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Support for new players

Started by Rayees, February 25, 2020, 10:49:33 am

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Welcome to Swordsman Online Reborn, guys!

Im glad you are here. Im trying to make some videos to show you what you can do when you just entered the game and what kind of instances rewards you the best.
Let this be some kind of "what you can do"- and "how you do it" - guide.

For any help or questions you can always contact me in game ("Xiao").
I hope it may help you.

See you soon in game! :-*


First Steps

At first everyone will have to play the first story line. You can follow the quest until you reach at least lvl 15. Look into your bag and you will find some EXP-Orb (right now its Lvl1 x5 EXP Orb). It helps you to gain more exp and level up more fast. So you can easily catch up to others. Use that Orbs wisely.

My suggestion is to do some Instances. You can do them as soon as you reached Level 15.
At the top left on your screen you can find the Instance-buttom. When you click on it, it opens a window where you can find all existing instances for every level.

To enter those instances you need to create a group, even when you are alone. Click on "T" to open the group window and click on the bottom "Create Team". You can solo those instances but i recommend you to do it with others. Its more easy and also more fun.
So when you joined a group, the leader can chose an instance and start it by pressing the red button "Enter Instance".

As soon as you are in, right click the Lvl 1 x5 EXP Orb. Every Orb giyes you bonus Exp for one hour.
Next to your level on the top of the screen, there is an EXP button. By pressing on it you can freeze and reactivate those exp bonus used. Be aware you cant activate or freeze it whenever you are in combat.

You can also ask higher level players to help you for the first instances. I like to do this a lot.


More People = More fun

At level 20 you can join a guild. I recommend this to anyone at the beginning, because you can ask your guild brothers/sisters for help and ask all the questions that come to your mind. Most of guilds also help you to see the variety of what you can do in Swordsman Reborn and by time you will get a plan of what you need to do for your character to get stronger. But a guild brings also more.

Did you know there are special events that can be started by the guild leader?

This is positive for you too. You can get "Wind Prayer Scroll" for teleporting to different positions on the whole world. Also you can get some fun items like "Ink Brush" to make some graffiti in towns or "Curing Nutrition Pills" which can give you more energy for crafting. And even when you got a lot of those you can get in every guild event gold notes. You can never have enough of these, since you will need to increase your gear etc.
For every kind of stuff you do with your guild you will get guild credits. Make sure to join your guild for events, daily quests or escorts to get them. Most of them take place in the guild base. You can get there by the guild npc. He takes place in any town. Just click on him and travel to the guild base.

If you joined a guild, you can open the guild panel by pressing "I". Here you can see all information about your guild. On the main page you can also see the dailys that i already mentioned to you and more. Some of them are just available as you stayed longer in the same guild.

When you enter a guild, you are a Level 1- member. By doing guild stuff you earn guild credits that will automatically higher your guild Level by time.
You can have the chance to get a rank in guild. But thats the point of the leader. He is able to do it when he wants and can give you any kind of rank that he likes.

Lets go back to the guild panel. You can chose members to have a look on which people are in your guild and whom of them is online. Also you can see the rank of each member. This is really nice to get in touch with others. You can also invite some other people to your guild here on the bottom of the panel. You can even leave the guild on this page but i hope you have a nice time and want to stick with your guild.

After members there is an industry-panel. This is mostly just important for higher rank members but lets get a quick view on that. Every guild base has buildings that support the guild in different ways. Depending on the level of your guild there can be more and less buildings. Those buildings even got a level and you can level them up by doing guild stuff such as events, dailys and escort.
You can see the level of your guild on the top left in guild panel.

Force-panel shows you where your guild can do escorts. Look onto the symbols who got a green "checklisthook". Every map which has this symbol is under the control of your guild. Visit those maps every day and look for the guild npc. He is near the Connected Informant.
You can chose "Scene Inquiry - ..." to open a window with two buttoms. It doesnt matter which you click on. Do that until you cant do more. This gets some items by luck that does really help your guild.
On every map that your guild owns, you can ask one time a day those connected informants.
This brings for example more events for your guild. In case you got a rumor, bring it to the Event Agent in your guild base and submit rumors. The leader can form them after into events.

Last panel is the Alliance. If your guild connected with others, it will show you which guilds are in your alliance.

Most important for you is the guild bonus button on the upper right of the guild panel. It gives you bonus stats when you joined a guild. For the guild credits you receive by supporting your guild, you can level up that bonus and change the stats on it to make your character even stronger.



1. Bamboo Instance + "A world without Thieves"-Quest [requires Lvl 30]

Bamboo is a good way to gain some exp in short time and WWT-Quest can get you some useful stuff like Lost Arts (some skills that can be learned by any class) and skill scrolls (for upgrading your skills) and more.
I recommend you to do it in a full group (6 players) or with higher level players.
You can use my video to have a look at it.

[will be expanded]


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