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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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- Auto pvp events will no longer have `No OP classes` or `No main AoErs` restrictions.
- Auto pvp event tiers are now: +14 and lower, +15 and higher.
- Bowstring Grass added to Scruffen.
- `Brought Back By The Cloud` title translated. Thanks to ~Galaeron.
- PvE event launched.


- Reborn Event Pack I : Sky Challenger Orb will now cost Water of Spring instead old Coin of Reborn.
- Dragonsoul Charm, Essential Dragon Orb, Skyspirit Jade Soul, Soul Inverter, Bank Note: 1000 Gold and Bank Note: 5000 Gold now stacks to 30.000.
- Another attempt to fix Mindrot Menace Soul quest.
- Solaris(Mount) added to marketplace.


- Reminder: 3rd HR Round will start during this weekend! This bring us closer to live server release. I managed to fix most issues already. Fixed Gevrin gives completly diffrent experience awell. Stay tuned and forgive me less content updates for main server till we finally upgrade.
- Bodhi Seed is no longer tradeable.
- Carillon mount added to marketplace.
- Dragon Scout pet added to marketplace.


- Ice Pegasus mount added to marketplace.
- MoMo Monkey pet added to marketplace.
- Players will get Vigor Battery also in Clouded Milky Way instance.
- Privilege VIP extra items boosted.


- Clouded Milky Way battery issue fixed.
- Few gfx titles fixed.
- Thunder Snake Mount added to marketplace.
- Thunder Snake Pet added to marketplace.
- Ivory Demon Boots issue fixed.
- PvE Event launched.


- Minor NPC fixes in Old Sunstream.
- All-Star Champion GFX title translated.
- Shield Rhino (mount) added to marketplace.
- Rattlesnake (Pet) added to marketplace.
- Can now exchange Mindrot Menace Soul to Apocalypse Cow (Pet) at Shady Dealer.


**Few next updates will just have simply changes due to upcoming migration to our new files.**
- Fixed exploit that allowed to count score for killing own clan/alliance members during Clan/Alliance wars (auto pvp events).
- Skyhoof Steed mount added to marketplace.
- Chibi-chan Pack (with Chibi-chan pet) added to marketplace.


- New game rule added: `It is forbidden to intentionally feed other players(or own characters) with kills during automated PvP events.` Abusing it will lead permanent to PvP event ban.
- Another drop event is now available.
- Sign-in calendar rewards are now available again.
- Imperial Chariot (mount) added to marketplace.
- Torin Kul (Pet) added to marketplace.


- Marketplace descriptions updated. Non-treadeable items should be now easier to identify.
- Ryuu (Mount) added to marketplace.
- Darkplume (Pet) added to marketplace.


- Dancing Event is back on R15 to celebrate our 2nd birthday.
* Daily `Dancing Youth` (20:00-23:00) quest will give nice rewards!
* This event will expire next Tuesday.
- PvE Event launched.
- Chromatic Moa (mount) added to marketplace.


June 30, 2020, 12:43:47 pm #145 Last Edit: July 02, 2020, 01:09:33 pm by CompeR
- Daily Soulcard reading bug is now fixed and won't stuck at 11/12!
* All Locked Golden Branches of Wishes should be automaticaly converted to regular ones on character login.
- Mystic Tome Reforge is now available in-game again!
* Reforge Scroll will work in game also. Because of client limitation we had to increase reforge limit visualy to 26 while in real it is still 25 (Reforgers can't be used at maxed limit - workaround).
- Issue regarding invisible bosses in instances is fixed.
- Baypassing PvP settings on quick realm change shoudn't allow to PK on PvE realms anymore.
- Array bug for trade in safezone should be now fixed.
- TW fix attempt. (Have to be tested). 
- Zuolo is now fixed. Occurs on one realm only and original spawn system restored.
- Invisible white damage issue is now fixed!
- Friend request is now functional again.
- Sprite interface bug fixed.
- Clouded Milky Way is available through `Team Sign-Up` again.
* It original timeframe restored: ~12:00-22:00.
* Weekly Boxes are back to their original system.
- Clouded Milky Way Team feature fixed for this version.
- Beast Lord and Song of Emerald Lady doesn't share daily limit anymore.
* Both are one time per day again.
- Issues regarding instances have been resolved. Understream will be back plus there will be few slots for other extra instances for future.
- In-game common BFS is now fully functional.
- Clash of Seven is back.
- Gevrin Honor and Sovereign ranking are now functional.
- Sprite owner name fixed and is now visible.

