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Will's Guide to All Things Artisan

Started by William, September 23, 2020, 02:45:51 am

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September 23, 2020, 02:45:51 am Last Edit: October 17, 2020, 12:13:41 pm by William
Will's Guide to Artisan

PART I: Getting Started

Artisan allows you to make various Offhands and gold Ultimate Weapon (info on Post #2

1. To get started, locate NPC Artisan Tutor. I hope you have a guild with a fairly maxed base because mats to hit LV8 Artisan are only in guild base (join Phantom ya'll  ♥).

2. Become an Artisan and purchase War Medal recipes. Press O (O for oxygen) to access your jobs interface. The Metal Chains can be found in the Artisan Tutor's shop. Ores are brought at NPC Miner Tutor.

3. Continue crafting up until LV6/7 then enter the guild at NPC Alexander or you can buy a Guild TP stone.

4. LV 6 Artisan recipes = lv.80 offhand; LV 7 = LV 90; LV 8 = lv 95 offhand. You want to find the tiny Artisan NPCs in base and buy LV8 Recipe + Quality Carving Knives x999. Get guild merit from those Honor Coins that mobs drop.

** I understand some people don't like 12s/PVP in general, craft the green recipes and it'll pop Blue OH. This way is much slower but won't require Soul Crystal.

PART II: Purple OHs

1. Visit Avari to buy LV 110 purple OH (10,000 battlefield points). She also sells Soul Crystals lv8 for 200 pts each. The recipe requires 200 Ice and Fire which can be gained in 4 ways:

  * exchange 3000 wargod points for 1 at Klass Rour
  * buy 1 for 25,000 Reborn tokens at Zolmorah
  * finish 12s quest at Firecrooks (200 kills)
  * 1 for 500 old battlefield points at Avari
  * 1 for 200 new battlefield points at Avari

**Be warned, you can get some pretty ugly stats like Watter Attack / Mana. Just repeat and don't be sad <3
A successful - sort of - craft looks like this:


PVE Offhands are newly added PVE-focused items located at NPC Klass Rour with +25% to +30% cdmg bonus, not to mention the Re-ID potential. However, they are notoriously hard to craft. Worry not though, Willy is here~

1. The Recipe - is brought at the Geologist NPC in guild base with a learning requirement of Mineralogy LV7. Mining will require time, commitment, and teleport compasses :)

► Blue OHs cost 10 feathers = 1,000 impure crystal ores + 1,000 Cat Urine (found in Sickle Island, FHOF, and others)
► Purple OHs cost 25 feathers = 2,500 impure crystal ores + 2,500 Divine Beast Meat (same as above)
► The Impure Ores require LV8 Mining and are found in Twilight Town Defender Map.

are brought at Miner NPC.

2. The Mining
Become a Miner! Purchase and least 5 compasses and recharge them to 100+ Energy at NPC Teleporter. Let's start!

LV1 Copper in Polar Borderlands

LV2 Red Quicksilver

LV3 Tin Ore

LV4 Zinc Ores (Sleeping Jungle) will start consuming Custom Mining Picks found in Guild Base. Ores in Sleeping Jungle spawn randomly in the estimated spot. Zoom map out and look for them :P 

LV5 Lead Ore Bing Ore

LV6 Iron Ores (Crystal Valley/Triumph Plain)

LV7 Titanium Ores (Ever Abyss)
    Krismet Jewels will also pop from these ores

LV8 Silicon Ores - free plastic surgery for everyone ;)

LV9 Impure Crystals (Rescue Twilight Town Map)

Once you craft the feathers, you need Triumph Rank 7-8 which can be obtained by buying item Clawmatron Extermination Order at NPC Melinda. Do 7 each work. Clawmatrons are in TGM reworked.