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Patch Notes

Started by CompeR, September 09, 2019, 03:02:59 pm

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- Added two new tiers to Website -> Account-> Rewards -> Hour.
- Underworld Reaper (LV100 mob at Hades City map) drop customized with chance to drop Blood of Hades/Athena/Poseidon.
- Blood of Hades/Athena/Poseidon re-added to cash shop.
- New `Cancer` Zodiac Sign packages added to cash shop.


- A lot of english transaltion fixes ~by Kami.
- Cancer Packs replaced to Leo at Cash shop and websire PvP coin reward.


- Astro EXP rate boosted x10.
- New marketplace zodiac packs - Virgo added.
- Automated PvP events have now ranges: 1-59, 60-99  and 100+
- Daily Battlefields requires just 3 players per team from now.


- New cashshop packs - Libra serie is now available.
- New Lotto added to cashshop.
- Rule #14 (`It is forbidden to attack (and disturb/reset aggro etc) lower tier WORLD BOSSES than player tier. (Tiers: 1-30,31-59,60+)`) is now lifted. You are free to attack any BOSSes.



- New class: Lyre now available.

Pegasus skill changes

- [Burst Kick] Increase damage 50% and fixed Meteor Storm trigger.
- [Meteor Assault] Damage increase 100%
- [Supernova Force] Shield now protects against 5->10 hits
- [Twin Star Wings] Armor skill effect changed:
* [Wings of Pegasus] Restores 10->15 Stamina every 2 seconds for the duration.
* [Star Guard]/[Guardian of Sagittarius] Restores 1->2%% of maximum HP every 3s.
- [Black Fist] Increase damage by 50%
- [Star Guard] Adds 5 Fighting Spirit and its cooldown increase to 60 seconds
- [Shadow Fist] Increase Damage by 30% x
- [Wings of Pegasus] Clean all crowd control and you will be immune for 3 seconds
- [Pegasus Wrath] Increase Damage 20%

Cygnus skill changes

- [Cygnus Split Kick] Increase Damage 75%
- [Sanctions of Eos] Duration increase to 20 seconds
- [Frozen Ground] Restore 3% hp
- [Fixed Seal/Vitality Seal] Add an aditional effect (Reduce Target's Evasion by 20%)
- [Kholodnyi Smerch] Increase its Range from 10m to 15m
- [Permafrost] Diamond Dust cost reduced from 80 to 60, duration increased 10->25 seconds.
- [Aurora Execution] Increase own Resistance ignore by 100 points
- [Ice Coffin] Increase Damage 25%
- [Diamond Fist] Increase Damage 30%
- [Cold Shock] Increase Damage 10%. When the Diamond Dust is higher than 70 points, using [Cold Shock] will give the target the effect of [Stardust Freeze], which will increase the damage of Cold Shock received by the target by 50% for 15 seconds

Dragon skill changes

- [Galactic Falls Overhangs/Reverse Galaxy Fall] Increase Damage 50%
- [Holy Sword] Increase Damage 25% and its Cooldown decrease to 50 seconds and make yourself immune to crowd control during its cast
- [Affliction] Effect changed: Make the controlled target unable to restore life
- [Dragon Zone] Reduce Cooldown time of Burning Dragon Soul from 180 seconds to 150 seconds
- [Reverse Blood] Increase its duration from 3 seconds to 6 seconds
- [Cry of Rozan] The more people affected by Cry of Rozan, the higher the damage up to 100% of the original, and the basic damage is increased by 50%
- [Dragon Soul]: Dragon Sacrifice no longer consume extra Hp during Dragon Soul, and added the effect of increased damage of the Dragon Rising by 25% during Dragon Soul
- [Dragon's Rope] damage increased by 20% within 3 seconds
- [Agile Sword] Damage increased by 50%
- [Powerful Sword] Damage increased by 30%

Andromeda skill changes

- [Nebulous Wind] Decrease its cooldown from 60 seconds to 40 seconds
- [Sacrifice] Increase its damage reduction from 20% to 40%
- [Divine Surrender] damage increased by 30%
- [Storm Chain] When the Offensive Nature is full, grants immune to control effect during the cast period
- [Light of Nebula] Increase healing by 30%
- [Light-year Chain] After use Increase damage fro [Dimensional Chain] from 50% to 100%

Phoenix skill changes

- [Genma Ken] Damage increased by 25%
- [King of Fire] The chance of silence is increased from 15% to 30% , and the additional damage over time is doubled
- [Sovereign Fire] has an additional effect: restore 30 points of stamina
- [Infernal Phoenix] Effect now triggers without condition and if target is below 50% hp, healinf effect is increased by 50%.

Sea Dragon skill changes

- [Undecided Heart] Added 15% damage reduction
- [Protection of the Sea] Damage reduction increased from 20% to 25%
- [Hate],[Mercy] damage increased by 20% and Charge damage bonus increased from 30% to 50%

Wyvern skill changes

- [Handling of Lava/Lava Control] Additional bonus effect Reduces the CD of Lava Eruption by 2 seconds
- [Preservation] Effect increased from 20% of maximum life to 25% of maximum life
- [Shadow Attack] Damage increase 20%
- [Sword of Hades] cast distance has been extended from 13 meters to 15 meters
- [Holy Sacrifice] Damage resistance penalty reduced from 20% to 10%


- Land of Stars map rework implemented.
- Galaxy Area map rework implemented.
* Silver City is new main town from now.
- Elysium map added.


