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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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- [Kytos] Fixed bug that caused Chroma and Affinity Faction skills to reset after Jaki Stone usage.
- Fixed certain mobs and bosses being not immune to `Oppressed` effect.
- Fixed star system constellation upgrade allowing to consume stars at maxed constellation level.
- Spawn yellow raja we added to various pvp areas will now expire on move or attack.
- Spawn yellow raja added to Alliance War PvP.
- Attempt to fix Ruby of Discord invincible buff.
- Indomitable Power III re-added to Charge Rewards.
- Superior Soul Inverter descriptrion corrected.
- Tone of Winter skill description corrected.


- [Gevrin] Ultimate Freeze and Rain Listener now affected with Southern Terrain tome if River Snow II is active.
- Team Roll system optimized. Players that doesn't click dice icon won't be considered anymore. Roll timeout changed from 60 to 30 seconds to actually match client side progress bar.
- Purple Star, Orange Star, Blue Star, Greensack Jadebook: Honor and Whitesilk Taobook: Honor added to Event Token exchange.
- Fixed Mount Training option bug reseting Echoless Stamen and Bowstring Grass effect from mount.
- Fixed all customized spawn yellow rajas.
- Zuolo Plains optimizations:
* Fixed spawn raja.
* 10 seconds afer entering Safezone transform item will drop automaticaly.
- Fort PvP Ruby defense and HP boosted greatly.
- Recipe: Divine Law and Recipe: Ephemeral Abyss is now  NPC sellable.
- Can no longer use Reforge Scroll on non skill glory grade Mstic Tomes.
- Mortal Trail mobs level increased to 170.
- Dotted Rat level increased to 170.
- Flame Jade Ring amount gained from instance quest reward increased from 2 to 10.
- Chi Enhancer and Elemental Beads now stacks to 30.000.
- Billows cave card stuff drop mobs level increased to 168.
- Christmas event launched (R15 only).
* Event expires 28.12.2020.
- Tranquil Ice Crystal added to marketplace.


January 01, 2021, 02:15:07 pm #182 Last Edit: January 01, 2021, 02:32:52 pm by CompeR
- New class: Sylia!
* Use powerfull elemental skills to destroy your foes and bless your allies buff and healing effects.

- Constellation System
* System will unlock once a player gets to lv161 now instead of wearing full Astrum set
* New "Royal Star" added that comes in 3 ranks, each with a set amount of experience (lv1 100, lv2 1200, lv3 3000). Absorbing these stars doesn't cost gold. Cannot embed in slots, they're used only to raise experience
* Added lock, sort, and batch identify functions to system
* Can now just use 1 click to put unlocked green and white stars into connect star and level function windows
* Can remove the stars in the connect star and level function windows by clicking on them
* New "milky way jade" item added to increase star bag, can upgrade to 252 slots, each use of item unlocks 6 slots
* Fixed issue with light on hand display disappearing after equipping orange or purple stars
* Added a one-click function to Royal Stars to quickly place the stars into the star link (slot unlock) and star upgrade interfaces to gain exp
* Adjusted the light in hand animation after having equipped orange or purple stars
* Removing embedded stars will no longer cost gold
* Constellation system's stat value display is 2 decimal /radix points
* The experience loss from absorbing stars with experience is reduced from 50% to 30%

- Skill changes:
Frozen Memories CD reduced to 5 sec
Frozen Memories (Chroma) : When hitting mobs, the last hit has a 100% chance to trigger a one time 3 hit combo effect. Damage to the combo effect is related to the caster's Attack Power and RES

Mohun Juma ~ All versions: `One Lethal Strike` effect can now stack

Kangba Extinction Attaches 50% of AP to damage when hitting mobs
Dance of Chaos Cooldown reduced to 3 sec
Hohun Urn Tome also attaches 30% of AP to damage when hitting mobs with Dance of Chaos

Incense Mage:
Nanwu Fire Optimized casting speed and attaches 50% of AP to damage when hitting mobs and randomly raises burn damage

Flamestream Changed to hit 4 times and attaches 100% of AP to damage when hitting mobs
Fire Spirit Tome also reduces Flamestream's CD by 3 sec

Ghost Cut When hitting non-player targets, the critnull reduction effect's duration will extend 5 sec
Ghost Cut 2 Changed to hit 2 times and reduces DEF by 15%, at most reducing DEF by 60%, for 8 sec
Steal Raid Changed to hit 2 times and skill will now hit those within 12 yards of a target