- **All future skill changes (except Seira's Shroud III and Spirit Passenger nerf) have been reverted**.
- All Gevrin skills and effects have been fixed to match our game version.
* Fuwa Gevrin is now fully functional.
- Gevrin Sprite skill are now functional.

- Fixed the problem where the HP recovery effect from Kytos' Timely Supply tome was not going into effect

- Removed placing a Lonesome effect on the caster from Modo's Ghostly Domain (Acheron) tome skill
- Fixed problem where Dagos Modo's Secluded Spring 2 skill was removing a Drunk buff from the caster
- Modo's Spiritual Charm's "Chi Blocker" effect will take into account any Skill Accuracy buffs the caster has when removing the full HP to a target's Life Shield (skysong effect)

- The time it takes for the damage to appear from Celan's Blow Petal's Drop (Chroma Versions) was shortened by 50%

- Fixed problem with Forta's Reality Termination 3 <Earth> skill's Blaze of Janos (Change Yin to Yang) effect not going into effect
- Adjusted Forta's Reality Termination 3 <Earth> skill: Now, the first hit of the skill will trigger the Blaze of Janos (Change Yin to Yang) effect
- Fixed Fuwa Forta's Judge of Life <Zen> not placing a slow effect on targets
- Fixed Fuwa Forta's Ancestral Spirit <Zen> skill's delayed raja effect receiving a Peak tome influence that extended the wait period

- Rayan's "Celestial Slay" skill gained from Crimson Peaks and other clan instances will no longer consume Health
- Fixed Fuwa Rayan's Hunt Raid 2 skill being unable to cause Incense Mage, Voida, Forta, Psychea, Kytos, Hydran, and Seira factions' movement speed skills to enter cooldown

- Fixed Skysong's Demonic Illusions tome not giving the proper effect to Lotus Pluck

- Fixed Psychea's Substitution skill not having the correct cooldown

- Fixed an invincibility bug with Incense Mage's Dragonfire skill

- Fixed problem with Voida's Dragon Breath skill's damage being low

- Fixed problem where Seira's Summer First tome was still going into effect even without players learning the tome
- Fixed problem with Seira's Flurry Furry skill having an abnormal range

- Fixed all skills with "clear target's speed increase effects" being unable to clear said effects
- Fixed problem with Dagos' Awakened Dream skill causing abnormal effects on mobs

- Exclusive character frame system is now functional.
- Gear Type Conversion is now available in-game only with it original rules.
- Ascended Class System is now functional.
- Level-UP rewards now works in game.
- New crafting system is now available: Book Collecting/Reading.
- Two new capturable pets added to Skysong and Jadeon map.
- Material Bag is now fully functional:
* Base 48 slots with option to exand till 256 with Weave Wool and Weave Megawool.
* Can only store Crafting Material item type.
* Sort option functional.
* Crafting Operation will consume materials directly from Material Bag.
- Quick store options for fashions/mounts/skyblades and materials are now functional.
- Sprites can be now summoned in Instances.
- Jadeon Defense instance will be functional (replaces MTH).
- JD Land system is now fully functional.
- Token Bag is now full functional.
* It allows to store certain type of items. You can't pull items back from it but they remain usable in quests/exchanges and systems that require them.
- Archaia, Inferna and Sunstrider clan challenges are now functional.
- All online clan members will receive special tokens daily upon reaching 5000 kills in challenge. Tokens are usable at Clan Coordinator NPC exchange.

- Kunlun river summon/mob stuck issue have been fixed.
- Overall object (including players) sight range were increased from 40 to 60 meters.
- Star Soul gain were rebalanced to optimize graphical effect.
* There will be now less green stars spawned afer Star Soul monster death.
* Star EXP value however should be similar to amount received before this change(x20 official rate).
* Boosted amount of bonus Star EXP from 25 to 250. (Chance for it is around 10% per kill - depending on mob).
- Website BfS map customized:
* Puppets are no longer needed in BfS Map. Death won't cause puppet loss or any other penalty.
* No more safe zone.
* No more teleport NPC. From now, only way to get out of this map is by using Portal Scroll.
* Player spawns in random location once entering this map and receives 10 seconds yellow raja buff which won't remove on  movement.
* Player can stay dead only up to 10 seconds, then he will be automatically resurrected.
* Once resurrected, player will spawn in random location and receive 15 seconds yellow raja which won't remove on movement.
* Players respawns with full HP/MP.
- LMS Map customization:
* Using Town Portal or resurrection(after death) teleports player to Sunstream.
* Puppets are no longer needed in LMS Map. Death won't cause puppet loss or any other penalty.
* Can't hurt/kill players before 21:00:00.
* Usage of Town Portal is prohibited before 21:30. (Town portal ports to Sunstream directly).
* Players that stays in Safe Zone after 21:00:00 will be automatically ported into the battlefield.

