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2# what you've to do every day

Started by Chamtalion, April 18, 2021, 05:48:25 pm

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April 18, 2021, 05:48:25 pm Last Edit: April 18, 2021, 06:19:06 pm by Chamtalion
1. Complete the activity / event
Activity/event can be seen in the top left option next to instances, there are various kinds of rewards that you can get if you reach a certain point
20 pts = 25 gold notes, 2 pcs 8x exp orbs, 100 silver coins
35 pts = 20 collector stones
50 pts = 75 advanced smelting stones, 75 gold notes, 10x crafter pills
70 pts = blue projectile chest

2. Instances
To complete the activity/event point, you need at least 1x instance with a difficulty level "swordsman", my advice is to do "attack by night" instance, because it's easy

3. Vermin
Vermin is a place where you can get extra kung fu points (KFP), KFP is primary items for maximizing mastery. My advice is 2x, or do it solo in an even number, then exchange the kfp pills you get into medicine npc to become kfp pills with a higher level (2x vermin will give you kfp pills lv 4)

4. Mirage
Mirage is a place where you can find gems/enhancement stones and coins that can be transacted quickly, do it solo at least 2x a day

5. Arena
Arena can give you a minimum of lv 4 kfp pills easily, you need a friend to do it, make sure he takes off all his equipment to finish quickly  ;D
take a quest in the arena, there are 2 npc, the far left is 3x arena no matter you lose or win, and the right one is sometimes a bit difficult because you have to win against a specific class

6. Demon Pits
It takes a minimum of 3 people to do it, but the rewards you'll get are really good, even 3x the demon pit can give you 900 advanced smelting stones which if calculated can be the equivalent of exchanging 10k gc!

7.  pvp coins trade/pvp farming
a maximum of 2x a day. You need friends to take turns killing each other in the dungeon (accessed via fu giu). at one time you can get 50 pvp coins from killing other players 13 times.
notes (correct me if i wrong)
- if u do pvp at >3.00/15.00 server time, points distributed at 9.00/21.00
- if u do pvp at >9.00/21.00 server time, points distributed at 3.00/15.00
- u can do only 1 round pvp at the time (13 kills), dont work for ur alt, unless it has different internet ip address, so u need to do pvp with ur friend
- dont do pvp less than 30 mins time points distributed, sometimes the pvp you do will be useless because it is not counted by the system

8. Join guilds
join a guild in the game, you can get many benefits by joining a guild. Such as getting bonus exp, buying crafting recipes that aren't sold outside the guild, and upgrading bonus stats from the guild interface!

9. reborn crystal farming
After completing all of the above, you can start farming. Reborn Crystal is an important item in the game that can only be obtained from killing monsters, my advice is to look for an easy monster. starting from the map Herbalist Valley, almost all mobs have given rc (reborn crystal) as their loot. the faster you kill, the more drop it will drop, no matter the experience the monster will give