Damage Raise Added 36% AP as extra damage to Obstacle, Spearhead, Blood Blade, and Last Stand & 18% AP to Pathfinder, Sky's Doom, and Extermination

Constellation System Star Skills

* Fixed not being able to cancel (esc) casting the following star skills: Demon Blast (skysong), Lovesickness (lupin), Firestone Will (modo), Pyroessence (mage), and Fine Literature (pyschea)
* Adjusted the skill description to the following star skills: Divine Execution (jadeon) and Bloody Chop (rayan)
* Extended the duration to the critnull reduction effect of the star skill version of Piercing Bolt (hydran)
* Fixed invincibility effect from star skill version of Obscura (jadeon) conflicting with other invincibility effects
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Heart Sutra (skysong) triggering the Disregard effect and when skill reaches rank 5, the duration will be extended
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Spirit Sediment (arden) triggering the Contempt effect and when skill reaches rank 5, the duration will be extended
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Tiger Smash (balo) triggering the Disregard effect
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Trembling Heart (seira) triggering its Cycle Paralyze effect
* Adjusted the chance for star skill version of Piercing Bolt (hydran) triggering some of its effects
* Adjusted the chance to trigger some effects to the following star skills: Positive Reinforcement (lupin), Ghost Veil (rayan), Tone of Frost (celan), Drunk World (forta), Spring Healing (gevrin)

- New instance Shady Milky Way
* Only asc 160+, 6 to 12 players can enter
* The difficulty is harder than the other 2 versions of this instance
* Every recovery item in instance will have a 30 sec cooldown. Batts given in this instance can only be used in the instance. Players must work together to pass!
* Players can receive Omened Seals, Sigils and Mystic Weapon materials.

- Clan Mansion
* Can find the Cherry Blossom Order in the marketplace. With this order, can go to the Housekeeper in Clan Mansion to open up a quest to spawn the King of Beasts.
* After defeating the beast, can gain a  Cherry Blossom. When skills are lv6 or higher, can go to Clan Master to upgrade the skill with a certain amount of the Cherry Blossoms.

- New instance: Celestial Ruins
* Pre-Asc 90 - 150 & Asc 90 - 170 can open and enter
* Speed to Skyblade and Wings are greatly improved in instance and new special aerial combat skills were added (pop-up skills like CP)
* Rewards contain special Skyblade boosting seals and unique skyblades.

- Skyblade & Wings
* Significantly increase the speed to skyblades and wings
* No longer need full invigoration energy to fly
* Can use the Esper Assimilation function at Esper Mystic Shera to consume Star Chasing Sacred Seal to raise skyblades and flying mounts' Spirit Travel rank, which greatly increases the speed of skyblade and wings
* Can use the Esper Assimilation function at Esper Mystic Shera to consume Enter the CLoud Sacred Seal to add the Sky Travel·Light as a Cloud skill to a skyblade, which gives a Spurt ability to skyblades and wings
* Players are able to invigorate (use skills, etc) while flying in the Celestial Ruins instance

- Instance Rewards
( Five Sins (T10 ~ T12))
* All mystic tomes dropped from bosses will now only be grade 6. Bosses will no longer drop grade 5 mystic tomes
* New Perfect type of badge added. Bosses will no longer drop common Badge types
* Raised the chance for mobs to drop Spiritual Covenant Bundle
( Other )
* Get a Sun Bead item after completing Beast Lord (T5 ~ T6), Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 ~ T9), Five Sins (T10 ~ T12), Elemental Temple (Crisis Creator & Doom Forger), Shura Gauntlet, and Holy Lotus (1st Place)
* Get 10 Mythical Soil after completing the Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 ~ T9) and Five Sins (T10 ~ T12) instances
* Greatly increased the taichi pill reward in Shura Gauntlet
* Elemental Temple (Doom Forger) bosses will also drop Chroma Bead Pack (100)
* Beast Lord (T6) and Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 ~ T9) bosses will also drop Chroma Bead Pack (500)
* Beast Lord (T6) now has an increased drop rate of mystic tomes