- Painting: Wing Flap, Painting: Sparrow Branch added to Promo->Featured.
- Mortal Forsaken Order added to Aid->Respec.


**General fixes**:
- Interface fixes.
- Fixed Dragon Zodiac Shoes♂ for Hydrans caused invisible character bug.
- Sprites now gain EXP correctly.
- Instance re-enter feature is functional correctly again.
- Class system reseted for all characters. Should now work properly.
- Sprite stuck on teleport issue fix attempt.
- Reward Messanger should now spawn again at Beast Lord
- Sprite boosting will now give fealty once again.
- Character names with numbers should be now available again.
- Vile NPC spawn fixed, missing seira and human NPCs restored, Gevrin NPC won't be permanent any longer.
- Crystal Rift box delivery fixed for Seira and Gevrin.
- God of Rain drop corrected.
- EL9 will now drop Primordials again.
- Dark Drake Cave mobs will drop soul-card related items again (yet with lower chance).
- Card functions will now count for Fealty System again.
- Clouded Milky Way boss chest rewards modified.
- Rune Crafting Scroll daily limit disabled again.
- New Captureable Pets should now be catchable correctly.
- Fixed incorrect log message when switching badges too fast.

**Skill fixes**:
- Dragonrest Shoal fixed.
- Hereafter no longer causes death while duels.
- Spirit passenger nerf will stay valid. Added to patch notes.
- River Dweller II white damage corrected.
- Quadrash Arden now clears Eoquence Lord III cooldowns properly.
- Cloud Swiper III: Hero cooldown issue fixed.
- Celestial Slay <Arcane/Zen/bane> no longer consumes HP.
- Voida Dragon Breath fix attempt.
- Datura Flower orange damage fixed.
- Shadow Dance • Ultima <Zen> fixed and now should spawn extra clone at 20/20.
- Flash Reel invisibility issue fix attempt.


**Re-applied missed skill fixes**:
- River Dweller II white damage corrected.
- Quadrash Arden now clears Eloquence Lord III cooldowns properly.
- Cloud Swiper III: Hero cooldown issue fixed.
- Celestial Slay <Arcane/Zen/bane> no longer consumes HP.
- Voida Dragon Breath fix attempt.
- Datura Flower orange damage fixed.
- Flash Reel invisibility issue fix attempt.```

**Skill fixes**:
```- Dragonrest Shoal will now work during Transfrom state as well.
- Blade Swinger T5 mob damage boost reversed till 170 patch.
- Dragon Retribution AP reduction fix attempt.
- Ancestral Spirit <Zen> raja trigger fix attempt.
- Cloud Dweller 3 (Hero) exclusive effect damage fixed.
- Fixed Shroud of New Green III damage reduction formula.
- Reality Termination III CritNull debuff stacking fixed.
- Fixed possible damage output issue related to Arrival of Greatness summon skills.```
**Other fixes**:
```- VIP unclaimable Violetgold Fragement issue fixed.
- Problem regarding induction codes being invalid should be now resolved.
- Fashion Bag limit increased to 252 again. Please DM me if you lost part of your fashions because of it.
- Telepatchy Gems won't be automaticaly transferred to Material Bag anymore using quick option.
- Vim HP/SP drop issue on relog fixed.
- Sprite stat being low issue fixed.
- Fixed Crystal Rift 1k point box prize delivery for Hydran.
- Esper Assimilation progress bar now faster.
- Attempt to fix critical error message on esper pickup settings change - sprite pickup system related.
- Party rotating drop mode fixed.
- Sprite stuck on teleport fix another attempt.
- Privilege VIP free bot and no exp drop on death functions fixed.
- Player damage on BG mobs fix attempt.```


General fixes:
```- Extra drop ratio reduced to x5->3 as it was way too generous due our drop multipler fix.
- Multi-ride is now available again in Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Jadeon Incident being daily fix attempt.
- Privilege VIP free bot and no exp penalty on death another fix attempt.
- VIP Exp buff fixed.
- Fixed Fashion Bag storing Essences and Charms via quick option.```
Skill fixes:
```- Dragon Breath[Voida] damage formula final fix.
- Fixed Storm's Grace not buffing selected target.
- Fixed Raja effect ending too quick due to count of hits.
- Fixed Sweep and Sweep II teleport issue.
- Attempt to fix Ocean skills type hiting same target twice sometimes.```