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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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v475 Phoenix Destiny Expnsion

** New Faction - Zephyr **
- The story concerning the new faction will have a hidden ending in this expansion. 
Zephyr players who meet the prerequisites for the storyline can trigger the hidden ending and unlock a special quest.
- New Map - Night Forest - Zephyr class map
- Only Zephyr->Zephyr ascension option is available for now.
** Pet Oath Seal **
( Pet Master Ellan has discovered a faint thread of spiritual energy connecting pets and their masters. This thread enables pets to help enhance their master's cultivation and stats.
By reinforcing this spiritual thread, pets can further enhance their master's spiritual growth)
- Players can activate the Oath Seal in the Companion section
- Pet's star grades are now categorized. Unascended pet star grade will be referred to as Basic (Training) Grade and  ascended pet star grade will be referred to as Ascended (Training) Grade
- Oath Seals are broken into Fusion Seals and Esperation Seals. Each type of seal can hold a max of 6 stats.
* When the player Fuses or Esperates with their pet (that has the oath seal) the player will gain the seal's stat bonuses
- Oath Seals have 4 functions:

1. Pet Oath
- Ascended players can go to Pengpeng in Sunstream and make an oath with a pet that haven't made one yet and are not time-limited Celestone will be consumed at varying amounts alongside gold depending on the pet's (star) grade.
- A pet's Basic Grade will affect the amount and types of stats. The higher the pet's grade, the higher the stats' value and more stats will be unlocked
- A pet's Basic Grade will determine its default stats and its max value. The default stats the pet came with will influence the stats that players get through making an Oath.
* i.e If a Grade 12 pet has Health & Spirit as default stats, they will almost always be given in the final stats even if not selected by the player.
- Blessing Stones have a chance to raise the probability for a stat to be in the final list of stats in an oath   
- Ascended Grade has no influence on Oaths

2. Pet Spiritual Release
- Ascended players can go to Rocky in Sunstream and choose to Spiritually Release their pet.
* After releasing a pet, it will disappear and the player will gain Celebeans with a chance to gain Celestones
- The probability and amount of Celebeans and Celestones gained depend on the Basic Grade of the pet, the higher the grade, the higher the amount and probability
- Ascended Grade has no influence on Spiritual Release

3. Oath Seal Engrave
- After making an oath, the players are able to engrave the final stats into an Oath Seal (Fuse & Esperate Seals) through the Companion window      
- If an oath seal already has stats (can engrave multiple times), engraving again will merge the final stats from making an oath and the current stats engraved on the seal.
* Players will be able to see the results in the Engrave Stat Preview window. Stats that are in both the final stats from making an oath and the current engraved stats on a seal will be present in the new merged seal

4. Seal Reforge
- Players can reforge the engraved stats on a seal to gain new stats on the oath seal
5. Forget Seal function for Oath Seal.
- When there are stats in the seal, players can click on the  Forget button in the upper-right corner of the window and consume 1 Elixir of Oblivion to forget the selected stats within the oath seal.
* This function clears all selected stats in the corresponding seal. Cannot use this function if no stats are selected

** Pets & Oath Seals **
- Esperate will also increase the player's Damage Reduction similar to Pet Fusion
- New Rare Pets added to the game that will have higher value stats when making an oath
- How to obtain rare pets:
* Sky Front /Eclipse mobs in Kunlun & Shura will have a chance to drop a Sky Front Pet Pack /Eclipse Pet Pack. These packs will give a random Sky Front /Eclipse pets that will give higher value stats when making an oath, such as Health, HP %, Spirit, SP %, Attack Power, AP %, Defense, and DEF %
* Beserker Elysium bosses have a chance to drop a Hive Mother Pack. The Hive Mother pet will have higher stat range for c.rate, c.bonus, c.null, and c.shield when making an oath
* Elite Beserker Elysium bosses have a chance to drop a Dragon Guard Gift Pack. Dragon Guard pet will have a higher stat range for Anti-Affinity, Affinity RES, Anti-Race, Race RES, Skill Accuracy, and Skill Evasion
* Primordial Monkey Wu have a chance to drop Small Monkey God Pack.
* Morgon will certainly drop a Small Morgon Pack.
* Destus will certainly drop a Small Destus Pack.
(These pets will have a higher stat range for Damage Reduction % and Anti-Damage Reduction)
* Achieving the 'Master of Oaths' achievement will reward the player with a Feathered Concubine
* Thunder Phoenix will drop a Little Thunder Phoenix Pack. All of this pet's stats will have a higher stat range when making an oath
** Pet's Celestones **
- Beast Lord (T6) and the Darksky Maiden (T7 - T9) will drop 1 Celestone Pack or 1 elestone Pack (Bound).
* Opening these packs will give 1 or 2 Celestones for the unbound one and 1, 2, or 5 bound Celestones from the bound pack
- Doubt (T10 - T12 & H2) will drop 1 Celestone Pack or 1 Celestone Pack (Bound).
* Opening these packs will give 1, 2, or 5 Celestones for the unbound one and 2, 4, or 10 bound Celestones from the bound pack   
- Devasopana (T13 - T15) will drop 1 Celestone Pack or 1 Celestone Pack (Bound).
* Opening these packs will give 2, 3, or 6 Celestones for the unbound one and 3, 6, or 15 from the bound pack
- Iron BG Victory Pack will now give 10 bound Celestones
** Pet's Blessing Stones **
- Blossom·HP /SP (Common, Good, Fine) raises probability to getting HP% /SP% when making an oath by 5%, 10%, 15%
- Paramita · AP (Common, Good, Fine) raises probability to getting AP% when making an oath by 8%, 14%, 20%
- Paramita · C.Rate / C.Bonus (Common, Good) raises probability to getting c.rate or c.bonus when making an oath by 4%, 8%
- Cicada · C.Null / C.Shield (Common, Good) raises probability to getting c.null or c.shield when making an oath by 4%, 8%
- Peony · Anti (Common, Good) raises the probability to getting Anti-Affinity and Anti-Race when making an oath by 4%, 8%
- Peony · RES (Common, Good) raises the probability to getting Affinity RES and Race RES when making an oath by 4%, 8%
- Peony · Anti-Reduction (Common, Good, Fine) raises the probability to getting Anti-Damage Reduction when making an oath by 4%, 8%, 12%
- Peony · Damage Reduction (Common, Good, Fine) raises the probability to getting Damage Reduction % when making an oath by 4%, 8%, 12%

