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Regular Marketplace

Started by tide, June 29, 2018, 06:28:31 am

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I dont have a issue with any of these prices atm but it is really annoying to buy something with the green jade then run to a courier because there are items you need asap. so i am asking if its possible to make it possible to buy from the in game marketplace. all the prices and stuff stay the same as the green jade thank you.(im not saying to change the prices juist to make us able to it it ingame instead of tabbing out and stopping the grind to run to a courier. thank you


For now it have to stay like it is ;/
Thats the most safe option I developed for now.
I will try to tweak green jade shop a bit.


maybe add an option for bonus jaden marketplace that vote gives bonus jaden and you can actually put fashion/mounts/skyblades only there. This is something that are just cosmetics and people deserve to customize their char and it does't make anyone stronger so it's kind of a smart move imo
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