- Battle for Supremacy
* The Hexagon Charm Wood reward exchange for Medals replaced with White Star
- Master & Disciple system reworked
* To further the existing master & disciple system. Masters will form a school with many disciples and disciples will no longer automatically finish their apprenticeship
* Increase expertise rewards. The points can now be used to exchange for various rewards
* Raised the rank to the Expertise Skills (rank 15)
* Added rewards to master & disciple. When a disciple gets to certain levels, both the master and disciple will gain a reward
* Masters will gain an EXP bonus the more disciples the master has. Can also gain Master Points from certain instances
* The original Master & Disciple relation will end after expansion. The old rewards will be merged into the new system

- Immortal Couples
* New "Confession" system implemented. Couples can through the Social /Couples /Heartfelt Confession systems exchange with each other peach blossoms, fireworks array, butterflies, firefly light, and colored lantern.
* These confession items will give different visual effects and romantic messages. They also increase the Romance value to the couples
* New "Marriage Anniversary". After a couple has been married for a certain number of days, they can receive an anniversary gift that will give titles, avatars, accessories, and other rewards
* New "Scorching Peach Blossoms and Firworks" quest at Eldest Matchmaker where couples can teamup to gain Romance and Confession items
* Eldest Matchmaker has an additional exchange, where players can exchange affection/romance for confession items and various rings
* Optimized the old romance skills and added 4 new romance skills
- New Romance Skills
* What is Love: transforms spouse
* Sword Washing: removes debuffs from spouses
* Unending Happiness: increases max hp
* Dying Without Regret: help spouse avoid fatal damage
- Optimized older skills:
* Wings of Devotion: Raised rank to 5, reduced cast time. At rank 5, CD is reduced. No longer enters CD if failed to teleport
* Loving Pair: Raised the recovery amount
* Renew the Romance: Raised the recovery amount after resurrecting

- Mystic Weapon system
( Gain Method )
* Practice weapons can be gained by exchanging an Mythical Soil item at Mystic Master Yang Kun.
* Mythical Soil item drops in Song of the Emerald Lady, Five Sins, and Shady Milky Way instance added in this expansion
* Illustrious weapons can be gained by exchanging a Illustrious Edge Bag item.
* The bag item drops from Bosses in the Elysium (Thunder Phoenix) and Dream in the South instances, and also from 2 Elysium Bosses: Primordial Monkey Wu and Empress Lunara
* Praised weapons can be gained as a drop from the Thunder Phoenix world BOSS.
(Refinement - Accumulate Spirit )
* Can only refine these weapons through the Accumulate Spirit function at Mystic Master Yang Kun in Sunstream using Blessing Talisman·Moon Talisman and ccumulate Spirit Talisman·Combat Talisman
* If a player fails at refining for this weapon, the rank will not drop nor will the weapon break. However, the item's Good Fortune stat will raise, making a successful refinement more easily attained. Each time one fails, that value will raise. Once the player is successful at refining, the good fortune stat will go back to zero
* Each time a player accumulates spirit on these weapons, the more good fortune points they'll get
( Fate Stat and Imbue)
* Mystic weapons can also have imbues and fate stats. Players are able to transfer imbues and fate stats from Astrum weapons into the Mystic weapons.
* The Mystic Master Yang Kun npc has "Fate Stat Transfer" and "Imbue Stat Transfer" options. After transferring fate stats, the source weapon will not be consumed and instead have its fate stats changed
* Players are also able to transfer imbues and fate stats from Mystic weapons into Astrum weapons.
( Consolidated Soul Spirit Stone )
* These stones can be embedded into Mystic weapons to increases its power at the Mystic Master Yang Kun npc
* These stones drop in Shady Milky Way and can also be exchanged from Mystic Master Yang Kun for Mythical Soil
(Spirit Extraction )
* Can use this function to extract the spirit from Endless and Astrum Weapons to gain Moon Virute Talisman. After using function on +14 or higher weapons it will also give Good Fortune Points
* Each character can only use this function once
* The weapon needs to be bound and refined +11 or higher
* The higher the refinement the more Moon Virtue Talismen are gained
* The weapon that has its spirit extracted will not disappear, all its stats will remain unchanged, and can use all the original functions with the weapon