- Available from:
* Doubt (T10 - T12 & H2) and Devasopana (T13 - T15) has a chance to drop following blessing stones: Paramita AP (Common & Good), Blossom HP/SP (Common & Good)
* Skyfront and Eclipse mobs have a chance to drop following blessing stones: Paramita AP (All Versions) and Blossom HP/SP (All Versions)
* Beserker bosses' Beserker Silver Pack has a chance to give Pet Oath Blessing Box and this box will give one of the following: Paramita C.rate /C.Bonus (Com., Good) and Golden Cicada C.Null / C.Shield (Com., Good)
* Elite Beserkers have a chance to drop Beserker Gold Pack which will have a chance to give a Pet Oath Blessing Box and this box will give one of the following: Peony · Anti (Com., Good), Peony · RES (Com., Good), Peony · Anti-Reduction (Common), Peony · Damage Reduction (Common)
* Primordial Monkey Wu, Morgon, and Destus will drop following: Peony · Anti-Reduction (Common & Good) and Peony · Damage Reduction (Common & Good)
* Thunder Phoenix will drop one of the following: Peony · Anti-Reduction (Good & Fine) and Peony · Damage Reduction (Good & Fine)
* Celebean Pack lottery gained from the Lucky Bag (marketplace) and being refined 1000 times will give a Celebean Blessing Pack that has a chance to give one of the following: Peony · Anti (Common) and Peony · RES (Common)
** Celebean (Bound) **
- The Beserker Silver Pack and Beserker Gold Pack have a chance to give a Celebean Luck Pack, which can give 10, 20, or 50 Celebeans (bound)
- Beast Lord (T6), Darksky Maiden (T7 - T9), Doubt (T10 - T12 & H2), and Devasopana (T13 - T15) will drop a Celebean Luck Pack, which can give 1, 10, or 50 Celebeans (bound)
- Players can exchange Mountain Cloud Jade in the Immortal Record's Pavilion for 50 Celebeans (bound). Exchangeable 10 times each month
- Exchange Method Changes:
* The cost for Celebeans from Pet Master Ellan in Sunstream has been reduced from 5 Sunny Jades for 1 Celebean to 3 Sunny Jades for 1 Celebeans
- New Lotteries will have a Celebean Pack added to rewards.
* Refing will give various amounts of Celebeans from a minimum of 10 to a max of 3000. Every 20th refine will double the amount of Celebeans received.
* Refining 1000 times will give the Celebean Blessing Pack, which will give at least 1 Celebean Pack (300)
** Evolution Jade (Bound) **
- Five Sins Hidden Boss Demon Sword and Illusions in the Mist (T13 - T15) Hidden Bosses (Heartrending Flower, Firmus, Soul Scepter, and Dragon Smash Sword) have a chance to drop Evolution Jade (Bound)
- Players can exchange 1000 Mountain Cloud Jade in the Immortal Record's Pavilion for 1 Evolution Jade (Bound). Exchangeable once each month

