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SMF - Just Installed!

3# Things that need to be considered

Started by Chamtalion, April 18, 2021, 05:58:07 pm

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April 18, 2021, 05:58:07 pm Last Edit: April 18, 2021, 06:17:27 pm by Chamtalion
1. Don't be too hasty to use KFP
exchange in npc medicine, collect up to 32 level 4 kfp and combine to 1 level 9 kfp, and boom! 11m kfp. Enough to get level 105 mastery!

2. Silver coins
Silver coins are one of the things that you can get easily by picking them up on npc everyday (Luo Yang 419, 10). There're several items that you can buy cheaply instead of buying them via a webshop, for example endurance pills, wind prayer scrolls, blank scripts, etc.

3. Celestial NPC
when you've reached level 50, hurry to the celestial npc at luo yang (424, -14). He's close to the npc where you can get silver coins every day. My advice, don't take a moon weapon, because it will be a waste of time and material to upgrade it to the sun.
Do pvp trade with your friends 2x a day then you will get sun weapons easily in just 5 days!

4. Gems
Putting gems into gear should be done when you're already use high level gears. Even if you still want to use it, only use level 1 gems. You need socketing stones, Embed charms and of course removing gem crystals that you can get from mirage. The maximum gem level is 6, but because it requires a lot of time and materials, you can use level 5 first, because it only uses 25 level 3 gems to make 1 level 5 gem.

5. Smelting Celestial Weapon
Celestial weapon / sun weapon level 50, can be upgraded 4 times, namely glass (level 70), divine 1 (level 86), divine 2 (level 95), and divine 3 (level 100)
To reach the next stage, you've to maximize smelting, and its VERY DIFFICULT and requires a lot of advanced smelting stone. My advice is to do demon pit 3 times a day, and collect up to 10-15k smelting stones, then smelt in one time
step to upgrade celestial weapon :
- evolve using stardust until u get lv6, dont do enhance, fortify, until u get lv6, stardust can be obtained from npc da'na by exchanging reborn crystal
- smelt is the real deal, lv 1-3 using normal smelting stones (buying from webshop), its easy. Smelt lv 3 can enhanced until max 15 (normal weapon max lv 10 enhanced)
- lv 4-7 is using advanced smelting stones, can be obtained by buying from webshop or doin demon pit everyday, it has higher chance to fail and downgrade
- after u get lv 6 sun weapon and lv 7 smelt, u can evolving ur sun weapon into glass (minimum req level is 70) and the step is same to get divine I-divine III
- u can fortify/reforge to get better stats bonus after u evolving ur weapon until lv 6

6. Legendary Ring & Charm
When you reach level 60, you can craft your first legendary ring & charm. first increase your jewelry crafting level to level 6, then buy the legendary accesory recipe.
You can get the ingredients by buying it at npc da'na (fu giu 237, -87), its insect killer root (main mats), vajra sand (for rings), and darksteel powder (for charm).
It takes 400 insect killers, 120 vajras/darksteels, and 20 golds to make 40 pcs rings/charm. Ofc it will be very expensive for new players like us, therefore, do as often as possible mirage/vermin/bamboo to farm golds and hunting to find rc's

7. Upgrade Legendary Ring / Charm
in one crafting (40 pcs / 1000 crafting points), usually you;ll get 1-3 rings/charm or even none because it's difficult. After you make it, the next step is to upgrade it to level 65, and it requires stardust
after you've 2 pcs of ring/charm with level 65, you can try fortify, which is combining the two into legendary, but, don't be too happy because sometimes fortify will be very difficult, if you aren't lucky enough