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Notes for v34 - Agustu 4th

Started by KillerWasp | WaspMan, August 04, 2020, 10:23:39 pm

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KillerWasp | WaspMan

Hello all, here are the notes of the patch. Please read through and let us know via Discord if we have any missing bugs or files and we will look into it all. Stay safe and happy gaming!

*This is a first part of many patches to come depending on player feedback. Thank you guys for sticking with us.*

v34 contains;

* Attempted fix for `Brahma` gear Skill being EXO or ENDO specific. Please let me know via Discord if this is fixed.

* All Gem bags have been removed from the Jeweller.
* Changed the needed players for `E'mei Parkour` from 20 to four(4).
* Changed the open player count for `E'mei Parkour` from 20 to four(4).
* Changed the needed player count for `E'mei Parkour` from 10 per team to two(2) per team.
* Changed Arena quests to now give `LV4 Reinvigoration Pill` instead of `LV1 Reinvigoration Pill`.
* Changed all instance drop tables from max lv100 to max lv110. This should resolve the gold issue from instances as well as other items.
* Changed the possible rewards for `Advanced Fossil Box` which can now give the user between `25` and `75` `Smelting Stones` between `15` and `50` `Advanced Smelting Stones`.
* Changed the cost of the materials on Da'na to costing `Reborn Crystals` instead of gold.

* *None*

* *None*

* Some changes have been made to the webshop, some of you may have already noticed.
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