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Inferna Dailies Guide

Started by arcthelad99, February 21, 2021, 07:53:51 pm

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Hi, I'm Zu from Inferna server. It seems like after 150, a lot of people don't know how which events to do daily. So here's my list for daily events and completions. Let me clarify that there are MORE dailies than in this list, it is by no means comprehensive, but it's meant to give a quick list of what to get done.

"Modified Rewards" dailies. These give 50 taichi pills (exp), 3 bound honor gems, 250 ice orb and 250 bound aff beads.

  • Sky Dweller, starts sunstream, requires skyblade.
  • Sky Lotus, requires sky dweller completion, costs 25g.
  • Dragon Astrolabe: Archacia (go through scroll). More on this later.
  • Taichi Pills: Costs 20g, is timed.
  • Construction: Costs 20g, requires alliance.
  • Treasure: Costs 15g.
  • Exploring the scroll: Possibly the easiest on this list.
  • Vile spirits: Check near heralds in Sunstream, some days you may not get a herald. (or Tanis in old SS)
  • Daily Divination: Talk to Tanis, wait an hour. Profit.

Non-standard but valuable:

  • Class daily: 10 taichi, and if a lot of folks do it, 100 taichi pills.
  • Spiritseal x3: Cardshark in SS, gives Ice orbs. Don't forget gold one from GJ shop!
  • Spirit Tower: This instance gives a crazy amount of stuff and is solo.
  • Corrupted Forges: 100 tp, exp orbs, chroma & ice orbs. Requires fighting a boss in archacia, may be a bit much for non-t5.
  • Crimson Peaks: Kirin Sigil and honor gems from mob drops, potentially exp and aff if you have a turn-in item.
  • Fighting Confidence: 600 Fighting Confidence, requires killing Venom python solo, may not be immediately available. People tell me 30% crit shield required.
  • Law of Nature: 100 Fighting Confidence, requires killing Venom Python, but you can be partied up.

Asc 150+ required.

  • Asked Endlessly x2, dragonblood orb (exp) and WLS. Costs 2 cyntec beads.
  • Trial of Elements. Dragonblood orb. Costs 1 cyntec bead.
  • Inferna Order: WLS. 1x Can be made from Archaia order and tanis ka charm.
  • Archaia Order: WLS. 5x. Can upgrade old ones at Zixin.
  • Shura Gauntlet: Dragonblood orb. Costs 1 cyntec bead. (Technically you can do multiple instances for this, but SG is the easiest).

If there's anything I'm missing, or something you feel needs more information or updating, let me know. Now go forth and get that bread.