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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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- [Forta] Fixed Sky·Essence III <Ocean> exclusive effect not working.
- [Gevrin] Corrected River Snow II skill description and behaviour.
* Ultimate Freeze now properly gives Cloud Shift stacks only on first hit.
* All affected skills have their dmg formula corrected.
- [Gevrin] Rain Listener <Arcane> now properly affected by Sourthern Terrain tome.
* Melted Armor stacks according to description now (10->5).
- [Gevrin] Fixex Vain Prosper taking target current HP into account instead caster's.
- Pet names now limited to 9 characters since 10 caused visual issues.
- Fixed affinity anti/res stat working weird way against non-affinity players.
- Fixed TW/Coronation participant count to show only online amount.
- TW Scoreboard will no longer show players with no deaths and kills.
- Added 10 sec respawn cooldown at PvP TW.
- Unused Demonic Swordsman mob removed from Skysong map.
- Frost Remnant and Silver Lantern added to Deikin Esper Exchange.
- Iron BG anti afk ban system reverted.
- To receive Shenwu Spirit and Vanguard from Iron BG, at least 10 Score (visible on scoreboard) is required.
- Weekly first kill reward·Hidden item description now match reward.
- Many UI and translation fixes.
- Sealed Astrum Box is now unlimited to open.
- Dotted Rats spawn on R15 only from now.
- Stronger Berseker Bosses have now higher chances to drop Berseker Gold Pack and Berseker Silver Pack.
* Those bosses can now also drop: Advanced Orb Bead Coupon.
- Iron BG Victory Pack: Kirin Sigil Shard replaced to Event Token x5.
- Heroic Shura Gauntlet Weekly reward quest boosted a bit. It now gives 1x Mortal Forsaken Order.


- [Psychea] Fixed Destiny II influence over Mecha: Torrent(t5) not working at all.
- [Ceros] Rising Clouds II and Battle Ready skill evasion buffs will now stack.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Arcane> skill evasion buff will now stack with fashion skills.
- [Ceros/Imperia] Increased Max SP from Rising Clouds now stacks with Auzre Wind(Imperia).
- [TW] Reverted resurrect cooldown change as it caused extra bugs.
- [TW] Disabled Resurrection at point feature.
- [TW] Fixed scoreboard issue introduced in perevious patch.
- [Coronation] Defender portals now available after at least one tower is destroyed.
- [Coronation] Added teleports for attackers that allow to teleport to other alliance spawns.
- [Coronation] Added two guard towers for each attacker's spawn.
- [Coronation] Rebel Pillars now starts with 10 minutes Invincible buff.
- [Iron BG] Fixed reward giveout script that was blocked by part of pervious anti-afk mechanics.
- Attempt to fix one of possible issues that randomly causes some players not to enter (non-cross server) instances properly sometimes.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Mortal Trail mobs will now also drop Ice Orb of Vastness (200) packs.
- PvE Event launched.
* Previous event winners are now excluded from participating in event.
* Added Elysium DD to rate rewards.


- [Sylia] Fixed Dream of Huaxu cast time.
- [Impera] Fixed Phantom Trace abnormal damage bug.
- [Vim] Celestial Ruins - Gather Spirit should work according to description now.
- [Modo] Fixed Death's Charm damage transfer cap not working properly.
- [Imperia] Skycrack will no longer be effective in Safe Zone(visual effect remains however).
- [Psychea] Fixed potential formula issue for Daydream.
- Skills that imitate death (Dream of Huaxu and similar) now increase Death count in instances like ET.
- Adjusted Shady Milky Way bosses tactics.
- Immortal Record September rewards boosted.
- [W] Shura Gauntlet quest rewards adjusted.
* Primal Iceheart has 100% for x10.
* Holies Imbues and recipes have their chances increased x5.
- Heartrending Flower (Seal) should be now timed.
- Wind Spirit daily quest will now gixe 5 as much War Song Sheet Music.
- Jadeon Incident expiration lowered to 24h.


