- [Modo] Corrected Sky Seeker Chroma toxin damage to match description better(2x more dmg per tick).
- Can no longer use teleport related items in LMS map.
- Can no longer use any skill as flag holder in Iron BG.
- Corrected visual dmg to avoid show 'Miss' when damge was reduced to 0.
- Fixed potential isse that caused Team instances boss kill rank o desync between same group.
- Selecting fashions in wardrobe should now trigger certain achievements that need to wear items.
- Fixed time limited Young Lin Xuxing Transform Gem having bugged stats. (Only for new stones).
- Fixed issue with Lunar Jasper quest not giving updated amount sometimes.
- Added regular Felkin/Dagos/Fuwa Protectors to SOC to allow achievement to be completed.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 06, 2022, 01:39:15 pm
- Celestial Monkey Portent will now clear Soultrap effect also.
- [Modo] Fixed duration and damage of Chroma Sky Seeker.
- [Modo] Corrected translation of Sea of Blood tome.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir will now remove once shield is exhausted.
- [Gevrin] Withered Lotus damage won't ignore Invincibility anymore.
- Visual Damage will no longer show Miss if it was nullified by shields or other effects.
- Iron BG will now grant Iron Soul for each mob kill (ranking).
- Iron BG flag holder will now have cleared Swiftness (Forta) buff as well.
- Iron BG flag holder will dismount if mounted.
- Iron BG flag holder extra lock for skill usage added to prevent delay exploit.
- Restored proper NPC set to Seat of Infernal Toil map.
- Immortal Record system rewards boosted to match previous months.
- New drop event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 13, 2022, 12:56:22 pm
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain immunity to debuffs of certain skill types.
- [Lupin] Fixed River Dweller III Falling Lustre effect influence.
- Reverted Reflect effect immunity against reflected status change.
- Corrected Dawn Harvest Bundle prices on few items.
- Dawn Charm now stacks to 30.000.
- Another lock to prevent skill usage as Iron BG flag holder.
- Attempt to fix Instance Ranking Top 1-3 annoucement for certain cisrumstances.
- Red Cloud Jade added as very rare drop for Cheetah Elite and Demigod Bear Elite.
- Elite Soldier Pack rewards boosted (x5).
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on May 20, 2022, 01:21:58 pm
- Iron BG fixes:
* Fixed unable to use skill if died as flag holder.
* Fixed flag pickup, skill usage exploit.
* Fixed players could keep 'picking up' their own flag when its on initial position.
* Returning own flag will no longer fill bag with 'flag item'.
* Restored ability for Flag Holder to use extra skills.
* Fixed bug that caused flags to be duplicated.
- Special Vigor Stock (Make-Up) added to Webshop.
- Ultimate Fealty Box: Blood of Reborn replaced to Pri. Fatecharm Fragments x1-2.
- Gem Pack now costs 200 Sunny Jade at Jade Exchange Maiden.
- Alliance Market items boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 03, 2022, 01:28:36 pm
v343 (Imperial Lineage Expansion):

- New class : Imperia !
* Weapon: Dao Sword.
* Unique system: Wind Wrath.
* New Map: Guan Mountain - Imperia faction base.

- Wardrobe system additions:
* Masks
* Avatar Frames (preview only)
* Transfor Gems (preview only)
* Pets (preview and Pet Soul like Transform option).

- JD-Mart Rework
* All winning bid items will be stored in the Auction tab (Treasure Court) in the Marketplace UI.
* There are 16 slots for winning bids, after the 17th winning bid and no items were claimed, then the 1st slot item will be replaced, then 2nd, 3rd, etc.
(Lowest Unique Bid)
* JD-Mart auction (unique bid) renamed to Order of Man Auction.
* Announcement begins at 19:30 every Monday and Tuesday and the bidding can begin at 20:00
* The total amount of bids for the server was raised to 30,000, but the total amount of total character bids was reduced to 300
(Order of Heaven auction)
* Highest Jaden bid wins
* Announcement begins at 19:30 every Wednesday and Thursday and the bidding can begin at 20:00
* The base price for a bid is 1 jaden. Players must deposit 200 jaden to be able to bid. Each bid must be higher than the current highest bid of the server.
* Once the auction is over, the deposits will be returned immediately to the players who didn't win.
* If the winning bid is less than 200 jaden, the winning bid will be taken out from the deposit and then the remainder will be returned to the winning player.
* If the winning bid is over 200 jaden, the winning player will have to make up the difference between the deposit and winning bid within a week, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded.
(Order of Earth auction)
* Everyone bid one time, winner choosen randomly.
* Announcement begins at 19:30, austion starts at 20:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
* Players can purchase Fireword Coupon from the Marketplace during the Auction period and donate them. Each player can only donate once.
* When the Ghost Fire Pool reaches 100%, one player will be randomly selected from the donors to get the win.
* If the fire doesn't reach 100% by the end of the auction period, all donors' fireword vouchers will be returned.

- Instance Damage Counter system reworked.

- Team Instances are now fully cross-server side.
* Double drop/exp will no longer affect team instances.

