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new player guide

Started by cuddyxx, February 05, 2020, 12:12:21 pm

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February 05, 2020, 12:12:21 pm Last Edit: May 06, 2020, 07:53:07 am by cuddyxx
This guide will explain the best steps to take for new player to get the most out of the game when you begin playing.

1. Find a good tutor me Rizzla will always help where I can if you want to become my student let me know and ill provide you with my tutor code to let you get Student gift package

2. There is also a beginner package in the web shop on the website which can be very useful and will save you allot of time farming low level gear which you don't really need.

2.1 To find this package go to the website and log-in then go too WEBSHOP tab and then select your character then go to MISC -INTERACTIVE- and buy last item called - New Zone Exclusive Pack (Bound - this is a one time package you can buy per character and will provide you with  some start up items the most important one for new players is the gear gift package for your class  starting level 10  up to level 60 it will provide you every 10 levels a new set of gear ( rare/blue) which will also grant bonus stats which is very good for new players ( see pictures below) this package cost 4000 green crystals ( green crystals is a free of charge currency which will allow you to buy lots of  stuff from the web shop - from Monday 00:00am  till Thursday 23:59pm server time you will get the normal rate of Green crystals by voting and hourly in-game, but from Friday 00:00am till Sunday 23:59pm server time  the rate doubles soo you can easly make about 18k + green crystals  a week if you vote correctly and on time !



3. Once you reach Level 50 you can start doing - PVP coin farming - can do this with a friend or guildmember which is best and easiest way to farm them, Every day you can do 2 rounds of pvp coin farming and each round will provide you with 50 pvp coins  but to get 50 pvp coins per round you'll need to Player kill ( simply PK)  a person 13 times reason is  1 pk = 4 pvp coins so basically in total you can  farm 52 coins / round but its downgraded to 50 to make it even! Those 2 pvp coins aren't really a big deal - pvp coins also come with a pvp shop where you can buy stuff needed

4. PVP coins provide a decent shortcut to get your celestial Moon or Sun weapons, the quest is provided by celestial NPC in Lua Yang (see pictures below for location) there are 2 quests 1. Moon shard weapon and 2. Sun shard weapon, For the moon shard weapon you need 100 moon shards, for the Sun weapon you need 240 sun shards. These 2 items  can be bought from pvp coin shop which is located under  REWARDS tab then select pvp  tab there you will see your round, accumulated pvp coins and the pvp shop, here is where you spend your pvp coins and good critical stuff needed  ill let you do the remaining math but  in 2 days you can get moon weapon and in 5 days you can get sun weapon, which one you prefer to farm first is up to you .




Nice guide, ty for your work.