- [Imperia] Adjusted Conjoined Suffering animation speed target logic and effective range of skill.
* Skill now grants Invincible and Ghost buff without Wind Fury restriction.
* Corrected Slow debuff logic and formula.
- [Imperia] Brute Wind Blade summon changed to Small Whirlwind.
* Small Whirlwind summoned by this skill can now upgrade by using Dancing Tornado.
- [Imperia] Immortal Fire Planet <All>, Eternal Blaze, Eternal Blaze II, Windblown Dust and Gale Sweep now apply one Inferno layer per cast.
- [Imperia] Inferno Corrosion debuff will be prolonged each time target receives Inferno damage.
- [Imperia] Sharpened Air Shield now works against mobs.
- [Imperia] Wind Travel buff now stacks (Winnow Step + Winnow Step II).
- [Ceros] Residual Frost prevents from using medicines from now and corrected refresh logic.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Arcane> buff stacking logic corrected.
- [Arden] Adjusted Eloquence Lord buff refresh logic.
- [Gevrin] Fixed White Flight skill description and effect (CritShield instead CritBonus).
- [W] Shura Guantlet Heroic will now give 10x primal icehearts properly.
- Wind Spirit quests now properly give boosted Sheets amount.
- Jadeon Incident expiry time corrected again.
- National Reward (Senior) quest rewards boosted.
- Flying Lantern now stacks to 30.000.
- Star Lord Gift Box now stackable.
- Heroic·Lord Earthforce drop rate of Apricot Banner boosted.
- [Heroic ET] Chaos Twins Tribulation quest will now also give 5x Blue Star.


Skill Fixes:
- [Modo] Corrected Forest of Laughter III <Hero> skill description.
- [Imperia] Conjoined Suffering Star skill slow effect now properly removeable.
- [Vim] Another attempt to fix Celestial Ruins Gather Spirit cooldown reset issue.
- [Imperia] Fixed Wind Travel lost immunity to most effects after previous patch.
- [Kytos] Fixed Overwhelming<Bane> tome influence.
- [Seira] Corrected Charming Polen II selfcast behavior.
Bug fixes:
- Corrected Star system script to ignore old bugged double stat stars more precise.
- Spirit Wind Orbs now doesnt stack and have expiry timer set to 12h after summoning Wind Spirit.
- Shuomo rewards: Mithrill Sigil replaced to Rainfall Order.
- Iron BG exchange: Rainfall Order replaced to Advanced Orb Bead Pack.
- Iron BG score restriction to obtain Vanguard reward lifted.
- National Reward (Medium) and National Reward (Primary) quest rewards boosted.
- New items added to PvP Box I.
- Excellent Spirit Stock should be now sellable to NPC.


Skill Fixes:
- [Vim] Final fix Celestial Ruins Gather Spirit cooldown reset issue.
- [Imperia] Conjoined Suffering slow effect icon type changed.
- [Imperia] Corrected Phantom Trace inferno damage behaviour.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker will now protect agains DoTs if player that inflicted them is within valid range.
- [Lupin] Shadow of Hope skill description corrected.
- [Mage] Adjusted Blaze of Janos 3 <Sky> burn damage.

Bug fixes:
- Corrected Shuomo player list UI.
- Fixed some quest summoned monsters not showing up properly (crusade alien beasts for example).
- Spirit Wind event quests fixed now.
* Please be aware, Spirit Wind event will be disabled in next expansion.
- Coronation:
* Changed respawn invincibility type (won't dissapear once moving or skill usage) but shortened duration.
* Defenders spawn moved closer to Claudron.
* Teleports are now labeled.
- Fixed potential exploit that led to open 2 instances of C7 finals.
- Missing NPC added for Brave enemy camp quest in skysong.
- Missing Li Su added to Dark Drake Cave extra map available via Shin Evu.

- [CP] A Dark Future quest rewards boosted.
- Bossted chances for Star Gauge and Yin Yang Book to be dropped.

- PvE Event launched.



Skill Fixes:
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Bane> Hp buff stacking changed.
- [Imperia] Brute Wind Blade whirlwind can now fuel existing Dancing Tornado whirlwind and prolong it duration properly.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker now protects against Imperia's Whirlwinds properly.
* Removed visual range notifier.
- [Kytos] Restored Weaken Res Reduction effect to Overwhelming <Bane>.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed rare realm crash that could occur in Team instances after killing BOSS.
- A Dark Future quest fixed at CP.

- Added translations for couple Graphic Titles.

- King/Queen Packs will now also give new coronation Fashions.
- Multi Starshine (II) quest rewards boosted.
- Four Treasure Box 100G [] Fairy Sunstream event rewards boosted.
* Fishing in Fairy Sunstream can now also give Friend Book item that may trigger extra reward from Four Treasure Box event.



