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PG deleted ?

Started by kabal_84, September 20, 2019, 11:28:17 pm

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September 20, 2019, 11:28:17 pm Last Edit: September 21, 2019, 01:40:33 pm by kabal_84
what happened ?
As the title suggests, I don't find my character level 63 name Kabal after logging in 20/09/2019 11:27 pm.

Please if you tell me what happened.....

my last login/playeid at about hours  at 11:00 pm 19/09/2019


Same here
Lost my char about lvl 45 Ezechyel


Same for me after the patch i lost all my characters


This is one of my hardest decisions but as most of you noticed, server became very unfair due to my mistakes regarding donation shop(boxes) and 3x drop problems and bugs.
In this situation I don't see better choice than completely server wipe. I am sorry that we are forced to do it, but for the balance and long term purposes, this is necessary. I will compensate most rewards and donations but can't compensate your time spent, that's why I'm terribly sorry once again.
Server will be wiped to clean state today, you will have to start all over again but we prepared some compensation that could ease this pain a bit at least.
 Server will go off within next hour
Thanks for understanding and your support. We will reborn... today.

Patch that will be applied:
- Aries Gift Pack, Gift of Aries II (Supreme) removed from webshop. Remaining boxes prices adjusted. (There will be more balanced systems that benefits donators in the future but those boxes shouldn't be available on new server that needs stable progression).
- Emerald and Webshop fashions and cosmetic items removed. They are Star only feature now.
- WORLD BOSS 3x drop issue should be solved now.
- Webshop prices reduced by 30%.
- Rule #14 is changed and now : Is is forbidden to attack lower tier WORLD BOSSES than players tier. (Tiers: 1-30,30-59,60+)/
- In the future we will make some World Bosses spawn in safe zone to mitigate rest of pk problems.
(Please inform me about other not-balanced features we need to correct if not o this list)

Wipe compensations:
- All Star Coin donations will be re-issued.
- ALL GJ shop purchases will be reverted and GS will be returned back.
- Hourly rewards will claimable once again.
- PvE event rewards will be provided also.
- Rewards for PvP Events that occurred before wipe will be added again to Account Stashes.
- For 2 weeks there will be Double EXP active, 2x GS for vote and online.
- All accounts online within last 24h hours will get 10.000 GS.

@everyone Rewards for automatic PvP Events that occurred before wipe has been just sent to Account Stashes.

kabal_84Oggi alle 13:56
did he really do that?
all pg deleted ?
Shaka / KamoGymOggi alle 14:13
@kabal_84 Yep, everything was wiped out.