- Gear Fate Stat and Imbue Stat Transfer
* Fate Stat Transfer Rules were changed: source gear will no longer be consumed after a transfer, will now have its fate stats randomly changed
* Imbue Stat Transfer: Players can transfer an imbue and its refinement level from source gear into target gear by using a Mysterious Origin Divine Crystal. Option is available at Mystic Master Yang Kun
* The mysterious origin divine crystal is dropped in Song of the Emerald Lady, Five Sins, and Clouded Milky Way * Pure or can be exchanged for Mythical Soil at Mystic Master Yang Kun. Also can purchase from marketplace
- Divine Master will have new option "Gear Evolution" to show a preview of the upgraded gear's stats (like ring upgrades at linqi)
* This function will automatically search the player's bag for yuan crystals and add them automatically. The upgrade preview will upgrade depending on the yuan crystals (upgraded gear's refinery)
* When there's enough of the materials needed to upgrade, players can click on "upgrade" to promote the gear piece
* Note: remember to have yuan crystal to save certain stats
* Players can choose to use the old system and have to use scriptures to upgrade that way

- Skylords will offer free teleports from starter towns up to Shura
- New World Boss: Thunder Phoenix will spawn in Elysium each Sunday at 21:15 on Realm 15. Boss will dissapear at midnigth. Can Drop Mithrill, Platina and Crystal Sigils, Illustrious Blade Pouch and Praised Blade Pouch.
- World Boss Empress Lunara, Primordial Monkey Wu bosses were strengthened
- New Sprite Gear type: Battle Flag implemented.
- Character login screen display no longer shows the character's esper in the animation
- Players carrying the Resurrection Pill can now use it in open maps to resurrect at their current location
* Added a quick purchase method for the Resurrection Pill. Those who aren't carrying the pill, can use this method to consume Jaden or Empyrean Bullion to purchase the Resurrection Pill
- Quiz Bowl event can no longer be opened in zuolo plains or elysium
- Optimized the time it takes to open Common Seal Orb Pack, Jade Chest of Salvation, and Precious Jade Pack
- Players can now customize the safety lock function to apply to certain things and not protect un-selected functions
* Players with Stash password will need to Unlock Safety Lock manually on each relog using Safety Lock interface -> Unlock function.
- Added a "Faction Esper Exchange" option to Jade Exchange Girl in Sunstream
- Shortened the time it takes to bloodbond gear
- Increased the number of slots to the Mount/Skyblade bag to 252
- Modified the logic behid transform gems and mounts
* A mounted player can use a transform gem to transform, their speed will be the same as being mounted and the player model will be that of the transform gem model
* A player in the transformed stat after using a transform gem will be able to use a mount and raise their speed to the same as being mounted, the player model will stay as the transform gem's model
* If the player is mounted while in a transformed state from a transform gem and cancels the transformation, they'll return to the player model of riding the mount
- Remote Courier feature now available in marketplace.
- Premium Stash is now available.
* This is an additional Stash type.
* Use new marketplace item: Premium Stash Expander to expand Premium Stash by 6 slots.
* Please use drag and drop method while putting items into Premium Stash since one click way not work correctly due client limitations.
- All mounts now have Max Speed 8.5.
* Network rewards Icefield Wolf has max speed 9.0.
* Fort holder mount - Thunder Rhino have now speed 12.0.
- New exchange added to Jude.
* Players can exchange old/unused donation/pve event seals for more usefull items.


- [Sylia] Dimishing Ability Crit Bonus buff now stack properly with Sincerity and Golden Rooster fashion buffs.
- [Sylia] Light Flame and Meditate learn required level issue fixed.
- Fixed realm crash issue related to Sprite Creation system.
- Fixed realm crash issue related to bfs pvp.
- Spirit Extraction UI translated.
- Minor UI fixes.
- Blue Sea Order, Royal Star(LV1) item descriptions corrected.
- Master & Disciple system fixed.
* I had to clear relations once again to make it work properly for all players. Sorry for inconvinience.
- Various item names corrections.
- Fixed and boosted Shady Milky Way batteries.
- Attempt to fix Crystal Rift issues.
- Rift Gate names crrected.
- Sea Coral Lottery now usable.
- Moon Talisman marketplace price greatly reduced.
- Attempt to fix new Sky Dweller quest issues.
- Ultimate Fealty Pack chance for Blood of Reborn restored.
- Attempt to fix Sylia vile trail npc.
- Corrected Star stats not being able to roll max value.
- ○Weapon Exchange Coupon LV148 sylia weapon fixed.
- Part of new titles translated.
- Sylium Gem added to webshop.


