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Announcements / Patch Notes: 84-85
March 23, 2021, 12:15:46 am
Patch 84-85 will change the following:
S6 gear will now be given out freely.
Zolmorah Shop adjustments have been made.
Reputation gain for Gold level gear has been adjusted.
Lv6 gems have been taken out for the time being.
Zolmorah's Wish, and other Giftpacks removed from the Marketplace.

Soon to come:
More way to gain Zolmorah's wish via various means.
Gear adjustments.
Guild fixes.
with some other various changes.

Thank you!
Announcements / Patch Notes: 82-83
March 22, 2021, 05:26:50 am
Patch Notes 83 and 83.

The patch covers some gear bugs, and adjustments.
It is known that 100 Gold gear, and other gears are accessible, this was something that was unavoidable, and further patches will work to add them properly.

I understand the strain of not having Zolmorah's Wishes. So we've made a giveaway WBACK! at the redeem code page on the site, then transfer the Zolmorah's wish from your account stash to your desired character, make sure to include ! .

future patches will help adjust his items to stabilize game play! Thank you!
Announcements / Patch Notes: 81
March 21, 2021, 10:57:53 pm
Patch Notes - 81
The following will be changed.

1. Zolmorah NPC exchange requirements have been changed, the new item is Zolmorah's Wish, which is gainable via battlefield points, PvE, and PvP hosted events.
2. The server will now host more events, to keep entertainment alive!
3. Max level is 110, Max gear is currently Rank 8 for HR, free HR5 gear given at Roxy.
4. Extreme gold can now be exchanged for.
5. Pets and fashions will now have an exchange item, gainable via events, and Zolmorah exchange.
6. Reborn Tokens have been left, some items still require it, such as orbs, and mounts and a few others.
7. 110 gear has had some re-id edits, that I hope will solve most "outrageous" stat issues. /Currently needs to be fixed.
8. All previous skill changes have been reversed, with plans of official nerfs to be added soon.
9. Chain locking pet skills has been removed.
10. Level 6 Gems removed
11. Titles with stats have been removed, with plans of "some being gave as rare PvP/PvE" rewards.
12. A few other various changes.
13. Various "J" Shop addons, and adjustments.
Known issues / bugs
1. Zolmorah's wish Item may be hard to get, plans to improve that will be in works, please leave feedback!
2. Universal Identify does not work on rank 8 gears, I am unable to catch the issue in time for patch, and will fix it ASAP for the next patch, please save your currency and do not get these gears until after the fix. Rank 5 works fine!
3. Season Gear doesn't offer a free set, there are plans to fix this.
        Planned future updates:
1. Quests that give Zolmorah's Wish
2. Skill nerfed to officials changes.
3. More exchange items
4. New dailies.
5. Custom Raids
6. More cosmetics, mounts, pets, and transformation items.
7. Bug fixes of various sorts.
Please take note that the first week or 2 will be to get everything adjusted and fixed correctly, I do appreciate your constructive feedback.
I do apologize for any aggravation in changes, and I will work as quickly as I can to solve each major issue.