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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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Skill fixes:
- [Skysong] Corrected Existential Plight tome description.
- [Vim] Corrected Gather Spirit II skill description.
- [Vim] Corrected Demonfire III: Hero skill description.
- [Seira] Trembling Heart (Star) range issue corrected.
- [Mage] Cruel Destiny damage debuff chance corrected.
- [Lupin] Corrected Shadow of Hope, Farewells: Lupin,Brink of Insanity,Without Regret, Frozen Memories<Bane>,Memory's Standstill: Lupin skill description.
- [Forta] Fixed Red Sun·Arcanum Soulshield Swift buff target logic.
- [Rayan] Attempt to fix Blink Move effective range issue.

Bug fixes:
- [Experimental] Affinity RES and Anti-Affinity formula changed once again.
* Added 40% reduction cap for Aff RES/Anti calculations.
* Example: Target Aff RES: 100%, attacker Anti-Res: 50% : 100-50 = 50% => 40% with new limit.
* Anti-RES cap removed and it only neglaces Affinity RES - won't take any effect if attacer's Anti-Affinity is above target's Affinity RES.

- Skill Mystic Tomes added to H2 bonus boss drop list.
- PvP Box I: Advanced Orb Beads amount changed 10->30.


Skill fixes:
- [Mage] Cruel Destiny skill description now more clear.
- [Mage] Corrected skill dsecriptions: Nirvana Reincarnation 3 <Sky>
- [Modo] Corrected skill dsecriptions: Firestone Will, Shadowheart Umbra, Forest of Laughter II
- [Mage] Flame Soul Star passive effect adjusted.
- [Vim] Quick Dash can now be added to skill slots.
- [Skysong] Fawin Wisdom III Earth effect fixed.
- [Rayan] Corrected Flash Reel Chroma skill descriptions.
Bug fixes:
- Immortal Luck Talisman now works on Badges properly.
- Shuomo Certificates should now be removed properly.

- Imperial Policy now stacks to 999.
- Royal Stars (LV1-3) now stacks to 9999.
- [Website] Changed Linglong Jade at BfS Coin rewards to be x10 at once.
- [Website] New Rewards->Hours tiers added.


Skill fixes:
- [Hydran] Fixed all versions of Celestial Majesty so if caster dies, target looses debuff.
- [Imperia] Fixed imperia wrath regen in web BfS map.
- [Vim] Quick Dash now properly usable on mount only.
Bug fixes:
- Corrected attribute type for BfS necklace.
- Fixed Immortal Record WoBL mission trigger.
- Another attempt to Golden Snake Fashion to be openable by all classes.

- PvE Event launched.



Skill fixes:
- [Vim] Fixed GS3 trigger in instances.
- [Imperia] Fixed Killing Intent buff/stat stacking bug.
- [Rayan] Fixed Ghost Veil star skill evasion removal formula for LV5 (was 80% instead 100%).
- [General] Fixed Debar Mon buff reducing dmg from players unintentionally.

Bug fixes:
- Corrected attribute type for BfS necklace properly this time.
- Added visual effects for portals in Fairyland Royal City map.

- Added chance for Blue Star from Essence of Reborn quest.
- [Website Bfs] Season Coin based rewards price halved.
- [War of Beast Lord instance] Last boss on normal difficulty now drops Praised Shards instead Illustrious gear boxes.


Skill fixes:
- [Hydran] Fixed Seven Star Flash II skill description
- [Lupin] Corrected skill glossary mistranslations.
- [Lupin] Corrected River Dweller III Earth skill description.
- [Seira] Corrected Dusk Light tome description.
- [Forta] Corrected Judge of Life[Bane] skill description.
- [Arden] Corrected Cloud Dweller III Hero skill description.

- New drop event available.


- Another attempt to fix fort PvP.


Skill fixes:
- [Gevrin] Fixed Rain Listener Bane,Zen last hit damage formula issue.
- [Balo] Corrected Slaughter II skill description.
- [Arden] Creek Turtle damage redirect buff will be removed once there no valid summon exists.
- [Hydran] Fixed few issues regarding Transposition Spell skill.

- PvE Event launched.


v412: Revelation Expansion

**New Faction - Ashura**
- New Faction Base Map - Whirlwind Valley

- New Biography - Baye
* Experience the story of Baye and get the temporarly transform gem of Young Baye, which can be upgraded to a perm. version at Gao Longfei in Wildlands

** Clan **

- New Clan Challenge
* Players are able to participate in the new event in the Clan Mansion.
* Players can start the 'Clan Challenge - Chef' quest to begin the challenge from the 'Banquet Envoy Dagger' npc in Clan Mansion on any difficulty each week and take on the Chef
* Once the BOSS is enabled/spawned, players will be unable to use skills and pots/medicines to recover hp, sp, or vigor and the Boss' skill will remove buffs from players
* The Boss will drop items that have varying functions /purposes
* Because skills and pots cannot be used while the boss is active, it's suggested to not do the Cherry Blossom Order while the Boss is still active
* If the players are no match for the Clan Challenge Boss in Clan Mansion, the boss will leave
- Clan Banquet
* The Clan Chief can start a banquet every week by consuming Clan Tribute points
* The more Tribute points consumed, the higher the quality and quantity of the cooking and the more luxurious the banquet will become
* The cooked banquet food can increase player's stats and add effects for a period of time
* Players can learn different cooking recipes and are able to exchange useless cooked items for cooking materials to produce useful cooking items through these recipes.
* Players are able to exchange cooked items and get recipes from the Housekeeper in the Clan Mansion
- Added new npc to Clan Mansion: Assistant
* The Cherry Blossom Order will be started through the Assistant npc now.
* Clan members will be unable to retake the Cherry Blossom Quest after any clan member in the Clan Mansion starts a Cherry Blossom Order quest
- Duration to the Clan Mansion changed to 15 minutes and the instance description was adjusted to match

