---- REFERRAL ID & INDUCTION CODE for FREE GIFTS ---- Come and play with me! :)

Started by leposzbeauty, March 07, 2020, 06:32:52 pm

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I'm Ajshan! Come and play Jade Dynasty Reborn with me! :-*  Let's get cool free stuffs and fast lvl up & easily hit Tier Quests!  8)

When invited player will be in game at least 48 hours and have character with at least 135 level
you will get 5000  Green Jade bonus!

My Induction code for Brocade Box: 2080727X090413011006901Z5da1fb
My Referral link: https://jadedynasty.online/?page=register&ref=391264
My Referral id: 391264

Come & play with me!  :-*