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Jade Dynasty High Rate

Started by CompeR, February 12, 2020, 04:08:58 pm

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Jade Dynasty Reborn HR (High Rate)
Hello, as mentioned few posts above, we are ready to start our open tests of version 1559 (Hydran expansion) on seasonal High Rate PvP Server.
We are expecting to launch this server on **Saturday 15 February around 15:00** (this hour may be changed).

What is it all about?

As I mentioned, main purpose of this server is to test stability and consistency of our compiled server project. We have full control over server side of this project.

Voting system and donations

Once new server website is up, each account that votes on JDR or JD Classic will obtain GJ directly to JDR HR server also. You won't have to vote for another server.
Donations will be completely optional, most for cosmetics or quicker (of already easy) ways. As it will be seasonal server I decided that each donation made to JDR or JD Classic will count towards JD HR also (with modified rate).
This way Jadens you donate for seasonal server, won't be lost once round expires as they will be still usable on one of our permanent servers.

Seasonal means what?
By seasonal server, which IMO is only valid way for High rate servers I mean that server will only last for ONE month (30 days). Once time is up, we will organize website based vote for best PvP of the round . This player will be listed on our website and can get some bonus perks on our permanent servers later also.

Rates and items
Server settings:
EXP x500
DROP x25
GOLD x100

Webshop will be filled with most useful items for pvp purpose.

Bounties for bug reports
Again, main purpose of this server will be bug testing. During our internal test phase we checked most skills of all classes yet we surely missed some issues. Each report about skill that doesn't work as intended or system that works not properly will be rewarded.
Report has to be placed in correct discord channel and screenshot is required! As a reward we will grant GJ on selected server or Jadens if issue was complex to figure out. @Jakuta#4905 will create new server discord section, roles and channel rules within next few days.

Server development
This server will have few customizations that will help with bug searching. Also I reserve the right to restart and apply update anytime I want (complains about potential rollbacks caused by restarts will be ignored) yet I will try to announce maintenances with at least few mins period.

Within this month I expect to find and fix any remaining issues regarding this release. I will wait about week for bug reports and will attempt to fix them ASAP. Realm crash issues are TOP priority. Once I'm sure, server will lasts without constant crashes I will start to work on Starfall expansion. Once that happens, reported bugs will be fixed on my side, but most likely they will remain on live server till the end of round.

We count on you guys! Without this stress test, we wont go anywhere further. More players - better future for us all.