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Stopping the Village in the Dream Full Guide (Inferna/Kunlun)

Started by draciana, March 05, 2021, 01:16:46 pm

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Since I've seen quite a bit of people asking about where the "Luminous Spirits" are, I decided to make a full comprehensive guide for all the locations. This guide should work fine whether you play on Inferna/Kunlun or even the main Reborn server (rewards MAY differ but I'm fairly certain they're the same).


Shizhu will give you an item so you can harvest a Silver Bellflower, use a portal charm or auto-route to its location. Either option should leave you standing before the flowers.

Clicking on any of the flowers should get you a "Silver Bell Fruit" in your bag.

Right-click the fruit to obtain a new quest, from here look for the purple text, which will look similar to this:

This will lead you to one of five locations within Sunstream City, which are the following:

1 - You are standing on the terrace by the pool, and there is a woman playing the piano beside you. Seeing her jade fingers flicked, the quiet sound of the piano poured out. Several starlights in the pool were also flashing through her lotus leaves in the pool.

Coordinates 406, 704 (Past Dream Girl and Baye, go across the "bridges" or run through the water)

2 - You stand in front of a huge screen with flowers and branches, looking up at the many stars moving flexibly between each rotating screen.

Coordinates 536, 536 (Next to Jude and Award Manager or use Skyblade to get up on the ledge)

3 - You are lying among the flowers, looking at the white clouds and the light dance of the butterflies, and how many more. It's really uncomfortable to gather the stars to shade you. Look at the immortal envoys standing upright next to him, and there is a general on fire behind him. In contrast, you feel more relaxed and happy.

Coordinates 559, 413 (Middle of the flower field next to Lord Fenix and across from BG Npcs)

4 - There is a little girl with hands on hips standing in front of the windmill stall with a serious face, her feet are straight. Blow vigorously at one of the windmills, but the windmill still doesn't move. I saw that the little girl dialed the windmill with her hand in annoyance, and you saw many stars scattered from behind the windmill. At this time, the windmill turned leisurely.

Coordinates 381, 418 (Stalls between Special Ops Agent and Dragon Envoy/Harmony Scroll)

5 - You stand under a huge arched stone wall depicting a lotus flower pattern, surrounded by jasper jade. Majestic without loss of refinement. You raise your hand, trying to touch the surrounding stars, they hide away playfully, but return to your hand affectionately.

Coordinates 299, 343 (Main Gate, through the giant green ring-looking archway)

If you're standing in the right spot, you should get a pop-up, and after a 30 second timer, you are finally free. Turn the quest into Shizhu and obtain your rewards.

Quest rewards = 500x Affinity Beads, 500x Chroma Beads, 2x Taichi Pill Packs, 1x Dream Box, and 2x Astrum Jades.

Also gives another quest which automatically completes that gives ONE of the following: 1x Socket Lock, 3x Meditation Orb 5X, 3x Fine Seal Orbs, 1x Blue Star, 1x Green Star or 1x Heart of Radiance. (NOTE: I got this list off of the database, not sure if they've been edited for the Inferna/Kunlun servers. From what I could see it hasn't, but should be noted just in case.)

And there you have it. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on discord or if you play on Inferna, pm Raizelle in game. I'll answer to the best of my abilities.