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Rewards boosting suggestion

Started by bulldoges, July 11, 2018, 08:40:20 am

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i was doing Suppressing Charm quest in shura(not that it matters where)
you buy the quest for 2G each time and need to kill 65 mobs depends on your map.
and i noticed that the rewards are low, you can get:

Best Dragon Skin X1
Arcane Coin X1
Honor Gem X1
Treasure Urn X1
Treasure Bowl X1
Wongzo Grape X1

if you unlucky, you get 5G and some boss appears and you kill him and he give you provisions which is lame.
and in some cases NOTHING, i got nothing twice!
That`s what I got so far after doing it all day 20 times, so maybe there are other rewards/

My suggestion:
as you noticed I said X1 for each of ther rewards. you need to kil 65 mobs which takes about 15 minutes if you 1 shot them, more if you do 2 shots...and so on...
I think boosting the rewards, lets say more gold, not 1 honor gem and so on and so forth, will make players want to play the game more and doing the quests more.
i`m not only talking about this quest, i talk about alot of other quests as well, it took me a whole day doing this quest 20 times and then i barley got anything from it so basically we all need to do the same thing every day for gold Treasure hunt and kunlun Celestial vanguards.... having only 1 way to advance in a game isn`t much...yeah you can farm and wait for asc and then bla bla bla...
we have so much quests in the game but 90% of them aren`t worth our time doing them which is a shame...
even random rewards is awsome but getting 5G? or nothing or 1 honor gem is disappointing...

if GM can boost rewards in other quests so that the game will look more alive, and worth our time doing them.

thanks for reading  ;D


Excuse me, how can i get Treasure urn on any map and under any tier?