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Forsaken World Orbis Reborn official annoucement

Started by CompeR, August 24, 2019, 12:22:22 am

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Hello @everyone, we have a big announcement for you!
Our friends from OrbisGN joined our ranks to launch Forsaken World server with Awakening expansion together.

Forsaken World Awakening features:
1. Increased level-cap: The level-cap has been increased to 100
a) New Attributes: Block Rate and Block Strength; A successful block will be displayed in a form of floating text; Block Rate affects the chance to perform a block. Block Strength affects how much damage is reduced when performed a block.
b) New Attributes: Unaspected Mastery and Unaspected Resistance; The two new attributes will be taking into account when a monster attacks you. These attributes cannot be obtained through Mastery Resistance Training, however, some Talents do provide them.
c) Added Rank 5 Hero Gear and Defensive Class Gear Set. All new gears and upgrade items can be exchanged from Astraea and Roxy, who can be located at Hall of Glory in Nightfall Citadel.

The Open Beta begins at 17:00 CEST 30th August 2019.

We will be waiting for your presence in Nightfall and we'd like to ask you to share these news with your friends!

RebornGN and OrbisGN