- Tribute
* Added new point system to Clans: Tribute
* Clan members can earn Individual Tribute points through various means and can donate this individual Tribute to increase the Clan's Tribute value   
- Clan Skills
* The old usable clan skills were changed into passives that affect 2 new skills.
* Strength of Union, Live Together, Die Together, and Teamwork will affect the new skill: Work as One.
* Shared Hatred of Enemies, Break Through Brambles and Thorns, Overrun Fortifications, Total Devotion, Perfect Harmony, Solidarity will affect the new skill: Collaboration.
* Each use of Work as One will increase the passive skills (SoU, LTDT, T) proficiency.
* When the proficiency to the respective, now, passive skills reaches 100, increasing their rank is the same as the old method (clan npc quest)
* Upgrading old Advanced Clan skill method remains the same (clan mansion). 
** Alliance **

- Shadow Tyrant
* Alliance members can take the 'Crusade against Shadow Tyrant' quest from the respective Alliance Base npc and receive the Spiritual Mirror to help subdue the Tyrant for rewards
* It is suggested that alliance members fight this powerful tyrant with a group!
- Alliance Meditation
* The alliance marshal can start alliance meditation at the respective npc in the Alliance Base every week after consuming  Alliance Prosperity
* Once it's started, Alliance members can enter 'Recover' (through E action) in the Alliance Base and will receive rewards after their character comprehends something
- Be Prepared (Donation)
* Alliance members can help collect materials
* Alliance members can receive the 'Be Prepared (Donation)' quest from the respective npc in the Alliance Base to donate Worryfree Wood to gain a lot of Individual Prosperity
- Mysterious Jewel Tree
* The marshal can summon the Mysterious Jewel Tree from the respective alliance base npc after consuming the Alliance's Jaden
* After summong, everyone's Alliance Prosperity will increase and players can receive a Treasure Slip from the Jewel Tree
* The Treasure Slip can be used by alliance members doing queats to increase the alliance's prosperity
- Petty Thief
* The 'Vanishing Taoist' will appear in random locations in each Alliance Base at 17:00 and 19:00 every weekend.
* Expel them from the base in order to protect the property of the alliance!
* The alliance members who successfully expel the 'Vanishing Taoist' will receive a large amount of Individual Prosperity
* The Vanishing Taoist is said to be cautious and is as light as a feather. Only the legendary 'Hammer of Justice' can threaten him!
* Fortunately, there are a certain amount of this item in stock in the Alliance Base at the respective npc. Players should go ask the npc and ask to receive a few

- Alliance Base quests The Birds, Collect Minerals, Capture Spectra, and Collect Yasho Core have been slightly changed:
* Quests only need to be done once a week (Quest limit refreshes at 8:00 server time every Tuesday)
* Increased the amount of Fatecharm Fragment, Soul Inverters, Affinity and Chroma Beads given from rewards
* First-time quest completion removed and incorporated into the total reward amount
* The LV1, LV2, and LV3 verions of each quest will all count towards the total weekly limit and refreshes at 8:00 server time every Tuesday
* After each of the 4 quests are completed more than 225 times in the week, the alliance will be unable to obtain the resource rewards, the other rewards will be unaffected. The limit will be cleared at 8:00 server time every Tuesday
* Adjusted the description to the alliance quest rules
- Alliance Skills
* Alliance members can learn new Alliance Skills to improve their stats by consuming Cash Coupons and Individual Prosperity in the 'Alliance-Skills' interface
* These skills cannot surpass the current skill level cap to the Alliance. The Alliance can use Alliance Prosperity points to increase the level cap to these Alliance skills
* When a player leaves the Alliance, the passive effect of these skills will not go into effect until they rejoin the Alliance.
* After rejoining, the level to the Alliance skills will be the lowest amount in the difference between the current learned level to these skills and the Alliance's skill level cap

- Clan Chief can convert their Clan Tribute into Alliance Prosperity every week.
* Weekly donation from each clan to the alliance's prosperity cannot exceed a certain amount.

** Other **

- Clouded Shura
* Players are able to enter Clouded Shura, at Asc 150, at  Moonlight Mu in Shura on realm 11.

- Clouded Shura·Eclipse
* Monsters in Clouded Shura are more powerful than usual due to the Lunar Eclipse
* Every day from Monday through Friday at 20:15 and Saturday and Sunday at 12:15, 17:15, and 20:15, there will be a lot of Lunar Eclipse Monsters in Clouded Shura
* There will be 30 Lunar Eclipse monsters spread out throughout Clouded Shura, but there will be no more than 2 of these monsters in the same spot
* At 23:59, if there are any leftover Lunar Eclipse monsters in Clouded Shura, they will disappear
* The Lunar Eclipse monsters drop items such as Gold Brick, Diamond, Large Pearl, and Dragon Cornelian. After killing these monsters, the dropped items will be personal drops
* The Large Pearl is worth 10,000 gold and Dragon Cornelian is worth 100,000 gold
- Clouded Kunlun·Sky Front
* Clouded Kunlun same as Shura now exists only on R11.
* General Camlo in Kunlun has noticed that there are more Skyfront type monsters than usual at a specific period of time
* Every day from Monday through Friday at 20:15 and Saturday and Sunday at 12:15, 17:15, and 20:15, there will be a lot of Skyfront monsters in Clouded Kunlun
* There will be 30 Skyfront monsters spread out throughout Clouded Kunlun, but 10 of these monsters will be hard to find
* At 23:59, if there are any leftover SKyfront monsters in Clouded Kunlun, they will disappear
* These mobs will now also drop Gold Bricks, Diamonds, Large Pearls, and Dragon Cornelian. The dropped items will be personal drops

- Soulstone: Optimized the automatic boost function
* When the total stat change increases is selected, the player will be prompted to save the changes when the total value increases or remains unchanged
* When the two lowest % stats increases is selected, the player will be prompted to save the changes when the values to the 2 lowest % stats increases or remains unchanged
- Soulstone: After this expansion, soulstones with embedded Soulsets will no longer be able to be used as Auxiliary Soulstones for Fusion, they will need to have the Soulset(s) removed before using this function

- Feature - Patch Notes
* A new feature has been added to the mini-map that provides players the ability to read over the patch notes to previous game updates