** New Pet EXP Item - Golden Roc Pellet **
- Item gives 390,000,000 EXP to a pet (Enough to level a pet from lv1 to lv150)
- Obtain Methods:
* Five Sins Hidden Boss Demon Sword and Soul Odyssey (T13 - T15) Hidden Bosses (Heartrending Flower, Firmus, Soul Sceter, and Dragon Smash Sword) have a chance to drop Golden Roc Pellet
- Skyfront and Eclipse mobs (Clouded Kunlun/Shura) have chance to drop 1 Golden Roc Pellet
- The Celebean Blessing Pack received from refining the Celebean Pack gained from the Lucky Bag (marketplace) will contain 1 Golden Roc Pellet
** Pet **
- Added a new 300 tab to the Pet Growth interface in Pet Training. Now pets that are grade 18 or higher can increase stats by 300 now
- Added a 'One-click Basic Stat Growth' function to Pets. This will enhance all grade 3 Pet's Stats to their max value for their specific star type.
It costs 12,000 Celebeans and 50,000 gold to use. The Trait stat will also be affected by this function
- Adjusted the probability for each stat appearing when changing the Trait
- Reduced the time for pet growth process bar to complete
- Optimized the description to Esperate in the Help description
** Soul Tower & Celestial Tower **
- ST opened up to 120 floors and CT opened up to 100 floors
- Players can enter floors 101 and 111 now in ST
- Players can enter floors 81 and 91 in CT
- The Zephyr's Phoenix Flight skill is disabled while in ST or CT
- Fixed issue with client crashing in the Soul Tower instance
- Fixed issue where players weren't being recorded in the Hall of Excellence in spots 101 - 120 for the Soul Tower section of Personal Info

** Iron BG **
- Amount of Vanguard gained after a match has been raised to three times its current amount and the extra Vanguard gained for achieving Best Kills, Best Assists, and Valuable Player has been increased from 5 to 25
- Item Exchange at Kao Sonye changed:
* Sun Bead and Cold Flame Stone added
* Removed the Warsoul/Combat item as a reward and requirement for exchange.
* Adjusted the amount of some rewards
- Duration of Iron BG lowered from 15 to 10 mins 
- Fuwa affinity's Moshu Disaster skill is now disabled from being used in Iron BG
- There is now a 5 second wait for resurrecting after dying when returning to the char's corresponding camp's resurrection spawn point
- Participation limit is now 4 times a day
- Added a new rules:
* If the flag bearer dies while transporting the flag, the flag will drop on the ground and players from both teams can collect it.
* If a player from the opposing team goes to collect the flag, it will take 3 seconds to collect it.
* If it's a player from the same team, it will take 8 seconds.
* Being attacked during the flag collecting process will not interrupt the collection process.
* If the flag is not collected and remains in its original position in the team's territory, players from that team cannot collect their own flag.
* Removed the speed boosting skill from the flag bearer
* There is now a speed cap to flag bearers at 6 meters/second. No speed buffs gained while flag bearer will surpass the limit of 6 meters/sec
- Points gained from killing Chaotic Tauren or Necro Tauren was reduced from 10 to 5 points. Killing these bosses can drop a Iron Movement Decree.
* Iron Movement Decree can be used on the flag bearer to increase their movement speed. This item can only be used in Iron BG and cannot be taken outside of it
** Shuomo **
- The revival timer has been increased from 15 to 20 sec
- Reduced the time to collect the Shuomo Merit Box from 15 to 8 sec
** Tiger Summit **
- Reduced mobs' Health, Attack Power, Defense, Critstrike Rate, Critbonus, Critnull, Critshield, Skill Evasion, and Anti-Damage Reduction stats
- Greatly increased the EXP Reward from the quest in both versions of instance
- Adjusted some strategic mechanisms to the Bosses
- Slightly reduced the Defense to mobs and Bosses
- Improved the display of warning range (get out of area display) for the Tiger Summit instances
- Fixed issue where striking teammates to remove the Special Stun effect would trigger the freeze effect from 天网恢恢 'Heaven's vengeance is slow, but certain' in the Tiger Summit instance (both)
- Optimized the Tiger Summit instance, players are able to fill EXP Bottles in the Alchemy system from mobs in instance now

** Soul Odyssey **
- Reduced the Health to the following bosses: Heavens Guard, both Shaw Danon & Velonus, Fusoir, and Doyel Shen
- Reduced Defense by 20,000 and Critshield by 100% to the following bosses: Heavens Guard, both Shaw Danon & Velonus, Fusoir, Doyel Shen, and Devasopana
- Soul Odyssey (T13 - 15) added to leaderboard rankings
- Added a high EXP reward given after defeating each Boss
- Clans can now do the Clan Instance for Soul Dynasty (T13 - 15) where members can receive the rewards (completion & time rewards) once a week.
//Only one rewards can be gained each week; cannot receive reward for t13 and then for t14

