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Guides / Creating a GUILD
October 16, 2019, 05:09:37 pm
hey i'm called Zero In-Game here is a more better explained guide  for making a guild

Step 1: Founders
You should form a party with at least 4 players at Lv 35 or above who are not already in a Guild. The Affection between you and your companions should reach at least 150. Then you can go to Fu Giu's Chang Pin, Harmony's Piedmont's Szetu Haw or Luo Yang's Hwan Dezi to establish your guild. Use the Create Guild function to create a Lv 0 Guild.

Step 2: Challenge
Talk to Tin Yee or Tin Erl beside the Guild NPC and complete 5 of the 10 school instances to get 5 or more School Challenge Certificates. Then your Guild will level up to Lv 1.

Step 3: Establish Base
Choose a Guild type and the location you want your Guild headquarters to be. Kill Dragonrise Order Thief in Fu Giu Outskirts and collect 3 Guild Tokens to complete the quest and upgrade your Guild to Lv 2.
i hope it helps out

Information about guilds

1. Guild Level
It's easy to know how powerful a guild is by checking its level. The highest level a guild can reach is LV9.

2. Guild Type
Mercenary Band: The main focus is Escort Convoys, Investigations and Catching Outlaws, which is good if you value keeping the peace.

Bandit Camp: The main focus is Hijack Mercenaries, Kidnapping and Execution Site Extractions, which is ideal if you like a good fight.

3. Activeness
The more guild members there are on-line chatting, the higher the guild Activeness.

4. Branch Quantity
The more Branches a guild has, the more responsabilities you can be assigned and the more rewards you can get from completing Escort Convoys or Hijack Mercenaries.