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[GUIDE] JD Reborn PvP Activities (To get strong fast, is to do some PVP)

Started by Hiroヲ, April 27, 2022, 01:42:00 pm

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Hello to all fellow JDR player, my name is Hiroヲ from SeRenity Alliance.

This post is targeted for those who are not aware of the benefit that we can get from participating in PVP Event.

Watch Video below to have an idea on what PVP activities available in Jade Dynasty Reborn. In the video, I have explained several stuff about PvP Activities that we can participate, from Daily PVP to Weekly PVP.

If someone have problem turning off (untick) PVP protection for white name player, I also explained them in the video.

I recommend that you watch the video and read the written material here.

Alright, lets get started...
Do you ever wonder how people can get certain item that has great stats?
Like this NECKLACE (Delicate Jasper Necklace)?

Does it cost a lot of GOLD?
NO! Its Free.

Its only cost you your TIME for participating PVP activities. You just need to collect an item called EVENT TOKEN

How many EVENT TOKEN do we need to get for the necklace?
Only 250 EVENT TOKEN for that Necklace. Not bad huh?

How to collect those Event Token or rather which PVP activity to do in order to get those Event Token?
Below you can see a list of activities that I divide into two different category that is daily and weekly.

Daily Activities

1) Daily Battleground (5 Event Token)

2) Battle for Supremacy (BfS) (2 Event Token)

3) Royal Pen (2 Event Token)

4) Automated PVP Event (1 or 2 Event Token Depending on the Event)

Weekly Activities

1) Genesis Sanctuary (20 Event Token once Weekly)
Every Friday all day long

Just register for Genesis Sanctuary every Friday. Most people actively registering for Genesis after server reset. There are tons of people waiting in line to do it.

Its most eye catching rewards are 20 Event Token and Mithril Sigil (+15 Sigil).

If your group manage to be victorious, you can claim the First Win Pack.

If not, you can still participate in another round of Genesis after the current one ended to try and win the battle.

6) Last Man Standing (40 Event Token) - Every Saturday 21:00


I have provided the guide to register for LMS in the video above.
***Important for first time participation

After you successfully registered, you can see your character name on the list of participant.

You can enter LMS map 5 minutes before the event start at 21:00. So at 20:55 server time, the quest to enter LMS map will be available at Old Sunstream SkyLord on Saturday R11 for +15 category or Sunday R12 for +16 category.

Note: Don't try to enter LMS Map if you have not yet register to avoid bann.

After entering LMS map, please don't start PVP until the event started. After the event started, it will be an AoE fest in there. Most probably you will die in the blink of an eye. But don't worry, in order to be eligible for rewards, you just need to DIE once. After your character died, you will be teleported to new Sunstream town.

Don't get involve with any kind of PVP until event has ended, but you can go afk grinding while waiting for rewards.

After the event ended, you will need to wait around 30 minutes before the rewards sent to your Account Stash on website.

7) Territory War(TW) (30 Event Token) - Every Saturday 20:00
If you are thinking of doing TW then you will need to be in an Ally.
Find Ally that are active in TW.

You cannot participate TW if your character just joined your current Ally. If I'm not mistaken, there are waiting period of seven days since the day you joined your Ally before you are allowed to participate in TW.

Your Ally member will tell you which Flag to go to. (FYI, Flag in certain part of maps, will be the entry point to TW). It is a fun event to participate in. That place is huge.

To be eligible for reward, at least Kill one time or Die one time.
Don't be afk, you won't get anything by doing nothing.

How many Event Token can we obtain per day?
If we do a little math, by doing daily PVP activity we can actually get at least 9 Event Token and this is still not including the PVP Event Token we get from Automated PVP Event.
If we did all the weekly activities, we can get 90 Event Token.
All in all in a week we will get at least 153 Event Token.

So if all goes well, you will need less than 2 weeks to complete 250 Event Token.
That is all for my guide for Jade Dynasty Reborn PVP Activities.
Any correction or constructive criticism is very welcomed.

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Come and play Jade Dynasty with me!
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