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SMF - Just Installed!

Why not launch with a similar take on official?

Started by liteaya, July 01, 2018, 03:06:07 pm

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Just a thought, but since we're going for that retail feel, i think it would be a really nice experience for everyone if the game started without ascension available you know? keep us locked at 150 for like a week-month depending on how it's received. It'll allow people to enjoy pre-asc like the good ole days for a small period before the grind for ascension and everything beyond it begins, or even prepare for it if that's their cup of tea :p

I won't try to list any pro's and cons kinda thing since it's pointless to do so, if people like the idea they do, if they don't they just won't so i'll leave it at that and see what you guys think.

But really do think about it, i think it'd be fun! would also give more people time to discover the server and catch up (and for those who don't like that, keep in mind they'll still not have the amount of grind time as you so you'd still be ahead when asc happens) and have a smoother experience without the demand of progress which can be an motivation killer for a handful of people :D


Actually, this will be exacly tlike this.
Ascension is locked for now.


Oh i see, i thought this was a temporary beta that would be wiped inevitably, but i re-read and i see now that it says there would only be a wipe if critical bugs are discovered  ;D