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How to get Gold Cloth

Started by tesla152, September 02, 2019, 01:29:53 am

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As many of you have probably witnessed and have seen numerous players run around timed versions of gold cloths, you may probably have wondered how hard it is for one to obtain the permanent version. I can firmly say right now that the path to gold is not an easy feat and the journey would be quite long!

*Tickets = Ingame currency that are not tradable
*Coins = Tradable ingame currency

To begin with, let's break down the prerequisites:

★Lv 79+
★Requires 100k Cosmo ( for this very reason, many players have chose to stay at lv 79 until they've reached this goal.)
★Requires a certain amount of faction towards a specific gold saint. (of your choice)
★Requires 12 sets of the specific Gold saint's cloth set as ( of your choice)
★Requires a Gold cloth permission slip

In this case I chose cancer, that means I will need 12 sets of cancer cloth parts to reach completion. (3 parts = 1 set)


*Main cloth passes +17/48
* This is also the very reason that you see most lv 60+ wear gold at common sight, however, in exchange this method is quite ticket-costy. Tickets become the main gold sink in this game for that reason.
Beyond *10, a single click would cost 10k tickets, so it is not within your interest to attempt this without having large quantities of blood ready.

The Prelude

Upon reaching Lv.68 , you'll be assigned a series of quest to obtain the a single gold cloth set of your choice.

An entire set would cost the user approximate 12mil coins, baring the permission slips and the part costs.

Alternatively, you're given the option to purchase an entire set at once, at the cost of 50mil tickets + the permission slip.
Most players have chosen this route over the coin method, as inflation is just around the corner in the server that we play in.

Step 2 : The Permission slip
The NPC would be located here, proceed to choose the 2nd option.

The slip itself requires 1mil tickets + 25 Athena Tears + 100 Bronze/Silver chips

Alternatively, you're given a second option to exchange for 100 Golden/Silver/Bronze chips + 2mil tickets

Last but not least, we must fulfill maximum faction towards a gold saint for our respective cloths.

A saint's friendship level may be increased by completing various tasks from the daily NPC shown above, keep in mind that only the blue/purple quests may yield affection.