Jadeon Balance Changes / Skill changes for PvE and PvP To make it better

Started by Jiyrin, September 30, 2021, 10:21:55 am

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I would like to start off with Jadeon's Class skills and tomes before moving onto Affinity and then Chroma and will do so in order offering changes to pve and pvp regarding jadeon only as that is what i am used to playing and have played for many years.

1. Jadeon Has a few tools for defensives
2. AOE attacks with semi okay attack power.
3. Has the ability to do Massive dmg to single target via Magnificent spirit 3 but on a 45 second CD/Cooldown.

1. Single target build Lacks in power when it comes to both pve and pvp.
2. Defensive Kit for jadeon is very low outside of only Ice barrier.
3. Jadeon's Cooldown times are very high for their skills not being able to provide much for a fight.

Suggested PvE & PvP Changes For Tuning

As it comes to doing damage in pve , Jadeon is quite low on the list for doing single target and AOE damage compared to newer classes. For the first thing i would like to mention is the blade build for Jadeon's single target damage which is currently relied on for seven disasters in mostly PvE since the current damage isn't valued all that much in pvp.

Skill level 9/9 Seven Disasters- The attack hits 7 times in pve each hit dealing 9% extra AP damage plus 2035 , the additional 5 hits are only towards pve with a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Tome Passive effect for blade build (Righteous Forbearance) 4/4 - All single target chi attacks deal 25% additional attack power and have 4% higher crit rate , for each sword chi type skill that reaches rank 9 , all sword chi attacks will deal additional damage equal to 25% of attack power plus 150% crit bonus and 5% critstrike rate.

Suggestion for change towards Seven disasters-
While Seven Disasters has the tome effect to rely on for most of it's damage in pve and pvp , The damage it does is very low when it comes to being the Reliable Single target dps for both. Seven Disasters could use 40% max spirit damage added to each hit in both pve and pvp to balance out how fair it's damage is related to newer classes, cooldown does not need to be changed as this would be a fair compensation in damage towards the skill that it will do just the right amount provided to be equal if not slightly under what the newer classes are able to do single target wise.

Ice Barrier level 6/6 - For 12 seconds it grants immunity to some negative effects and critical strike on a 125 second cooldown.

Tome effect for Ice Barrier-
Black Snow 3/3- Ice Barrier's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.
Frost Chasm 3/3-Ice Barrier's Duration is increased by 45%.

In total Ice Barrier with Tomes and Charms come out to 20 seconds for ice barrier on a 123 second cooldown.

Suggested Changes for Ice Barrier-
As it currently stands Ice Barrier is Jadeon's biggest defense on their whole kit, This skill being the one and only reason to jadeon's survival but at a very high cost due to Very long CD/Cooldown. Ice Barrier Could use a change from duration of 12 seconds changed to 24 seconds at 6/6 And Cooldown changed from 125 seconds to 90 seconds. This could make Ice Barrier with charm and tome equaling 36 seconds long at a 87 second cooldown making Jadeon's defensive kit becoming a bit stronger in a gap needed towards PvE and PvP comparing to newer classes.

AOE Skills/Attacks-

For the Kit of jadeon's AOE Skills I only recommend a change towards the tome passive rather than the individual skills themself as the overall tome effect buff would be needed for their whole AOE Kit.

Raging Blizzard tome effect-
All multiple-target skills will deal additional damage equal to 25% of attack power this applies towards all of jadeon's aoe's. Raising these skills to a certain level grants additional damage for the advanced version equal to 25% of your attack power. Storm Cloud , Spear of Tushin , Harsh Reality at rank 9/9 , Pure Essence at rank 4/4 , Thunderblade at rank 2/2 , Pure essence Chroma version and Thunder blade chroma version both at rank 1.

Putting it simply , Jadeon is the AOE class of the game known for their Far stretched / wide Burst of damage towards multiple targets, This became less of the case via new classes arriving and outscaling jadeon's aoe damage making it less threatening and otherwise unreliable in both scales of pve and pvp.

Suggested changes for Raging blizzard Tome at 4/4 - Currently causes all aoe's in jadeon's skill list to deal additional damage equal to 25% of attack power. My Recommended change for this tome is to add 20% max spirit to the tome itself at 1/4 being 5% Attack power and 5% max spirit up to 4/4 being 20% attack power and 20% max spirit and Adding A Bliss effect/Raja Effect to all AOE's listed in this tome  of 3 seconds for 10 attacks blocked. This would make jadeon's AOE kit both reliable in PvE and PvP as Jadeon was also supposed to be the main AOE class of this game but became very low in power due to newer classes outscaling very hard. The changes for the AOE will cause a bit of power in PvP but not enough for new classes not being able to handle it , as the damage increase from 20% max spirit at 4/4 isn't a very high amount considering 20% max spirit of 1million is 200,000 spirit which multiplied by Critical damage/bonus would mean 2-3million more damage in pve towards AOE and around 300,000-400,000 damage roughly towards pvp which would actually give more meaning for Jadeon to be an actual threat when it comes to AOE in PvE and PvP.