- Feature - Event Recommendation
* A new feature has been added to the mini-map that provides players the ability to look over events and quests
- Event List: Shows all time limited events currently active that players can participate in
- Calendar:
* The daily quests that the character is qualified to participate in will be displayed in this section
* This section shows available quest for the week from the current day    
* The Calendar section has Current and Alternative tabs. The Alternative tab has check boxes to view separate categories of quests/events to help players find them more easily
* The current section to the Calendar has a Reminder function that players can setup to remind them about the quest/event (left-hand bell icon)
- Soulcards
* Increased the stat values of Ultimate ranks 1, 2, 6, and 9 for esper soulcards

- Immortal Record
* Added the Immortal Pavilion to the Immortal Record system that provides players the ability to buy some marketplace items at a discount and exchange a new item for rewards
* Mountain Cloud Jade item is the new item. Players that broke the golden rune seal in June will receive 600 MCJ   
* After July, players will be able to receive Mountain Cloud Jade rewards from the Immortal Record system
* The items exchangeable for Mountain Cloud Jades have a set exchange limit, which is reset on the 1st of each month

- Wardrobe
* Added a new 'accessory' column to the Wardrobe system (not rings or necklace) which is divided into Back and Shoulder Accessory.
* Added the Painting·Sunflower Avatar to the Wardrobe system
* Added the Peony Fashion, Black Fire Fashion, Crane Cloud Fashion, Prayer Fashion to the Wardrobe system
* Added the Peony Parrot pet to the Wardrobe system
* Added the Young Baye transform gem to the Wardrobe system

- Peony Fashion
* Players are able to change the color to the Peony Fashion through use of Peony Fragments at the Tree of Wealth
* These fragments are gained through the following methods: Order quests (mob), T5 ~ T13 Instance Clearance Reward Quest, BFS First Victory Pack, and Clouded Milky Way, Shady Milky Way, Dream in the South 5S rank rewards, Login Rewards and Event Rewards.   
- Faction Fashion
* Tailor Swaha was tasked to create fashions for faction's disciples
* Ashura, Jadeon, and Incense Mage are the first 3 factions offered these fashions
* The fashions will last 7 days and are available from Tailor Swaha in Sunstream
* Players are able to consume faction Devotion to gain a permanent faction fashion
* Faction Fashions for the other factions will be available in later expansion, please be patient.

- Soul Tower
* Entrance limit changed from once every day to 7 times per week
* Claiming rewards changed to be available only once a week that refreshes every Monday at 0:00 server time
* The 'Collect Current' option removed from rewards and 'Take All' changed to 'Take Weekly Rewards' that counts the floors done within the week
* The old 'Daily Amount' of rewards increased 7 times and changed to Weekly Rewards. 'Final Rewards' remain the same
* Players are able to receive rewards for every 10 floors from the highest completed floor they have passed.
* If the number of passed floors is lower than 10, then the player will only receive rewards for the passed floors

- Celestial Tower
* Fixed issue where a player would disconnect in CT and reconnect and be unable to claim rewards
* Optimized the 'Heaven Dragon Scroll' item. Players can now continuously open this item to instantly receive Heaven Dragon Seals


** Skill Changes **


Snake Bind & Snake Bind II ~
The Venomous effect replaced with an Erosin effect. Its bleed display color will be emerald green

Miasmic Frenzy 2 ~
Old effect changed to passively add the HP Reduction effect to Miasmic Frenzy
Skill now summons a Foul Atmosphere at a chosen location within 20 yards for 30 sec.
If a player enters this area and receives an Erosion, Skyseeker Toxin, or Punishment bleed effect, whenever a bleed effect deals damage, it'll deal it at double the speed for 10 sec
The double speed doesn't affect the bleed damage per tick and the summon cannot be selected or damaged by characters
CD reduced to 10 sec.

Ghostly Domain (Acheron) ~
Optimized when effect from skill goes into effect while casting

Nimble Spirit ~
Effect name changed to Nimble Spirit and optimized the buff icon and effect display, which now shows the remaining SP amount to the shield.



Divine Execution Firefly, Moon (Star Skill) ~
The Max SP amount added to skill's extra damage raised to 20% and 24%
Additional Max SP based damage increased to 45% and 55% of Max SP

True Self ~
Skill damage buff duration after casting Refined Vigor from 6 sec to 6*tome_tank and also affects Embodiment of Truth (All Versions).

Rage of Tireseus ~
Every 50 points of higher Paralyze RES changed to every 20 points of higher Paralyze RES

Rage of Tireseus (Star Skill) ~
The raised Paralyze Strength changed to 90% of caster's Paralyze RES for all types.
Duration of the Potion Effectiveness Reduction effect changed to 6 sec / 8 sec / 10 sec depending on type

Air Shield and Air Shield II ~
Cast time reduced to 1 sec and optimized when the buff goes into effect while casting skill

Nameless Way (T5 and M.tome) ~
Optimized when the buff goes into effect while casting skill



Deep Sleep ~
The amount of damage to awaken targets from every skill with Deep Sleep changed to 35% of the caster's HP

The Six Cycles 3 (All Versions) ~
Raja Disable effect changed to be applied on 1st hit
Earth, Sky: Fixed issues with 'Deep Sleep' effect.

The 10,000 Things (Chroma Versions) ~
SP Consumption reduced to 50->30% of Max SP

The 10,000 Things ~
Life Shield changed to equal 60% of Max SP.
When the Life Shield surpasses 1.35 million points, the amount of SP used after that amount is reduced to 45% of Max SP
Optimized a problem where the displayed damage being too low after a player with a Life Shield (skysong effect) takes white damage

Demon Blast (Star Skill) ~
Also gives a Persistance buff to caster and allies within range for 10 sec

Heart Sutra ~
CD reduced to 300 sec

Heart Sutra (Star Skill) ~
The Disregard effect changed from a self blessing to a target blessing

Beyond Heaven * Skysong ~
Skill no longer clears the CD to Heart Sutra

Fawin Wisdom (All Versions) ~
Added effect: Immediately after casting, recovers Health equal to the caster's Max HP (affects Life Shield)

Monastic Garden ~
Max HP and Max SP Reduction effects changed to reduce equal to the caster's Sleep RES multiplied by 10.
Cannot reduce more than 50% of the target's HP and can only reduce the target's SP to 1
Skysong: Sleep effect changed to Deep Sleep and removed the Kalpa effect.