** Five Sins **
- Added a high EXP reward given after defeating each Boss

** New Team Instance - Rising Desolation
Entry Level: Ascension 166-170
Party Limit: 1 - 12 people
Admittance: No limit. Resets every Monday 0:00
Duration: 1 hour
Special Rules:
1. Cannot use Phoenix Flight, Impermanent World, or White Shroud skills in instance
2. Once the Boss is aggroed, a player cannot resurrect after dying through 'Return to City' function.
- If a Boss moves a certain range away from its spawn point, it will disengage from combat and return to its original spawn point
3. After a player dies, they cannot be resurrected for a set time. This effect is cleared after returning to the spawn point.
4. Pay attention to what NPCs say, they may give hints to completing the instance
5. The additional stats gained from Transform Gems has no effect while in this instance
Rewards: Motif Essence, Motif Soul, Ice Orb of Vastness, Moon Talisman, Royal Star LV2, Cold Flame Stone,
         Lucky Star Pack, Star Banner, Drake Sigil, Orange Star, Purple Star, Blue Star,
       Omened Seals: Origin of Tao, Total Redemption, Global Thunder, Celestone Grand Pack,
       Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate, and Praised Fragments

** Team Instances **
- Removed Misty Milky Way from game
- Clouded Milky Way, Shady Milky Way, and Dream in the South made into Common Team Instance.
* Daily entrance limit changed into Weekly Entry, can enter 4 times a week. Resets every Monday at 0:00
- New rule applied to Common Team Instances: Players Boss kills will count each week and if there's a player in the registration who has already defeated a boss, then that boss will not drop items or give a Roll Point reward. //like War of the Beast Lord instance
- Registration will list the current Boss a player has killed, if any //like War of the Beast Lord instance
- Each boss chest/npc rewards adjusted to account for their once-a-week limit, rewards reset on Monday at 0:00
- Removed Royal Star LV1 & 2 from drops
- Changed the items & chance for Roll Point Rewards for Shady Milky Way and Dream in the South to be consistent.
*  This means that the amount of items obtainable through Rolling will be increased by 2.5 times the previous chance
- Changed the items obtainable through the Roll Point system in Clouded Milky Way to be the same as Shady Milky Way and Dream in the South and their amount being 50% of the other 2 instances
- New items were added as Roll Point rewards:  Star Chart, Illustrious Fragments, Praised Fragments, and Drake Sigil
- Raised the participation limit to Shady Milky Way to 18 players
- Optimized the movement speed and field of visions (aggro range) to the mobs in Dream in the South
- Removed Shady Milky Way and Dream in the South from Clan Instances. Their rewards will be moved to the Weekly Completion Rewards to these instances
- Weekly Evaluation Rewards changed into Weekly Speed Run Rewards. Completing the instance within the specific time limit with give the equavalent to the old Weekly Evaluation rewards
* Weekly Speed Run Rewards will reset every Monday at 0:00
* Can claim one pack per instance per week.
* [COMPERs note] Since I wasn't able to determine exact method to visually handle buttons for this updated system. All packs have all buttons clickable as default. Even when reward was claimed or can't be claimed yet. Clicking button will show error message however if it was claimed or conditions are not met.
- Added the old 5S Evaluation Rewards from Clouded Milky Way, Shady Milky Way, and Dream in the South to the Achievement system.
* Those generous rewards can only be claimed once in the Achievement interface after completing the achievement
- Removed the mechanism for adjusting the rate at which Bosses in Clouded Milky Way & Shady Milky Way removed buffs and reduced critnull based on the number of players in the instance
** War of the Beast Lord **
- Raised the chance for the normal 6th Boss to drop Praised Fragments.
** Holy Lotus **
- Entry limit changed from once everyday to 3 times every week. The limit resets every Monday at 0:00 and can also be reset using the Reset Voucher.
- The Golden Boy mob in instance will no longer drop items, but will provide a quest reward at the end of the instance for every Golden Boy defeated. Players are able to obtain 3 'Holy Lotus Blessing Pack' per week
- Adjusted logic for Alabaster Lord and Black Lotus Succubus. After patch they are guaranteed to appear and the amount of damage dealt to the bosses with each attack has been increased
** Bottles (Battery) **
- Added a 'Merge All' Bottling function that will bottle all eligible batteries into the Bottle with a single click
** Biography - Lil Baba **
- Discover the story of Lil Baba and unlock various rewards from Moon Talisman, Royal Star LV3, Blue Stars, Supreme Soulcards, Discount Fashion Coupon (to buy Baye and Lil Baba Fashions at discounted price), and a temp Lil Baba transform gem that can be made perm


** Soulstone **
- Added new function: Soul Casting
- Can consume Awakening Orb and Soul Inverters to quickly increase Synergy by 5 (orb) and 10 (inverters) points