- Website Vote best pack now requires 132 votes instead 140.
- Fixed Star Identify related realm crash issue.
- Token Bag logic optimized.
* Script will manage item stack best it can which will allow to store much more items inside.
- White damage dealt to mobs will be now visible only for direct attacker.
- [Gevrin] Ultimate Freeze defense dispel effect will now affect players only.
- [Sylia] Fixed Bequeath consuming 2 stacks sometimes to reset one elemental skill cooldown.
- [Sylia] Fixed Avert status not grating immune agaist Transform.
- [Sylia] Fixed Heavens Unite<Arcane> description mistranslation.
- [Sylia] Fixed Beginnings and Ends tome not working for Dead Tree Spirit.
- [Sylia] Fixed Overcome All tome not working for Dead Tree Spirit.
- [Sylia] Fixed Autumn Vista 3 <Hero> consuming too much Spiritual Breaths.
- [Sylia] Fixed New and Graceful required learn level issue.
- [Sylia] Attempt to fix Abstain effect not working well against mobs.
- [Sylia] Fixed general bug regading multi-hit skills consuming spriritual breaths per hit instead cast.
- [Modo] Can now use skyblade while Modon and Demonic Forms.
- Fixed Starlight skill's "Monster EXP" effect.
- Attempt to boost Fort PvP defender swords survivability.
- Milky Way instances descriptions corrected regarding shared cooldown.
- Shady Milky Way can be now done twice a day aswell.
- Fixed new Master&Disciple system EXP buff.
- Fixed general bug that was preventing certain summons to inherit their tome/influenced skills which allowed them to trigger special effects.
- Attempt to fix Confession items if couple plays on diffrent link servers.
- Fixed Couple Anniversary claim reward issue.
- CT LVL60 daily reward nerfed (Spiritual Covenant Coupons).
- Special VIP6 rewards corrected.
- Might of Earth item name restored.
- Falling Petal Jade added to Kui Tun Shura Gauntlet exchange.
* Disabled Diamond gears removed from exchange.
- Elysium marketplace is back to english translation.
- Corrected few Celestial Ruins instance issues.
- Golden Boy name no longer Chinese in Holy Lotus instance.
- Translated titles at Couple Anniversary box rewards.
- Heaven Path Bead exchange packs replaced to direct items. (White Star Pack -> White Star etc).
- Icarus Wings Pack addeed to Celestial Ruins exchange.
- Lucifuge Knight level boosted to 170.
- Fairyland Sunstream map id now available:
* Talk to Shizhu at Sunstream City Recreation Zone to enter.
* After entering, players can go to the Bulletin Board to take a daily quest.
* Chests with High Merit Tickets can be collected there.
* At 12:30 ~ 13:00 and 21:30 ~ 22:00 the Book of Songs event starts in Fairyland Sunstream on realm 15.
* During the Book of Songs event, there will be a lot of Fun Box'es spawned all across Fairyland Sunstream on realms 1 ~ 15.
* The Great Rat Merchant is to the left of Fardin in Fairyland Sunstream.
* The merchant sells 9 random items that are changed 2 times everyday at 12:20 and 21:20.


- Fixed global issue regarding %exp gain stat from skills and other sources not working in certain circumstances.
- Gyrfalcon Spirit Skill Damage buff will now affect mobs only.
- [Sylia] Fixed Autumn Vista III <Hero> Spiritual Breath cost issue.
- [Hydran] Fixed Impervious III <Earth> exclusive effect issue.
- Intangible buff description linebreak fixed.
- New maps overview translations added.
- Fishing rewards in Sunstream restored to customized state.
- Scruffen has his glorious name restored.
- Fixed issue that prevented Master Points to actually reach exact daily limit value.
- Ultimate Fealty Box rewards boosted.
- Fixed issues related to Sprite Affection gain.
- Chenchao [Consigment sale] npc removed from Sunstream.
- Fixed Constellation and Star levelup when EXP exceeded certain amount.
- Fixed some Token Bag issuees.
- Sky Apex Chalice added to marketplace.
- Special VIP5 batteries are no longer timed.
- Wonderland Stone description estimated sale price info removed.
- Jadeon > Added Monkey Phantasm to the port location for the Acension quest and new romance mines
- Incense Valley > Added the new romance mines
- Heartrending Flower (Seal) [Bilu daily] will now exists just 3 hours.
- Fun Box'es Pet Soul items are no longer timed to 60 seconds.
- Corrected Fun Box duplicate spawn issue.
- Minor interface changes/fixes
- <DitS> End Rewards pack correct description restored.
- Shady Milky Way should now work same way as Clouded Milky Way ones (excluding cooldown).
- Wonder Medium added to Shura Gauntlet Exchange.
- Fixed respawn after death on Affinity Maps.


