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Started by bulldoges, September 12, 2018, 05:37:11 pm

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more fashion please in greenjade shop. and overall in game

lottos in GJshop with reasonable price. atm there is an advantage for players who donate

more ways of getting +11, 12 13 14 sigils. those who can`t win coro or not marshalls can`t get one. again disadvantage

+9 sigil will be great as well.

when is the next patch for more factions? is there going to be one?

atm there is only 1 alli with market, outlawz. they have the most ppl in alli who r active therefore, easier to get materials, which puts a HUGE difficulty on other allis, and so there is no pvp alli vs alli. wrath is the next one in line after outlawz but having only 2 allis is not fun. i suggest in order to make things more balanced and all have fun, improve the quantity of materials u get from alli quests in base.

some way to kick clan leader from leadership via vote. why? for instance. you donate X amount of merit bundles lets say 500+ which takes a lot of time to get, not hard but takes time, and then clan leader isn`t online any more and so you can`t lvl up clan skills. some ppl do enjoy lvling them.

could we have pets in GJshop? like ones who can`t capture? would be nice for making gear and overall how the game looks. makes it more fun.

more espers, would be nice in GJshop but would be better for some rare events that will give 1st prize some kind of rare esper or parts. make the game more challenging and not only pvp events... some ppl like pve also.... make more pve challenging...

for instance: WORLD BOSSES.... making them drop some good items or gear, or fashion or anything at all worth doing... so raids would be possible....

15 realms and so many factions and only 1 herald each realm.. makes it very difficult, maybe 2 heralds each realm?(not the same faction)

skyblades, more please, JUST MORE./..//..... fashion, esper, pets, gear, skyblades... IT JUST AWESOME...makes the game look overall better.

if you have more suggestions please reply here make the game more appealing and make more people come and leave other servers. overall it will make more fun for every body. a lot of new players come and leave quickly after they realize that this private server doesn't offer much except pvp.


Only Fashions with skills will be added to GJ shop

There is already a lotto for GJ under account tab

More ways to get Sigils and Shards will be added over time

The Quantity you receive from daily Alli basae quests have already been boosted by allot

There is already many ways to obtain espers in game

More Skyblades, Pets and Fashions will be added over time
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