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[GUIDE] Fort (Instance) ft Dagos Ceros

Started by Hiroヲ, April 22, 2022, 03:02:08 am

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April 22, 2022, 03:02:08 am Last Edit: May 22, 2022, 07:53:13 am by Hiroヲ Reason: typo
Hello everyone, I'm Hiroヲ from SeRenity Alliance this is a short guide for Fort (Instance) guide specifically on a Dagos Ceros (If you wish just to watch my Solo Fort run video, it's at the end of this post. In the video, you can see each boss).

I will start this guide by answering question.

1) Why do you want to do FORT(Instance)?

To get,

Light of Reborn

to upgrade

Empyrean Emblem at NPC Jude in new Sunstream City.
1st Upgrade : require 15 pcs
2nd Upgrade : require 35 pcs
3rd Upgrade : require 75 pcs

Total : 125 Light of Reborn

Lazybone Blessed Bag
(Look at the list of reward below)

Divine Soul Coupon
(Esper Card) exchange material

Chroma Bead Pack (3000)

Kirin Sigil

Dragon Sigil

We also get sigil shards in there.

A little side note, if possible, do Fort during Double Drop bonus to maximize gain from each run.
Just ask in WC whether the DD bonus is ongoing.


you can go take a quick look in JDR Website

Login > Account > Sponsor Server Boost > Scroll down a bit till you see DROP Rate

If Double Drop bonus is ongoing, you will see something like this

If Double Drop bonus is OFF, you will see something like this

2) What kind of stats do I need to have to Solo Fort?

Thanks to my Alli member (MiRai) for this precious info.
Atleast 600 Stun RES,
if u get stun locked, you wont deal damage, and 1st boss will heal itself.

Attack Power (AP) the higher the better, but my AP during 1st Solo try is at 35k. (I finished Fort in 35 minute) now at 52k AP I finished it in 15 minutes.

I know its a long time but it will be rewarding for you.
An Alli member I knew said he finished fort in 4 minutes XD.

Atleast 240 Skill Accuracy to hit most of your skills on 1st boss (Nirvana Revolutionist), and our goal is 255 Skill Accuracy to hit all mobs and bosses.

If you have Damage Reduction at 50%-60%, boss will hit you around 20k damage, but you will be able to easily pot it if you have 100-200k HP.

Thats all for the needed stats.

How do you achieve those stats easier, well below I posted a screenshot on a card build for those who want to challenge fort earlier (this is not just for Ceros) other faction can use it as well.

BTW, this build was shared to me by my Alliance member Raika. Already got his permission to share it with you guys. Hope it helps. All the cards is easy to get and upgrade.

3) What is my Esper setting on my Dagos Ceros?

Before I start boss fight, I will use Distinct Roar Posture to get Damage Buff, Rising Clouds II, Rising Cloud I then Fierce Lance Posture.

After that, I will turn on Invigoration.

If you noticed, I deliberately let 1st skill slot on esper EMPTY. Why? To drag Frost Reservoir or Perceptive Rhythm if necessary.
Refer to picture below for my Esper setup:

From left to right:
Battle Ready > Savage Rivalry > Stoneburst Sky > Polar Current (Chroma) > Dragon Roar (Arcane) > Conqueror's Might (Chroma) > Dragon Roar > Windstorm III (or the normal Windstorm is fine)

Remember to buff again when Rising Cloud off CD.

For those of you that has no idea where to find Battle Ready and Stoneburst Skill,
press R > Affinity (Refer to pic below)

Alright, During Fight,
In the case of fighting a dangerous boss,
Before I turned off ESPER, 

I drag perceptive Rhythm or Frost Reservoir on empty esper skill slot,
after the Damage Immune active,

then I turned off ESPER,

(From Right to Left on skill bar)

proceed with Distinct Roar, Rising Cloud II, Rising Cloud I, Fierce Lance,

then turn ESPER back on (and don't forget to drag that skill (FV or PR) out).

For those who curious about Fort(Instance), Want to know what to kill? or Where to go?

You can watch my Solo FORT run below.

Any constructive criticism is very welcomed.
Cheers & Good LUCK!
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