- Shura Gauntlet (Heroic Difficulty)
* Players can open this version by clicking on the "Heroic Difficulty" button in the instance window of Shura Gauntlet to open up this version (no item required to open)
* After killing the Yin-yang Priest, Cocoon Queen, Faction Trial Agents, and Lord Earthforce bosses, players will get a corresponding reward quest every week (like ET6 aka Heroic Difficulty).

- Elemental Temple (Heroic Difficulty)
* A new challenging version of ET has been opened. Players can click on the open "Heroic Difficulty" button in the instance window of Elemental Temple to open up this version (no item is required to open).
* Rewards in this instance include Perception Rune, transform gems, and new cyntec seals: Thunder Messenger Seal, Thunder General Seal, and Thunder Emperor Seal.
* Instance is a relatively high difficulty which has a set amount of resurrections (15) to the return point in the instance (faction ressurection skills don't count towards this) for the whole party
* After killing each boss, players will get a corresponding reward quest from the Zhang Renyuan NPC every week that resets every Monday at 0:00. Can take only once a week* Elemental Temple (Heroic Difficulty).
- The ressurection limit to Elemental Temple changed to be the same as Heroic difficulty of ET.

- Plot Instance - Heartless Sea (low level instance)
* The plot Instance "Heartless Sea" opens up. The Forsaken Abyss, Heartless Sea, Blooddrop Cave, and Cave of Fangs are represented in their classic appearance.
* Players can look forward to return together with Shaw Danon, Anan and Bilu to explore the mysteries of the Jade Dynasty world.

- Adjusted the Overlord of Chaos boss
* Increased its base stats and level
* BOSS is now immune to Freeze and Entangled effects
* BOSS drops changed to Illustrious Light, Illustrious Essence, Perception Rune, Praised Light, Praised Essence, Illustrious Blade Pouch, and Illustrious Armor Box.
* Boss will no longer drop the Core of Chaos item.

- Adjusted the Citadel Savage boss
* Increase its base stats and level
* BOSS is now immune to Freeze and Entangled effects
* Boss now has chance to drop Illustrious Light, Illustrious Essence, Praised Light, Praised Essence, Illustrious Blade Pouch, and Illustrious Armor Box.
* Boss will no longer drop the Golden Sutra item.

- Spirit of the Wind event now available.
* This event is similar to Xiao Kai and bases on same system.

- Coronation BG updated to new map with few new features. It may be further developed in future.
- Fixed Iron BG to leave quee after entering regular instance. (team instance were working fine pre-fix).
- Optimized the button for the First Victory Bundle in Iron BG so players can easily see if they won it that week.
- Fixed issue where players were getting stuck in Iron BG map.
- Fixed Iron BG to be able to re-enter BG after disconnect or force log.
- Iron BG logic quee logic adoped for Genesis and Royal Pen.
- Four Seasons Island (New PvP instance)
* Players lv90+ (asc 90+) can register to enter every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday through the PvP tab
* Each matchup will have 5 people. After entering everyone will transform into a "Ceros Knight"
* The one to successfully capture the  "Fourth Order Sword" will become the "Fourth Order Guardian" and will gain the island's precious treasure. The Knights can steal the treasure from the Guardians, while the Guardians are able to kill the Knights to protect the treasure.
* The match lasts 20 minutes. After the match ends, rewards are given out to the Knights who kept any treasures and the rest of the treasures will go to the Guardians. The treasure can contain various prizes, such as Moon Talisman and Orison Fragments.

- Can now Re-roll hidden attributes of a Badge, costs gold and reuquite Sigils.
- Added ★ upgrades to the Rainfall Trinket Combat & Defense (i.e Rainfall Trinket · Combat ★)
- Fixed issue where typing was interrupted and stopped by other functions /things and the ability to continue typing uninterrupted was ended.
- Fixed issue where some inherited esper skills did not display a casting animation
- The Sentinel and Absolute Rumor level limit changed to LV 105
- Cursed type mobs will no longer drop gold or items (dispel the curse quests)
- The server's current EXP, Gold, and Droprate will be displayed in the game interface
- Jade Exchange Maiden will have an unlimited exchange for Fine Seal Orbs and the item requirements for Special Health Stock and Special Spirit Stock were adjusted
- The Mystic Master in Sunstream has a new exchange method for Mystic Talisman
- Kui Gon in Sunstream has a new exchange method for Endless type Fate gear
- The Donate everything function from Alliance members will now consume merit incense bundles.
- Spicy Crab and Premium Spicy Crab were added rewards to Immortal Record. Players can consume to increase their SA and c.rate that can stack with other c.rate/SA effects
- Provisions will now sell for 0 gold. The amount of gold received from Sleepless quest in Westfall and Southern Province was increased
- Fixed invigorate function in instances where it attempted to pickup other player's Character specific bound items and caused the player's invigorating character to be unable to continue picking up items.
- Optimized invigoration where the bot would try to pick up items in the ROLL system in Team instances and players being unable to pick up other items.
- Changed all faction charms to be tradable, except dual charms.
- Fixed issue where players trading too far away from someone would cause their client to crash.
- Destus boss position changed from 356,-85 to 199, -112 in Elysium.
- Party Function
* Optimized the party function and added a "Invite all"
* Can send a party invite to up to 5 players within range of you at the center
- Optimized "Hide Others Damage" setting and hiding one's own white damage
- Mystery Shop items updated.
- Restored Anti bot system with lock to quick change realm while Anti Bot effect is in power.
- Soulset Skills were made 'Bonus Permanent skills' just to prevent them from dissapearing from skill shortcut bar.
* Skills still need soulstone with correct soulset to be casted.
- 2 more slots added to additional Vertical Shortcut bar (both pages).