Skill Fixes:
- [Imperia] Brute Wind Blade/Dancing Tornado synergy another code corrections.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missle type attacks no longer ignores Contempt buff.
- [Ceros] Star Embrace / Lofty Ambition effects are now mutually exlusive.

Bug fixes:
- Adjusted new coronation fashions to work with current coronation system.

- Seven M. Order·Receive Award: Cloud Orb replaced to New Soulcards x2.
- Team Instances: Player amount requirement lowered 6->3.
- Advanced Orb Bead Pack added to Event Token Exchange.



Skill Fixes:
- [Modo] Added extra check to prevent Ghost effect from being affected by single target range skills.
- [Imperia] Fixed Freefall Flower II not being affected by Star Passive effect.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missles won't ignore Contempt buff anymore (another attempt).
Bug fixes:
- Soverign Consort fashions now usable.
- Ceros and Imperia can now gain crafting gems when crafting LV120+ gear.
- Added small delay in team instances after killing BOSS to obtain Rank level notification to fix bug where some players had diffrent rank than others.

- Crafting -> Read: Books can now give recipes even if already added to collection.
- Added reward for Day 2 in October immortal Record.
- Event Token exchange: Advanced Orb Bead price reduced to 30 Tokens.
- Seven M. Order·Receive Award changed to give Kun's Favor pack where player may choose between Cloud Orb(LV160-169) and 3x New Soulcards.
* Pack has expiry time.
- One-legged Dragon Spirit (Mount) added as possible Website Trader offer.
- Star Scale price at Webshop reduced to 300 GJ.
- Expertise Coupon exchange rate reduced at Decade Exchange(Jude).
- Multi Starshine (II) quest rewards boosted.
- Trial·Vile Spirits quest rewards boosted.



Skill Fixes:
- [Modo] Another attempt to correct Ghost effect behaviour.
- [Imperia] Fixed Swirling Mist last hit not considering formulas.

Bug fixes:
- Reverted last patch Team Instances delay to calculate Boss Rank reward as it caused issues.
* Attempted to solve this issue using diffrent method.
- Star Lord Gift Box now gives all listed items with 100% chance.
- Attempt to fix TW point capturing script not working in rare circumstances.

- Filled all 'gaps' in Immortal Record October Rewards.
- Best Sovereign Mission rewards boosted.
- JD Anniversary Esper Exchange World Chat message removed.
- Jade Box now have higher chance to give Twilight Jade.
- Dispel The Curse (135+) quest rewards boosted.

Halloween Event (Part I):
- Shura (Heavy Guard) Princes may also summon Deus Demachina.
- Leowen Books event ghosts mobs have a slight chance to summon Lord Venoma which have a chance to drop Event Tokens, Blue Stars and Mithrill Sigils.
* Part II next week.



Skill Fixes:
- [Jadeon] Embodiment of Truth<Arcane> rank 20 bonus corrected to work only for Seven Disasters cooldown effect.

Bug fixes:
- Another attempt to solve Team instance Rank issues.
- Minor interface fixes.

- Anti Afk mechanism removed from Shuomo.
- Primordial Fatecharm Box can be now opened 3 times a day.
- Bratty Princess quest reward slightly boosted to give Fire Orbs of Vastness.

- PvE Event launched.

Halloween Event Part II
- Spawn for Lord Venoma and Deus Demachina disabled.
- Sunstream R15 will be a bit more scary...
- There is quest available at Tree of Wealth with Sandalwood Pack as reward.
- Redeem codes: HALLOW22A, HALLOW22B .
* Be aware those packs are timed. Make sure to update clients before claiming them.


v376 **Wondrous Battle Expansion**

** New Biography: Shaw Danon **
  - Experience the story of Shaw Danon and get the temporarly fashion weapon Wooden Soul Absorber, which can be upgraded to a perm. version at Gao Longfei in Wildlands.

** New Instance: War of the Beast Lord **
  Instance Info:
  - No entrance limit. Rewards are refreshed every Monday at 0:00
  - Char limit: 1 - 12 players
  - Level limit: Asc 160 - 170
  - Normal and Easy difficulty.
  - Drops include Motif Jades.

