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Titles and How To Get Them

Started by William, November 02, 2020, 11:48:05 pm

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November 02, 2020, 11:48:05 pm Last Edit: December 02, 2020, 08:28:54 am by William
Part I: 12s Titles

Take the quests <PVP Achievement 1 and 2> at NPC Firecrooks. These quests will take a few weeks to complete. Apply to FF battlefield.


<PVP Fledgling> +10 % Crit Dmg and +3% Crit Chance - 1,000 kills/assists.
<PVP Hardened> +20% Crit Dmg and +6% Crit Chance - 2,000 kills/assists.

Part II: Arena Titles
All the Arena Titles are at NPC Peter in Twilight Square. Once you take the quests, you cannot abandon them so watch out for the /20 quest limit.

<Arena Newbie> +1 all Res, +100 HP Part I.
<Arena Fledgling> +5 all Res, +500 HP Part II.
<Arena Addict> +10 all Res, +1,000 HP Part III.
<Arena Crazy> +15 all Res, +1,500 HP Part IV.
<Arena Insane> +20 all Res, +2,000 HP Part V.
<Arena Problem> +25 all Res, +2,500 HP Part VI.
<Arena C. Starter> +30 all Res, +3,000 HP Part VII.
<Arena C. Newbie> +35 all Res, +3,500 HP Part VIII.
<Arena C. Normy> +40 all Res, +1,000 Defense, +15% Cdef Part IX. This is my favorite title for the defensive set because it has extra C Def and generous 1k Defense.
<Arena C. Hardened> 1 +50 all Res, +200 Defense Part X.
<Arena C. Hardened> 2 +60 all Res, +500 Defense Part XI.

Part III: Mastery Titles
Visit NPC Zolmorah and give him a lot of Token Vouchers for these titles. Part 1 - 8 gives mastery but 9-10 only gives PVE Intensity. Thank you Kryztine for the help ❤

<Token Newbie> +1 all Mas, +100 HP, 1 token voucher
<Token Collector> +5 all Mas, +500HP, 10 token vouchers
<Token Addict> +10 all Mas, +1,000HP, 50 vouchers
<Token Crazy> +15 all Mas, +1,500 HP, 100 vouchers
<Token Insane> +20 all Mas, +2,000 HP, 150 vouchers
<Token Problem> +25 all Mas, +2,500 HP, 250 vouchers
<Token Hoarder> +30 all Mas, +3,000 HP, 300 vouchers
<Token Career> +35 all Mas, +3,500 HP, 500 vouchers
<Token Career Normy> +50 PVE Intensity/Tenacity, +200 Def, 1500 vouchers
<Token Career Hardened> +150 PVE Intensity/Tenacity, +500 Def, 2500 vouchers
Part 4: Reborn Steel Titles
These are purely cosmetic titles at NPC Zolmorah for 200 Reborn Steel each. The value is approximately 1,000 donation leaves per title. Thanks Alesha for sending me these screenshots!

War Lord * Bard

Love Forever

Good Kitty

Supremacy of Forsaken World

Happy Lamb

Dragon General

Kitten Fairy

Part 5: Halloween Titles

Visit NPC Ferrie and open Halloween Titles shop. The candies may be farmed at Ever Abyss. 25k candies should take you 1-2 days depending on DPS output. Unfortunately, these titles have been discontinued and are a yearly event.


The titles are seen here & will be updated as more photos come in (Thanks to Klaus, Hooligan, and Gabriel):