(Territory Wars)

- Removed realm restrictions for Territory War
- Territory Wars Crafting
* Illustrious Light, Illustrious Essence, and Perception Rune have been added to territory crafting.
* Reduced the required amount of items needed to crafting Kirin Sigil Fragments.
* After the update, the territory crafting will also use items for crafting that are in the Token Bag.

(Skill Changes)


Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Firestone Will (Star Skill), Bloodstained Soul, Spiritual Charm, Spiritual Charm 2, Flesh Burn, Flesh Burn 2, Nimble Spirit, Nimble Spirit 2, Snake Bind, Snake Bind 2, Secluded Spring, Secluded Spring 2, Restrained Resentment



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Nameless Way (All Versions), Magnificient Spirit, Magnificient Spirit 2



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Heart Sutra and Immeasurable Truth

Rooted Sequence ~
CD reduced to 45 sec

Passage of Salvation ~
Six Cycles III <Hero> added to skills able to have their cooldown reset while Array is active

Bodhi's Protector 2 ~
Increases target's Defense equal to 11% of the caster's Max SP. Increases target's Critshield by 55%. The duration to these effects were changed to 20 sec

Honest Attendant ~
Raises the DEF increase effect to Bodhi's Protector by 10% (5% / level)

Maxim of Protection ~
Changed effect: Bodhi's Protection 2's DEF and Critshield effect durations will be extended 3 sec (1 sec / level)

Beyond Heaven ~
The "Clean Mirror" effect now raises Defense equal to 15% of the caster's Max SP

Blessing of Prosperity ~
Added effect: While casting, the caster will gain a 20% damage reduction buff for 2 sec. This effect can trigger once every 60 sec. If the skysong dies while casting, the CD to this effect won't be cleared

Six Cycles III (All Versions) ~
The added damage was raised to 11, 13, 15 times Sleep RES based on rank. When striking non-player targets, the amount of added Sleep RES to damage will double.
The 4th strike's chance for the target to be unable to receive a raja effect was raised to 60%, 80%, 100% and duration changed to 4, 5, 6 sec based on rank

Demon Blast(and star version),Sukhavati Incantation,Heart Sutra ~
Added Purify effect that makes ongoing Black Fire Corrosion to reduce by portion of casters Max SP.



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Counter Tide, Frozen Irony, Demonic Betrayal, Desecrate, Infatuation, Wither Wood, Splitting Strike, Perpetual Loneliness, Spite 2, Vampire Bite Curse 2, Glacier Edge 2, Magma Blade 2, Gather Spirit 2, Djinn Fire 2, Steadfast Strike 2



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Forgotten Dream, Deep Water, Deep Water 2, Positive Reinforcement, Positive Reinforcement 2, Ancient Prayer, Ancient Prayer 2, Thicken Blood, Mist, Mist 2

Positive Reinforcement (Bright Moon, Sun Star Skill) ~
Added effect: When skill reaches rank 5, casting Haste, Mist, Ancient Prayer, or Ancient Prayer 3 (All Versions) will reduce the CD to Deep Water by 1 or 2 sec depending on type

River Dweller (T4 & M.tome) ~
Cast time reduced to 2 sec and optimized when damage from the 1st hit goes into effect

River Dweller 2 ~
Cast time reduced to 2 sec and optimized when damage from the 1st hit goes into effect
Each hit will attach 15% of current HP to damage and will deal extra damage equal to 100% of AP

Dimly Discernable 2 ~
Skill also reduces the CD to Full of Love by 20 sec

Memory's Standstill ~
15% of the difference between current and Max HP and Max SP to damage changed to 15% of Max HP and Max SP

Ancient Prayer 2 ~
Skill will also remove 3 negative effects from the caster. When the skill reaches rank 10, it will also remove Blaze of Janos and Palsy effects.
CD reduced to 120 sec

Frozen Memories (Chroma Versions) ~
Added effect: When Striking non-player targets, the 1st hit will reduce the target's Critnull by 35% for 10 sec



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Ancient Soul, Ancient Soul 3 (All Versions), Combat Spirit, Iron Guts, Ambition, Dragon's Light



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Lost Soul, Starlight Sting 2, Flame Stream



Tone of Frost ~
Added Purify effect that makes ongoing Black Fire Corrosion to reduce by portion of casters Max SP.