** Soulcards **
- Added new esper soulcards: Ink Sword, Nova Sword, and Arcane Sword
- The New Soulcard item can give these new esper soulcards
- Reading separated into Character and Esper categories. Each have their own Reading categories
- Players can refresh the Reading list an unlimited number of times, only the first time each day will not consume Flame of Nirvana
- Player can get up to 12 soulcards still each day. Only the first time each day will not consume Golden Branches of Wishes.
- Reading in the Esper category can give any type of esper soulcards
- Reading in both categories will unlock various new Achievements and tasks in the Immortal Record
- Optimized the Soulcard Sort function: Now the same soulcards will be arranged based on their corresponding ranks (adv, tier, etc)
- Added a new function to Soulcards: Transfer All (top right-hand corner) that will transfer all of the same Soulcards with an Ultimate rank of 0
- Optimized the color to names for Soulcards

** Motif Jades **
- Max Level raised from 20 to 30
- Upgrading level after lv20 requires: Motif Casting[101330], Motif Essence, and corresponding Motif Jades
- Motif Casting can be obtained in the new Team Instances Rising Desolation (both versions) -  npc reward quests.
** Trading **
- Added a new system prompt that will display when a character trading is below Asc 160 that will display the character's level, name, and if they're a friend
- When a player cancels a trade, a system prompt will display to show which character canceled the trade
** Mystic Shop **
- The Jaden Item Refresh limit changed to 5 times a day and costs 5 jaden each time
- Price of the Mythical Soil item in Mystery Shop in Fairyland Sunstream changed to 20 jaden for 300
- Players are now able to claim rewards for the total number of times they have refreshed the items in the Mystery Shop for both gold and jaden resets.

** Treasure Court - Order of Heaven Auction **
- Added following items: Celestone Pack (10k), Evolved Spirit Stone Pack , and Main Plot Tr. Gem 7-day(Bound)

** Treasure Court - Order of Earth Auction **
- Added the following items:  Illustrious Fragment Pack (50), Wandering Warrior Pack, Pure Lotus Title Gift Pack, Spirit★, Rainfall Order, Drake Sigil (Bound), Kirin Sigil (Bound), Golden Grit Pack, Forbidden Orange Star, Forbidden Purple Star, Omened Seal - Origin of Tao, and Omened Seal - Total Redemption.
- Removed the following items: Illustrious Blade Pouch, Illustrious Armor Box, Illustrious Helm Box, and Illustrious Fragment Pack (Bound)
** Transform Gems **
- The stats of Transform Gems changed to have Transform Stats and Additional Stats
- All stats to the God of Rain, Velonus, Shaw Danon, Bilu, Anan, Citadel Savage, Overlord of Chaos, and Empress Lunara Transform Gems changed into Additional Stats
- The Critstrike Rate stat to the Zodiac Lord ★ and ★★ changed into Additional Stat
- [Reborn Customisation] God of Rain Gen additional stats were nerfed.
- [Reborn Customisation] Gem's additional stats won't be effective on pvp maps: Battle For Supremacy , Alliance War map, Iron Battleground, Royal Pen, Genesis Sanctuary, Clash of Seven, Shuomo, Clouded Shura, Clouded Kunlun, Territory Wars Map, Fort Cloudstorm, Coronation, LMS map
** Invigoration **
- Added a new 'Disable General Attack' function to Invigoration. When a player has this option selected, their character will not use general attacks at all
Note: If a player has this new function and the old 'Disable Skills' option turned on, the character will only pick up items on the ground
- Added a new 'Auto-Replenish Energy' function to Invigoration. A player will be able to turn on invigoration even if their energy is currently at 0 and the bot will automatically refill it for them using the item in the Energy slot. This function is turned on by default for every player
- Invigoration will not be turned off after dying and resurrecting while in PvP mode
- Invigoration (PvE versions) will turn off after switching maps, teleporting through Astrolabe, Portal Charm, or after teleporting that was initialized by a quest
- Fixed issue where Invigoration wasn't restarted after reconnecting after a disconnection
- Fixed issue where turning on Invigoration in an instance and using a teleport array would then cause the bot to be unable to find a route

** Safety Lock **
- Optimized the 'Unable to vend' option. Now with this checked, when the Safety Lock is active, the character will be unable to sell or buy things from Stalls
- Restrictions added to the Jaden purchasing while Safety Lock is active:
- Buying from the Marketplace, VIP Exclusive, Achievement Shop, Immortal Pavilion, and Jaden Packs
- Unlocking Golden /Red Seal in Immortal Record or upgrading its tier
- Bidding in the Auction House (any of the 3)
- Refreshing item list or purchasing items in the Mystery Shop in Fairyland Sunstream


