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Boost Suggestions/2021.09.15

Started by alcor, September 15, 2021, 03:08:37 pm

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September 15, 2021, 03:08:37 pm Last Edit: September 15, 2021, 03:46:47 pm by alcor
Lupin faction boost suggestions:

The three biggest problem with the faction is:

• It's very very slow. Not only movement wise but casting as well. Most of the times when we manage to corner our enemies, and even if their def buffs are in cd, they can always just simply outrun us, and as soon as they are 3-5 meters away our casts are getting cancelled. There is no point chasing them either. And yes, I have every item maxed that passively boosts movement speed.
• Fuwa affinity has a nice SE buff, but dagos and felkin almost has nothing to protect themselves. Rajas have long cds and they are melted in seconds, especially in team pvps.
• Lupins only trapping skill has 70 sec cd. Old faction skills are outdated.

The two most important thing is:
1. River Dweller III's cast time should be definitely reduced (halved) and the first hit should land a lot faster/earlier. At the moment it almost takes 2 seconds (out of 4!) until the first hit lands (from casting to first damage). This delay gives target more than enough time to escape. It's that slow, that target can actually just run out of its range making it cancelled, even if I cast next to it.

2. Make Ancient Prayer III (HP buff) cannot be removed.
Lupin barely has any skill that would boost its defense (No tier 1-5 skill at all, dagos has a 30% dmg reduction skill with 150 sec cd, fuwa with an SE buff 180 sec cd, felkin has lower cd on chroma raja and now we got a constellation skill that gives 75% critshield with 90 sec cd).
The truth is, we did not needed them in the earlier patches since our HP buff made us tanky enough, but at the moment it gets removed fast, especially in a team pvp, the rajas we have are melted in seconds, and affinity buffs has long cooldowns which leaves us defenseless for long period of times.
Once APIII is removed, we are usually instant dead.

There are SIMILAR future patches that I mentioned above.
Mist Torn Sky (5/21/2019)
River Dweller 2 ~

Cast time reduced to 2 sec and optimized when damage from the 1st hit goes into effect
Each hit will attach 15% of Max HP to damage and will deal extra damage equal to 100% of AP

Catastrophes of the Delusive Mind 9/22/2020 Part 1
Ancient Prayer 3 <Sky> ~

Ancient Prayer effect replaced with a Special Ancient Prayer buff (so cannot be removed by common buff removals).

Optional suggestions:
3. Raise our movement speed passively or our Haste skill's (Tier 1) acceleration effect so we won't be that easy to outrun.

4. Bring back Sounds of Nature charm.
We have a Tier 3 skill called Deep Water. Since our main buffs (offensive and HP) has long cooldowns this skill lets us reset them.

Sounds of Nature charm is allowed us to add an extra skill to Deep Water (Tier 5 Blessing of Spring), so we were able to reset our raja.
In earlier patches it was way too strong so creators removed it, but now almost every factions has a similar or even a more effective way to rotate their rajas/barriers/etc... leaving less seconds of gaps than our Sounds of Nature charm offers.

5. Add "Change Yin to Yang" debuff to our Love's Glance skill.

6. Add white damage protection to T1 Mist skill. CD 180 seconds.

7. Fix or boost our old Mountain Song skill, so we can use it again to trap enemies.
Boost the stun res or change it to caster's stun res.
Raise the cooldown from 5 sec to 30.

7.5 Or Add Love's Glance to Deep Water as a resettable skill.

8. Raise the Chroma Frozen Memories hp based damage by an extra 10%, so we could have a second offensive skill that would force the target to use their defensive buffs, at the moment it means no harm to geared players.
Or boost the Fast effect in it from 60% HP to 100%, and the chance from 20% to 50%.

All the suggestions mentioned above were discussed with Moccia.

Thanks in advance!



i dont think we should buff oneshot factions with MORE IMMUNITY.


September 15, 2021, 05:34:11 pm #2 Last Edit: September 15, 2021, 05:36:16 pm by alcor
Hey! Thank you for your opinion. Can you explain why we shouldnt?  ;) I do not see how is the two thing is connected.


I completely agree with the above, this class is losing all its relevance due to its slowness, lack of adequate defensive skills, weak damage.