Optimized When Skill Effect Goes Into Effect While Casting ~
Substitute, Empathy, Shadow Sacrifice (All Versions)

Nerve Pinch ~
Added effect: When using on non-player targets, the caster will enter into an Eternal Night effect. This effect raises the damage to Bloody Chop (T4 & Star Skill)

Bloody Chop ~

Added effect: When the caster is in an Eternal Night effect, when striking non-player targets, the extra damage will raise by 40%.
When striking non-player targets skill will attach 10% of current HP to the 1st hit's damage

Bloody Chop (Star Skill) ~

When striking non-player targets, each hit will attach 12%, 16%, 20% of current HP to damage depending on type (this is separate from the other 12% of current HP)
Added effect: When the caster is in an Eternal Night effect, when striking non-player targets, the 12% of current HP of extra damage will raise by 80%
Added effect: When striking non-player targets, the CD to this skill is reduced by 10 sec



Wave Dash ~
Skill range is now 15 yards around the caster. Target limit raised to 20. When striking non-player targets, the extra damage will raise by 30% of AP



Secret Talent ~
Added effect: Array will also raise the Defense of caster and teammates by 9%

Blast Eruption ~
Added effect: Array will also reduces targets' Attack Power by 9%

Nature's Blessing & Holy Polaris ~
Optimized skill descriptions. Added the skills' cast times and cooldowns to their descriptions

Ruse Flank ~
The attack power reduction effect changed to equal 30% of caster's AP and lasts for 18 sec

Ruse Lure ~
The attack power reduction effect changed to equal 7% of caster's AP and lasts for 18 sec

Spearhead ~
Defense reduction amount changed to equal 100% of the caster's AP

Tyranny III <Sky> ~
Added effect: Skill also increases Defense by 2000, 3000, 4000 for 12, 15, 18 sec depending on rank

Tyranny III <Ocean> ~
Skill damage reflection raised to equal 4.0 times received damage. The reflect duration is increased by 20%, 35%, 50% depending on rank

Tyranny III <Hero> ~
Hero effect changed: Raises all RES by 3%, 6%, 9% of Silence RES for 10, 12, 14 sec depending on rank

Outrageous Scale (Chroma Versions) ~
Added effect: 20% of Fury will affect Critstrike Damage if not under a Death's Volition effect

Dragon Fury ~
Raises Defense by 10% (5% / level)

Mass Termination and Tigerhowl ~
Tomes' increase effects changed to 4% (2% / level)



Mecha Fiery Land ~
Added effect: When striking non-player targets, the 1st hit has a 100% chance to reduce the target's Critnull by 35% for 10 sec



Fire Token ~
Shield effect replaced: Each hit will recover Health equal to current kill streak amount mulitiplied by 50

Emperor's Battlecry ~
Extra damage raised to equal 30% of AP plus 300. Each kill streak buff will attach 0.5% of Max HP (5% Max) to damage when striking mobs

Meteor Shower ~
Each kill streak buff will attach 0.8% of Max HP (8% Max) to damage when striking mobs.
Each hit has a 100% chance to reduce the target's Critshield by 30% for 5 sec

Meteor Shower (Chroma Versions) ~
Each kill streak buff will attach 1% of Max HP (10% Max) to damage when striking mobs.

Meteor Shower III <Hero> ~
Each kill streak buff will attach 1% of Max HP (10% Max) to damage when striking mobs.
Added effect: When striking mobs, each hit will have a 100% chance to reduce the target's Critshield by 60% for 15 sec

Piercing Bolt (T5 & Star Skill) ~
Added effect: After using skill(s), the caster will gain 10 Kill Streak buffs

Aquatic Seal ~
Chance to clear the skill's cooldown changed: When the caster has 10 or more Kill Streak buffs, the skill will have a 100% chance to clear its CD

Forested Mountains ~
Added effect: When skill reaches rank 6, the extra damage to each weapon will raise equal to 20% of AP

Zozphur ~
Tome effect changed: Raises Fire Token's Health recovery effect by 30% (10% / level)



Defense Increase Effects ~
This effect can now be stacked, except for the following:
- Charity's Salvation cannot stack with Bodhi's Protector
- Bodhi's Protector 2 cannot stack with Beyond Heaven
- Dragon Dance (Dragon Zodiac Fashion), Snake Flying (Solarplume & Netherjade Fashions), and Golden Rooster New Year's Greetings (Rooster Zodiac Fashion) cannot stack with each other
- Sentimental Fragrance, Mountain Blaster, and Vajra's Might cannot stack with each other
- Foja Blessing cannot stack with Foja Blessing <Zen>

- The Frost Blade for the Bloodbond system will now only deduct 1% of the user's HP instead of all but 1 point of their HP
- Fixed issue where Psychea were unable to move or use skills while in Transform Gem transformation after using their Mecha skills
- Fixed issue where Seira's Nether Blossom was still causing damage from target's allies after the cursed target dies
- Fixed issue with Arden's Devilbash Arrow * Firefly skill having the wrong knock back distance
- Fixed issue where movement speed effects were being removed from Dagos and Fuwa Hydrans after using skills such as Impervious
- Fixed issue with Balo's Durable Fighter (T5 & Chroma) skills not disarming targets
- Fixed issue with Seira's Might of the Wind 2 skill, the blessed target would still receive damage and negative effects
- Fixed issue where players placed into a control effect mid-air (jumping, etc), they could no longer be affected by negative effects

Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 07, 2022, 12:54:58 pm
- [Imperia] Fixed Flying Fire tome.
- [Imperia] Windblown Dust II now influences Gale Sweep properly.
- [Imperia] Fixed Fierce Flame upgrade level requirement condition.
- [Imperia] Freefall Flower star skill now affects Freefall Flower II properly.
- [Seira] Corrected Spirit Passenger fear chance calculation.
- [Lupin] Fixed Falling Lustre stacking.
- [Balo] Fixed Omenax Strike defense debuff for non-balo pre asc factions.
- Fixed Fusion Special Effect: Propaganda +2 to act according to description.
- Fixed Four Seasons so players cant attack each other.
* Also fixed player death logic, once using 'Town' option they will leave location properly.
- Fixed Wardrobe preview visual bug for certain fashion pieces with default color.
- Lowered Anti-bot palsy effect from 95% to 75% speed reduction to ease close range classes a bit.
- Zuolo Plains restored.
- Attempt to fix Shura Gauntlet portal after killing Trail Agents.
- Fixed new Transform Gems.
- Adjusted Immortal Record rewards for current month.
- Rainfall Order restored to Iron BG exchange.
- Black Flame Blade added to Marketplace.
- Grand Esper Fusion Manual now functional.
- Attempt to fix Iron BG entry limit bug while crashing during first enter.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Interface fixes and translations.
- EU link is now separate link server. This should help to diversity traffic.
- Sentinel chat channel will now also be visible on elysium server.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 10, 2022, 01:21:05 pm
- White damage dealt to mobs will no longer show in chat damage log to avoid extreme lag for certain classes.
- Added some missing Demonic mob spots in Westwall and Southern Province Void.
- Added 10 new spots both for Reinforced Cheetahs and Demigod Bears in Southern Province.
- Another attempt to fix Shura Gauntlet portal issue.
- [Imperia] Fixed damage calculation formula in several skills.
- [Imperia] Fixed Destruction Cloud II extra effect to work on skill cast not each hit of Frosted Jade II.
- [Imperia] Fixed Frosted Jade 2 aoe target limit.
- [Imperia] Fixed Killing Intent <Chroma> learning conditions.
- [Imperia] Fixed Conjoined Suffering effective range while casting.
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain effect Health+Spirit battery consumption issue.
- Can now move Imperia's Wind Wrath UI bar.
- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven finals registration UI.
- Fixed mismatched website Balo and Arden PvE buffs.
- Restored quests for Factions Seals in Fort PvE instance.
- Can now perform trade in Westfall.
- Added missing NPC to Guan Mountain map.
- Removed depreciated Xiao Kai related npcs and resources from Sunstream map.
- Unknown Scholar's additional event for refreshing drinks now functonal.
- Blood of Reborn restored to Ultimate Fealty Pack.
- Power-Thirsty Dominator Seal added to Coin of Wealth exchange.
- Elemental Beads changed to Hexagon Charms at Corrupted Smith reward quest.
- Decade Exchange: Chi Enhancer now cost 50x JD Ticket - Decade.
- Imperia fashion weapon added to marketplace.
- Misty Aragonite Gem added to webshop.
- Black Steel Shavings added to Shura Gauntlet exchange.
- Heartless Sea can be accessed by all LV90+ characters.
- Merit Incense Bundles now cost 6 Sunny Jades at Jade Exchange 1.
- Minor translation and interface fixes.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 18, 2022, 12:02:21 am
- Attempt to fix Clash of Seven finals registration UI.
- Gear Evolution now require Yuan Crystall to be performed.
- [Ceros] Corrected Perceptive Rhytm behavior towards other reflect types.
- [Psychea] Mecha: Roc should now remove Debar Mon effect after out of Psytek Posture.
- [Celestial Ruins] Cloud·Turn the Tides will now reset Imperia skills properly.
- [Imperia] Corrected Sharpened Air Shield III skill behavior against player summons.
- Imperia will no longer get Wind Chase stacks in Four Seasons Island.
- Corrected Imperia Hall of Excellence rankings.
- Fixed issue with EL7-9 at Clan Instance tab.
- Can no longer apply Genesis after 23:15.
- Zuolo Exchange restored to General Lan.
- Attempt to diversify Cross Server instances to prevent character logouts and lockdownds.
- Corrected portal position in Southern Province and Reinforced Cheetah spawn.
- Cyclamen Fashion quest line now functional.
- Territory War scoreboard will now properly show score of players that left BG.
- Corrected Bilu portal bug.
- Added some missing NPCs.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Corrected Imperia Mystic Tome skill level chances.
- Corrected Auction System item roll for given auction type.
- Rainfall Order price increased at Kao Sonye and is now bound to character.
- Following PvP Activity rewards were integrated (and boosted) into respective first victory packs: Battle for Supremacy, Royal Pen, Genesis Sanctuary.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on June 24, 2022, 01:42:33 pm
- Corrected Rabbit Hop buff duration.
- Goat Kick skill description corrected.
- [Voida] Fixed Heavenly Survival 3 Hero Celestial and Melting Essence tome influence.
- [Forta] Corrected Reality Termination III cast range.