  Instance Special Mechanism:
  - The rate of progress in the instance is saved, so that if players have successfully killed the 1st boss, they're able to join to help kill the 2nd boss
  - If the rate of progress in the instance is different between the players, it'll start at the lowest progress (i.e, only 1st boss killed while everyone else is on 3rd)
  - Bosses will not drop items until every player is at the same rate of progress (all 3rd boss).
  * So if 3 players are separated between successfully killing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the team will start out on the 2nd boss, but the 2nd and 3rd boss won't drop items.
  - The rate of progress will be reset every Monday at 0:00
  - Players cannot use the Impermanent World skill (Velo. Fashion) or the White Shroud skill (Anan Fashion) in this instance
  - When a boss is aggroed and fighting, any dead players are prohibited from resurrecting (return to town), but can be ress'd by other players (skysong/celan, etc)
  - Bosses in the War of the Beast Lord instance won't be affected by Defense reduction effects.
  - Bosses will use a 'Advanced Aggro' system in their fights.
  * Balos, Vims, and Kytos can use the following skills to draw the boss' aggro:
   Balo: Powerful Aid 3 (All) and Powerful Aid (Chroma Versions)
   Vim: Gather Spirit 3 (All) and Nameless Technique (Chroma Versions)
   Kytos: Overwhelming (Chroma Versions), Sky's Doom, Last Stand, Outrageous Scale 3 (All), and Outrageous Scale (Chroma Versions)
** Mystic Gear - Helm **
   Way to Obtain Helm:
   - Practice ~
   * Practice type Mystic Helms can be exchanged for mythical soil at the Mystic Master in Sunstream
   - Illustrious ~
   * Illustrious Helms can be gained from the Illustrious Clear Mind Box, which can drop from the Thunder Phoenix, Primordial Monkey Wu, Morgon, and Destus in Elysium
   * The Overlord of Chaos boss has chance to drop the Illustrious Clear Mind Box   
   * The Illustrious Clear Mind Box can also be exchanged for Illustrious Silk, which can be gained from Five Sins and exchanged at Mystic Master in Sunstream
   - Praised ~
   * Thunder Phoenix, Morgon, and Destus have a chance to drop the Praised Clear Mind Box
   * Praised Silk can be used to exchange for the box at the Mystic Master. This item is dropped by Beserker type bosses in Elysium, Thunder Phoenix, Morgon, Destus, and the Overlord of Chaos

   - Mystic Helms will receive a Mystic Stat after reaching Enhanced +11, +13, and +15
   - Spirit Extraction - Helm option added.
** Character Stats **
   - Added new stats: Race RES and Anti-Race, i.e Anti-Human, Anti-Athan, Etherkin RES
   * These stats can be gained from Enhancing Mystic Helms to +13 and +15
   - Also added Damage to Players and Damage to Mobs stats to Character window.
   - Character stat UI redesigned.
** Faction Devotion **
   - Disciples of each faction will be able to learn about the history of their faction and help carry their respective faction forward.
   - Asc 90+ players can receive 3 Devotion Orders from the Elder of Mystery in Sunstream.
   * Players can use this item to receive quests from their faction's Devotion Herald to raise their faction Devotion and unlock new achievements
   * The higher the player's level and the more faction Devotion they have, they can receive harder devotion order quests.
   - Faction Devotion Shop
   * Players can use their Devotion to exchange for items at Elder of Mystery
   - Hall of Excellence
   * Personal Faction Devotion and Alliance Faction Devotion have been added to lists
   * After reaching a certain threshold, players at the top of the listings will gain a time limited title
   * Personal Reputation and Alliance Reputation and their respective rewards have been removed
   - Honor Removal
   * Faction honor related quests will be closed and no longer available.
   - Certain Advanced quests can be completed in a party with other players.
   - Optimized the rules and distribution for honor titles in the Hall of Excellence / Pers. Reputation / Weekly Rankings. Players who rank in the top 500 and have a certain amount of faction influence will get an exclusive honor title