Affinity/Chroma Skills and Passives for jadeon-

Dagos Jadeon Affinity and Chroma- Dagos Jadeon has one of the biggest potentials for PvE and PvP due to it's large attack bonus of increasing Attack power for a duration by a large amount more than the other affinities , Also has 30% more skill dmg for the next hit that you do on a target or multiple targets in the first hit only. Dagos Also has very high Skill Evasion which is normally recommended for PvP since jadeon's defensive kit is very weak when ice barrier goes on cooldown. Dagos also has Harsh Reality 2 which has a 50% chance to remove 3 buffs from the target and a 50% chance to cause fasting for 11 seconds at a Large cooldown. Dagos being the most favorable in pve due to it's high attack power and high defense due to having skill evasion to make their enemies miss their attacks. Nothing needs to be changed towards Dagos as they are already the most preferred affinity for jadeon.

Felkin Jadeon Affinity and Chroma- Felkin is undoubtedly the lesser version of Dagos jadeon in regards to having a lower Defensive kit and lower damage potential in both pve and pvp. Felkin jadeon does have an okay kit when comparing to pvp but could use a slight change to catch up to dagos and be more comparable or equal.
My Recommended change for felkin jadeon would be to change Peerless Blademon +2 passive effect for the blade skills/attacks changed from Every point of felkin blade skill adds 4% base attack ranking up to 10 for each of the blade skills 10/10 x 4, in total equaling to 160% attack power bonus added towards the felkin blade skills. The 4% attack increase should be changed to 8% providing felkin jadeon a better option towards pve and pvp for damage towards these skills making them a bit more relied on. Felkin Jadeon's Defensive Kit isn't a recommended playstyle due to buffs being able to be removed rendering a Skill Evasion Jadeon useless due to new classes and felkin has a low amount compared to dagos jadeon , the max Skill evasion buff that felkin jadeon can obtain is 10 Skill evasion via Lyrical spirits at 10/10 and Chroma version Lyrical Spirit's Bane at 20/20 = 20 Skill evasion , this is rather low and not comparable to Dagos where as to make up for the defensive loss. Lyrical spirit's bane at 20/20 should be changed from 20 Skill evasion to 60 Skill evasion to make up for this loss in defense for felkin jadeon to survive a bit more in PvP.

Fuwa Jadeon Affinity and Chroma-
When it comes to Fuwa you think DEFENSE after DEFENSE , but this really isn't the case for Fuwa jadeon as going a pure tank fuwa jadeon not being skill evasion has less reliability than someone who has skill evasion since most new classes have some new alternative to killing fuwa jadeon Like White Damage/Additional damage , or Elemental damage or just a class being able to remove jadeon's buffs rendering fuwa jadeon , the defensive affinity at a halt and killing them on the spot 100% of the time. As it currently stands Fuwa jadeon was supposed to get High Defense when it comes to their kit being able to reach over 100000 or more defense , but this is rendered useless since most  classes either ignore defense or just drop your defense to 0 anyway making every one of fuwa jadeon's defensive abilities go down the drain. Fuwa also has a very low Attack power bonus when it comes to increasing their attack power via resistances from Nameless way 2- for 30 seconds attack power is increased by 50% of the sum of all resistances. Drain effects are also removed, cooldown is 60 seconds. where as this may seem like a very useful Attack power buff , it really isn't that great in comparison to dagos or felkin's damaging power and defensive power. My suggested change for Fuwa jadeon to come into play making it viable along side the 2 other affinities would be to change Faithful Defender 2 passive effect:Raises the value of absorbing damage with faithful defender by 5000 , where as this may seem like alot , it is not as most people can do damage in the millions , my suggested change would be to change the damage absorb of faithful defender 2 from 5000 to 50000 making Fuwa jadeon actually able to be a punching bag like they originally should , actually able to take a hit via faithful defender. Why Should jadeon be the Good guy and the Defender of mankind if they can't Defend? They require this power to protect the good and slay the evil!. My last change for fuwa jadeon would be regarding the affinity and not the chroma itself as most of the chroma's for jadeon are rather decent enough to perform and don't really desire a change currently other than future changes from official patch. My last change for fuwa affinity would be Nameless way 2 - for 30 seconds it increases attack power by 50% of the sum of all resistances. This buff should be changed to 100% of all resistances instead of 50% to make their attack power rival a felkin and dagos jadeon's in both PvE and PvP.

No Suggested Chroma Changes outside of what I originally mentioned above as the chroma's are in a decent spot not regarding the future changes that could possibly change them later.

The current suggestions given can make all 3 affinities value one another equally in terms of defensiveness and power as well as the original class base kit able to hold it's own in both PvE and PvP and would be a much desired change, Thank you.