- [Imperia] Inferno Corrosion should now respect white damage shields and immunities.
- [Imperia] Attempt to fix issues with Skycrack skill.
- [Imperia] Corrected Whirlwind tome influence for Winnow Step II.
- Corrected new Treasure Map system that could break after relog.
- Transform Gems should now automatically turn off while PvP unless on excluded map.
- Corrected some PVP BGS First Victory pack description issues.
- Attempt to prevent baypassing TW limit.
- Loosing all ressurections in ET should now end instance.
- Universal Law Gift Pack now stacks.
- Can no longer summon Spirit Wind event npc in LMS and BFS maps.
- Spirit Wind shop purchase limits boosted x5.
- Birthday Event launched. It will be active till July 1.
- PVE Event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 01, 2022, 01:29:29 pm
- Attempt to fix recent rare realm crash issue.
- Shuomo BG now functional.
* Rewards will be upgraded next week.
- [Psychea] Thunderous Peal will now affect Mecha: Torrent <Zen>.
- [Kytos] Ruse: Lure skill description corrected.
- [Kytos] Last Stand will now stack with Velonus Fury ap buff.
- [Kytos] Moon - Death's Volition transform immune duration formula corrected for ranks 1-4.
- [Kytos] Tyrany III name changed to Peerless Night III. Description corrected and duration formula corrected for <Sky> version.
- [Imperia] Corrected Overbearing Wind potential formula error.
- Birthday promo code titles translations applied.
- Missing Dundun and Liu Yuan NPCs added to Sunsteream (Reacreation Zone).
- Iron BG Exchange revised.
- Iron BG Victory Pack bonus chances boosted.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 08, 2022, 02:31:51 pm
- Celestial Monkey Portent: Corrected description and behavior.
* It's now effective against Stun, Silence, Sleep, Paralyze, Freeze, Chained Soul, Patsy, Transform.
- [Kytos] Corrected Last Stand crit chance calculation.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain now stacks with Anan Wish properly.
- [Celan/Imperia]Tone of Winter now stacks with Azure Wind II.
- [Ceros] Fixed Fearless Frost damage reduction cap overflow exploit.
- [Ceros] Fixed Savage Rivalry exploit regarding buff stacking.
- [Hydran] Fixed Imprevious losing debuff immune after stacking with Jadesun effect.
- [Hydran] Fixed potential Aquatic Seal <Arcane> regarding cooldown reset.
- Fixed Realm of Torment not dealing dmg afer long knockbacks.
- Corrected amount of Royal Star(LV1) given by Universal Law Gift Pack.
- Gear Evolution now requires Yuan only if Gear has any refinery level.
- Attemp to fix TW ressurection point bug.
- Shuomo BG rewards adjusted.
- Veteran of War is now available from 3:00 to 21:00 every Monday.
- Empyrean Emblem added to Event Token exchange.
- Gevrin Faction and Gear change added to Marketplace.
- Ultimate Torment Chest now stackable.
- Fuxi Shrine Chroma Pack will now give 2000 Beads.
- Firewood Voucher auction now requires less participants.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 15, 2022, 01:40:26 pm
- [Celan/Skysong] Tone of the Fountain and Bodhi's Protector defense buff now stacks.
- [Imperia] Corrected instant Inferno DMG not considering shields for Corrosion effect.
- After Duel finishes, all buffs and debuffs will be cleared from now.
- Anti AfK mechanics attempt implemented into Shuomo and Iron BG.
* After successfull tests, it will be implemented into rest pvp instances.
* Players that didn't perform enough actions during BG will be restricted from applying any other PVP instances for 24h.
* Shuomo is available every day for now.
- Iron BG weekly win pack now trully 'weekly'.
- Astral Marshal should now spawn from 3:30.
- Moonlit Night Painting and Event Tokens added to Shuomo BG reward exchange.
- Diligence Scroll (5 points) level requirement lowered to 160.
- Temporarly ddded Shuomo BG Website PvP rewards.
* Rewards will be valid for one week only.
- Tiamat Blood from Jaden Book is now available in Grand Esper Fusion Manual exchange yet with higher rate.
- Astrum Jade·Heroic Special now stacks 30.000.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on July 22, 2022, 01:10:56 pm
- Fixed Gear Upgrade that allowed to upgrade Lumen to Astrum directly resulting bugged gear piece that clould crash client.
- Attempt to fix issue at H2 Doubt boss where player was unable to ressurect if killed by RoT effect.
- Iron BG:
* Infinite flag exploit fix attempt.
* Flag holder speed lowered by 1 y/s.
* Player that becomes flag holder instantly loses all buffs and debuffs.
- Imperia will no longer get Wind Chase stacks in Iron BG.
- Shuomo BG:
* Cerfificates from winning boxes should now remove direcly after gathering.
* Can no longer party other team members.
* Summons should now be attackable.
* Once receiving negative effect, chest pickup should interupt properly now.
* Instance available only on Saturday and Sunday from now.
* Shuomo BG website PvP rewards removed.
* Cold Flame Stone added to Shuomo BG reward exchange.
* Shuomo BG reward exchange booosted.
- Coronation system:
* Defender side structures are now immune to buffs and debuffs.
* Attacker Pillars boosted to match 75% hp of defender structures combined(tower+gate+claudron).