** Cyntec Bead **
- To help players level up more efficiently, the Cyntec Bead quests will be optimized and adjusted after this patch:
* Optimized the 'Go to Westfall' quest. Players will now be teleported close to Shaman Sui in Westfall
* Added a new NPC Gulu Deer to the 'Asked endlessly' quest's Dragon Palace location.
This npc will sell players all 5 elemental beads for a set amount of gold once everyday [Customize price as its not worth]
- Reduced the time interval for the 'Five elements' quest
- Removed the 15 min time limit to the Unreconcilable Passions·Doubt quest
- Raised the time limit to use the Dragon Blood Orb from 4 hours to 24 hours    
** Accessory Gems **
- Accessory Gems can now be upgraded to lv7 Common or Perfect gems
- Players can upgrade to common types with lv6 Celesphere Sands and now have the option to exchange for lv6 Celesphere Sands for 10 lv5 sands
- Players can upgrade to perfect types with Purple Grit [70318] and have the option to upgrade 5 of their Golden Grit for 1 Purple Grit

** Esper Merge **
- A new function has been added to Ronnek in Sunstream. Players are now able to merge their Esper, Esper Tome, and Esper Accessory together to get a permanent skill
- The current esper available for this function is the Ruby Pagoda. After fusing the Ruby Pagoda together with its tome & accessory (shanwu stone & elysium) it'll give the 玲珑恩泽 Ruby's Favor skill
- Ruby's Favor is a Self Blessing skill that clears the cooldown to some faction's skills
- Removed the 'Celebrated Star' skill from the Ruby Pagoda esper   
** EXP Rewards **
- The EXP rewards from Order quests have been significantly increased for Asc 150 to 170
- The EXP rewards from the Heaven's Favor quest in Citadel has been increased
- Shura Gauntlet boss EXP has been significantly increased for both versions of instance (normal & heroic)
- The amount of Taichi Pills given after completing Torment Tower has been increased sixfold.
* The distribution of Taichi Pills was changed from having to open a lot of Gold Pocketbooks to automatic receiving the Taichi Pills after finishing the instance

** Alliance EXP Bonus **
- Added a new EXP Boost function that the Marshall and Vice-Marshall can activate by consuming Prosperity in the Alliance / Boost EXP tab
- There are three tiers of EXP Boost: 0.2 times, 0.25 times, and 0.30 times
- The EXP Boost has a minimum activation time of 7 days. The lower tiers can be upgraded to a higher tier by consuming Prosperity and the duration will be higher than 7 days
- After activating the EXP Boost, all alliance members who've been there for more than 7 days can claim a Daily Reward.
The Daily rewards can be accumulated, but they will disappear when the EXP Boost expires.
- It doesn't stack with server boosts
** Storage **
- Bag and Stash space slots raised to 288
- After 252 Bag Slots, each Arcane Wool will increase space by 4, then after 276 will increase by 3
- After 252 Stash Slots, each Kifan Wood will increase space by 4,  then after 276 will increase by 3
** Faction Fashion **
- Faction Fashions available for all factions
- Players can get a temporary faction fashion set for 7 days from their Faction Herald in Sunstream
- Players can use their Devotion to get a permanent Faction Fashion
** Mystic Gear**
* Added an Auto-Reforge function to reforging Mystic Gear's Mystic Stats. Players are able to choose the stats they want and  auto-reforge until they either run out of Cold Flame Stone or reach the selected stats //similar to soulstone reset

