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Patch notes Client Version 14

Started by KillerWasp | WaspMan, September 08, 2020, 12:57:17 am

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KillerWasp | WaspMan

Hello all, todays patch notes are the following:

* Fixed the light DB chest armours icon.
* Fixed the `Reborn Exchange Forges` exchange for `Nebula Dust Orb` requiring the wrong ID on the x10 and above.
* Fix attempt on `Lothranis` and `Momaganon` Caches not giving any rewards or failing and giving nothing.
* Fixed the issue where `Lothranis Cache` would not auto start the opening process. (Wrong Quest ID).
* Fixed some mistaken icons.
* Fixed the issue with `★★★Archangel Sleeves of Justice` not needing `Feather of the Just` or `Coin of the Just`.
* Fixed the `Madness Begins` quest requiring the wrong `Fling` boss.
* Fixed the issue regarding the `Celestial Sage` and `Celestial Demon` items. Please read changes/additions.

* Removed the `Nebula Dust Orbs` that would not give an increased amount of `Astral Energy EXP`.
* Changed the whole `rare_item` file to only contain certain custom items and Rank gear.
* Changed the `Celestial Sage` and `Celestial Demon` items into exchangeable at the `Reborn Specials` forge. Please exchange them for the new item.
* Changed most of the Culvitation quests you have from the start to be able to be given up. This is to make space in your quest log if it is needed.
* Changed the whole `rare_item` file to only contain relevant items such as the `Reborn Gear` and more.

* Added an exchange for the `Nebula Dust Orbs` ***that did not work*** (see above) so you can exchange them back into the normal Orbs.
* Added two quests for the Cultivation progression. Use the new item(s) to select your new cultivation path. There is a fail-safe on this quest so please do not try to abuse it or we will have to ban you for trying to cheat.
* Added more exchanges for `Reborn Gear Tokens` to the `Event Exchange`.
* Added three new items for the daily quests to the `Reborn Daily I` sign in reward.
* Added two packs for skills; `●Sage Skills` and `○Demon Skills` to the `Event Exchange`.
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