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SMF - Just Installed!

Version 41 (4) is now live!

Started by KillerWasp | WaspMan, June 28, 2020, 12:12:39 am

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KillerWasp | WaspMan

Hello all, here are the patch notes Version 41 (4).

**Bug Fixes:**
* `Vitae Pill Reborn` has been fixed and now gives 2,500 Realm EXP as intended instead of 500.
* Fixed more Male and Female fashions missing models.
* Fix attempt on `Reborn Genie` not showing animations or textures.
* Fixed an issue with the `Corset Top` not having an icon.
* Fixed missing fashions.
* Fixed the custom mounts needing specific classes.
* Fixed an issue where you needed five to open Nirvana again.
* `Reborn HP/MP` boxes restored at the `Gift Exchange`.
* Fixed an interface bug that wouldn't show the `Deity Wood` storage.
* Fixed the `Teleport Stone(Elder ADC E.)` item and added the exchange for it to the `Reborn Exchange` on the `Forge: Reborn Exchange` NPC in Archo West.
* Fixed an issue where the `Reborn Blessings` could not be used by SB and DB.
* Fixed the quest for `Raccoon Dailies` to give the required amount of `Primordial Blood` again.

* `Mystical` & `Holy` pills now cost 5,000 Coins each instead of one(1) Coin each. And have been added to the "Combine" method on the `Jewelcraftsman`.
* Fashions reworked in the `Boutique`. Customs are now under (Fashion :: New) and normal fashions are under (Fashion :: Top).
* `Earning time` has been removed from all main instances and maps.
* Values for `Experience (EXP)`, `Skillpoints (SP)`, `Coin Average` and `Coin Var` inside of FC have been copied over from the 1.5.1 files.
* Changed the HP and MP values from 1.2 (million) to 12 (million).
* `Nightspike Crystal` has been removed from the `rare_item` config file.
* Molds inside of Nirvana have been rechecked and changed to include the new class molds.
* Added `Vile: Drake Fling` to the Reborn PW World Map which requires the item `Spawn Fling` to activate the boss at the following `Coordinates: 668,758`.
   -   The boss has a despawn value of 3,600. So make sure to kill it before then or you will need to get the item again.
* The `Homestead Exchange Maiden` can now act like an `Auction Service` as well as a `Postal Service`.
* Changed the auto port quest from inside `Secret Passage` to no longer port you out if you've partied with someone for the OHT quests or otherwise. Please do not abuse this if the Event becomes popular again.
* Changed the name of `Server Developer` to `Immortal Wasp`.

* Two new daily quests added that activate once you collect `Roll Call`.
* `Morai Skills` for DB and SB have been added to the forge in 1k.
* Added two new quests to `Vyn Yen, the Warrior` to farm G17 materials.
   -   These will require for you to complete `Uncharted Paradise`.
* Added the `Spawn Fling` item to the `Reborn Gear Forge: Exchange`.
   -   The item costs 2,500 `Reborn Crystals`, 1,250 `Supply Tokens`, 250 `Medal of Glory` and 125 `Reborn Lotus'` (125,000 coins).
* Two new bosses have been added to the files. The `Reborn Mirage Queen` and `Reborn Mirage Lord`. These are to be used for special events and drop items such as `Madness Shard`, `Reborn Gear Token` and refinement Orbs.
* All Homestead items have been made into recipes and can be traded for `Supply Tokens` in Archosaur West at the Forges.
* Two new Homestead NPCs added to Archosaur West for the above recipes.
* A new Daily quest has been added for those over lv100. This quest will give the player 250,000,000 EXP and will trigger once you log into the Reborn World Map, or at reset.

**Website fixes**
* Attempted fix for the issues with the trader giving invalid items.
* Attempted fix for all missing icons on the website. Some vital for upcoming content.
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