* Defender can now use portals to teleport outside/inside the gates. Attackers can't use them.
- [Mage] Awaken II now reduces BoJ III cooldown by correct value.
- [Imperia] Fixed Windblow Dust II description and behavior.
- [Hydran] Fixed Imprevious losing immune to certain debuffs after stacking with Celestial Majesty.
- Fixed Mystic Gear extra attributes giving slighly too much stats at Red grade.
- PvE Event launched.
- Southern Province Void Elite Bear and Cheetach can now drop Cold Flame Stone and their chance to drop Red Cloud Jade was doubled.
- Sacred PvP Coin added to Iron BG weekly pack.
- Orison Fragment Pack dropped by Berserker bosses in elysium now contain 30->60 Orison Fragments.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 05, 2022, 10:08:09 pm
- [Imperia] Fixed Eternal Blaze II not triggering Wind Wrath combo.
- [Imperia] Another attempt to correct remaining Skycrack hitbox issues.
- [Imperia] Corrected Conjoined Suffering - Star Skill inferno trigger damage stacking issue.
- [Imperia] Corrected Fortunate Nature Max SP calculations against Kytos targets.
- [Arden] Changed Devilbash Arrow (Star) skill knockback type to same as Devilbash Arrow II one in attempt to fix rare bug it was inflicting.
- [Kytos] Fixed Shadow Bind II influence.
- [Kytos] Fixed Ruse: Lure II influence.
- [Skysong] Rooted Sequence/Bodhi's Protector II now stacks.
- [Gevrin] Corrected Spring Healing II skill description and behaviour.
- Corrected Flourish <Arborik> skill description.
- Fixed issue regarding material gathering being interrupted randomly.
- Berserker Tuff Kong drop fixed.
- New drop event launched.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 12, 2022, 10:18:49 pm
- [Imperia] Corrected Conjoined Suffering issues introduced in previous patch.
- [Imperia] Another attempt for Fortunate Nature fix against Kytos.
- [Imperia] Wind Travel no longer protects agains Fear. Fixed immunity against Float.
- [Gevrin] Late Reflection Star/Chroma: Focus and HP buff no longer stacks.
- [Gevrin] Spring Healing no longer giving Disgread buff without star passibe enabled.
- [Lupin] Fixeed Lovesickness Star skill to work against Inferno Corrosion properly.
- Fixed Celestial Monkey Portent unable to cast while in certain debuff states.
- Flying Lantern Pack exchange balanced slighly.
- Added Mark Exchange Ticket <-> Curse Exchange Ticket option at Award Manager.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 19, 2022, 02:18:34 pm
- [Forta] Fixed Sky·Essence III <Ocean> exclusive effect not working.
- [Gevrin] Corrected River Snow II skill description and behaviour.
* Ultimate Freeze now properly gives Cloud Shift stacks only on first hit.
* All affected skills have their dmg formula corrected.
- [Gevrin] Rain Listener <Arcane> now properly affected by Sourthern Terrain tome.
* Melted Armor stacks according to description now (10->5).
- [Gevrin] Fixex Vain Prosper taking target current HP into account instead caster's.
- Pet names now limited to 9 characters since 10 caused visual issues.
- Fixed affinity anti/res stat working weird way against non-affinity players.
- Fixed TW/Coronation participant count to show only online amount.
- TW Scoreboard will no longer show players with no deaths and kills.
- Added 10 sec respawn cooldown at PvP TW.
- Unused Demonic Swordsman mob removed from Skysong map.
- Frost Remnant and Silver Lantern added to Deikin Esper Exchange.
- Iron BG anti afk ban system reverted.
- To receive Shenwu Spirit and Vanguard from Iron BG, at least 10 Score (visible on scoreboard) is required.
- Weekly first kill reward·Hidden item description now match reward.
- Many UI and translation fixes.
- Sealed Astrum Box is now unlimited to open.
- Dotted Rats spawn on R15 only from now.
- Stronger Berseker Bosses have now higher chances to drop Berseker Gold Pack and Berseker Silver Pack.
* Those bosses can now also drop: Advanced Orb Bead Coupon.
- Iron BG Victory Pack: Kirin Sigil Shard replaced to Event Token x5.
- Heroic Shura Gauntlet Weekly reward quest boosted a bit. It now gives 1x Mortal Forsaken Order.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on August 26, 2022, 01:10:37 pm
- [Psychea] Fixed Destiny II influence over Mecha: Torrent(t5) not working at all.
- [Ceros] Rising Clouds II and Battle Ready skill evasion buffs will now stack.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Arcane> skill evasion buff will now stack with fashion skills.
- [Ceros/Imperia] Increased Max SP from Rising Clouds now stacks with Auzre Wind(Imperia).
- [TW] Reverted resurrect cooldown change as it caused extra bugs.
- [TW] Disabled Resurrection at point feature.
- [TW] Fixed scoreboard issue introduced in perevious patch.
- [Coronation] Defender portals now available after at least one tower is destroyed.
- [Coronation] Added teleports for attackers that allow to teleport to other alliance spawns.
- [Coronation] Added two guard towers for each attacker's spawn.
- [Coronation] Rebel Pillars now starts with 10 minutes Invincible buff.
- [Iron BG] Fixed reward giveout script that was blocked by part of pervious anti-afk mechanics.
