Hi I'm new to the server and I need to join the discord

Started by ilovebiscuits, April 25, 2023, 10:19:36 pm

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So as title says, I'm new to the JD classic reborn server and to the game in general and I tried to join the discord server to seek guidance but when I try to join the JD reborn discord, it asks me to verify with mobile number and I don't wanna give discord my number so do I have to give discord my phone number to verify and join the private server's discord??

Also bear in mind, that I tried swordsman reborn before and was on their discord and it never asked me such verification to join.

I also wanted to know how to level quick in the classic server?

And what's induction ID that the game asks me to input when I make a new character and how do I gain one? and do I even need one or is it not necessary?

Also what's the main differences between JD and JD classic? and which is generally better than the other? or is it purely a matter of preference?


Hey, i dont know about all the discord privacy stuff but i can help you with everything else add me on discord Alen Delon#4730