** Badge **
   - Added the new Motif Jade addon
   - Any badge can consume enough Seasonal Dragon Breath to unlock the Breath Slot to that badge (have to do this with each badge)
   - The Breath Slot's duration is 7 days
   - After opening the breath slot, the Motif Jade item can only be embedded into it. After embedding the jade, it'll reveal its stat. The jade item can be removed without needing any additional items
   - Each slot has an expiration date (7 days). After it expires, players can consume the Seasonal Dragon Breath items to extend its time
   - Motif Jade can be refined at the Motif Jade Upgrade function to increase the value of the stat.
** Celestial Tower **
   - Players can enter 3 times a week now. It resets every Monday at 0:00
   - Daily Rewards changed into Weekly Rewards. Players will be able to claim their rewards, but it cannot surpass 10 floors' rewards.
   * Rewards will refresh every week on Monday
   - The amount of rewards have been increased and some rewards have been optimized   
** Function - Guide **
   - To help new players understand the world of Jade Dynasty better, new guides have been added to help them understand quickly
   - When a player reaches the corresponding level to unlock a new system, a guide prompt will be triggered to help explain it to them.
   - Players are able to turn this guide off in settings.
** Immortal Pavilion **
   - Players will receive a daily reward reset that can be saved up until the following month (+1 /day) which it'll be cleared back to 0 in the Immortal Pavilion
   - Players will receive discounts for items from the jaden marketplace.
   - Players can unlock the golden seal in Immortal Pavilion as well and will be able to purchase 2 additional rewards after each reset.
** Thunder Phoenix Boss **
   - Clouded Sunstream map fixed.
   * Thunder Phoenix BOSS moved to it proper location in Clouded Sunstream.
   - Boss will use the same Advanced Aggro system from War of the Beast Lord instance
   - After the Boss gets rid of its hatred, its health recovery speed will double
   - Boss will also now drop Apricot Banner, Holy/Holiest imbues and recipes
   - After the boss dies, 30 random Thunder Phoenix Chests will spawn within a 60 yard range of where it died with the following rules to opening it:
   * Only players above 160 can collect these chests
   * All effects will be cleared from the player while opening the chest
   * After successfully opening the chest, the player will randomly get Praised or Illustrious armor fragments (light or silk), new(ish) imbues, Apricot Banner, and other items
** Marriage **
   - Top couple reward has been changed. Players that already claimed old one can now claim new one.
   * Note: Fashion won't disappear after a divorce.
   - Eldest Matchmaker has some new titles for married couples
** Trinket (Gear) **
   - Libertide, Celemirage, and Freewande ★★★ III Trinkets can now be upgraded to Great Libertide Trinket, Great Celemirage Trinket and Great Freewande Trinket.
   - Upgrade Method: Bring a certain amount of Trinket Evolution Trinket ★ to exchange for a Great Trinket Crystal,  then use that item with the corresponding ★★★ III trinket to upgrade at Taja in Sunstream.
** Gear **
   - Year of the Rat begins in JD and players can get the Rat Chi through Credits in-game or upgrade their Pig Chi and they can also get the Rat Charm or upgrade their Pig Charm.
   - Zodiac Rat Fashion is now available in marketplace.
** Others **
   - Many new additions to Wardrobe.
   - New offers in Mystery Shop.
** Skill Changes **
   - This expansion contain one of biggest skill changes in JD history. All changes are listed in separate forum thread:   
** Optimization and Fixes **
   - Players can now view skills and effects info through Skills->Glossary.
   - Players can use Divine Light Dye to change the color to their Paper Kite skyblade at Seamstress Sayala in Sunstream.
   * The grade, quality, skill embed, and imbues will be changed after the color change
   * Players can exchange for the Divine Light Dye at Lil Yan
   - Can no longer exchange Star Chart for Blue Stars at Mirage Envoy Sellpher in Sunstream
   - Raised the level to mobs in Elysium
   - Closed the Faction Weapon, Flameagle Order, and Donation quests from the faction npcs in Sunstream.
   - Optimized the 'Chasing Feathers' quest to Celestial Ruins instance from Hard to Easy
   - Players can now exchange Primal Icehearts for a 'Shura Overlord' title
   - Optimized the game client and increased fps
   - Added a 'minimize client window' option to system settings (Settings/Interface/Basics). After players select this option, they can click on the minimize button on the top-right corner of the client window to minimize their game client instead of having to set a key (* or alt+~) to minimize.
   - Optimized the VIP Exclusive display section from only showing items purchasable 1 level below the  player's current VIP rank to displaying all items being that can be bought at current VIP rank
   - Optimized Combos. Now combos will skip any current skill in its setup that's currently on cooldown instead of stopping the Combo. Be aware there some exclusions. Read function Help info.
   - Bosses and mobs in the following instances will no longer be immune to the Burn effect: Beast Lord, Clouded Milky Way, Shady Milky Way, Misty Milky Way, War of the Beast Lord (both difficulties), Dream in the South, Celestial Tower, Soul Tower