Sayings of Bodhi (All Versions) and The Six Cycles ~
Optimized when the effects goes into effect while casting skill

Infinite Mercy ~
Cast time reduced to 1 sec and optimized when the buff goes into effect while casting



Quick Dash ~
Optimized the range of the teleport

Cherub's Dance (Star Skill) ~
The potion effectiveness reduction effect and interrupting the target's casting of skills changed to trigger on the first hit.
Extra damage raised to 180% / 220%/ 260% of AP

Demon Blood (Star Skill) ~
Chance to remove debuffs from caster after receiving attacks raised to 50%

Dragonfury (Star Skill) ~
The chance to increase the number of times the caster can use Gather Spirit 3 <Hero> by 1 before activating its CD when skill reaches rank 5 raised to 100% for every type

Blood Oath ~
Also increases Max HP by 10%

Virtue's Embrace ~
Removed Charm of Earth from tome.
Health regeneration out of combat increases by 80% and the Max HP increase effect remains

Destiny's Kiss ~
Removed Charm of Earth from tome.
Now raises c.bonus by 48% and for every rank in affected passive skills will raise c.bonus by another 6%

Charm of Earth ~
Changed to a Single Blessing skill, original passive effect removed, while the Earth Element Spell remains:
1 sec Cast Time
23 yard range
180 SP cost
120 sec CD
For 23 sec, damage taken by target is reduced by 43%, but the amount reduced cannot exceed the caster's Max SP multiplied by 14.
Also increases the caster's Defense by 3600

Charm of Earth 2 ~
Original passive effect replaced with a new passive that affects Blood Oath, raising caster's C.shield by 60%
Changed into a Single Blessing skill:
1 sec Cast Time
40 yard range
2000 SP
300 sec CD
For 30 sec, damage taken by targets is reduced by 67%, but the amount reduced cannot exceed the caster's Max HP multiplied by 2

Infatuation ~
This skill has been adjusted to only be cast on teammate targets;
Removed health consumption when casting this skill;
Original consume HP and reduce damage received has been replaced:
For 9 sec, a single target blessing will make the target immune to all common debuffs and has the caster take all of the blessed target's received damage, but only 68% of all that damage will be transferred to the caster
CD raised to 300 sec and the buff removal substitution effect remains

Infatuation 2 ~
Changed into a passive skill.
Reduces the CD to Infatuation by 30 sec and reduces the amount of transferred damage the caster takes in place of the blessed target by 15%.

Absurd Notion ~
Infatuation removed and replaced with Charm of Earth

Bout of Rage ~
Removed Infatuation from tome

Sacred Word ~
Infatuation and Infatuation 2 removed and integrated directly into Charm of Earth and Charm of Earth 2.

Sanguine Spirit ~
Infatuation 2 removed.
Charm of Earth and Charm of Earth 2 added.

Infatuation (Star Skill) ~
Now reduces the amount of transferred damage the caster takes in place of the blessed target by 6% / 8% / 10% depending on type and extends the duration to Infatuation by 10 sec
The Critnull and Critshield effects tranaferred to Charm of Earth.

The Tale of Nine ~
Cast range changed to 8 yards.
The 1st hit will deal extra damage equal to 130% of AP plus 20% of current HP and 20% of current SP. Every hit after will gradually increase in damage by 30%

Cope * Skysong ~
Infatuation replaced with Charm of Earth



Haste ~
Duration raised to 35 sec and duration of Acceleration effect raised to 10 sec

Love's Snare ~
Cast range changed to 12 yards.
Paralyze strength raised to equal 90% of the caster's Paralyze RES and lasts 4 sec.
Added a Silence effect with a strength equal to 90% of the caster's Silence RES and lasts 4 sec.
CD raised to 60 sec

Brink of Insanity ~
Love's Snare removed from tome

Confuse ~
Tome now just extends the duration to the Paralyze and Silence effects of Love's Snare by 3 sec

Full of Love (Star Skill) ~
Skill Evasion and Critshield effects changed to apply to Fantasy
Extends the duration to Full of Love by 4 sec / 6 sec / 8 sec depending on type and while buff is active,
CritBonus raises by 5%/rank for 16 seconds.

Mountain Song 2 ~
Added Effect: Immediately removes target's Spirit equal to 10% + 1% * level + caster's AP multiplied by 2 and has a fixed chance to prohibit the target from recovering their SP for 7 sec

Shadow of Hope <Bane> ~
Also causes target to lose Spirit equal to the same amount of HP lost from the bleed effect

Frozen Memories <Bane> ~
The Paralyze effect will trigger now if the target's HP or SP is lower than 60%, effect last for 6 second fixed time and strength is equal to casters Paralyze Res plus 5*skill_rank.

Positive Reinforcement (Star Skill) ~
Firefly also shares Bright Moon effect of Deep Water cooldown reduction by 1 sec when rank 5.
Positive Reinforcement, Fantasy also added to reduce Deep Water cooldown when rank 5.

Ancient Prayer 3 <Earth> ~
Increases Max HP by 430% with a 5% chance to increase it by an even greater amount

Love's Glance (Star Skill) ~
Added effect: Love's Glance inflicts Obsessed effect on target for 3 sec with strength equal to the caster's Silence RES plus 0 / 30 / 60 depending on type


Incense Mage:

Spectre ~
Can now use Celestial Monkey Portent skill while in fire form

Nirvana ~
Cast time shortened to 1 sec and optimized when buff goes into effect while casting

Ghost Sense ~
Skill must actually hit target to go into effect now



Ancient Soul ~
Optimized when buff goes into effect while casting skill.
Added a Deflect effect that reflects 100% of damage, but it cannot surpass the Balo's Max HP.

Ancient Soul (Chroma Versions) ~
Optimized when buff goes into effect while casting skill.
Added a Deflect effect that reflects 100% of damage.
For every 100% of c.bonus the caster has, the rebound reflects 30% more damage, but it cannot surpass the Balo's Max HP

Ancient Soul 3 (All Versions) ~
Optimized when buff goes into effect while casting skill.
Added a Deflect effect that reflects 100% of damage.
For every 100% of c.bonus the caster has, the rebound reflects 30% more damage, but it cannot surpass the Balo's Max HP

Blade Breaker ~
Added effect: When the caster's AP is higher than the target's, the stats from the target's weapon will not go into effect for 6 sec
Cooldown increased 10->90 seconds.
Note: This effect will not be added by Durable Fighter and Durable Fighter (Chroma)'.

