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Reborn Lotus

Started by Tauven, February 27, 2020, 06:59:11 pm

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February 27, 2020, 06:59:11 pm Last Edit: March 01, 2020, 12:37:10 am by Tauven
Hey hop uncle Tau here with some Lotus gardening reveiws.. to day you will be told the way of Reborn Lotus..
What is it? How do we obtain it? can we eat it? does it taste like chicken? ..aah so many questions ..and only few to be answered -__-'

Now what is it?  yes Reborn Lotus is an ingame obtainable item which can be transfered into webcurrency.
when log in on webpage you can see in Account->Trader section there's some stuff you can collect that needs Gold.. and that Gold is what you get when transfer the Reborn Lotus.

But uncle Tau how do i get the Reborn Lotus and that Gold.. how to transfer it?  ..easy up kid i will tell.

Now to get the Reborn Lotus to be transfered ..all you need to do are these steps below:

1) Buy a Reborn Lotus (or how ever many you now want) ..can be bought at Banker Teng at West Archosaur (cords 528, 650) ..1 Reborn Lotus cost 1.000 (1k) coins    which later will be 1k Gold on webpage when all done.

2) now talk to banker again put the Reborn Lotus in your Safe

3) log out the character.. note: only needs to log it out to character menu

4) now go to webpage and log in,  go Account-> Character, while there click choose character and select

5) now here's where the whole transfer will happen.. click the circle box [Fetch Event Item] and then Perform.. and all the Reborn Lotus will now be transfered. (can also see a Operation Successful! text in top of the screen/window)

But as you can see there's a red text telling ~[ character has to be offline ]~  ..you can check and see that right under Character Option text ..if your toon now happen to still be online like forgot/skipped to log out, it will just take about a minute for it to change from online to offline when logged out your toon (just to re-enter Character option to check when it's finally offline)

side info:
1 Lotus = 1k gold on webpage    (note: these gold are not ingame gold/cubi these are stand alone for webpage)
10 Lotus = 10k gold on webpage
100 Lotus = 100k gold on webpage
1000 Lotus = 1.000k gold on webpage
10 000 Lotus = 10.000k gold on webpage
100 000 Lotus = 100.000k gold on webpage
and so on ..yeah you get the draft.

so example:  ingame inventory coins max is 200.000.000 -> buy Reborn Lotus at west Archosaur banker two stacks of 99 999 (which is one stack) + 2 on a thrid stack-> puts in Safe Bank -> logs offline and waits a little -> fetches items when finally can -> Operation Successful text on top of page ..and taahdaah 200.000k Gold on webpage.

Now what we need all this for ..yes uncle Tau will tell.. you use this type of gold to buy stuff in Traders option when logged in on webpage.  Account-> Trader-> buy like a crazy hamster..

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