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Started by kah01, June 28, 2018, 09:16:34 pm

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Hello here I was the first to talk to you in the forum remember?
've been taking a look at the site and in the discord, and honestly I think the server idea was not this initially
why ?

first, server name is reborn jade dynasty, so why not be true to the original? so I had understood when I read your post, was that the server was extremely similar to the original, with only small changes in the jadens market to not get paid much to win, in my opinion the green jade store needs to be extinguished or remove 80% of items, why? because some items there are a direct part of the game trade, frequent consumable items are the ones that drive the economy more, VIP example silver, I need to be buying purchase and this moves the gold market, rates do not understand why not be the same than the original?
however slow it is to level up, the game has a bot system with the hope that it helps the farm a lot.
I am honestly just giving my opinion, I fully understand that if I do not like the server I will not play.
but when I got in touch with the forum, I imagined a server much like the original, where players would have the same experience as the original or similar, and we would spend years and administrators profiting well with the game, due to the difficulty that the game already presented and the time to stay strong. I did not see any concern with the game gold market in discord.
this is my suggestion, it diminished the facilities, because I want to remember how it was to play jade dynasty, after all the name of the server is REBORN

and sorry for my english I do not speak very well.

I want to see the jadens market and prices comper =D


Rates are higher than official because its still private server after all. Its hard to lure old players when they would have to do all the old things again with the same rate as they did for like 10 years.

Green Jade market is closed ye, but then jadens will appear things can be diffrent. Players will be able to trade marketplace items ofc.
Anyway real money donations will not be applied while 'demo' stage.
Please give more feedback, what to change to make it better! :)


By demo stage do you mean that there is going to be a server reset? Or it's more like an open beta thing?
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