Furious Roar (Star Skill) ~
Also reduces CD to Furious Roar by 20 sec

Tiger Smash (Star Skill) ~
Raises Weaken RES by 4%/7%/10%+2%*level of caster's Weaken RES for 20 sec / 25 sec / 30 sec depending on type

Sky Rift, Sky Rift 2, Slaughter, Slaughter 2 ~
Cast time reduced to 1 sec and optimized when effects from skill go into effect while casting

Iron Guts ~
Added effect: When the caster receives attacks while under this posture, the attackers will have speed reduced by 0.6 yards / sec. This effect can stack up to 5 times and lasts 4 sec



Fox Shadow ~
Can now use Celestial Monkey Portent skill while in fox form

Swamp Bull 2 ~
Duration to the summon's Skill Evasion Reduction effect raised to 6 sec

Trisigh ~
Skill Accuracy Reduction effect replaced with a Remove Target's Skill Accuracy effect

Fire Fervor ~
Fire Aggression will additionaly raise the caster's Max AP by 2%



Tone of Souls ~
Cast time reduced to 1.5 sec and range raised to 35 yards

Soul Audience ~
Revives target with 20% more HP

Song: Waterfall from Heaven ~
Skill Damage effect transferred to Song Serpent Dance and can stack with Tone of Winter's skill damage effect

Song Serpent Dance ~
Paralyze Immunity and RES increase effects transferred to Song Waterfall from Heaven

Song Snow of Purity ~
C.rate increase effect transferred to Song Serpent Dance
Sleep Immunity effect transferred to Song Waterfall from Heaven
New effect: Raises allies' Critnull by 9%

Song Snow of Purity 2 ~
Made into Passive that causes Song Snow of Purity to raise Critshield by 60%
Transferred the debuff removal to Song Waterfall from Heaven
Transferred the c.bonus increase to Song Serpent Dance and c.bonus effect can stack w/ other c.bonus effects

Urgent Unison and Gospel of Blessing ~
Removed Song Snow of Purity 2 from tomes

Phoenix Song ~
C.bonus buff can stack w/ other c.bonus buffs



Substitute and Shadow Sacrifice (All Versions) ~
Optimized when the buff goes into effect while casting skill(s)



Sweep (All Versions) ~
Optimized the range of the teleport

Martial Path ~
Added effect: Clears the CD to all Sky and Earth stance skills



Dragon Breath ~
Full charge time reduced to 2 sec and each sec charged consumes 45% of SP

Reverse Scale ~
Removed the damage to oneself effect from tome

Heavenly Nature (Star Skill) ~
Also increases Dragon Breath's damage by 20% / 25% / 30% depending on type

Cloud Boundary  ~
Absorbs damage equal to 105% of SP (15% / lvl) and optimized the display, showing how much health is left to the shield

Seventh Heaven ~
Skill's attached Max SP can now affect Critstrike Damage.
The 6 linear attacks now affect 3 targets, not 6.
For every 3 levels of Light skill, CD to skill is reduced by 1 sec
Fixed the problem that each line attack after the first hit only deals damage to 1 target;

Seventh Heaven (Chroma Versions) ~

Skill's attached Max SP can now affect Critstrike Damage.
The 6 linear attacks now affect 3 targets, not 6.
CD raised to 90 sec
SP Burn effect is now related to the caster's Max SP, not the target's SP
For every 2 ranks of influential affinity skills, CD will reduce by 1 sec

Heavenly Prosperity 2 ~
Additional damage changed to equal the caster's Max SP

Extreme Underworld 3 <Hero> ~
Hero effect will also make caster immune to all debuffs for 8 sec

Shadow Travel (Star Skill) ~
Also reduces the CD to Shadow travel by 30 sec



Charge Order ~
Optimized the range of the teleport

Kirin Advent ~
Can now use 'Celestial Monkey Portent' fashion skill while in Kirin form



Fine Literature (All Versions) ~
Cast time reduced to 1 sec and optimized when buff goes into effect while casting

Maze ~
Cast range raised to 20 yards and changed into a group blessing skill

Sky Castle 2 ~
Now also affects Maze

Leap of Faith (Star Skill) ~
Added effect: Passively increases the duration of the invisibility effect to Maze by 4, 6, 8 sec depending on type

Psytek Postures (except Roc) ~
Added effect: Reduces damage from mob targets by 20%

Mecha Roc ~
Duration of movement speed increase raised from 3 to 5 sec

Smart Addition (All Versions) ~
Optimized when effect from skill goes into effect while casting

Deft Brush ~
Hits 2 times and extra damage raised to equal 24% of AP

Trigger Bomb ~
Duration raised to 300 sec and raised skill's effect range
Clockwork ~
After triggering a clockwork down while invisible, it will make the clockwork visible

Clockwork Ember ~
Changed to have no cooldown.
Max amount to set is 3 and duration raised to 300 sec.
After triggering, the clockwork will disappear.
Raised the amount of reduced Paralyze RES and the duration of the Paralyze effect.
Delicate Evidence tome inflence removed.
Cascade Stamp tome inflence changed to increase duration by 15 sec per rank.
Optimized the skill's area of effect

Clockwork Cliffside Fountain ~
Duration changed to last 300 sec until it's triggered, then it's lowered to 35 sec. Optimized the skill's area of effect

Clockwork Wordly Affairs ~
Duration changed to last 300 sec until it's triggered, then it's lowered to 18 sec. Optimized the skill's area of effect

Clockwork Earth Rift (All Versions) ~
Duration raised to 300 sec.
After triggering, the clockwork will disappear. Raised the amount of reduced Stun RES and the duration of the Stun effect.
Optimized the skill's area of effect.
Setting Worldly Affairs alongside this clockwork will exist for 300 sec until it's triggered, then it's lowered to 9 sec

