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Basic Lost Arts Guide

Started by xkexinx, October 16, 2019, 04:16:38 pm

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October 16, 2019, 04:16:38 pm Last Edit: October 16, 2019, 04:20:55 pm by xkexinx
**Lost Art Dynasty Jab/Punch**

Salt Halbor look for npc [498,54] take the quest.
To location [199,38] pick quest item.
Tele to Harmony Piedmont look for npc [180,209], prepare 2000 Hero order lv.4
Continue to the same location [169,163] there is a signboard, under the right there is an icon, click the icon.
Return to Salt Halbor look for npc [498,54].
In order to kill 300 momons, there is a LINK.
Report to npc, Look for the last quest item [instance 60 Skyhigh]

**Lost Art swepping/fierce kick**

After buying a tele book to e'mei college [398, -48] (there must be a fortune (Sail With The Wind)
Finish the quest report, behind it there is an NPC, take the quest.
Follow the link from the quest above. After that jump to the top pagoda.
To mount the splendor [537, -319] it must go up itself to the tree.
Go to Mount Shaolin looking for NPC [448, -203], it can't auto run, NPC is on the hill to the left of the pagoda.
To immortal sorrow [241,282] can auto, npc on the hill.
Go to Dragon Spring [828,286], can't auto, or run alone. On the hill npc na.
collection of 200 skyhigh brush cases at e'mei college [200 skyhigh brush case in 60 skyhigh instances.]

**Lost Art Wild/Willheart Punch Quest**

Buy the book
go to the npc fortune teller [DIVINATION] position 742, 104 Luo The one who took the fortune ampe out the [Sail With The Wind] fortune there is an example image below.
Now to the NPC little boy in Luo Yang Map who took the Willheart Punch quest. npc position at 527, -165 LuoYang. example below.
tele to salt halbor at the doctor's npc, there are npc merchants who sell tea flower honey [buy 1], then go back to the middle of luo city, look for a little npc boy.
get a new quest from the boy again, this time there is a link, just follow it to finish.
In the Fu Giu city inn there are 2 npc sitting at a table next to each other, in the head there is a blue quest, take all.
look for npc: dancer [264, -44], dog lover [294, -100], swordwoman [296, -185]
Now, look for the npc at the Top of the Mountain

[123,201], it can't auto path. Look at the map. Once there, you will see 3 npc's.
This is where you need to be

 watch for the pick up item gear. then back to the npc report. 8. Crush the monsters in the dungeon [Go to Dungeon in Mount Majesty]. 500 Green Snakes and 500 toads

Hope this helps. If i missed anything please add it xD