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1# Important things you need to know as a newcomer

Started by Chamtalion, April 18, 2021, 04:49:53 pm

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April 18, 2021, 04:49:53 pm Last Edit: April 18, 2021, 04:58:59 pm by Chamtalion
Hello, im Chamtalion (in-game name), same as u, im newbie too, i started to play this game at early jan 2021, and it takes time to know the ins and outs of the game. Now is the time for you to find out too without having to be confused  ;D

because I know what it's like to do things without any friends

first u need to do is voting. U can get freemium stuffs by voting and get green crystals (gc) as currency. This is how to vote on server

1. u need to log in first at

2. at the time only 2 of 3 links works, the right and mid link, right link gives u 600 gc's per 24 hrs (doubled on weekend) and mid link 300 gc's per 12 hrs (doubled on weekend)
only works with 1 internet ip address!

3. buy things on webshop, by clickin on webshop and select character

4. after select character, choose reborn - packs. Theres items "New Zone Exclusive Pack". Its provides u decent gears (weapon included) until 60 starts from 10-20-30-40-50-60

5. u can get online rewards too, rewards sent to account stash. by online u can get extra 30 gc's (doubled on weekend) too

6. this is pvp reward. start from lv 50 u can farm for pvp points 2x per day, the important things here is sun shards. its shards u can exchange for end game weapon on npc celestial trader at luoyang

7. collecting silver coins at luo yang once per day (reset at 0.00 am server time) to buy freemium things too, open map, type coordinate and click on auto routing

8. this npc u can exchange sun shards for sun weapon box based on ur class/school. need to collect 240 sun shards to exchange for 1 box.

9. its fountain can heal uf rapidly than doctor if ure on low health or chi. and its free!

10. collect 1 phoenix pills for free everyday here. it can revive u on instance

11. main things on game, start from herbalist valley, u can farm reborn crystal (rc) by killing mobs, theres chance mobs droppin this items (low chance). U can exchange this rc for fashion, mount, rare materials, etc on npc da'na at fu giu (near statue on mid)

12. gold = u can trade it to others. notes = otherwise. Gold is used for crafting gears, and buying things on trader (website) like lost art skill. while notes is for crafting potion, food, enhancing cost, etc
how to get gold = bamboo loots, selling yellowed pages from bamboo instance (20 golds), moth vermin (only 1st stage), mirages, selling projectile bags from loveless instance (15 golds)
how to get notes = sellin sundries items, 20 points event reward (claim on event tab at upper left), and 50 points event reward

13. starts from lv 45 u can get drill master, one of toughest and decent companion to help u. he has a lot of Hp and chi heal, so u can save chi/mana potions more. by buying fixing errand skill on npc silver coins, u can add 1 more skill on him, so u dont need to go back to town for fixing ur gear (save notes too)

14. u can set on specific items u want to loot for ur companion, example : i set on my companion to loot only reborn (reborn crystal), and tanned (tanned leather, lv 90 sundries items). so my bag won't be full. because if our bag is full, nothing will enter unless we throw away one of the items

15. this thing u can get 1 by online everyday. from lv 70-80, u cant get any gears, so u need to exchange this items on npc event (at our school map). need to exchange 10 per gear, so 70 in total (head, armor, pants, gloves, shoes, necklace, and earring)
u can get extra from 1) online reward, 2) exchange pvp points, 50 points for 15 gear shard

ok step one is done, we continue to "what u have to do everyday" and "things that need to  be considered" on other post, see ya  :)
sorry if my english is bad