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How to Farm LV120 Gear

Started by William, December 19, 2020, 08:15:36 am

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December 19, 2020, 08:15:36 am Last Edit: December 21, 2020, 11:29:14 pm by William

Part I: Twin Cities Dailies

The LV120 gears compose of many parts. Twin Cities, the new map, has 5 daily quests for gold accessories + gold hands. Enter this map at NPC Paul, select option and look at the right side. Teleport to Twin Cities Light. Make sure you're LV120 or in possession of a compass and have a large enough raid to finish the quests.

1) Welcome to Everlight! Take all quests at NPC Tyara across from the Teleporter. Open your map and tick all mobs on the mobs' list. You will see their locations. All the quests will require 100 mobs and kills are shared map-wide in a party/raid. Be aware that they are difficult and will hit for 20-30k dmg/sec.

2) NPC Asherah is on the tree. Fly up or climb the tree.

3) NPC Miles is in Evernight (head north of trackstone).

Part II: The Upgrades
Each day, 25x Verdant Holy Stones and 25x Scarlet Tears are awarded from dailies. According to my experience, upgrading from LV110 is cheaper only for accessories:
⟴ LV115 Upgrade = 75 stones
⟴ LV120 Upgrade = 100 stones
⟴ Buying the full item in shop = 200 stones

Assume 25 stones/day, it'll take 7D to upgrade 1 piece of accessory and 8D for gold hand. To upgrade 3 accs and 1 hand, it'll take 29D of daily quest grinding :)
Check out the full item req at NPC Arwyn Starlight in Nightfall City.

1) Crimson Stars x20

The rest of the set must be crafted via Alchemy and other means. Enter Guild Base and locate NPC Assistant Alchemist in the Alchemy Chamber. Purchase items:
Philosopher Stone Recipe
Crimson Star Recipe


2) LV8 Alchemy is required but it's easy and effortless. Leveling Alchemy should take less than 30 minutes with the improved EXP. Locate NPC Luia in Rosemason Hall and become an Alchemist! The easiest recipes are First Aid Potions LV 1-7. All plant materials can be purchased at NPC Daise.

3) is obtained by a daily quest at the Alchemy Tutor. It's called ! Way of Alchemy and the Alchmey Stone is tradable and repeatable 1 / day with a 50% chance of dropping from the quest.

Ideally, 20x Crimson Stars will take 20-40+ quests and 1000 Source Essence Fragment.
** Tip: Buy Source Essence Fragment at Klass with your Reborn Points!

4) Philospher Stone is crafted in the same manner but the upgrade format is from the LV110 Gold Weapon (not crafted one). This weapon will take much longer to upgrade, which is still cheaper than buying one straight up. I'd suggest upgrading the weapon last.

⟴ 5 Philosopher Stones to LV115 (250 HSS)
⟴ 10-15 Stones for LV120 max upgrade (500-750 HSS)

**If you need help opening royal boxes quickly, read my guide here: https://forum.reborngn.com/index.php?topic=714.0

Part 3: HR 10/Order 4
x10 Pure Order Crystals and 500x Battle Certificates are required per HR10 upgrade. This is equivalent to 10x250 = 2,500 Pure Order Fragments. These are dropped in the new map Twin Cities, which is why doing dailies is important :) Exchange fragments at NPC Klass Rour

RCIE also has a chance to drop 1 Pure Crystal per silver or higher wheel and pouches have been increased from 300x to 1500x per spin. In my opinion, RCIE is most efficient for HR10 upgrade.

1) HR 10 (5 pieces):
⟴ 50 pure order crystals (12,500 frags)
⟴ 2,500 battle certfs
⟴ Assume 1 of 10 RCIE runs = 1 order crystal, and 3 crystals/day are farmed.
⟴ Assume conservative 500 fragments/dailies in Twin City = 2 crystals.
⟴ Total = 5 crystals/day and it'd take 10D to upgrade a full set of HR10.

2) Order 4 costs 25 crystals.
A set of 5 pieces = 125 crystals. The stats are just alright and HR10 is honestly better for PVE.

3) Dimensional Bard II costs 5 Calamity Skulls.
I'm not sure where the skulls are from - could be from the Dimensional Wars map.

Part 4: S10 Arena Gear
⟴ Rank 12 reputation (11 --> 12 will take 4 million points)
⟴ 1x S10 Upgrade Tool (5 Honor Medals/5k Arena Points)
⟴ 5x Honor Medals per piece
⟴ 30x Order Crystals

The Honor Medals are capped at 10 per week and may be obtained at NPC Powell through his quest [Bloody Battle 20 Times]. At a rate of 1 piece per week, it'll take 1 month 1 week to finish the S10 upgrade :)

Part 5: New Upgradable Treasures!
The new PVE/PVP treasures are found at NPC Klass Rour and are purchasable at base form. Then, you upgrade it to IV form with the items in his shop. Buy everything!

x15 per maxed Treasure and 1,500 ores. The crafting should take a few hours assuming you have LV8 Minerology. Read my guide on Artisan: https://forum.reborngn.com/index.php?topic=700.0 I'll update it soon to reflect the recent updates.

Note from Author:
Hey guys, this will probably be my last guide on Reborn FW and I have to say it has been a lit 5 months. I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. Shout out to my wonderful guildies that I can't all list (Gab, Shu, Thanos, Aenon, Zazil, Rapid, Kryzie, Desi, Greyson, Chantie, Lightning, Shaz, Diurnall, Crawlie, Rapid, Skarn, Elle, Alca, Boycott,TheKing, Yo, Michi, Phoenix, Calliope, PHYNIX, and so many more). I will miss ya'll but I thrive only on positive energy.

I'm an adult and I don't have time to deal with negative energy and a childish smear campaign against me. The drama and trash talk sure is a FW specialty. After all this time, I didn't expect people to treat me so horribly for the kindness and hard work I put in. But it ain't the first time jealousy gets the best of people so what can I say? xD I left to avoid creating further drama and negative energy b/c that stuff doesn't help anyone. I hope the few of you lot are happy and throwing a party ^-^

If you miss me tho, my friends, just go to Nightfall and say hi to my statue :) No weird behavior allowed :P! Even though I might not play anymore, reach out to me if you ever need help. I won't hesitate to offer my assistance. Keep on vibing and helping each other out. Kindness goes a long way.

Peace out folks. May some of ya'll find inner peace.