- Many new items ans upgrades of existing ones.
- New scale: Lymnades added.
- New cashshop option to select currency used implemented.
- Holy Armors upgrade fixed and x20 refine option implemented.
- Star Soul Inventory function implemented.
- Star Soul Disassemble function implemented.
- Star Soul Upgrade now implemented.
- Star Soul system translations improved.
- The activation level of Cosmo has been adjusted to level 75 .
- The activation level of Relics has been adjusted to level 85 , and the daily activity level of the artifact fragment reward has also been changed to start at level 80 .
- The activation level of Soul Armor has been adjusted to level 95 .
- The activation level of Microcosmos level has been adjusted to level 90 .
- Relics adjustment
* After level 15 of all Relics, an additional attribute will be added.
  Bronze Realm: Level 15 to 24 adds 0.1% to all attribute ATK, after level 25 it adds 0.2%.
  Silver Realm: 0.1% crit damage from level 15 to 24, 0.2% after level 25.
  Golden Realm: 0.5% crit chance from level 15 to 24, 1% after level 25.
  Sacred Realm: 0.1% attack damage from level 15 to 24, 0.2% after level 25.
  Perfection: 0.1% defense power from level 15 to 24, and 0.2% after level 25.
* The combat power and attributes of legendary Relics have been improved.
* The Relics warehouse slot has been expanded to 96.
* The combination attribute of the Relics has been changed to the collection attribute and all attribute entries have been updated.
* Relics in the Relics warehouse can also activate the collection attribute.
* New relics and their skills implemented.

- Zodiac system fully implemented.
- Sanctification skills open
* As long as you have any piece of God Gold Cloth, you can unlock the Sanctify skill.
* Sanctification will provide powerful buffs for a short period of time.
* It takes 1 point of Holy Power to use Sanctify, and the holy energy will recover 1 point when triggering the Golden Explosion, and recover 1 point every 30 seconds in non-combat state . Holy Power cap is 2 points.

- Squire system rework implemented:
* Affection system removed.
* Exp system added.
* New Level based attributes implemented.
* Can now use up to 3 squires as source to boosts Star LV progress.
* Can now use quick Squire gear upgrade function.
* Can now use new skills provided by summoned Squire.

- Grand Master system is temporarly disabled till we sure Territory War system is functioning properly.

Equipment system adjustment

- Under the influence of God's Movement, the equipment dropped by the bosses in each instance has been strengthened.
* Now each instance will drop equipment of the same or higher rank as the original, and the attributes are far stronger than those of the past.
- The original pink and red equipment can no longer be upgraded to stars, but can be synthesized into new equipment of the same level, star level, quality and spirit pattern in the magic box with the light of the spirit. Attributes will be greatly improved.
* The new pink and red equipment can continue to be upgraded.
- Equipment with a quality below pink will no longer be able to be decomposed, and spirit stones, bracelets, and badges will no longer be able to be advanced.
* These three pieces of equipment will drop in quests like other equipment, and have the same color quality.
* The original three treasures can be sold to the store after the transfer of energy, and all the gold coupons consumed in the process of upgrading can be obtained.
- The energy gathering attribute of the spirit stone is changed to the main attribute attack power, and the original perfection degree will be inherited.
- The exchange level of the bead chain has been changed to level 70 .
- New equipment - gloves, which will be dropped in dungeons like other equipment.
* Gloves have stronger stats, but Gathering Perfection does not count towards the cumulative bonus of 9 Piece Perfection.
- Due to the adjustment of the upper limit of the level, the required level of each level of equipment has been lowered, and the microcosm level is no longer required.
* Tier 9 and 11 equipment will no longer be dropped .
* Amulet of Radiance, Amulet of Heaven, and Amulet of Destiny can be exchanged for higher-level items.
- Newly dropped equipment may have random attributes related to light attributes attached.
- Ribbons and bead chains with light properties have been added.
- Added the spirit pattern of light attribute.
- The end of Hades has been adjusted to once a week, greatly increasing the chance of equipment dropping.
* This dungeon is independent of the hero dungeon drop count.
* The exchange of the God-killing Mark has been changed to require the glory of triumph. The original glory of victory can be exchanged for 5 of the glory of triumph.

Skill learning condition adjustment

- Class skills no longer use experience to upgrade, but use silver coupons to upgrade the original skill reset items. The silver coupons will also be returned.
- The learning level of each class skill has been adjusted. The skills that have been learned will continue to be retained, but the new learning level needs to be met to continue to upgrade.
- Removed hit mastery and integrated its effect into the player's basic attributes.
- The skills that originally consumed experience were changed to consume silver coupons.
- Four new passives have been added, which increase critical damage, critical shield, light attribute attack, and light attribute resistance respectively.
- The attributes of the original passive skills have been improved, and a new training level has been added.


- Light element stat logic implemented.
- Light element added to composite addons like +X to All elements


- New Daily instance Demonic Apocalypse
- There more instances added in this version but those will be worked on in later stage.