   - The following Elysium bosses are also no longer immune to the Burn effect: Morgon, Destus, Citadel Savage, Thunder Phoenix, and Disorderly Monkey Enli
   - Gene Zonchi can now teleport players to the Phoenix Tower.
   - Fixed issue where friend's group was abnormal
   - Fixed issue where some players couldn't move after entering the Trial · Celestial Ruins instance
   - Fixed issue where the cursor was moving abnormally after clicking the 'Clear History' button in Chat
   - Fixed problem where Golden Mask wasn't being properly displayed on male Ceros and Imperia
   - Optimized the procress to some of the mainline plotline quests
   - Fixed issue where client would close after viewing another player's gear
   - Fixed issue where damage info on chat would be abnormal after being killed by an invisible target
   - Raised the reputation cap to everything (in reputation) to 2 billion points
   - Fixed issue where skill and item descriptions weren't being displayed correctly in the invigoration settings for the Auto 2 & PK segments
   - Fixed issue where the size of skill bars were different after setting the interface scaling number to something other than 1
   - Fixed issue where players couldn't autoroute in Voida's faction base map (Celestial City)
   - Removed the visual effects surrounding a character when they wear a certain level soulstone and/or have a certain chroma rank
   - Optimized badge refining. If there's an error with the prompt to the badge refining process due to special circumstances and they cannot choose to refine normally after placing the badge back into the refining slot, the last refining result prompt will pop up.
   - Fixed issue where the badge refining result prompt will display a wrong result if the player switches some items
   - Optimized the Ocean Purification item's Skill Damage Increase effect to be stackable with other skill's skill damage increase effects
   - Fixed issue where switching gear would cause abnormal issues with the character's Spirit
   - Fixed issue where players carrying the flag in Iron BG would get stuck in the map
   - Fixed issue where the custom skill bar would not match in size with the interface after shrinking the interface
   - Players with all maxed stat soulstones will not be able to boost said stone and a pop-up prompt will inform them of such
   - Fixed issue where the Soulstone Boosting text prompts were sometimes abnormal
   - Fixed issue where a player's character moving too fast would look abnormal moving in some clients
   - Optimized riding a Kytos player in Kirin form. When you use skills, etc, then return to mount, the player will automatically return to riding the Kirin
   - Fixed issue where the Boss Key function (minimize the client) did not work in some cases
   - Fixed issue where the Ctrl + F11 keys pressed together would crash the client
   - Optimized the name display height while riding the Darkflame Pegasus and ★Darkflame Pegasus mounts
   - Fixed issue with Cela Grass respawning abnormally in alliance base quest
   - Fixed issue that players could use skills while being transformed as the Great Rat Sage
   - Optimized Greetings (Smileys system). After update, players are able to use functions on the player who published the Greetings
   - Fixed issue where after a player failed to enter an instance, after successfully registering/being accepted, could not apply to other instances
   - Fixed issue where the same item could get repeated winning rolls in Team Instances' roll system
   - Fixed issue where players couldn't normally approach the Unknown Scholar while nearby it in Sunstream
   - Adjusted the entrance method to the following battlegrounds: Bedlam, Waterway, Brimstone, Strategist, A.Brimstone, A.Bedlam, A.Waterway, A.Strategist, Infinite
   * Once the BG begins, a pop-up will appear asking the players if they want to enter. They must click "yes" to enter
   * If a player that registered for a BG does not select an option (yes:no) then it'll automatically count as selecting no
   * Do not register for instances while registered for a BG
   - Optimized the prompt for registering for instances
   - Monsters can no longer remove Burn, Inferno, Inferno Kindling effects from themselves.
   * When a monster has an Ancient Soul or Jadesun effect, they also will no longer be immune to Burn, Inferno, Inferno Kindling effect
   * Note: Only applies to monster targets, not players.
   - Sylia Elemental damage crits now have proper client notifications.
   - Added some missing quest effects debuff/buff based. (Stun/Silence/Heal/Bleed/Burn).
   - [Arden] Attempt to change Devilbash Arrow knockback type to one that doesn't bug client.
   - [Arden] Lingering Tune mistranslation corrected.
** Reborn Customisations **
   - Gyrfalcon Spirit buff fixed and adjusted to original translation and behavior.
   - Most of Ultimate imbues nerfed.
   - Emblems of Reborn nerfed.
   - Trail Vile Spirit NPC will now have diffrent NPC spawned in Old Sunstream than New Sunstream to allow more unique classes to attend in event.
   - Star soul stat customisation reverted to vanilla.
   * Added refund system that calculates approximate amount of Advanced Orb Beads spent on overflow stats. Orbs will be added to Auction system reward tab after first login. (Exact amount won't be shown in UI - can confirm it after claiming).
   - New Daily Sign-In will be launched at 12 November.
   - New drop event available.
   - Task Devotion Ratio set to x5. Players will receive 5 times as much Devotion as quest reward description states.