- In-game banker system is now functional with Bank Note support rework applied.
* Banker limits: 1000 jadens, 100k gold, 15000 Bank Notes (1k).
* Max Jaden price: 15.000 G.
* Bank notes have priority and are required for each transaction above 1k gold. If something costs 25400 G: 25 Bank Notes and 400G are required.   
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain effect allowing caster to be killed in certain circumstances.
- [Sylia] Heavens Unite Avert buff will now grant immune to Taunt and Burn as intended.
- Fixed global issue regarding several skills that grant various immunities (Heavens Unite, Ancient Soul for example) having its immune flags disabled after casting other skill that grants same immune yet lower duration.
- [Sylia] Bequeath shoudn't be consumed when target is under raja or invincibility anymore.
- Modon Form II skill description corrected.
- Fixed ascended Class reward notification.
- [Marketplece] Removed incorrect Unfolding Moon description.
- Attempt to fix random S ranks in Clouded Milky Way issues.
- Fixed party issue on BfS Map.
- PK settings are no longer respected in LmS map. LmS pvp should now work on all realms including PvE ones.
- New pets should be Tame-able.
- Minor translation fixes.
- He Linger NPC and Star Dust added to Fairy Sunstream.
- Trial·Vile Spirits for Sylia rewards boosted to match other classes.
- Shady Milky Way batteries fix another attempt.
- VIP5 will now be permanent (this time for sure).
- Celestial Ruins label fixed at fealty window.
- Fixed spawned npcs wrong name issue.
- Alliance War tab interface restored.
- Chenchao also removed from Divine Realm.
- Thunder Phoenix wont be draggable from his spot anymore (further than 70 meters).
- New Emerald Prince/Princess fashions added to marketplace.
- Pure Goldspin stack size increased to 9999.


- [Lupin] Attempt to fix River Dweller III Earth cooldown lock issue.
- [Balo] Iron Guts spirit shield should now apply after target damage reductions are calculated.
- [Modo] Sanguine Fog star passive effect will now stack with Wine of Charity buff.
- Fixed HP drop issue on each relog for certain classes.
- Few server side anti realm crash fix attempts.
- Five Sins last boss shoudn't suicide anymore.
- Various NPC position fixes.
- Quest translations.
- Fixed Cipher Crystal exchange quest.
- PvE Event launched.
- <DitS> weekly boxes will now give more Platina Sigil Shards.
- Another attempt to make Ruby of Discord more tanky.
- Two website lotteries replaced.
- Elysium has been heavily reworked server side. Please report if any issues occurs there.
* All characters has been forced out Elysium if left inside before this update.
* JD-Mart and Quiz Bowl event is no longer available in elysium.


- [Gevrin] Fixed potential issue with chance and duration of Sparse Constellation.
- Attempt to fix unkillable Redlotus Yasho mobs in Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Attempt to fix Elysium side auto PvP Events.
- Fixed issue with alliance name not showing on Alliance Base event system messages.
- Gyrfalcon Spirit buff modified once again:
* Human and Athan factions have original effect restored (+15% skill damage)
* Etherkins remains with nerfed effect (+15% non-player skill  damage)
- New drop event `Glazed Scroll` now available.
- Top Vote pack requires now just 125 votes.


