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Fuwa Skysong Build :)

Started by jacobbug22, July 05, 2018, 05:37:02 am

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Skysong: The Healer of Good

You're here because you're interested in a fuwa skysong, huh? Well, lemme tell you, you came to the right place. Fuwa skysong, to me, is one of the best classes in the game. Not only can they tank insane amounts of damage with their great defensive skills, they can also cause destruction on the battlefield with their devastating sleeps. Let's get into it, shall we?
(FYI, this is a build requires at least chroma 45.)
(FYI #2, This is the link to the build. This is AFTER I reskilled because I had my II versions of the Fuwa skills maxed.

Tier 1: Sorrow's Blessing is a MUST, as it gives you the HP Buff from the Bodhi's Thunder tome. The res is nice for your friends, and Charity's Salvation MUST be taken for the tome buff, Charity's Salvation II. After you learn the II version, you can reskill and save these 5 points. Muscle Control is your speed buff, and you also get Muscle Control II in Fuwa, which is a speed buff AND skill evasion buff, and it will save you :).

Tier 2: In this tier, you have a few choices as well. Wisdom of Scriptures is a nice debuff on your opponents sleep res, and it comes in handy sometimes. Level this skill to what you think is good for you :). Other than that, Soul Mirror isn't a necessity, the defense is minimal. All the other skills in this tier except for Diamond Sutra and Sea of Sorrow MUST be maxed, as they are important buffs. High Aspirations also gives the HP buff in Bodhi's Thunder tome, so make sure you have it.

Tier 3: This is where you begin to spend /alot/ of skill points. Nearly every skill is needed in this tier, except for Self-Destruct, Tainted Scripture, and later on, Spiritual Exchange, if you don't want it. Make SURE to have Scripture of Mercy at lvl 1, as you need it for your Fawin reset. The buffs in this tier are a necessity, and you need Glowing Aura for the hp buff, as stated before. Bodhi's Protector is a decent defense buff for you or another person, but Bodhi's Defender II in fuwa only buffs yourself, and cannot stack with either Bodhi's Defender OR Charity's Salvation. Once you get Spiritual Exchange II maxed, you can opt to reskill and save your 9 skill points.

Tier 4: You need Heart Sutra maxed at the beginning for the fuwa version of this skill. After you have Heart Sutra II maxed, you can reskill and leave it at 1 for the Fawin reset. Eclipse is a great debuff on the enemy, lowering sleep res. I'm making this build focused on full support, and I personally don't use The Six Cycles, so I'm skipping it here. Sukhavati Incantation needs to be maxed, as it applies to Bodhi's Thunder, as I talked about before. Use Sukhavati to proc Bodhi's Thunder and benefit from the buffs. Karmic Cycle is a funny buff, I've killed many a voida from its reflect, and the self-revive is kinda nice. Don't have to max it, you can put just enough to get Passage of Salvation. Getting Passage of Salvation on your esper gives you and your entire party a 20% boost in skill damage, and a boost in potion effect. This. Is. Great. MAX IT!!!! Demon Blast is great for removing debuffs, and can come in clutch sometimes.

Tier 5: You made it. Tier 5 is finally where a skysong can truly shine. Max every skill in this tree. Sayings of Bodhi is a great single target skill that can do pretty good damage when you have the chroma version. Nothing needs to be said about Fawin. It's by far the skysong's best self-buff. The hp restore and invincibility can get you out of some tense situations. The 10,000 Things is great for restoring your parties hp, as well as the chroma version gives a much better HP Shield than the non-chroma one does. To capitalize on this. I'd suggest getting a Chu-Han set if you're rich. You and your party will thank you later. Then we come to the most loved/hated skill in Jade Dynasty, Immeasurable Truth. This skill is loved by everyone on your side, but hated by everyone on the others. This is your main skill. Sleep strategically though. Try to get people who are trying to run, about to use a really damaging skill, or someone who is really dangerous to your party. Communication is key here, as a good skysong who knows what they are doing can turn the tide of any battle.

The tomes should be pretty self-explanatory. You're looking for anything to boost your res buffs, Immeasurable Truth, or Fawin. In Xen, you can choose either to make Common Understand 2/2 and Spring Dew 3/4 if you want that extra little hp, and lose 4% crit-bonus and some attack power.

The affinity and chroma skills should be self-explanatory as well, you pretty much want everything :).

You'll be looking for a few soulstones with a fuwa skysong. First, a 3x spirit soulstone. This is for The 10,000 Things and it's great hp shield. It's based on your mp, so make sure you have as much mp as possible when you use it. The next would be a tanking stone. I would suggest 2x CShield/2x Damage Reduction %. This may be hard to achieve without the custom, but getting anything similar would be great. You could also make a skill evasion stone for when you have Muscle Control II on, just for the extra SE :). You'll need a 2x SA stone as well for your sleep. If you feel you're lacking in sleep res, try to get a sleep res on your SA stone, as it will help when trying to sleep other skysongs. Buffs like Rooted Sequence and the ascension buff will help with this as well. However, sleep res isn't a necessity on a soulstone, as you can get it from other sources as well.

On your esper, you will be aiming for Passage of Salvation/Immeasurable Truth. If you're struggling to get both, just get Passage, it's much better to get just that instead of fighting with it to get both :p.

Sorry I'm really bad at putting pictures and stuff in so I just threw the whole build on that link, if you have any questions about skysong or the game in general, you can pm me, my characters name is Salt. I may make another forum post later about my favorite fuwa skysong combos, so stay tuned! Have a wonderful day!