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[Classic] How To Ascend

Started by Laeluan, September 19, 2019, 09:05:14 pm

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What Is Ascension?
Ascension is basically a "reset" of your character. While you retain all the gear, gold, pet, and assorted items you have collected, you will lose all your tome points and skills (except romance, clan, expertise, and fashion-skills); you will lose your class; and your character will be returned to level 15. From now you will need considerably more experience per level to level up, you will need esper energy for your esper at all times, and you can lose 6% exp by dying without a Puppet Protector in your bag at all times.

You will also lose all currently active quests besides the Mandatory quest line (thus it is recommended to do the mandatory quest up until having defeated Lord Earthforce, as this will give you several million experience when handed in after ascending).

However, ascending grants you far more skill points and tome points than unascended, and once you hit level 90, you can access the Affinity skills and lands, which is where the fun really starts. But that is for another guide.

What Leads Up To It
Once you have reached level 150, you will get an automatic quest popping into your quest log. This one is aptly named "Ascension" and asks you to go talk to Taisung The Tao.

Note that while you can trash this quest, it will pop back into your log after a few minutes.

Once you do accept his quest to ascend, you are asked to obtain a Nirvana Insignia. However, obtaining this Insignia is the tricky part.

The Easy Path Aka Skipping The Quest
The easiest, albeit probably the most expensive method, is to achieve 5 million honour with any of the factions. This can be done by donating either provisions picked up from the ground during grind (higher grade provisions give more honor), or by donating merit incense. Provisions can be sold for gold, and is generally the worse option for obtaining honor.

An alternative is to have 200,000 Renown with your alliance - obtained by donating merit incense to the Alliance Master, in which case the Alliance Master will give you the Insignia instead, or to obtain 5 million piety and receive the Insignia from Nura.

Note that you must have the quest for the Nirvana Insignia from Taisung The Tao active in order to receive it from your appropriate person.

The Nirvana Insignia obtained in this manner will last for 24 hours, and if allowed to time out, cannot be re-obtained. So only accept the Insignia when you are absolutely certain you wish to ascend!

Note that currently, Charity and Culture does NOT give Nirvana Insignias!

Actually Doing The Quest
Your first step is to go talk to the Elder of Arcaneness, and he will give you three trials to complete. The first two trials have different ways that they can be done. If you fail the trials, you will sometimes have to wait until the next day before you can attempt again, though sometimes you can move into another attempt immediately.

The First Trial
The first trial is called Face Your Fears. The name is misleading, however, unless you fear losing money.
  • The first method to do this is to talk to Tonni (sitting on the fence beside Tanis Ka) and give her 50 magic lollipops. These lollipops are obtained by trading her Tiger Crystals (obtained from Tiger Ice).
  • Second method is to defeat 49 Celestial Vanguards in Shura and then talk to Taisung the Tao to receive the next part.
  • Third method is to talk to Banker Etsuk in Sunstream (across from Enchanter Taja) and pay him 1000G. Note that there is a risk that this quest will fail, but if it does, he will not take your money.

The Second Trial
The second trial is called Reforge the Spirit, and there are four ways of going about it. Note, however, that if you fail any of these, you will have to do the First Trial over again!

  • The first option is to kill 999 Monkey Phantasms in Jadeon.
  • Second option is to kill 999 Deadpool Loners in Doom Bog.
  • Third option is to kill 999 Zaaras Disciples in Sunstream.
  • The fourth option is to refuse to kill anything at all. This, however, comes with a considerable risk of failing and is definitely not recommended!

The Third Trial
The third trial is always fixed. Do you remember when you got tier 5, and had to survive against Skyscream for 10 minutes? Good times, good times. Now you need to kill the giant kitty.

Just kidding, it's not actually the same boss as the Skyscream you had to survive against - while it has the same graphics and name as the original Skyscream, this one has considerably lower damage and health, and he's situated in Wildlands. You may still benefit from a party helping you out, but it's still entirely possible to solo Skyscream.

If you die to Skyscream, you will thankfully only need to do the third trial again.

Once you return to the Elder of Arcaneness, you will be given the Nirvana Insignia.


With Insignia In Hand, Ascend

Once you have the Insignia - whether you've obtained it by beating up Skyscream in Wildlands or by pouring way too much merit incense into a faction representative - simply hand it to Taisung the Tao and he will do the rest.

Congratulations! You have now ascended!

Remember that God's Gift is now available again from Tanis Ka until you reach level 90 once more, as is Future Heroes if you need some gear.