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SMF - Just Installed!

SSO launch info

Started by CompeR, September 06, 2019, 12:27:46 pm

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**Our big day has come!**

We are launching our BETA phase in around 3 hours from now so here are some additional useful information:
- Once again, donations won't be available during BETA phase.
- There's a week duration Beta phase planned for now (it may be changed).
- Webhop is filled with items already, prices are set to rather expensive BUT on purpose to balance them later.
- IMPORTANT! Please login to server website ( at least one before attempting to log-in into the game!
- Translation status:
* English: First phase where 99% Chinese labels and texts are eliminated is complete. We are now fixing translations that make more or less sense. Please report all mistakes/mistranslations and bugs in #english_transalation_reports channel. Screnshoots are nessesary.
* Spanish and Portuguese: There are some Chinese untranslated labels still. We hope that some players will help us to resolve it.
* Polish: its just placeholder for future translation. Please don't use it for now.
* Thai: there are problems with fonts at starting screens and number of untranslated text. This version we didn't test that much... Hopefully someone will help us with this version also.
- IMPORTANT! Around launch time there will be client patch released that will allow you client to connect to server! Please use launcher.exe to enter the game!

I think that are the most important information for now! See ya in game!