Skill Fixes:
- [Imperia] Extraction effect now also uses old mechanics with forced cooldown to prevent client bug that allows cast skills with keybinds.
- [Balo] Warriors Ancient Soul now properly immune to Stagnat Spirit effect.
- [Hydan] Luna Gale II Crit Shield reduction fixed to work on target.
- [Vim] Fixed Glacier Edge II mistranslation and behavior.
- [Kytos] Fixed Sacred Jail II effect working if caster has no longer valid affinity.
- [Lupin] River Dweller 3 <Earth> effect no longer works if target has Persistence effect.

Bug fixes:
- Attempt to fix rare issue where Town Respawn wasn't working in instances.
- Fort PvE instance label restored and gate quest fixed.
- Immortal Record November rewards restored to as they were before.
- Added some missing NPCs.
- Lowered Jadesun interval on Spite BOSS.
- Little wild boar skin item now working properly.
- Re-connect option fixed.
- Rat forest spirit respawn corrected.
- Kun's Favor box fixed.
- Vile spawn fixed.
- Ultimate Vigilance Talisman stat nerf corrected.


Skill Fixes:
- [Imperia] Another attempt to fix Extraction effect.
- [Vim] Quick Dash now properly shows on extra skill bar.
- [Psychea] Fixed Mecha stance issue introduced in latest hotfix.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed Understream - Bratty Little Girl broken quest.
- Lawn Grass and Red-Rooted Ginseng are now visible in Jadeon.
- Another attempt to fix Rat forest spirit respawn.
- Bilu teleport coords fixed.
- Few missing NPCs added.

- Faction Devotion Shop: New items added.
* 'Devotion required' limit is about overall Devotion obtained - excludes spent one.
* New items require above 1.000 overall Devotion, yet their cost is between 50-200 Devotion.
- Donation Seal Exchange: New items added.
- Sacred Papirus now stacks to 30.000.
- Mythical Soil pack that drops in new instance made to give random x1-5 amount.


Skill Fixes:
- [Vim] Glacier Edge II correction attempt against H2 bosses.
- [Vim] Sharpeen Steel should be now roll-able on Espers.
- [Vim] Clarified Infatuation skill  description.
- [Rayan] Ghost Cut and Ghoct Cut II combo calculation fixed.
* Ghost Cut II Oppressed debuff now only stacks once.
- [Gevrin] Rain Listener (T5) Melted Arnmo stacking limit corrected.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker shieeld is now completly immune against Summons.
- [Skysong] Charity's Salvation: Amithaba Vow effect Change Yang to Yin trigger fixed.
- [Imperia] Windblown Dust II skill description corrected to be more accurate.

Bug fixes:
- Coronation 2nd phase timer now synced and bugged invincibility buff removed.
- Iron BG weekly award issue fixed. (Need another win to fix it).
- Kun's Favor: New Soulcards amount restored to x3.
- Fixed Shaw Danon biography quest: Phantom Heart.
- Sacred PvP Box issue fixed.
- Translation and interface fixes.
- Fixed Shooting Star Box buff rewards.
- Fixed some quest debuffs not triggering.

- From now, Coronation will occur every last Saturday of each month. 
- Headframe·Same Destination added to Mystery Shop.
- Blood of Reborn now stacks to 999.
- Profound Box daily opening limit increased 5->20.
- Weekly first kill reward·Hidden: Cultivation Powder amoumy boosted to 2.
- Year of the Pig Pack (Bound) and Velonus Advent fashions added to Webshop.
- Cold Flame Stone price restored to default.