- [Gevrin] Sparse Constellation duration final fix applied.
- [Gevrin] Instagible effects can't be removed.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker no longer protects against non-player targets as it should from the beginning.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Wave Seeker bug protecting against debuffs if mixed with Silent Dew.
- [Gevrin] Elapsed Age and Sparse Constellation no longer resets Chroma Eruption and Fashion skill cooldowns.
- Fixed ingame BfS que issue after character relog.
- Attempt to fix Alliance War map spawn stuck issue.
- Attempt to fix Celestial Ruins last boss spawn issue.
- Final fix for Elysium side auto pvp events score not counting issue.
- Fixed general issue regarding login system and client limit where accounts could be banned after failed login attempt to account that is already online.
- Fixed server side bug that could cause very rare realm crashes.
- Battlegrounds will now give 5x more courage and Skyline Pearls.
- [Event] Dancing Event is up once again to celebrate Valentine's Day & Lunar New Year.
* Find Dancing Envoy on R15 to participate.
* Expires next Friday.
- Since we have Valentine's Day coming soon, Confession items (Butterflies, Firefly Light, Colored Lantern) at marketplace have been discounted by 20%.
- Couple Anniversary required days balanced.
- Purity Fashion Gift Box and Pyro Fashion Gift Box added to Marketplace.
- Recipe: Divine Law and Recipe: Ephemeral Abyss that drops from FS12 are no longer bound.
* This change doesn't unbind recipes that dropped before this change.


- [Kytos] Ruse: Flank cooldown corrected.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker should now protect against white damage properly (respecting range).
- [Gevrin] Forset Trek II Skill Accuracy buff will now stack properly with Deadly Precision skill.
- Fixed few reported exploits.
- Attempt to fix in-game BfS issues.
- Fixed stash sort button labels.
- Corrected Bilu/Anan/Velonus avatar frames missing graphical effects.
- Fixed Celestial Ruins Cosmos Handle boss quest trigger (Easy difficulty only).
- Fixed Catch Pet function for LV160+ players.
- Attempt to fix rare bug that causes LMS player white name.
- Old donation event fashions have been added to Donation Seal Exchange.
- Heaven Dragon Scroll, Skyspirit Jade Soul and Boost Orb stack size increased.
- Scallop will now also give 50% chance to obtain Crystal Sigil Shard.


February 26, 2021, 02:03:46 pm #191 Last Edit: February 26, 2021, 02:09:17 pm by CompeR
- Fixed possible client crash issue regading 'normal' Bloodsmelt feature.
- Fixed possible client crash issue regading Esper Ascension, Inheritance and Fusion features.
- [Sylia] Fixed Bequeat not reseting elemental skills cooldowns when attacking certain turrets at BGs.
- [Celestial Ruins] Cosmos Handle boss difficulty corrected.
- Corrected Heart Sutra skill description regarding cooldown duration.
- PvE Event launched.
- TW weekly reward quest from Agent Evan greatly boosted.


- [Mage] Corrected Vastness tome description.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Rain Listener <Arcane> damage eeduction debuff.
- Corrected Fate Attribute Transfer option help info regarding Source and Target slots.
- Corrected Purity Fashion Pack description at marketplace. Male characters gets Assasin Fashion set, female Purity Fashion set.
- TW weekly rewards introduced in previous patch nerfed.
- Not functional `Spirit Lands` quest disabled.
- Sealed Astrum Box can be opened 3->15 timer per day.
- Fixed minor visual issue regarding Esper Fusion feature.


- [Gevrin] Fixed Pine Winter giving 1%/rank crit null per Deep Coldness Rank instead static value.
- [Gevrin] Witherd Lotus should now properly ignore Wave Seeker and Silent Dew shields.
- [Jadeon] Corrected Righteous Forbearance tome description to be more clear.
- [Arden] Corrected Devilbash Arrow Sun description.
- Another attempt to fix last boss at Celestial Ruins instance doesn't spawn sometimes.
- Corrected Seira character creation text description.
- Left Hand of Spite BOSS at Five Sins instance MiM cooldown corrected.
- Sealed Astrum Box can be opened 15 times per day (this time for sure).
- Custom and Awakened Soul Stones will now respect reset rules regarding Synergy stat number and exclusion of Evasion and Accuracy.
- Attempt to fix TW Celestial Army attacks to remove province ownership properly when conquered.


- [Lupin] Ripple tome description corrected.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Pine Winter giving 1%/rank crit null per Deep Coldness Rank instead static value. (This time for sure)
- Fixed Ten Heralds of Underworld, Netherlord and Death Call skills giving caster Skill Accuracy and decreasing target Skill Evasion way too much.
- Another attempt to fix TW province occupation change logic.
- Another attempt to solve Celestial Ruins last boss spawn issues.
- Attempt to fix Archaia minimap.
- Flame Jade Ring Pack added to marketplace.
- Fire Emperor/Empress fashion set added to marketplace.
- Elegant Noble fashion set added to marketplace.
- Violetgold Fragments added to Crystal Rift Completion Reward Boxes.