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Patch Notes Version 59

Started by gothic, September 02, 2020, 09:46:52 pm

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- Fixed Multiple Bugs
- Fixed Multiple Issues within Server Side Code
- Updated September Buyer Credit 10,000 and extra 4,000 Rewards
- Added several new things to server code
- Patched Server Anti-Cheat
- Patched Item Spawn Exploit
- Updated Client Resources
- Updated Item Descriptions
- Updated Skill Descriptions for Protector's Proud Figure Awakening Skill
- Updated Skill Descriptions for protector's Taunt Skills
- Updated Protector Taunt Skills
- Taunt and Mass Taunt can now silence the target(s) for 4 seconds
- Taunt now has garenteed agro in PvE
- Adjusted Global Drop Rate of Reborn Tokens
- Adjusted Training Grounds Mirror Drop Rates
- Renamed Training Grounds Mirror Mobs to allow bots to work correctly
- Adjusted Training Grounds Mobs Spawn Rate
- Added Reborn VIP Card Back To Zolmorah
-- This Card cost 200 steel and lasts a week!
-- This card modifies your global drop rate of your character to be 2x the global rates
-- We Will add additional features for this card later on
- Added No Wing Fashion to Free to play 3 tab