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Leveling Tips for 160+

Started by etnies450, October 03, 2020, 04:33:36 pm

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October 03, 2020, 04:33:36 pm Last Edit: October 04, 2020, 07:44:06 pm by etnies450
Hi all -

Since people are seeing the top few on the leaderboards at 161 and 162, but feel like there way far behind, I figured I'd make a guide on things to do to help level faster - I just figured it all out myself, and some of the leveling may have been an abuse of a specific mob, but there are ways to level quickly that you probably aren't doing that need to be done every reset.

Mortal Trial -
Doing the Mortal Trial Daily that you can get from the NPC when you teleport in for a tanis ka charm is a decent way to get some xp, it's not a ton, but it's a good amount. Plus the darkjade drakes give a lot of xp. I recommend doing this if you're min/maxing and can complete it quickly.

Westfall -
For 160-161 there are two orders you need to complete on the regular Hellhound and Snakefish mobs. You need the "blue" "Order: Hellhound" and "Order: Snakefish" orders that drop from the mobs, as well as trading in the elite order (the grey/green ones or w/e) to upgrade them. These give sizeable xp amounts.

Westfall Void (You get here by talking to the Maiden in the Mirror in Westfall) - Here is where you really get the xp. There are TWO types of XP orders that only drop from the mobs here.
The first two you'll be able to get as drops pretty easily are "Divine Orders" of both Hellhound Elites and Snakefish Elites, these give more xp than the regular blue "Orders". Then as your grinding you'll also get "Mercy" Orders. These give the same amount of xp as divine orders and should be your highest priority each day along with the divine orders. These are also only drops.

So to recap for 160-161 (and this continues on for 162-163 which different mob names, then 164 with different mob names), complete in this order:

1. Elite mob Mercy orders in Westfall Void, one for each mob type at that level - These ONLY drop from the elite mobs of that type.
2. Elite mob Divine Orders in Westfall Void, one for each mob type at that level - These ONLY drop from the elite mobs of that type. The divine and Mercy orders give the same xp, but mercy are a lower drop chance.
3. Regular mob "Blue" Orders in Westfall, one for each mob type at that level - These drop from regular mobs or can be upgraded from the normal non-xp order from regular mobs.
4. Mortal Trial Darkjade Drake order, can be obtained from the teleport guy right after you teleport in. Lowest xp of all the orders, but still significant.
5. Inferna blue orders for the vulture/phoenix mobs, give okay xp, not amazing. If you have time and want to you can, but I have not personally been doing them.

Also don't forget your 30 taichi pill packs, and taichi gourds you have as well. They don't give that much but it's something.

Doing your daily map exploration can yield extra CP/JD vouchers, once again not a lot of xp, but something, I recommend only running it once a week to mass turn in all vouchers, otherwise daily isn't really worth for 500 taichi.

100 golden pocketbooks daily as well, it's 1k taichi, not amazing, but throw on your esper and let them auto turn in.