Vortex 2 ~
Changed to combo skill.
Combo limit is 2 times and cooldown is 45 sec.
Optimized the skill's area of effect

Trigger Bomb 2 ~
Changed to combo skill.
Combo limit is 3 times and cooldown is 30 sec.
Max amount to set is 3 and optimized the skill's area of effect

Vortex (Star Skill) ~
CritBonus effect can stack w/ other c.bonus effects



Cataclysmic Force (Chroma Versions) ~
After using, immediately reduces the CD to Celestial Majesty (Chroma versions) by 25 sec and for every 2 points of Fighting Spirit the caster has reduces it by another 1 sec, but cannot surpass 50 sec

Transposition Spell (Star Skill) ~
Every version of skill's raised transfer rate was changed to 30%.
CD reduction changed to 30 sec (6*lvl) / 35 sec (7*lvl) / 40 sec (8*lvl) depending on type



Charming Pollen 2 ~
Skill must actually hit target to go into effect now



White Flight ~
When caster's AP is higher than the target's, the success rate raises by 40%.
CD raised from 60 to 180 sec



Alter Falsehoods 2 ~
Skill must actually hit target to go into effect now

Induced Painting 3 <Ocean> ~
Skills must actually hit the target to apply the Bequeath effect now



Overbearing Wind ~
Optimized the loathe effect display. Effect now shows the remaining HP amount to the shield

Freefall Flower (Star Skill) ~
Changed the display icon to the skill's own evasion effect

Dancing Tornado (Star Skill) ~
Skill Evasion buff from skill can now stack with other Skill Evasion buffs

Underworld Travel (All Versions) ~
Optimized the range of the teleport

Killing Intent (All Versiions) ~
Skill must actually hit target to go into effect now



Additional Damage with Targets in Range ~
Optimized the display method to skills that deal additional damage with more targets in range.
They will no longer attach additional hits and will now add that additional damage to the skills' actual number of hits. Affects: Thunderblade (Chroma), Blade Swinger (Chroma), and Soundblade Emperor 3 <Earth>