- Attempt to fix one of possible issues that randomly causes some players not to enter (non-cross server) instances properly sometimes.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Mortal Trail mobs will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness (200) packs.
- PvE Event launched.
* Previous event winners are now excluded from participating in event.
* Added Elysium DD to rate rewards.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 02, 2022, 02:36:00 pm
- [Sylia] Fixed Dream of Huaxu cast time.
- [Impera] Fixed Phantom Trace abnormal damage bug.
- [Vim] Celestial Ruins - Gather Spirit should work according to description now.
- [Modo] Fixed Death's Charm damage transfer cap not working properly.
- [Imperia] Skycrack will no longer be effective in Safe Zone(visual effect remains however).
- [Psychea] Fixed potential formula issue for Daydream.
- Skills that imitate death (Dream of Huaxu and similar) now increase Death count in instances like ET.
- Adjusted Shady Milky Way bosses tactics.
- Immortal Record September rewards boosted.
- [W] Shura Gauntlet quest rewards adjusted.
* Primal Iceheart has 100% for x10.
* Holies Imbues and recipes have their chances increased x5.
- Heartrending Flower (Seal) should be now timed.
- Wind Spirit daily quest will now gixe 5 as much War Song Sheet Music.
- Jadeon Incident expiration lowered to 24h.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 09, 2022, 01:41:54 pm
- [Imperia] Adjusted Conjoined Suffering animation speed target logic and effective range of skill.
* Skill now grants Invincible and Ghost buff without Wind Fury restriction.
* Corrected Slow debuff logic and formula.
- [Imperia] Brute Wind Blade summon changed to Small Whirlwind.
* Small Whirlwind summoned by this skill can now upgrade by using Dancing Tornado.
- [Imperia] Immortal Fire Planet <All>, Eternal Blaze, Eternal Blaze II, Windblown Dust and Gale Sweep now apply one Inferno layer per cast.
- [Imperia] Inferno Corrosion debuff will be prolonged each time target receives Inferno damage.
- [Imperia] Sharpened Air Shield now works against mobs.
- [Imperia] Wind Travel buff now stacks (Winnow Step + Winnow Step II).
- [Ceros] Residual Frost prevents from using medicines from now and corrected refresh logic.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Arcane> buff stacking logic corrected.
- [Arden] Adjusted Eloquence Lord buff refresh logic.
- [Gevrin] Fixed White Flight skill description and effect (CritShield instead CritBonus).
- [W] Shura Guantlet Heroic will now give 10x primal icehearts properly.
- Wind Spirit quests now properly give boosted Sheets amount.
- Jadeon Incident expiry time corrected again.
- National Reward (Senior) quest rewards boosted.
- Flying Lantern now stacks to 30.000.
- Star Lord Gift Box now stackable.
- Heroic·Lord Earthforce drop rate of Apricot Banner boosted.
- [Heroic ET] Chaos Twins Tribulation quest will now also give 5x Blue Star.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 16, 2022, 01:31:03 pm
Skill Fixes:
- [Modo] Corrected Forest of Laughter III <Hero> skill description.
- [Imperia] Conjoined Suffering Star skill slow effect now properly removeable.
- [Vim] Another attempt to fix Celestial Ruins Gather Spirit cooldown reset issue.
- [Imperia] Fixed Wind Travel lost immunity to most effects after previous patch.
- [Kytos] Fixed Overwhelming<Bane> tome influence.
- [Seira] Corrected Charming Polen II selfcast behavior.
Bug fixes:
- Corrected Star system script to ignore old bugged double stat stars more precise.
- Spirit Wind Orbs now doesnt stack and have expiry timer set to 12h after summoning Wind Spirit.
- Shuomo rewards: Mithrill Sigil replaced to Rainfall Order.
- Iron BG exchange: Rainfall Order replaced to Advanced Orb Bead Pack.
- Iron BG score restriction to obtain Vanguard reward lifted.
- National Reward (Medium) and National Reward (Primary) quest rewards boosted.
- New items added to PvP Box I.
- Excellent Spirit Stock should be now sellable to NPC.
Title: Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
Post by: CompeR on September 23, 2022, 12:57:05 pm
Skill Fixes:
- [Vim] Final fix Celestial Ruins Gather Spirit cooldown reset issue.
- [Imperia] Conjoined Suffering slow effect icon type changed.
- [Imperia] Corrected Phantom Trace inferno damage behaviour.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker will now protect agains DoTs if player that inflicted them is within valid range.
- [Lupin] Shadow of Hope skill description corrected.
- [Mage] Adjusted Blaze of Janos 3 <Sky> burn damage.

Bug fixes:
- Corrected Shuomo player list UI.
- Fixed some quest summoned monsters not showing up properly (crusade alien beasts for example).
- Spirit Wind event quests fixed now.
* Please be aware, Spirit Wind event will be disabled in next expansion.
- Coronation:
* Changed respawn invincibility type (won't dissapear once moving or skill usage) but shortened duration.
* Defenders spawn moved closer to Claudron.
* Teleports are now labeled.
- Fixed potential exploit that led to open 2 instances of C7 finals.
- Missing NPC added for Brave enemy camp quest in skysong.
- Missing Li Su added to Dark Drake Cave extra map available via Shin Evu.

- [CP] A Dark Future quest rewards boosted.
- Bossted chances for Star Gauge and Yin Yang Book to be dropped.

- PvE Event launched.