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guide for a working infinity class character

Started by cuddyxx, January 31, 2020, 12:03:51 am

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Big issue at the moment is, when you choose to join Infinity school from the start you lose main story quests for Fu-gui and Fu-gui outskirts therefor you cannot unlock celestial tab and legendary tab and missing skills this guide will show you how to do it in steps to get all of that working.

- Lvl 1-10 main story quest line is called <Stormrise>

1. I have found a work around by first choosing a different class from the 10 Master schools except falconer or infinity !!!

2. then do the whole <Stormrise> main story quest that's specific for Fu-gui and Fu-gui Outskirts BUT I did not complete the final quest called  see below this will unlock celestial crafting tab
          <Stormrise> Back to school 
            Because later you will know why!

3. Now level your character to level 20 with your first chooses class  to unlock legendary tab and also do all school related quests for first class ( reason is if you
Don't do it the school quests of first class, they will stay active with no way to complete them anymore if you choose infinity class before these 3 steps!)

4. Then switch to infinity class  and you will have a 100 % functioning infinity class

5. Then complete all possible infinity related school quests! NOTE DO NOT GO HIGHER THEN LVL 21 !
   - Now lvl 20 school quest line for the lvl 20 skills becomes available like normal  (in the lvl 20 school questline  (NPCS are located in Fu-gui)  you'll get a quest to go the verdant in infinity school, YOU MUST DO THIS  as this will allow you to enter  the lvl 20 skills tutorial instance and just follow the tasks given and  complete it) then go back to Fu -gui to the Infinity npc's and continue to complete the quests  this will also allow you to have all skills present !! as show below links to photos !

after following these steps you can play infinity class like any other class :) 

Best regards