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Title: Pre-asc Class build - Forta
Post by: shmiggle on July 04, 2018, 09:36:06 am
The Forta are swift martial arts melee fighters, aesthetically similar to Balo but focusing on damage. Along with the Incense Mage, the Forta were introduced in the "Legacy" expansion.

The Forta have several skills to keep their enemies in melee range; either pulling or teleporting enemies to the Forta. They are also masters of skill combinations: When they cast some skills, there's a chance that they'll unlock powerful Chain Skills that they can use for a short time. The Forta uses heavy armor, though they do not have as much health/defensive capabilities compared to the other wearers. The Forta fight using cestuses, spiked gauntlets that they wear on each hand.

Build to follow (