** Skill Effect Feedback **
- Optimized the text display for the following status effects: Invincible, Bliss (Raja), Rebound, Reflect, Wind Shield, Avoid Disaster, Intangible, Barrier, and Immortal
- Players can disable this in display settings and keep the old text
** Achievements **
- New kinds of Achievements have been added: Chroma and Pets
- Chroma is Chroma Level and Pets involve the new Oath Seal system
- New esper achievements have been added that are related to Bloodsmelting
- New Enhancement (mystic gear) has been added to achievements involving Lucky Points
Note: Everything besides the Pet related new achievements will be counted if completed when a character logins after patch
** Immortal Record **
- The following items will need the Golden Seal to be unlocked first before exchanging Mountain Cloud Jades for in the Pavilion: Large Pearl, Celebean (Bound), Evolution Jade (Bound), and Golden Roc Pellet
- Unlocking the Gold Rune will give 500 Enlightenment EXP and unlocking the Red Rune will give 1500 Enlightenment EXP
- Added an Accumulation Reward. Everytime a player reaches tier 81 and unlocks the Red Rune, they will gain 1 Accummulation point.
* Players are able to gain 1 point each much. There are 8 Accumulation Rewards that are reset on January 1 at 0:00 every year   
- Optimized the Help section for the immortal record system
- Using the Transfer All and One-Click Transfer will now complete the Immortal Record task for Soulcard Transferring
- Fixed issue where some players met the requirements for the Accumulation Rewards of the Immortal Record, but weren't able to get the accumulation points
- Changed the Mission Target for Common Team Instances from gaining a 5S Ranking Pack to gaining a Weekly Speed Run Reward
* Made adjustments to the Mountain Cloud Jade exchange in the Immortal Pavilion:
- Added the following items: 6X Meditation Orb, Cracked Jade Scroll·10, Peach and Plum Spring Breeze, Golden Roc Pellet, Supreme Soulcards (Doyel Shen at January & July, Vanti the Etherblade at February & August, Guli the Senior at March & September, Elder of Arcaneness at April & October, Yun Yangzi at May & November, and  Five Soulcard Choice at June & December
- Lowered the required amount of Mountain Cloud Jades for the following items: Mystic Tome Gift Package 40 MCJ -> 30 MCJ, Collector's Tome Pack 4000 MCJ -> 3000 MCJ, Green Star 40 MCJ -> 20 MCJ      
- Increased the exchange limits for the following items: Star Weave Vigor: 80x, Chroma Beads: 85x, Sun Bead: 35x, Soul Inverter: 40x, Ice Orb of Vastness: 20x, Mystic Tome Gift Package: 90x, Collector's Tome Pack: 2x, Tao Xin Tempering Gift Pack: 20x, Green Star: 40x
- Merged the following items together: Heaven's Secret Scroll & Moral Defender Badge into the Moral Defender Heaven's Secret Pack
- Can select either Heaven's Secret Scroll x1 or Moral Defender Badge x1. Exchangeable 10x a month: Mark Exchange Ticket & Curse Exchange Ticket into the Mark Curse Exchange Ticket
- Can select either Mark Exchange Ticket x1 or Curse Exchange Ticket x1. Exchangeable 2x a month: Ancient Blood Accessory Pack, Primordial Accessory Pack, & Olden Accessory Choice Pack into the 神级首饰升级道具自选礼包 Divine Accessory Choice Pack
- Can select either Ancient Blood Accessory Pack x4, Primordial Accessory Pack x2, or Olden Accessory Choice Pack x1. Exchangeable 2x a month\=
- Immortal Pavilion - Jadens
* Added items to this:
Cloud Mountain Jade (600), which used ot cost 30 jaden, can now be refreshed at 10%, 20%, and 50% discounts.
Cloud Mountain Jade (2400), which used to cost 120 jaden, can now be refreshed at 10% and 20% discounts.
* Removed the following items: Tanis Ka's Charm (1 & 2), Moon Talisman ( 1, 2, & 5), Soul Inverter (1 & 2), Chi Enhancer (1 & 2), Star Chart (5 & 10), Flame of Nirvana (1), Golden Branch of Wishes (1), and Ice Orb of Vastness (200)

** Skill Changes **

* Optimizations and Fixes **
- The Mysterious Jewel Tree can now have multiple players gather from it simultaneously
- Fixed Issue with the 'Be Prepared (Donation)' quest where the weekly limit to take the quest was incorrect.
- Changed the level restrictions and cooldown times for resetting skill and tome points in the respective interfaces.
* Resetting skill or tome points can now be done by chars below level 150 with a cooldown of 4 hrs. This function is available to chars that have ascended (150 pre-asc -> 15 asc)
- Fixed issue where Ashura faction's stats were incorrect after ascending
- Reduced the 30 sec interval for inviting players to a team to 10 seconds
- Many Skylord NPCs will teleport players to the 'leisure' area of Sunstream (near the stash npc section of map)
- Optimized the Ascension quest Reforge the Spirit. Now killing the chosen monsters in a party will count towards the quest
- Fixed issue where the damage amount was not properly being displayed for the character's summons after enabling the 'Block Other Players Damage'
- Fixed issue where some factions could cast teleport/displacement type skills while falling. Now while falling, players cannot use these type of skills // skill types Charge,Dash,Back Dash,Random Teleport(ashura)
- Removing embedded Fatecharms no longer require the Heavenly Elixir item. The Heavenly Elixir item will sell to NPCs for 100g
- Pre-Asc players can now accept disciples that are equal or lower level than them after reaching level 120
- The default Security Lock time limit lowered from 5 minutes to 1 min
- Coldmoon Essence quest changed.
- Fixed issue where some mob damage was lower than it should have been
- Normal, Elite, Demonic, and Snowmen in the following maps are no longer immune to the Burning effect (incense mage): Westfall, Westfall Void, Southern Province, Southern Province Void, Four Spirits Palace 
- Added new word display for effects: Immune to Death & Moving Curse
- Lowered HP, Critnull, Critshield, and Skill Evasion stats to the Berserker Bosses in Elysium
- Optimized the faction quests for Seira, Rayan, and Zephyr
- Optimized the logic for opening choice/optional packs. Now allows multiple of the exact same pack to be opened at the same time to get the same items
- Fixed issue where the single player mode would enable while in Elysium
- Optimized when a player exits single-player mode after being attacked outside a safe zone
- Fixed issue where player wouldn't exit Invisible after flying
- Fixed bug where some players would stay in combat after dying
- Changed the Celestial Crimson Stone and Heaven Cycle Jade esper items from being an esper bloodsmelt item to an esper assimilation item
- Optimized the Delete Friend function:   
* When either of the friends deletes the other, both names will be removed from each other's friend lists if both are online
* Neither player will receive notifications when the other changes their name
- Total amount of 'Enemy' in the Friends interface raised to 5
- World Chat is now blocked for characters lower than lv10
- Added a 'One Click Upgrade' function to Crafting. Can now upgrade to Crafting LV10 with gold when your Crafting level is 1 - 9
- The resurrection cooldown in Westfall Void, Southern Province Void, Clouded Kunlun, Clouded Shura, and Four Spirit Palace (4th Floor) has been adjusted to 15 sec.
- Players will gain a 6 sec invincibility after resurrecting in Westfall Void, Southern Province Void, and Four Spirit Place (4th Floor)
** Item related optimisations **
- The Spiritual Guidance skill gained from Omened Seals are now permanent and will work like fashion skills, can use if not equipped (skill's in bonus slot)
- VIP Emblems can no longer be sold to NPCs
- Optimized the time it takes to open the following items: New Soulcards, Soulcard Record, and Fire Orb of Vastness Pack
- Adjusted the rate for different faction skills consistently appearing for the Forbidden Purple Star item and the normal Purple & Orange stars
- Evolution Jade stack limit raised from 10 to 9999
- Hexagon Charm Wood gained after update will be tradable //old ones will remain bound
- The Peach and Plum Spring Breeze item can now be stacked up to 99
- The Order NPCs in Sunstrider, Inferna, Westfall, and Southern Province will now sell Elite Orders now
- Cooldown to Velonus' Fury and Anan's Wish changed from 6 sec to having no cooldown
- Reduced the time it takes to use certain items to 1 sec: Wine of Charity, Courage Wine, Emperor does not board vessel, Indomitable Power 1 to 5, Tigeren Crystal, Turtoil Crystal
- Added a Soul Rebirth Order exchange at Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon for Affinity points (Dagos/Felkin/Fuwa) plus Chroma Beads