** Optimization and Fixes**
- Territory Wars: Fixed issue where summoned mobs could not be attacked by the opposing side in TW
- Territory Wars: Fixed issue where Siege Core Wave 4 was being respawned abnormally
- The base Defense stat to Mystic Armor has been increased
- Changed the drops from the God of Rain boss from Rainfall Order:
* Boss will no longer drop Chroma Beads, Skytouch Gear, Tanyi Scriptures, Echoless Stamen, Advanced Orb Bead Coupon, Gold Brick, Gold Bar, and Ancient Coin
* Boss will now also drop the following: Holiest Talisman (imbue) and respective recipes, Apricot Banner, Diamond, Large Pearl, and Dragon Cornelian
- The quest period for Veteran of War for those below lv161 was changed to be on Monday 19:30 to 21:10. The reward was doubled (2 days of quest reduced to only 1 day)
- Optimized the prompts to single target and group attack immunities. Now when a player has either immunity active and receives the affected attack, a 'Immune to Single Attack' or 'Immune to Group Attack' will be displayed
- Fixed issue where some clan skills couldn't coexist with other effects with similar effects
- Fixed issue where the client was abnormally affected after the player used a combo skill and not having the required amount of Spirit to cast the skill setup in the combo
- Optimized the descriptions to the skills and effects in the skill glossary
* Added which effects were common and special at the beginning of each effect description and removed from each description if they were removable or not and just added the new common debuff/buff and special debuff/buff segments at the beginning of the list(s) and added if they can be removed or not to just those descriptions.
- The max value of the Chaotic HP Remedy and Chaotic SP Remedy batteries in Iron BG were raised to 2,000,000,000
- Fixed issue where a player would not be able to claim the victory reward if a they disconnected and reconnected in the Wild Desert/Shuomo pvp instance and their team successfully completed the match
- Optimized the Territory War display that now shows the stronghold
- The Arden Trial Agent in Heroic Shura Gauntlet will gain a 5 sec Invincibility effect when they spawn
- Team Instances
* Added an Abandon Rolling option to items of the Roll System in team instances that players can click to not roll for an item
* The roll system will only take into account those who actually rolled for it. If no one has rolled for an item, it'll be free to be picked up by anyone
- The Psychea, Hydran, Seira and Imperia factions can now use the dance skill of the Royal Ivory Fashion after selecting it in the fashion stat selection section
- Ceros and Imperia factions can now wear the Dyed Red Crane and Snow Fox Fashions
- Fixed issue where the helm to the Crimson Ceremony fashion couldn't be dyed for the Ceros and Imperia factions
- Added a new option 'Effect Option' to the System / Interface settings
* Players are now able to change the order in which effect icons are displayed on their own character, mobs, and other players (common/special buff and debuffs)
- Fixed issue with an abnormal problem for blocking characters based on level for applying to a team
- Truth Swordtower instance replaced with Heartless Sea in the Fealty section
- Optimized the Vend Sign function
- Optimized the Available Quests segment, adding new auto-route and portal charm functions to the listed quest NPCs. The top available quests will be based on the level of the character
- Fixed issue where Available Quests, Current Calendar, Friend and Blacklists were randomly displayed when a player clicked 'Exit Game'
- Added Help Instructions to the buyback items sold to npc option
- Changed the display icon to the Treasure Collection Fragments item
- Optimized the name to the mobs summoned by the treasure map
- Optimized auto-route and quest flow
- Changed the item descriptions to some quest related items
- Changed the 'Return the compliment' quest to get the Nirvana Insignia to no longer require faction contribution. It is still obtainable with high enough Piety and Alliance Renown
- Faction Contribution was removed from the honor tab. Achievements gained from Faction Contribution can be viewed as usual
- The Flameagle Order series of quests are now closed. Faction related events will be added in later updates
- Faction contribution rewards will no longer be given from the Book Monsters event
- The Faction Devotion of those who have worked hard to gain Devotion has been raised. Please pay close attention to your Devotion
- The Arden and Celan devotion quests [D] Holy Edicts will have the Dragon Palace Oracle retrieved if the quest is failed or trashed
- The Learning and Refining Method quest was changed to only be received once (not gained again after ascension)
- Optimized the Loyalist Coronation Pack. Members to a Coronation Alliance will be able to gain Loyalist Fashion corresponding to their gender
- The Training quests, i.e Training·Swordspirit, will no longer give gold and fixed error where the improper amount of EXP given was displayed
- Order (Inferna Order/Order) series of quests will now give gold
- Echoless Stamen was added as an exchange item to the Jade Exchange Maiden in Sunstream
- Added the option to exchange Celewonder Bean Coupon for an Advanced Orb Bead Coupon at Lord Byzim in Sunstream
- Thunder Messenger Seal, Thunder General Seal, and Thunder Emperor Seal were made to be unsellable to NPC stores
- The Divine series of Badges will sell for 5,000 gold when sold to NPCs
- Peony·Deer Mount has been added to be exchangable from the Tree of Wealth
- Changed the level entry requirement for the Elements Pool: Retribution instance
- Fixed issue where locked Mystic Tomes could be Demolished
- Fixed issue where there was a cap for players deaths in Clan Mansion
- Fixed issue where the Orange Gem item in Southern Border disappeared
- Adjusted the safezone for Clouded Kunlun and Clouded Shura
- Optimized the auto-route for Jadeon and Zephyr Island
- When the Ashura faction clicks on the 'Skill Tree' tab on the skill section, it'll open up on the Deikin skill tree
- Optimized the avatar 11111frame for when viewing yourself, other players, and mobs
- Fixed issue where Clan contribution wasn't being refreshed on Tuesday at 8:00 server time
- Fixed issue where clan contribution was being cleared after a player entered Elysium
- Fixed issue where the determined join date of some clan members were incorrect
- Only players who have been members of a clan for 7+ days can receive the Authority Ticket item after completing the Shadow Tyrant Puppet clan quest
- Removed Taunt Immunity from some monsters. Now some mobs will also use the hatred system and kytos, vim, and balo can draw mobs' aggro through the specified skills (war of the beast lord instance hatred skills)
- Taunt immunity removed from the following monsters: Elysium bosses, ET6, Celestial Tower, Snowland Herald mobs, T1 ~ T13, and Team instance monsters
- Fixed issue where item quantity was incorrect after repurchasing items back that were sold to npcs
- Fixed issue where the Gold Relief Bowl model was displayed improperly in the Arden Devotion quest 'Fox Technique' 
- Adjusted the quest related to the Spiritseal item
* The 'Spiritseal (x Remaining)' from Cardshark Xing Yun in Sunstream can be received once a day
* The rewards for respective Spiritseals were tripled
* The amount of Sunny Jade required to upgrade Spiritseals were tripled
- Fixed issue where some fashions were displayed incorrectly after wearing the Star Butterfly Flower Crown
- After patch, some maps only enterable through quests will now switch the player to realm 11 and if the player switches realm from r11, they will automatically leave the map.
- Optimized the description to claiming rewards in Soul Tower Intro in the Help interface
- Fixed issue with wrong Defense value to Lupin female and Skysong male & female Illustrious Armor pieces
- Fixed issue where the Ashura faction couldn't change their face or hairstyle in Makeover function at Goddess Sima Ying in Sunstream
- Fixed issue where the tail wasn't appearing after wearing the Lil Baba fashion
- Fixed issue with Ashura faction's fashion weapon not being displayed properly while on a skyblade
- Fixed issue with clan instance ranking rewards could not be claimed
- Fixed issue with the level requirements for the Beast Lord and Song of the Emerald Lady in the instance interface weren't being displayed correctly
- Fixed issue where Imperia and Ashura faction weapons could not be selected from the Endless Fiction Weapon Box
- Fixed issue where identifying Stars would cause abnormalities
- Fixed issue with summoning exclusive summons and items
- Optimized the description to the Fourth Tribulation quest
- Added a way to receive the quest item 'Examination Item' for the Sunstrider plot quest
- Fixed issue where blank quests appeared in some player's accepted quests
- Adjusted the required amount of bag spaces needed to open the Genesis First Win Pack
- Fixed issue where the quest tracker would freeze after pressing a specific key
- Clouded Kunlun's Skyfront monsters and Clouded Shura's 'lunar eclipse' monsters will return back to their spawn point if they travel too far from it now
- Removed Telepathy Gem as a reward for Lv90 Level Up Rewards
- Fixed issue where the Mysterious Array quest could not be taken normally
- Fixed issue where the Bosses in the T1 ~ T13 series of instances weren't using the new Hatred system
- Fixed issue where the affinity of some players were incorrect after forming a party and entering a battleground
- Fixed issue where alliance base construction xp wasn't being saved in some cases
- Added the Mystic Talisman item to Mystic Master Yang Kun in Sunstream for 16 Sunny Jade and 8 Red Cloud Jade
- Fixed issue where some items placed in a player's Stash could not be taken out normally
- Fixed issue where players could not create a Clan in some cases
- New music added to the Westfall, Westfall Void, Southern Province, and Southern Province Void maps
- Fixed issue where the Ghost Fire Feather mob in Five Sins instance would not be aggro'd normally

