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4# How to self-cultivation/legal bot/afk farming

Started by Chamtalion, April 19, 2021, 02:35:29 am

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hello everyone, now we'll discuss self cultivation (sc)/afk farming/legal bot which is a mainstay feature of this swordsman game.

sc is very useful for leveling up and farming even though u're not in front of a pc/laptop. And the unique thing is, we can do this sc for 24 hours non-stop! (As long as you bring drive pills ofc)

let's get started, first you've to know how to start sc

1. this icon is how to start sc, click on it, usually it's in the upper right

2. endurance pills a.k.a drive pills is the most important item that you've to prepare to start sc, you can get this item by buying from the webshop, and npc silver coin. I suggest buying it from silver coin npc only, because besides being cheaper (15 silver coins), there's also no need to bother online to the website either

3. this is the initial display when you open the sc (general) tab.

(radius): you can set it between 15-50 meters distance from ur character doing sc, so that ur character will not run too far from the starting place, I suggest to set it as much as 15 meters. Why? monsters are very fast to respawn, and u and ur companion have enough time to collect the items that fell (because if they aren't picked up within a certain period of time, they will disappear)
(target setting): put a check mark in this column, sometimes there'e monsters in one group, he runs in circles right? It is very difficult for melee characters and slow attack speed animation to attack it when we are in sc, so in just 1 minute, our character will automatically change the target that is closer to it.
(drive): this point indicates how much and how long you can do sc without stopping, and you will stop automatically when this point runs out. 200 points will be filled up when the game reset time (8.00 am server time) and you can also use the endurance pill as I said before.

4. the skill tab is divided into 2, normal and optional, for normal the rest is selected, while optional u've to put the skill in the skill bar first (K) then you can put it in the skill bar sc, and set it for a certain period of time

(automatic release) : when you attack non-stop, ur focus meter will be filled automatically, when it's full, the focus skill of each character will be released
(restore setting) : only works for characters that can heal, such as emei, wu-tang, shaolin, infinity, falconer, five-venoms (Other characters can also heal if they've the heal skill from the lost art). P.HP is our healing companion, while HP is our own HP bar.
(disciple skill) : when a companion has a focus skill, it will be released when the focus meter is full

5. First, don't forget to put a check mark on the healing character, put one by one the type of potion or food you want to use in the column next to it, and set the minimum amount of your HP to be able to use potions or food.

(companion healing): adjust as needed
(rest setting): uncheck stamina to meditate, and uncheck stop at ... world energy. and you can do sc without stopping even though your world energy runs out!
(durability): only works if your companion has the "fix" skill

6. put a check mark if u need to enhance ur gear. You need to set automatically loot nearby item drops on the General tab, as well as on your companion.