** Client related fixes **
- Added a new display that shows a character's Affinity in Char Bar
- Optimized the item icons for the following items: Praised Leather, Indomitable Power 1 to 5, and Gyrfalcon Spirit
- Optimized the item description of Kylin Orb
- Optimized the target selection logic when using the TAB key, also introduced a hotkey Alt + ~ to quickly select the closet target. Players are able to change this hotkey in settings
- Optimized the description to the Deep Sleep effect. Now states that the effect cannot affect monsters
- Optimized the drop model to the Blessing Stone item
- Fixed issue with text being distorted while game is running on some graphic cards
- Optimized the models to some faction fashions
- Fixed an issue where 'ERR' was showing for NPCs in some cases
- Optimized the Secuirty Lock interface
- Adjusted the height one can fly in Southern Province and Southern Province Void
- Optimized prompts when Imbuing gear
- Added a Confirmation prompt for replacing exisiting stats with an additional confirmation prompt if there's a Damage Reduction stat in the Mystic Soul system
- Optimized the exclusive function to quests. Now players in solo story mode will be the only ones able to see their personal mobs /mineable items. Outside of solo story mode, players can press F10 to hide other player's  personal drops or mobs
- Optimized the beginner guide to help player's learning experience
- Optimized the interactive feature to some NPCs. Whenever players approach some NPCs, they'll trigger a special dialogue
- Fixed the special animation to Lil Baba fashion's tail section
- Fixed issue with botting on the 4th floor in the Four Spirits Palace
- Fixed issue where Kytos' face model would not display
- Fixed an inconsistency with the appearance of the ascended Jungle Boar pet and its appearance in the Wardrobe system. Also fixed the wrong avatar for the Rubi Boar in the Wardrobe system
- Fixed an inconsistency with the appearance of the ascended Rubi Boar pet and its appearance in the Wardrobe system
- Fixed issue where Proposal Interaction (E button actions) would cause the client to crash
- Added new chat blocking function: players are now able to block words in chat
- Added shortcut key to display skill cooldowns in chat. Players can now press Ctrl + Right-click over a skill on cooldown to display its current cooldown to the current chat channel selected
- Enhanced the visuals to new player's guide icons
- Fixed issue where the death sound of Seira and Hydran male characters were the female death sounds
- Added a Shortcut Astrolabe teleport function to the maps. Now when a player opens the map, if there are any recorded Astrolabe locations it will be displayed on the map that players can click and teleport to

** Reborn customisation changes **
- Removed Celebean custom drop present in some mobs.
- Removed Celebean from Gold Exchange.         
- Removed Dark Drake Cave custom drops.
- Adjusted Faction/Gear change prices. 
- New donation seal pack contains 2 versions of new seal to choose:
* Permanent weaker seal
* 30 days timed stronger seal
- Added custom feature to limit any skill range in Four Spirit Palace Floor 1-3 to 10m (including missless)
- Revised spawn density in Four Spirit Palace LV1-3.