** Skill related fixes ** 
- Fixed issue where the Annihilation effect from Lupin's Cloudbreaker was abnormal
- Fixed issue where Lupin's Annihilation effect wasn't going into effect against red named players (infamy)
- Fixed issue where Vim's Absurd Notion tome wasn't recovering the player's Health back to full after using Charm of Earth with the prerequisite amount of Health 
- Adjusted the skill description to Gevrin's Spring Healing (Star Skill) skills to avoid player confusion to skill's actual effects
- Adjusted the skill description to Incense Mage's Spectre and Fire Lord skills
- Fixed issue where non-crit additional damage wasn't taking Spirit in place of Health from damage while Balo's Iron Guts was active
- Optimized the shield bar displays for Modo's Nimble Spirit, Voida's Cloud Boundary, Ceros' Frost Reservoir, and Imperia's Overbearing Wind
- Adjusted the skill description to Emerald Moon in Distant Sky to clarify that it can remove Palsy, Change Yin to Yang (Blaze of Janos), and Replacement (Patsy)
- Fixed issue where skill cooldowns were abnormal for some players
- Fixed issue where the player placed under Replacement (Patsy) did not have their image changed
- Fixed issue where black mist would travel with the Beast Lord boss in War of the Beast Lord
- Fixed issue where some skills from the Beast Lord boss weren't moving in the War of the Beast Lord instance
- Fixed issue where Miasmic Frenzy 2's Foul Atmosphere's double bleed speed effect would cause any active bleeds on the target to display the wrong duration for the bleed effects
- The name of the Rebound effect from Ancient Soul (Balo), Peerless Might (Kytos), Karmic Cycle (Skysong), Clever Rebuttal (Vim) has been changed to Deflect.
* If a player receives a Deflect effect while another's currently active, the effect with the longer duration will replace the one with the shorter, current, duration
- Fixed issue where Arden, Ceros, Modo, and Kytos used combo skills while in stances abnormally affecting the game client
- Optimized Hydran's skill descriptions and fixed issues where the description and actual effects were inconsistent
- Fixed issue where Reset Items was clearing the skill points used in passive clan skills
- Adjusted the skill description for Jadeon's Embodiment of Truth <Arcane>'s Increase Attack Power effect
- Fixed issue where Voida's spirits counter-attacking a target would interrupt the casting of Seventh Heaven (All Versions)
- Fixed issue where Voida's Evolution Combination array was not affecting the Ceros, Imperia, and Ashura factions
- Optimized various Voida faction's skill descriptions
- Fixed issue with abnormalities appearing with the Frosty effect
- Fixed issue where the amount of attached Critstrike Rate to Imperia's Phantom Trace skill was incorrect
- Fixed issue where cooldowns for mystic tome and star skills were incorrectly being displayed once changing realms after entering instances, elysium, or zuolo plains.
- Fixed issue where Sylia's Induced Painting <Ocean><Sky><Hero> skills could not be used in Clan Mansion
- Optimized various Vim faction's skill descriptions
- Fixed issue with Blazing Sun effect causing infamy after going into effect
- Fixed issue where Ceros faction could not ride Kytos faction in kirin form
- Fixed issue where Sylia's Induced Painting (mystic tome versions) did not share a cooldown with each other.
- Optimized the Ashura faction's Navigation effect. The faction is now able to invigorate to pickup items while under this effect
- Optimized Ashura faction's Bhramyati Ramble skill. Players can now jump while under the Navigation effect
- Fixed issue where the Ashura faction under the Navigation effect would double cast a skill in some cases
- Optimized the arrangement of the players' name display for the Ashura faction player's name and the character under the Posession effect
- Fixed issue where Ceros faction couldn't use the Dance of Devotion skill of the Royal Ivory fashion
- Fixed typo in the Vim faction's Sharpen Steel skill's Metal Element Spell: Accuracy Boost description
- Optimized the effect description to the Furor effect from Hydran's Cataclysmic Force skills
- Fixed issue where abnormalities were caused after a Gevrin faction cast a Combo skill while not having a weapon equipped
- Optimized the restrictions placed on Hydran's Dragonrest Shoal skill
* Immediately removing control effects will remove the restriction of entering the activation effect
* The increased chance to remove control effects from the Major Exhaustion tome has been removed from the restriction of triggering the activation effect
- Fixed issue with incorrect duration being displayed for the Stun & Paralyze Immunity effects to the skill description of the Fuwa Chroma skill Mental Stillness
- Optimized the skill description to the Critstrike Rate increase effect to the Transgress Landscape and Returning River skills
- Fixed issue where the Athan and Eterkin race tabs on Affinity skill section were displayed abnormally after being clicked
- Fixed issue where some monsters would not attack under special circumstances
- Fixed issue where the text to Psychea's Mecha Charring was being displayed abnormally
- Fixed issue where Gevrin faction's HP increase effect from Late Reflection (Chroma Version) was being immediately removed after using Late Reflection (Star Skill Version) if the player didn't have points in the Heavenly Posture tome
- Fixed issue where the Sylia faction could clear the cooldown to Elemental skills while under the Frosty effect
- Optimized how some factions move while under stealth
- Fixed issue where some mystic tome advance skills placed on the player's skill bar were being replaced with the regular faction skill while the player entered zuolo plains or elysium
- Fixed issue where Ashura's Mantra·Intertwined Fortune skill was clearing the cooldown to other skills that shouldn't be affected from the skill
- Fixed issue where the skip skills on cooldown for Combo Skills (combo function) did not work for Charge type skills


**Skill fixes**:
- [Ashura] Fixed couple more issues with Possesion effect.
- [Ashura] Corrected Collaboration II skill description and behaviour.
- [Ashura] Corrected Myriad Marvels teleport issues.
- [Ashura] Sly Step summons now hits 3 times properly.
- [Ashura] Fixed Mantra Celestial Light first instance of mob dmg buff.
- [Ashura] Fixed Mantra Celestial Light II influence over mob dmg buff.
- [Ashura] Fixed Spiritual Zephyr II spirit cost formula.
- [Ashura] Corrected potential visual issue regarding buffs prolonged by Unsquandered Clouds.
- [Ashura] Fixe Predestintion not inheriting critstrike/bonus from the caster.
- [Balo] Inner Fear fixed for duels.
- [Voida] Fixed client crash issue in CP instance.
- [Vim] Fixed Charm of Earth, Absurd Notion influence.
- [Vim] Sharpen Steel AP limit is now equal to 500k.
- [Vim] The Tale of Nine damage increase logic changed.
- [Arden] Corrected Datura Flower II skill description.
- [Ceros] Fixed Savage Rivarly buff stacking issue.
- [Hydran] Corrected issue in Transposition Spell chance formula.
- Fixed general bug where casting skill on moving target that gets out of skill range could apply caster buff while not applying cooldown.
**Bug fixes:**
- Attempt to fix VIP hide option issues.
- Fixed Velonus mob spawn in biography chain quest.
- Celestial Reward Pack lottery now functional.
- Ashura charm part lotteries now functional.
- Westfall and Southern Province Void restored to all realms.
* Demonic mobs will only spawn on R14 from now.
- PvP instances First Victory packs adjusted.
- Team instnces 5S reward packs adjusted.
- God of Rain drop adjusted.