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Shaw Danon Biography

Started by justaz, February 06, 2023, 11:43:58 pm

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February 06, 2023, 11:43:58 pm Last Edit: February 07, 2023, 01:24:28 am by justaz
To Start this Bio you need to go to Jadeon and kill Black Bamboo till you get Fragrant Bamboo Tube. Now that you have that go back to Sunstream and buy (5) Gold Bricks (will cost you 1,000 gold) from the Shady Dealer. Fun part is tracking down the Dreamland Vendor that walks around Sunstream (personally I found it easier to find her in Old Sunstream) She will have a quest for Fr.~Keel Knife (1/day) do that and get the knife. Right click on your Fragrant Bamboo Tube to get Fragrant Bamboo and it will allow you to talk with The Troubled Shaw Danon at -405, 439 in Dark Bamboo Grove in Jadeon.
The next step is meal prep and you are sent off to kill some Predatory Hornet at about -135, -338 in Jadeon. Once you have the 10 Honey from them you will return to Shaw Danon and moving on to collect Drunk Breeze. I used a portal scroll to go back to town. Now head on over to the Rainbow Bridge one there time to use your Skyblade. if your facing out towards Peak of Widows you fly off to the right and down you  will see a Bag about 112, 284. you will now head back to Shaw Danon in Jadeon at -386, 97.
You are now ready to Start part 2 World in Fire. you will see a Clue to Your left if your looking at Shaw Danon you will pick it up. after you talk to Shaw Danon you have to go hunt for Big Yella he is at Jadeon 158, -125. once you talk to Big Yella then Ash will spawn next to you just kill it. Y will have a Fragrant Roe Leg in your bag now you got to go to Sunstream and find Uncle Zhao at 467, 628 (this location is in New Main City). Once you find Uncle Zhao buy a Butcher knife from him (50g is the price). Right click on your Fragrant Roe Leg to get Roe Leg. Now head back to Big Yella in Jadeon 158, -125. Once you feed Big Yella you should get deer's legs back and take that back to Shaw Danon and you will now have to wait 2 hours (I know it says 1 Hour but my counter was at 2 hours) Next step soon
Now that time has passed you may go back and talk to Shaw Danon. You will then target Tian Bolis and use the Salute action after that talk to Tian Bolis and he wants you to get Three wine tours. you should see "A table of delicacies" gather from it you will get some dialog after you will speak to Shaw Danon. you will be at Fight on behalf of. You need to take the side quest from Amandla -388, 98 once you do you should Pick Scissors to win (it took me several rounds). Once done with that you will speak with Shaw Danon. Once your done talking with Shaw Danon you my open your quest log and go to the Biography and collect your first part reward.